A league source has confirmed for us the report via Adam Schefter of NFL Network that cornerback Pacman Jones’ career is in jeopardy after suffering a neck injury on Sunday against the Steelers in Pittsburgh.
The irony is obvious; after overcoming a one-year suspension and a six-game suspension, Jones sustained in his first game back an injury that could very well keep him from ever playing football again.
And we’re concerned that, left to his own devices and without the income that comes from a career in pro sports, the downward spiral that he has experienced over the past couple of years will continue until he finds himself in the custody of the federal government and/or one of the various 50 states.


  1. Damn….Now Vox won’t get to use that PacMan blow up doll he bought himself for Christmas…..

  2. I’m not saying that I don’t feel bad for an injured guy….I’m just saying that the story would be so much better if, at some point, he was on fire.

  3. While I certainly do not wish injury upon anyone, he has already had 13 chances and I’m sure he’ll get a 14th.

  4. “Southernboi727 says:
    December 10th, 2008 at 8:49 pm
    Thats was pretty harsh to say something like that, Florio. Who are you to judge?”
    Umm….the guy who runs this website whose opinions you come to read?

  5. Yeah Florio, what on God’s green earth could have led you to say such a thing? Oh wait. Pacman you say? Nevermind.

  6. “Mammothfan says:
    December 10th, 2008 at 8:56 pm
    He better make a list just like in My Name Is Earl.”
    I just have one question…..whose going to read it to him?
    *Thougtful, Miss-Bliss-Just-Made-A-Point music*
    /Saved By The Bell Flashback

  7. Ummm….I believe Florio is one of the owners and main operators of this site. This site, which allows us to voice our opinions as to various NFL-related matters. Call me crazy, but the guys who run the site and allow us to post whatever comments we feel like making should have a right to post their comments to, shouldn’t they?

  8. “Southernboi727 says:
    December 10th, 2008 at 8:49 pm
    Thats was pretty harsh to say something like that, Florio. Who are you to judge? ”
    Dude check yourself. Anyone with half a brain is capable of judging packman. Make it rain now bitch!

  9. “nerdy says:
    December 10th, 2008 at 9:11 pm
    Dude check yourself. Anyone with half a brain is capable of judging packman. Make it rain now bitch!”
    He’s going to end up like Daniel Tosh’s joke, where he explains that he doesn’t have enough money to throw dollars on strippers, and can only afford to throw change. “I don’t make it rain on bitches, I make it hail on sluts.”

  10. And – after almost 46 years of life, I believe in God.
    Michael Vick – you are on the clock.

  11. I may be wrong here – But don’t you have to have a career before
    it can be under threat ?
    Just wonderin’.

  12. Im happy to see him gone for good hopefully, while I don’t wish bad on anyone but enough is enough with this guy! What happens to him here on out is his problem and his only! I completly dislike the commish for even allowing him back. For a guy who is so interested in making the NFL better and really expanding it and then goes and lets someone like Pac-man come back! What is that saying to our young kids who look at players as role models and heros? Pac-man gives the NFL a bad rep and should have been gone a long time ago. Someone like that does not change!

  13. What I don’t understand is how no one from Pittsburgh (especially Frazier) isn’t being fined for physically removing Pacman from that pile as violently and apparently as injury-inducing as it appeared.

  14. His “career” is threatened by a neck injury? How does a neck injury impede his ability to execute drive-bys, pimp out ho’s and peddle drugs??

  15. One wonders if the league will levy any punishment toward those who intentionally tried to hurt him.
    He may be a black-eye on the league, but does that give other players the right to dispense “vigilante” justice against him?

  16. I can’t believe i’m saying it, but I agree w/ Florio and most of the other ppl posting here. How many times can this guy eff up before it’s too late? You had to see this coming. All the chances he had to turn his life around of his “potential” talent… and now, if this ends up finishing his career.. his own physical inability.
    How can you look at this situation and not believe that someone somewhere is pulling some strings? Even though the guy could be severely hurt, in a lot of ways.. it’s funny.

  17. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Pacman’s biggest liability isn’t his neck – its what sits on top of it.

  18. C’mon Pacman – you can beat this thing! Live strong! You’ll play again – I believe in you!!!!
    Just kidding.

  19. it seemed like Pacman got injured while muffing a punt on his own five-yard line, which is a no-no for a punt returner. Good to know his poor judgment isn’t limited to the real world.

  20. I fail to shed a tear on this one… I only wish that Goodell had permanently thrown him out of the league as a statement to these other loud-mouthed thugs that are in the league…

  21. If Pacman never plays football again, Jerry Jones will get ZERO return on the millions that he must still pay Pacman through 2011 because Pacman sustained a football-related injury.
    Now that Pacman is worthless to Mr. Jerry Jones, my money is on Jerry Jones investigating a way to get out of the contract and change his tune about his great and wonderful Pacman.

  22. since roger goodell was unwilling to pull the plug on this piece of shit, it looks like the football gods decided to take matters into their own hands.

  23. garyofferdahl says:
    December 10th, 2008 at 9:18 pm
    John Offerdahl’s career was cut short by injury…
    John Offerdahl was a stud MLB and a model citizen unlike Pacman. I had more empathy for Offerdahl. That’s not to say that I wished Pacman had an injury like this, but I don’t feel too bad about it.
    This is why it’s important to also try to get an education so if something like this happens you have something to fall back on.
    Shit. Nevermind, just look at Emmitt.

  24. If he does find himself in custody of law-enforcement, at any point, why is that cause for feeling sorry for a thug, just because he was a pro football player?

  25. Who gives a shit if a man who has been handed millions screws up his life after he leaves football?
    I hope he’s able to continue playing, I don’t wish him (or anyone else) any ill will…

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