Adam Schefter of NFL Network is reporting that the case of the five NFL players who were suspended for using StarCaps will not be resolved until after the playoffs.
Per Schefter, U.S. District Court Judge Paul Magnuson, the federal judge overseeing the case, will not lift the temporary restraining order until a full hearing can be conducted.
That means Vikings defensive tackles Pat Williams and Kevin Williams and Saints running back Deuce McAllister and defensive ends Will Smith and Charles Grant will remain active through the postseason.
The Associated Press reports that Magnuson asked both parties to propose a schedule by December 22 to file pleadings in the case. If a schedule won’t even be proposed until December 22, this process will, presumably, go well past the Super Bowl.


  1. Such horsecrap. They used a substance banned by the NFL, and the NFL policy is that players are responsible for what they put into their bodies, whether or not the NFL issued a warning. Crybaby, me first, litigious society we live in is infecting the NFL(and no, none of these players play on teams that will face my favorite team between now and the end of the season).

  2. This is the BEST news ever!! Now we can plan in the off season to lose these guys IF we lose them at all!! SKOL VIKINGS!!!!!

  3. HAHA, bad news for you Vikings haters. These boys will be on a mission and our vikes are least least going to the NFC Championship baby and possibly the Bowl. Mark my words. And I never thought in my wildest dreams I’d say this but I’m glad T Jack is back. Gus looks like farve does right now and looks football old. Their bodies just can’t take the beating over the whole season. T Jack’s footwork is 20 times better than Gus’s. I’ll just keep crossing my fingers he doesn’t throw the stupid jump ball he’s famous for. That’s a lot to ask for but this team is clicking on all cylinders and that’s bad news for the rest of the league. Maybe next year butt Packers haha.

  4. actually this is perfect justice.
    akhhorus :
    actually they didnt use substances banned by the league, they called into the league substance program and they said it was “100% safe”. They did everything they could to check this substance.
    What do u want them to do, buy a chemical lab and test everything for themselves? They should beable to call in and ask and thats what they did. And they got lied to. If anyone is to be blamed for this its the NFL.. not the players.

  5. Great, now the Viking’s fans won’t have any excuses when their “boys” choke away another division championship.

  6. Borisivan,
    I am a huge Vikings fan. If you hang around here for any length of time, you will realize that my “anti-ViQueens” posts are just mocking the “pcaker” fans.
    I hate the “pcakers” more than toothaches and hangnails combined.
    Also, don’t assume that I live in any certain city or state. You can be a Chargers fan in Delaware or a Dolphins fan in New Jersey.
    I was the one who told you there would be a temporary restraining order. I was the one who told you Jared Allen, Ray Edwards, and Adrian Peterson would not be suspended. I was the one who told you the Williams Wall would play in Detroit. I was the one who told you the Star Caps case would not be resolved until after the season.
    To your credit, if you are new here, I can understand that you have not yet picked up on my posting style. All of my “anti-ViQueens” posts are chock-full of sarcasm and are meant to only poke fun at the Vikings haters.
    Also, feel free to copy/paste “ntrikit”. I will also accept “nitwit”.

  7. Don’t get too excited Vikings fans. Your team still has a history of doing nothing in the playoffs, ever. But at least you’ll get there.

  8. This just goes to show (again) what one activist judge can do if he disregards everything but his own ego and best interests. Speaking of which did Minnesota elect that crazy liberal from Saturday Night Live yet? Looks like Minny does thing a lot differently then the rest of the country…
    I hate to see the Karma boomerang that is going to come of this.
    First FailedRot hurts his back, now Hit em low Allen. I fear Karma is not yet done taking shots. Sometimes when you win Vike fans….you really lose. Think about it.

  9. Go figure, in a state where they let Randy Moss run over a police officer while smoking a blunt, the loveboat scandle, and numerous other vikings player run in with the law. a Judge allows two more players to buck the system.
    the broke the rules, and a team fan who happens to be a judge allows them to play. No reason for the time delay in the case just that he will get to it after the playoffs. Im sure after the vikes lose out of the first round, the case will all of a sudden get kicked into gear.
    the NFL should look at MN as the reason they have a bad image in society. its states like this that prove that football players can get away with anything.

