NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told employees in a memo today that the league will eliminate about 150 jobs.
That represents about 14 percent of the league’s total staff of 1,100. The cuts will come at the league headquarters in New York City, at NFL Films in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, and at the league’s production facilities in Los Angeles, where and NFL Network are located.
Goodell said cutting staff was necessary because of current economic conditions, making NFL employees just the latest workers to be hit hard by the recession.
These are difficult and painful steps,” Goodell said in the memo, “but they are necessary in the current economic environment. . . .  I would like to be able to report that we are immune to the troubles around us, but we are not.”
The NBA, Major League Baseball and NASCAR have also recently announced layoffs.

59 responses to “NFL LAYS OFF 150 EMPLOYEES

  1. Just curious. Did Goodell consider taking a paycut of 14% to help stave off the layoffs? How about all the highly paid/priced people in the NFL offices?
    I find it appalling that as the US economy goes deeper into the toilet the C people, CEO, CIO, COO, and CFOs do not even consider doing something to help the people just getting by. Says a lot about the business leadership in the US!

  2. Nice timing Roger. Be sure to let us know how the visit with the Three Ghosts goes as we near Christmas.

  3. Cut the whole NFL Network and give the games back to CBS and Fox…so I can watch them out here in the great wasteland…

  4. Eh. I call bullshit. The NFL is probably one of the only entities still making any money.

  5. It is very unfortunate to see people lose jobs, but it probably will end up better for the fans.
    Lower ticket prices and an easing of the blackout policy are some things I think are very likely next season.

  6. I just want to call BS on the NFL. Not for laying off 150 folks, but for using the down economy as the reason.
    Ratings are doing well, 99% of the games are sold out and the TV money is guaranteed for the next three seasons. So where is the economic crisis hitting the NFL? It isn’t, yet.
    What the league is doing is preparing for some hits that are coming down the line and the very real possibility of a work stoppage. I’d just wish they were honest about it and not exploit a very bad situation for cover.

  7. I guess this explains why the NFL has been fining the hell out of everybody. Players contributions to the “human fund” means less money the NFL needs to contribute to charity, thus helping the bottom line.
    What a disgrace that the NFL, who sells it’s TV rights for Billions of dollars, is using it’s employees to maintain their profits.

  8. The NFL what a joke.They will fine players crazy amounts of cash for questionable hits but will kill their own.He commish how about droping your fine cash in a fund to keep your LOYAL employees.Do your part in this sluggish economy. Cmon commish do the right thing for the little guy.Oh wait you only care about the $

  9. Ok, Here is my conspiracy theory. The NFL feeling the pinch of the current economy, has been using its authority to try guiding large market teams to the playoffs/ superbowl. And how would they do this? Suspend Key players on some teams, Overlook infractions on others, fine and demoralize key players on teams you don’t want to win. And they are doing this because Large market teams mean higher ratings and increased add revenue. This Idea seems ludicrous even to me. But it is the only thing that possibly could explain some of the actions out of the front office.

  10. “Goodell said cutting staff was necessary because of current economic conditions”
    Says the head of a multi-billion dollar corporation.

  11. NFL MEMO….
    Dear Loyal employees, Thank you for your service to the NFL, we are billion dollar industry, but no longer can afford your $50,00 salary, even though we receive that amount on a weekly basis from Jared Allen for his low hits. Enjoy the unemployment line.
    Dictator Goodell

  12. Maybe it is just me but what do 1100 people do for the NFL? That just seems like an awfully lot of people.

  13. Sounds like a load of crap to me. Can folks instead of cutting into your precious profit margin…nice. How many billions in profit did the NFL make last year? Sorry I don’t buy that the NFL needs to lay people off, they are hardly in danger of losing money.

  14. The NFL should PERMANENTLY LAYOFF Goodell! Don’t tell me the NFL with all the money they get needs to put 150 lower paid employees on Gov’t paid unemployment benefits! Come on! Why not layoff one or two high paid executives and that would more than cover the salaries of these 150. This is crazy. Goodell is out of controll with his fines for players and his stupid defending of irrational suspensions for a crazy policy of NOT informing players of dangerous substances in products and of a system that put marketing first instead of the players health. He is a joke as commissioner! SUSPEND GOODELL NOW!

