The NFL Players Association, emboldened by last week’s surprising court victory in the StarCaps case, is taking a crack at the actions taken by the Giants last week after receiver Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg.
The NFLPA filed on Tuesday a grievance against the Giants.
The Giants placed Burress on the non-football injury/illness list, suspended him four games for conduct detrimental to the team, and fined him an additional game for conduct detrimental to the team.
Since the CBA limits teams to imposing maximum discipline of four games without pay, we’ve got a feeling that the additional one-game fine results from the perceived breach of the deal that was reached to reduce a two-game suspension imposed earlier this season to one.
Our guess is that the resolution of the prior discipline required Burress to stay out of trouble for the rest of the year.  We’ll admit we’re speculating here, but there’s no other reason that the Giants would suspend Burress four games without pay and throw another game check on top of it.
Though the CBA provides third-party arbitration for cases of this specific type, the move has nothing to do about forcing Burress back onto the field this year and everything to do about money.  As a practical matter, there’s no way that this fight can be resolved within the next three weeks.
If the union can prove that Burress would have been able to play at some point during the final four weeks of the regular season, and if the union can show that the four-game (plus a game check) penalty imposed was excessive, Burress will see all or part of his final four paychecks for the 2008 season.
But the NFLPA will be required to win on both counts, which given the nature of the injury and Plaxico’s history of misconduct could be a steep uphill climb.


  1. Looks like Joey Porter’s coming to Plastico’s defense as well, asserting that many football players feel a need to defend themselves (hey after all, seeing as they let the guy who shot Plastico out on bail, no one’s truly safe.)
    Porter’s certainly building a helluva resume as a defender of the “good guys” under the gun (so to speak) – first Michael Vick, now Plastico Burress…
    Who’s next for the Porter Defense Team? The Governor of Illinois?

  2. NFLPA loses all credibility when they challenge shit like this. Seriously, they should be able to look at some folks and say “You f–ked up, take your medicine and shut the f–k up!”

  3. WTF… dude shoots himself in the leg, it’s not like he can play the rest of the season. They made the right decision, even if this had been an accident, with him having a permit to carry.

  4. Porter had better watch what he advocates. The next NFL player he and his posse jump in Vegas may be packin’.

  5. It’s a non-football injury, just like if he had fell down the steps and put a hole in his thigh.
    From what I have read, they are disputing the length of recovery time, they think he could return from the gun shot wound. If so, then they might have a point about that. If not, then they are just wasting time and money.

  6. I don’t understand any of that if a player is hurt on the field he should be paid. Off the field bullshit is not the teams problem and they shouldn’t have to pay a dime.

  7. Titans_fan: AGREED! They loose such credibility sticking up fo this jackass. The union should take action against these guys for hurting the good guys reputations. You know, like Marvin Harrison.

  8. I don’t like the way the union does business but you can’t blame them for being an advocate for the guy that pays them to do just that. Same for agents.

  9. Yeah, whatever happened to Marvin Harrison? I sure wish Florio will do some investigating, figure out what’s going on there. I sure bet that if I shot someone I would have been charged by now.

  10. The owner of the Titans who is a hell of a lot richer than any NFL player doesn’t feel like he needs to carry a gun to protect himself. If you need to carry a gun, you are hanging out the wrong places, it is your own damn fault for being an idiot.

  11. Speaking of which Radnack – the NRA’s been a bit quiet on the Plastico issue, no? I thought they were defenders to ensure that idiots have ample access to deadly weapons?

  12. So the Porter defense is that NFL players need to defend themselves so any gun laws should not apply to them?

  13. Plexico + gun = Kellen Winslow Jr. + motorcycle
    In the future there will be a player who thinks he can fly a plane, another who thinks he can pack his own parachute, and yet another that thinks he can tackle a dangerous animal after jumping the fence at a zoo.
    They all don’t need more rules but more “common” sense. Many of these college educated players cannot comprehend the logical sequence of events that result from their decisions.
    They are not above the laws of physics.

  14. Does this have anything to do with the criminal issues? For example, if he doesn’t appeal, is it considered an admission of guilt? Is this lawyer posturing for the legal battle down the road? Thoughts, Florio?

  15. this removes any credibility the NFLPA might have had left. They in no way, shape, or form should be fighting this. their job is to defend the players, yes, but only when the players have been wronged. Plaxico has wronged the Giants how many times? I wish the teams could have a NFLOA where they could “go after” players who are turds, douchebags, and the like.
    Plaxico broke the law, injured himself on his own time, and physically cannot play. why on earth would they challenge this? he’ll be in jail anyway, if there is any justice in this world.

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