  10. borisivan says:
    December 11th, 2008 at 5:21 pm
    YES! Suck it ntrickit or whatever your packer lovin name is
    Sorry, fella. Ntrikit is one of yours. Go ahead and ask him.

  11. akhhorus
    You are lucky to be living in the greatest country the world has ever seen.
    Would you prefer no representation in front of a judge who holds the bullet for your skull in his hand? Move to China.
    Imagine it was a crime that you in your heart knew that you were innocent of?
    Let’s hear this case out…
    These guys should not be deprived of their chance to earn their living.

  12. I guess the players are not going to be suspended for not taking steroids after all. Seems like justice has been served…at least for now.

  13. the judge,who resides in Minnesota,wants to make sure these guys on the Vikings are able to play if they make the playoffs….why wouldn’t this be held in another state by an “unbiased” judge ??…sure ,it’s ok for these 5 guys to break the rules on using banned substances while everyone else in the NFL abides by all the RULES that are set forth

  14. To quote Nelson from the Simpson’s:
    NFL – “Ha-ha, your position has been usurped!”
    At least for a while.
    If the NFL knew they that StarCaps contained a banned substance, they should have notified the teams as such, not just told them that the NFL players could not endorse products from the company that made StarCaps.
    Failure to disclose this information constitutes acting in bad faith (and not in the best interests of the players are per their contractual requirement in the CBA) – IMHO.

  15. Another blessing from above, Vikes hittting their stide.Bears lose tonight Vikes win on Sunday, We
    wrap up division, and we get plenty of rest and health for the stretch run to the 1st Superbowl win.

  16. Good – suspend them the first 4 games next season. The only thing that bothers me is the fact they’ll be able to address their DT depth in the draft/free agency so it will not impact them as much as it should have.

  17. The substance was lace not banned. This is the right thing. They should have never been suspended in the 1st place!!

  18. “Such horsecrap. They used a substance banned by the NFL, and the NFL policy is that players are responsible for what they put into their bodies, whether or not the NFL issued a warning. Crybaby, me first, litigious society we live in is infecting the NFL(and no, none of these players play on teams that will face my favorite team between now and the end of the season). ”
    Not to be a smart@zz, but can someone please explain to me how the players were supposed to know that the company was lying about what they were putting in their product and holding that information from the labels? Also, does anyone know if this is an over the counter product and regardless, shouldn’t an over the counter product also be held to some sort of responsibility with regards to truthful information? As a Saints fan, this really only affects Smith. Grant is done, and Deuce isn’t getting playing time. It just seems ridiculous to me that any of these players should be held accountable for someone else’s lie. Thanks guys.

  19. Well I think all Viking fans must have had an orgasm when they read this. I think it is complete bullshit that all these players are allowed to play when they were using banned substances, or in the case of Allen when he continues to try and end careers with dirty hits (but then cries like the bitch he is when he gets hit with a clean hit). For whatever reason Goodell seems to really want to help the Vikings or else Ziggy has some compromising pictures of him.

  20. Well played, Williams Wall. Well played.
    As I mentioned before, I know Packers and Bears fans want to see the Williams Wall suspended for their own gain (or distain of the Vikings). But this case reaches beyond five players and can well impact future suspensions across the league. Any rush to make judgement means all future cases will be based on presicent based on a hurried decision.
    Plus, a judge, it was unfair for him to set everything else aside and make a final decision on a complex case to satisy the plantiff, when te plantiff waited months before rendering its decision on the appeals. (If there really was an urgency to finalize suspensions, why did the NFL wait several months before issing its ruling?)
    FYI Borisivan, Ntrickit or whatever his name is is a Vikigs fan. His comments are all sarcasism and exeraggerations of what Packer fans say.