  15. I wonder if Jaime Duke, Cris Collinsworth, Deion Sanders, Adam Schefter or Brian Baldinger are on that list.
    One can only wish.

  16. “Goodell said cutting staff was necessary because of current economic conditions, making NFL employees just the latest workers to be hit hard by the recession.”
    Sure, except that all I ever hear is bragging about how much the goddamn league is pulling in…and they are pulling in massive amounts of cash.
    What a bunch of malarkey.

  17. I think 106 of the NFL employees should be those that reside in a little city in California called Oakland, and a town in Michigan called Detroit… I’m just sayin.

  18. you’ve got to be kidding…talk about jumping on the bad economic bandwagon just like all the other weak A$$ companies out there….cut me a break

  19. Roger Goodell should be ashamed of himself for a ton of things he has done since becoming the Commissioner, but this has to take the cake. The NFL made how many BILLIONS last year? Sorry, Roger, you couldn’t be any more full of shiit. The NFL laying people off is like Oprah or Tiger Woods doing the same thing. The NFL should be ashamed of themselves and frankly, I can’t believe they would be stupid enough to even do it, much less let it come out in the media, not that they could stop that from happening.

  20. I’m confused. Not the first time. “Current economic conditions” have nothing to do with the NFL at this point in time. The super-rich NFL television contract has two+ more years to run, games selling out, you couldn’t get a Super Bowl ticket at face value unless you’re in the lottery, what kind of public relations-for-sympathy stunt is this? Where exactly is the loss? Where exactly is the need to do this and RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS?
    Commissioner Gordon is posing. Commissioner Gordon is turning into a poser. I don’t see the necessity for this at all.

  21. I have one employee they should cut right now – Deion Peon Sanders he is worthless. They could keep on 5 lower paying employees who need the job vs. this overblown clown act.

  22. This is ridiculous and it’s another example of the NFL’s greed. The NFL is profitable even in this economic climate and for them to layoff(most likely low level employees) is another example of Goodell’s incompetent leadership and how greed will destroy the NFL as we know it.

  23. Current economic environment? I don’t get it. Is the NFL a bank or auto manufacturer? What is different today in the form of revenue. Did the networks renig on money owed? I’m sure there’s a reason and I’m ignorant, but it looks like an excuse to fatten up the bottom line.

  24. The NFL can’t afford to pay some Joe Blow his 60K a year but some 4th string QB will get a 8 million dollar bonus from Detroit or Oakland next spring.
    I can see a store cutting their cashier staff from 5 to 3 because of no business but what business has the NFL lost to the slow economy?

  25. One more thing: this article touts, pimps the NFL’s position as justifiable because, “…The NBA, Major League Baseball and NASCAR have also recently announced layoffs”. But that doesn’t make sense: these are sport models that the NFL has expressly avoided. Major League Baseball has no economic model, NASCAR is automobile-based so there’s not going to be any “Big 3” money available and I have no idea what the NBA is doing or capable of. But the NFL has no reason to scale back in 2008, right before the holidays except to “look” like they’re doing something. Here we go…pretty soon we’re going to be pining for the days of Paul Tagliabue, as bad as watching Bud Selig and pining for the days of Bowie Kuhn. (Watch the tape of Kuhn commenting on how outrageous Curt Flood’s lawsuit was and you’ll know there’s never a reason to pine for Bowie Kuhn!)

  26. I wonder how much of this is a bad economic outlook and how much is, we were looking for a reason to cut some deadwood. NFL is still doing pretty well except for you know the lions.

  27. About 150 layoffs? Maybe it will cover the active rosters for the Raiders, Lions, and Bengals.

  28. good call rog, 2 weeks before christmas in a league worth BILLIONS, you find it in your heart to cut 150 employees?? where did you go pete rozelle??? however, i bet that hasn’t stopped them from investing millions into that booming economy known as mexico. again, kudos rog…..

  29. Those questioning the NFL’s economic conditions… I’m not privy to their books, so I’m not defending them, but it’s not hard to see that the NFL has significant revenue streams that come from marketing deals, advertising, merchandising… the league is certainly not recession-proof.

