When former Titans G.M. Floyd Reese used his visibility as an employee of ESPN to openly politick for the vacancy at the top of the Lions organization, more than a few league insiders believed it was bad form.
The fact that former CEO Matt Millen already was gone made some overlook Floyd’s football faux pas.
A far different reaction has occurred in the wake of Reese’s decision to lobby publicly for the top job in Cleveland
After all, G.M. Phil Savage is still employed.
“In Detroit, Millen was already dead,” one league insider told us.  “In Cleveland, we don’t even know yet whether Savage has a terminal illness.”
We believe (as do others) that it’s horribly bad form for Floyd to be openly seeking the job in Cleveland.  In our view, any prospective employers should be taking close notes regarding Reese’s behavior, because the judgment and tact he’s exercising while seeking a job might have some relevance to the judgment and tact he’d exercise once he has another job in the NFL.
If, that is, he ever has another job in the NFL.
We also think that ESPN should be taking a closer look at its policies and procedures regarding former NFL figures who are on temporary scholarship at Bristol University.  We can’t recall guys like Vinny Cerrato, Tom Donahoe, or Marty Schottenheimer using their on-air work as a way to openly apply for other jobs, either via statements made on ESPN platforms or in interviews with other media outlets. 
Reese’s routine, and the appearance that ESPN implicitly is approving it, makes the network look like an enabler at best and an accessory at worst in Floyd’s effort to get himself re-employed — possibly at the expense of guys who currently have jobs.
Of course, maybe ESPN can hire Savage to take Reese’s place.  And then Savage can parlay that position next year into consideration for NFL jobs that aren’t yet vacant.
Regardless of whether Reese should or shouldn’t be chasing jobs in the press and whether ESPN should or shouldn’t be troubled by it, the Browns have a real decision to make after the season ends.  Do they keep Savage, or do they let him go?
Well, the guy who wants to replace Savage if the decision is made to release him already has put forth earlier this year a cogent, well-reasoned position on the matter.
That’s right, Floyd Reese praised the work of Savage in March 2008.
So if the Browns think Reese is the right man to run the show, then maybe they should accept the free advice that Reese already has provided — and retain Savage.


  1. Hey they are all adults, let them do what they want. Savage, Millen etc are not going to starve, or have a hard time supporting their families. I’d politic for a job where i might get 3 million a year to do a job I love. If Savage is good enough, he will keep his job, if not then he won’t. Reese politicing for his job isnt going to make a difference at all.

  2. sorry, i haven’t heard the part where reese said, “hey, give me the job!” is there a chance that the man is doing his job and giving a professional, honest opinion? i mean, how big an idiot are you florio? what should the man say? “oh cleveland? that’d be a terrible place to go. they have no structure in place to win, and worse yet, they have no talent on the team.” or maybe you would just prefer him to reply when asked about the cleveland gm job, “no comment”, even though it is clearly the man’s job to opine about this types of things. i wrote a comment very simular to this yesterday when you started beating the story to death, but you refused to publish it. let’s see if i, unlike reese, am allowed to give my opinion today.

  3. Honestly, I would hire Floyd to be a GM of my football team just because he is doing this. He wants to get back in the game and he is making it known. I completely agree with inmymind’s comment.
    I didn’t even know that Floyd wanted to be a GM again until he started talking. This is no different than the many other people in this country who politic in newspapers, blogs, and everything else for a job. If Floyd gets the job, people might bash him for doing this, but he will still have the job. At least teams know that he wants back in. It’s called being proactive.
    Plus, if Savage gets fired, then it was probably because of the job he did, not because of Floyd talking on a second rate ESPN Show.
    Speaking of Savage, I don’t think he should be fired, but if next season goes as bad as this season, I would cut ties. Wait…He should be fired. You don’t get into it with fans if you are a GM/Owner!!! No matter what! Simply pathetic.

  4. This is a kinda whiny article dontcha think? Who cares if Reese is a self-promoter. Anyone who hires him should be doing it on the basis of his record, which I recall as a Titans fan wasn’t that good. There’s no point in trying to taint his name because he doesn’t do it the ‘right way’. How many stories have you broken where it wasn’t done the ‘right way’ and you’ve tried to position yourself in the best light. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want someone trying to harp on these incidences. Let it go. Reese and Savage will get a job on their merits which is how it’s gonna be anyway. Maybe the best ethic in sports journalism is to stick to reporting stories and not creating them.

  5. How come Floyd Reese’s pitches for GM jobs don’t include comments like, “Look at how well I draft, my last four top picks were Vince Young, Pac-Man, Ben Troupe, and Andre Woolfork!” ?

  6. I’m looking forward to auditioning for Floyd Reese’s job with the Network after he’s moved back to the NFL next season. I believe I can bring in insight and a dynamic to the studio.

  7. I’m sure if Reese was lobbying for the Denver Broncos G.M. spot you would’t have wrote this story. Your subjectiveness and political B.S. is your tragic flaw.

  8. I know most the coaches that they have on usually mention how they would handle things if it was “their team”…None of this nonsense came up when they talked about the players union and all who want to be the leader there, before Upshaw passed away…

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