  21. Dear Bears and Packers fans,
    there’s always next year 😉
    all joking aside though, honestly if this was on any other team I would feel the same way this case needs to be heard fully, something is wrong when 6 players come up positive at the same time for a banned substance, this isn’t a steroid that they are coming up from, or even marijuana that Travis Henry got caught for last year and got out of his suspension. Sometimes there is more to the story then they got caught for a banned substance.

  22. Well there ya go vikes get 3 gift wrapped games and now a gift wrapped viking loving judge! This will be great if they blowit the next three games all for not! LOL! Let the downward spiral begin, send that judge some tissue paper he will need it! If those whipes make it into the post season Packer and Bear fans should get a pretty good laugh! Ha!

  23. akhhorus – that is such a simplistic look at the problem. The litigious nature of American society is one the great freedoms that makes your country great. I’m speaking as a Canadian and while we may not be as litigious we have a far more corrupt old boys big business network that protects people like Alan Eagleson and Conrad Black against prosecution in their own countries. Your country prosecutes people like that and provides a system where the ruling body is not immune to challenge.
    Litigious societies may be frustrating and at times even exasperating, but it is part of what makes a society truly just and free. Justice and freedom are messy, time consuming and wasteful. Tyranny is tidy. Which would you prefer?

  24. It’s too bad this case went to the federal level. Will we ever get to hear what Minnesota Supreme Court Justice (and Purple People Eater) Alan Page thinks of all this?

  25. I’m sitting next to Magnuson at the 45 week 17 vs the G-Men. He can expect no less than three beers on me.

  26. After the Vikings win the Super Bowl and the Williams Wall loses the appeal, can the NFL strip the Vikings of the Super Bowl win? It’s probably a stupid question to ask, but I’d like to know.

  27. LOL, borisivan. Ntrickit is a big Vikings fan. You don’t smell his completely, over the top sarcasm in his posts? Sheesh.

  28. Just goes to show you Goodell is not even handed in how he treats people yet they are all supposed to act the same. Its no different in how each set of refs calls each game differently according to the team or teams the league wants to highlight in any given year.

  29. Yes, finally a Judge who understands how to make a fair
    minded decision. Even if all the players have to serve
    a suspension due to the CBA it will not be until next

  30. Akhhorus says:
    “Such horsecrap. They used a substance banned by the NFL, and the NFL policy is that players are responsible for what they put into their bodies, whether or not the NFL issued a warning. Crybaby, me first, litigious society we live in is infecting the NFL(and no, none of these players play on teams that will face my favorite team between now and the end of the season).”
    YOU’RE WRONG. The first player who tested positive for this substance was NOT suspended by the NFL. Either be consistent in your policy or don’t have one at all.
    And if your employer wanted to suspend you for four weeks without pay for doing something they didn’t tell you was against the rules…I’m guessing you wouldn’t take it lying down either. This has nothing to do with our “crybaby society.” It has everything to do with a league that under Roger Goodell increasingly can’t see the forest through the trees.
    Common sense says the league acted unfairly. And so far, the judges agree with me.

  31. well, at least now when the vikes get raped out of the playoffs vikes fans wont be able to cry about not having the wi**liams wall…

  32. Judge Paul Magnusun is a Minnesota home town boy. Those NYC lawyers for the NFL thought they would just push this through. They way it stands now based on website and Doctors listed for references, how they responded and information listed, the NFL is at fault.
    This is rich.
    Giants looking a little shakey right now. Don’t count on a lay down for the last game of the season.
    Jackson against the Cardinals – this will be interesting

  33. As a hardcore Vikings fan, this makes me very happy. Obviously I am biased, but I think this is the right thing. They may still be suspended, but at least it will be after the playoffs (which the Vikes will hopefully be in).
    While the players deserve to be suspended for having the substance in their body according to the agreements made, this is a special and complex case. The NFL is also required to look out for the safety of their players. Not reporting the existence of a harmful and potentially fatal substance is gross negligence in my opinion. And since reporting this would have avoided the mess altogether I think the players have a good case.
    What if a player had died of dehydration due to this substance? Shame on the NFL. Sko Vikes.