  30. Roger BadHP is a joke.
    Only in america can this happen.
    Why not reduce his salary and ask for a contribution from all players to fill the budget gap if there really is one.
    What a joke National FU League

  31. If the NFL which prints money is laying people off, it don’t look good for the rest of us.

  32. 150 people at $50k per year is 7.5 million. You mean they cant cover 7.5 mil? How many players make that per year? NFL should be ashamed.

  33. The more I think about this the more it disgusts me.
    I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, Roger Goodell has done more long term damage to this league than anyone can imagine. These layoffs are just another chink in the NFL shield under Goodell.
    Hey Rog! You want to save money? Quit trying to force the NFL to Europe! They don’t get it, want it, or care about it.

  34. NFL needs a bailout! Mabe they are worried about the tax increase they might get….
    And, there is NO WAY that ticket prices will go down – in major markets anyway.

  35. This is total BS. The NFL is making money hand over fist adn they have the gall to use the excuse of “the economy” to layoff people during the holidays? Total crap.

  36. This about sums up Goodell’s tenure as Commissioner. He lays off 150 NFL employees… and retains all his incompetent referees.

  37. Im glad to see that 99% of the posters are on the same page here. What a moronic move. Right before the holidays, and blaming it on the economy. Way to stoak that PR machine, Roger & the NFL. A Billion dollar corporation soaking 150 low level employees. What about private jets, and other expenditures that can be cut before peoples lives. It’s really too bad that they made such a move.

  38. Most sports related contracts such as TV deals are more like fake money.
    Kinda like this…
    I give you 1 Billion a year. You give me 25-35% back in related advertisements.
    I am not saying the NFL is not making MILLIONS every 6 months or so…
    But I am sure the NFL is doing what most every major billion dollar company does…stretch the truth on profits and contracts.
    There is no reason the NFL could not wait till Feb or so to drop the bad news on these people. The NFL is just plain greedy…simple as that!

  39. Can they get rid of the annoying idiot Adam Schein?
    His radio schtick voice makes me want to punch a baby in the face.
    To boot, the guy gets like 10hours of airtime a day on Sirius/XM.

  40. Even if the economic justification is legit (doubtful), the timing is callous as hell. That’s kind of been the norm for this robot though. I’m beginning to think if you looked real hard, you might find his body snatcher pod in the trunk of his car.

  41. You’re telling me that Mike Perreira still gets a direct deposit every other Friday.

  42. Stupid Question… Where does the money go that the NFL makes? I know that Mr. Goodell is the Commisioner. But that is the same thing as a CEO. Who makes up the Board of Directors is there NFL stock or are all of the owners part of the board. Do all teams split the profits? Who put goodell in that position?

  43. If the NFL were hurting for money (cough, cough) – then why have they added all of that “talent” to the NFL Network roster over the past year or two? There’s a different host of NFL Total Access each day – does that make sense? There’s even a lady who was hired only to be eye candy to the male species as she reads things off of the Internet for a few moments during each show – yeah, tough times, huh? And, of course – they managed to scrape up enough money to hire the dreadful Warren Sapp.
    If I see either of those two people on NFL Network come January – my eyebrow will be scalp-line level, and I will be even angrier for the people who got the axe.

  44. Hey Florio, this blog needs more attention than just this one quick blurb.
    I mean, you go to great lengths to uncover “internet plagerism”. I think a billion dollar corporation laying off 150 people during the holidays deserves some attention. Especially, when that billion corporation blackmails taxpayers into footing the bill for their billion dollar stadiums to house their multi-million dollar product to be viewed at a steep price.
    C’mon Florio. Goodell and the NFL should be held accountable for this and NFL fans deserve to know the full story.

  45. complete bullcrap.
    why not use all the bullcrap fines to pay the people you’re firing? i would request to see their books too. The NFL is a cash cow. the onus of the overhead costs falls on the team owners, not the NFL. The salaries of the players? Again, the owners of the teams. Yet the NFL reaps a percentage of all ticket sales, ad revenue during games, fines levied to players, commercial time during the superbowl, the $$ they get paid for the primetime games by the TV stations, etc, etc, etc…. and very little costs. the only “overhead” that the NFL really has are for their corporate offices, and then the salaries of the employees. i can’t imagine they are hurting financially.
    I hope Spector steps in and requests an audit of their books.
    i’m really starting to hate the NFL.

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