On Sunday, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that Raiders owner Al Davis is interested in possibly hiring Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride to be the team’s next head coach.
Gilbride, who has spent nearly five full seasons with the Giants, worked as quarterback Eli Manning’s position coach for three seasons before taking over the offense.
And Gilbride fits the profile of a potential Raiders coach.  The 57-year-old had one prior stint as an NFL head coach, losing 16 of 22 with the Chargers before being fired six games into the 1998 season.  In the following ten years, his name has yet to percolate back to the short-list of head-coaching candidates — possibly due to his failure in San Diego and possibly because his name still triggers for many images of the fist to the face he took from Buddy Ryan when both were working for the Oilers in the earlt 1990s.
“He has no business coaching the pros,” Ryan later said about Gilbride.  “He should be selling insurance. . . .  He’s a wimp.”
Still, Gilbride has presided over the developed of Eli Manning, and Gilbride might provide the Raiders with the last, best chance at salvaging the career of JaMarcus Russell, the first overall pick in the 2007 draft, three years after Eli was the top selection.
Of course, if Gilbride were to take the job in Oakland, Davis might finally have to part ways with defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, whose father is Buddy Ryan.

21 responses to “GILBRIDE TO RAIDERS?

  1. Like he’d do any better than Kiffin?…Ryan was right , Gilbride is a wimp…The Giants succeed because of Coughlin & yes, he controls Gilbride.

  2. Sounds like typical Al Davis.
    Ready to make another bad bad move.
    Maybe Al should remove himself first.
    That would be the most positive thing he
    could do for the Raiders…

  3. I remember watching that game when Buddy punched Gilbride, I think it was on Sunday Night Football. I don’t see how Gilbride could ever be taken seriously after getting busted in the grill by a crotchety old man.

  4. In related news, the Raiders are considering Tom Olivadotti for the DC job.
    The guy from the Titans, Schwartz, is going to be good. You can write that down. And he will get a shot next year.

  5. yeah good call al, 6 wins 16 defeats, if i read that right, definelty “raida material” ,,,,just lose baby…..

  6. Who else wants to coach the raiders tho. its not that bad of an idea, a QB guy in OAK with Russel.

  7. Picking J. Russle will hold them back even longer. Better wise up and do what Tennesee did this season. Get a QB.

  8. at least in new york gilbride had something to work
    with i.e. eli,can you imagine trying to do a reclamation
    project in oakland with that group of misfits.

  9. It would make sense for Davis to hire Gilbride. He’s a crappy coach and is definitely wimpy enough for Al Davis to bully

  10. I’m not sure you’ll find any sort of a “big name” coach out there willing to take the Oakland job. They are going to view it as a rebuilding or reclamation project that they won’t be in charge of. Al will view it as they’ve got the talent to win a lot of games, but it’s up to the coach to get them to winning.

  11. He was a miserable head coach for the Chargers. He tries to act like a drill instructor screaming and yelling at the players. They just tuned him out.

  12. I’d love to see this happen. If this Raider team tried to run the predictable but methodical offense he runs for us at the Giants, they’d get destroyed. Gilbride is the weakest link in an otherwise very strong team for The Giants. We need an offense that will allow playmakers to stand up, Gilbride’s system doesn’t cater to that and it’s the last thing the Raiders need.
    I’m crossing my fingers.

  13. Giants33, the current Giants offense is far from methodical. If you want methodical, look at the Giants from 1983-1992.
    Anyway, I don’t think Gilbride would leave a cushiony gig for a possible 1 year stint in no man’s land. Jim Fassel, on the other hand, has openly petitioned Al Davis for the head coaching gig. If Fassel is willing to work for Al Davis, he deserves what he’s asking for.

  14. Ugh, Jesus. Just an awful call if true. Gilbride is good with someone controlling him (Coughlin or whoever). Running his own team would be a disaster.
    Why get the cheap imitation when you can just get June Jones from SMU? Or why stop there? Just lure Mouse Davis from Portland State, have him bring Jerry Glanville with him, and go full on Run and Shoot with a side of horseshit defense.

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