  34. akhhorous, that’s because the pack ain’t makin’ it to the post-season, no way, no how. fail!

  35. I love how Packers and Bears fans have to rely on our players getting suspended rather than actually fielding a good team. If I was either of them, I’d want to beat the Vikings while they were at full strength, not because they were weakened on a questionable suspension.
    But I guess they will continue to label the Williams Wall as cheaters despite the fact that they didn’t cheat (as evidenced by the fact that the first player to use StarCaps WASN’T suspended). I mean, if it makes you feel better to think that these guys are criminals then go ahead, but for me, I want to beat a team at full strength to claim I’m better than them, not a weakened version. That gives rise to excuses.
    Personally, as a Vikings fan, I was hoping they’d simply take the unfair suspension and be done with it. Them winning doesn’t really prove anything, since they almost surely will be suspended at some point. But the fact is Goodell should have leniency based on the fact that these guys are not criminals like PacMan Jones or Michael Vick and that they weren’t even cheating in the sense that they were not getting an UNFAIR advantage over their competition.
    All that being said, the Vikings have alot to prove now. They need one win in 3 games, and I hate to say it but it’s probably gonna come down to the Giants game for us. We have no excuses now to not win the division.

  36. Revacard,
    Yes. If the Vikings win the SuperBowl, and later the Williams Wall is suspended, the NFL will alter the entire 2008 season. This is the same situation as the Mike Vick ordeal. Once Vick was suspended, the NFL changed all of the Falcons win’s to losses. This is why the Falcons went without a win for all those years. The NFL stripped all of their wins.
    On a serious note, I don’t think anyone is planning their SuperBowl victory parade routes in Minneapolis. The purple is not yet in the playoffs. Asking about what happens if they win the SuperBowl is putting the wagon way out in front of the pony.
    Remember the NFC Championship game in 1998? The game where most of the fans were wearing their Vikings vs. Broncos SuperBowl t-shirts by halftime? Yeah. I was sitting there in the Metrodome.
    Nothing is done until it’s done. Especially if it involves the Vikings.

  37. Can we just end this with one last post.
    Here is what we know:
    Jared Allen is a cheap shot artist and should have been suspended.
    Karma is going to take care of Jared Allen.
    Adrian Peterson should have been suspended for taking off his “helmut”.
    Karma is going to catch up with Adrian in the form of a football injury.
    Ray Edwards should have been ejected/suspended/fined for a late hit on Garcia.
    Gus Ferotten is a flopper and should have been fined for the flop.
    Judge Magnuson is corrupt and you can tell he is a Vikings fan by his name and the fact that he wears a #93 and/or #94 Vikings jersey.
    Pat & Kevin Williams used steroids and got caught trying to mask it.
    Pat & Kevin Williams are fat cheaters.
    The NFL will alter the season records if the suspensions are later upheld.
    The Bears and Packers are far more deserving of the playoffs than the Vikings.
    I think that sums it up.

  38. packerswin–
    When exactly DO the packers win, anyway?
    Do the packers blitz? Because they have zero pass rush, and worse linebackers, I’m not sure they ever have blitzed.
    Now, the FANS being blitzed, that’s another story.

  39. Packer fans:
    How’s your awful defensive tackle John Jolly and his FELONY DRUG TRAFFICKING case going?
    How about your overpaid underplayed injured linebacker Nick Barnett and his dirty club and assault charges?
    You were pretty upset when the Packers picked up Koren Robinson off the scrap heap, weren’t you?
    Or maybe the ninth time Ahman Green was busted for beating up his woman?
    Or Najeh “Dookie” Davenport for pooping in a girl’s laundry hamper?
    Or your drug addict HOF quarterback?
    Or Tyrone Williams and his drive-by shooting?
    Or A.J. Hawk’s hair?
    It’s one thing to have a bad football team. It’s another to have a bad football team with a roster full of criminals.

  40. you people are SHEEP.
    If ZW told you the only way for the Vikes to make the playoffs is for all you idiots to jump off a tall building, you would do it, I’m sure.
    These men tested positive for BUMETANIDE, not STARCAPS.
    There is no way for anyone to know if they really took Starcaps, or if they took STEROIDS and were masking them with BUMETANIDE.
    ALSO, the NFL sent a letter that stated “Starcaps is on the BANNED LIST OF SUPPLEMENTS”.
    But you sheep go ahead and comprehend what you WANT to, the rest of us who live in reality can smell your stink from here.

  41. “If those whipes make it into the post season Packer and Bear fans should get a pretty good laugh!”
    We’ll keep that in mind while we’re tailgating before our home playoff game.
    And remember. . .the Minnesota Vikings have as many post-season victories at Lambeau Field over the last five seasons as the Green Bay Packers do.

  42. For all of you talking about “biased,” “activist” judges – evidently it has not occurred to you that Goodell serves as judge, jury, appellate court, executioner, and the whole tamale. Think there’s not a bias problem there??

  43. Mossey Cade:
    You left out Mark Chmura being allowed to rape teenagers by the “fair, impartial” Wisconsin justice system.
    I wonder what numbers were on the Packer jerseys of every member of the Chmura jury.
    But yeah, the Packers are nothing but a bunch of Boy Scouts that spend all their spare time volunteering at soup kitchens and helping little old ladies cross the street. Or, with the way they’ve played this year, maybe Girl Scouts would be a more accurate comparison.

  44. Fianally a small bit of justice. They still need to get off totally, or else they should really sue the leagues ass off for the trap they set. But at least the SB dreams aren’t ruined now. They are gonna be playing their asses off the rest of the season that’s for sure.

  45. Ha listen to those cheezheads whine. “They’re cheaters”, boohoo. My little sisters used to say stuff like that when they would lose too. The simple fact is you have had just as many people abusing things in Packerland. Did we forget about Favre. Oh I can name more if you want. How about you Mrs. ermio101 what team are you for. Let’s dig some dirt on your team. Seriously, I’m huge for the Pats, but I like the Vikes in the NFC. Complain all you want morons, I’ll bet your smokin a blunt while you read this too hypocrates.

  46. I didn’t know today was Christmas! Doesn’t mean the playoffs are certain but it definitely helps our chances.

  47. More comedy of errors from ViQueens fans….so pathetic. Do you REALLY think that having K Williams…and FAT (cue the Mike Gundy) Williams is going to get you to the Super Bowl? Puhhhhllleeeaazzze.
    Viqueens fans all over the state would sit there and say “you Packer fans just wait until Brett Favre retires”. No matter…we’ve still got the best QB in the division, and he’s a first year starter.
    T-Jack looks like a winner? Are you kidding? He looks more like a deer in the headlights than a QB…and if the Kicking Mule comes back, maybe he’ll still get that Oscar nomination…but he won’t getting a Super Bowl trophy.
    Go ahead and win the division…I honestly don’t care. As a Packer fan, I knew this year would be a challenge. But seriously….look at your team….you’ll be one and done if you even make into the tourney.

  48. Oh yeah…I almost forgot. Gonz seems to think his post about having more playoff victories in the last 5 years at Lambeau is funny.
    You want funny…here’s funny: Green Bay has more world titles than the average ViQueens fan has teeth. While you’re busy counting your chiclets Gonz…I’ll just remind you that 12 banners hang in Titletown, USA. Exactly how many hang in the land of 10,000 polluted lakes?
    Go ahead and bump your gums now….but seriously….how about winning a title before you decide to run your rant. In other words, when you’ve done something constructive, come back and tell us ALLLLLLL about it. Until then, as William Shakespeare once said, Shuteth Yon Piehole.
    Here endeth the lesson.

  49. tough year this year for the packers…..rodgers has played well….if I was a viking fan I would be pissed losing the williams to start the next year… you really think they will get off the charges?…..packers defense has had many injuries…..because of all of the injuries their lack of depth shows how young they are…..they could be a really good team and this year was defintately a set back but with one of the youngests teams in the league they are set up to make the playoffs for many years to come…..definately a tough year this year and they have lost way too many close games but they will be a team to contend with for a long time…..go jets, lets get the packers that 2nd round draft pick

  50. pakguru:
    Your team sucks. Your quarterback is overrated. Your starting running back wouldn’t crack Minnesota’s practice squad. Your offensive line is old and pathetic at the tackle spots, and young and pathetic everywhere else. Your defensive line might be even worse than your offensive line, and your linebackers might be the most overrated unit in the league, even when they are all healthy.
    But yeah, other than that the Packers are on the verge of a freakin’ dynasty.
    The “great” Aaron Rodgers is 3-8 in his last 11 starts. In your eyes, that makes him some sort of elite quarterback. In the eyes of anyone with any smarts, it makes him a loser.
    As far as your 12 “championships,” nobody cares but you. Are those championships going to keep you warm on your couch while you’re watching Minnesota’s first-round playoff game THIS January? Hell, I’d be willing to bet that you weren’t even alive when the Packers won any of those titles. And yes, I say that knowing that Green Bay’s last title was 12 years ago. . .you sound (and spell) like you’re about 10 years old.
    (I’d like to take this moment to apologize to any 10-year olds that were offended by the previous statement.)

  51. pakrguru,
    I already said everything you just tried to say.
    The “pcakers” won some Superbowls in the past, and that is all that matters. It does not matter what happens this year, or next, or any of the seasons to come. Who cares who wins any future games? That is not important. What is important is the past. The “pcakers” won in the past, so who cares if they ever win again? I keep trying to tell you guys that it’s pointless to even watch current games. NFL Replay is where it’s at. Way back in the day, when we could win games, that is all that matters.
    So you sorry ViQueens fans can shove it. Go ahead and win the NFC North. Win it this year, next year, and while you’re at it, win it every year for the next 50 years! See if we care! We already won some Superbowls and we don’t really ever want to win another game, let alone winning this crappy division. We don’t care about the playoffs! WE ALREADY WON SOME SUPERBOWLS! So shove it VIQUEENS FANS!!

  52. I am laughing at all the Packers fans trying to bash the Vikings this season…Just look at the Records…Also just think, what if we hate B-Mac for the first four games? Just imagine what would’ve happened that first Monday game if B-Mac was playing!
    The point of my post is that no matter what happens during the season with suspensions, injuries, etc…the only thing that matters is the final record. Just look at them right now: Vikings (8-5), Packers (5-8). The Packers made a stupid decision by getting rid of BF. He was the only reason the Pack had a good season a year ago because he makes everyone on the field better. A-Rod is not a good QB, he’s got the talent, but he’s not mentally or physically tough to handle this game. Because of their forcing Favre out, the Pack will forever have the Favre curse placed on them.
    I also thought I would never say this, but I am so happy Childress is our coach and McCarthy is the Packers coach. MM is just horrible.

  53. Vikings fans are hilarious. They have 8 wins. Other than that they have 3 games remaining and no guarantees of anything. The Packers have a bad season (still 5-1 against Childress) and suddenly they are a terrible team and the Vikings are going to the Super Bowl? It looks like they’ll have to win 3 playoff games to get there with 2 on the road. If that happens I’ll wear purple and one of those ridiculous hats with the yellow braids. Enjoy a late-game drive down 4 with T-Jack throwing to Bobby Wade. Face it, the whole NFC North stinks this season and you’re just the best of the worst.

  54. >>minnesotapackerfan says:
    December 12th, 2008 at 10:02 am
    Face it, the whole NFC North stinks this season and you’re just the best of the worst.<<
    You mean luckiest of the worst. A fluke missed field goal against us, an imaginary PI call vs Detroit and a gift wrapped win in NO account for at least three of their wins this season.
    And it was lucky for them that our defense got seriously banged up this season. The loss of Cullen Jenkins plugging up the middle goes to show just how devastating the loss of the Williams guys would be to their line.
    Eh well. Go Bears.

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