In yet another sign of the disaster that is the 2008 edition of the Cleveland Browns, receiver Braylon Edwards sounds like a guy who’s trying to talk his way out of town.
If, you know, they don’t kill him before he leaves.
Actually, we love Cleveland fans.  There’s no more loyal bunch, and no more deserving of something/anything to feel good about when it comes to their sports teams.
Edwards likely doesn’t agree with our assessment, based on his recent REMARKS.
After Monday night’s loss to the Eagles, Edwards suggested that his ties to Michigan football have kept him from being embraced by the folks in Ohio.
“I’ve learned being here that I’m very unappreciated,” Edwards said.  “Not in the organization, just in the eyes of the fans, the city.  Since Day One I’ve been a marked man coming from Michigan.  It’s just gone that way.  Even when things are good, there’s heckles.”
Braylon, please do a little research on Thom Darden before coming to any conclusions regarding whether Browns fans hold grudges about guys who played for Michigan.
On Tuesday, Edwards continued to chirp.
I’m not Paul Warfield, Webster Slaughter or Jim Brown,” Edwards said, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  “I’ve given my all to this city for four years, and I realize it will never be enough.  I went to the Pro Bowl last year and resurrected this team from the darkness, and nobody cared.”
There’s more.
“People in this town believe they are entitled to too much.  They have been disrespectful to me and my family.  I’ve gone out in public with my family and have had to deal with being called foul names.  My parents have been called vulgar things at restaurants.” 
Hey, Bray, if you thought things were bad before, just wait until they see you and your folks out at the local eateries now.  (P.S.  Don’t order the bouillabaisse.)
“My biggest problem is that I actually give a damn,” Edwards said.  “I’m always rushing back from surgeries and injuries, never missing games or practices.  But through this, I’ve learned how to overcome adversity.  I’m also proud of how my foundation has taken off.  I’ve been doing all this community service in Cleveland . . .  my charity efforts will only be in Detroit from now on.”
OK, Browns fans didn’t care about the Michigan thing before.  But now they probably do.
We’ve seen this routine before, and we know what Edwards is up to.  Given his jump earlier this year to CAA and his awkward presence on the set of the whole Bissinger-Leitch thing, chances are that Edwards fancies himself a potential crossover media star.  You know, the kind of guy who’ll get a movie in which he plays a role other than that of a current or former football player.
But Edwards apparently thinks he’ll never be in position to become a national superstar/celebrity while toiling away for an underachieving team in a Rust Belt town.
Signed through 2009, it could be that Edwards is trying to lay the foundation for an offseason trade to a new team, and the $10 million per year deal that would go along with it.  
But it would have to be a team with a profile that will allow Edwards to become the big deal he thinks he is.
In other words, he likely wants to play for the Cowboys.
(Thanks to our friend and former colleague John Taylor of The OBR Report for pointing out the emerging brouhaha.)


  1. lol yeah he’d fit right in between Owens and Williams.
    Edwards and Owens could then set an unreachable dropped pass record.
    Gitem Jerry (U POS) Jones

  2. Step 1: Catch the football
    Step 2: Complain about being underappreciated
    I think he got those two steps backwards. Understandable, he DID go to Michigan after all.

  3. If you want to see someone acting ‘entitled,’ just watch any of his predraft footage with he and his family. They are more jerks than he is. They were complaining because Ronnie Brown got picked before their son did. I supported this guy in trying to support the Browns, but why didn’t we see this coming?

  4. braylon is another in an ever increasing line of guys simply not worth the hassle – owens, chad johnson, braylon edwards, plaxico. they’re disruptive and their window of usefulness is typically a year and change. otherwise, its

  5. I say trade him to Detroit. He’ll be close to his family and charity, not able to cry about where he came from – and Detroit loves wide receivers. Charles Rogers, Roy Williams, Braylon Edwards – its got a nice ring to it.

  6. I say the Browns should just cut the chord and flip Braylon Edwards for draft picks. The guy has been nothing but a pain in the a$$ since he’s been here in Cleveland…and that was before this year.
    What he is doing now is unforgivable from the fans standpoint. This crap may work with fans in Dallas, but in blue-collar Great Lakes cities like Cleveland, the fans would rather beat you with your own helmet. Good riddance.

  7. Oh man what a shitbag. As if anybody wants an over-rated reciever who can’t catch a football……..especially one who thinks he’s marquee talent. Sounds like this will lead to internal friction on many levels with him implying that he singlehandedly “ressurected this team from the darkness”. I know the soulja K2 will chafe at that. Didn’t he learn anything from Chad’s failure to get traded or released over the offseason?
    Please, by all means send him to Dallas. Between him and TO, every other ball Romo throws will end up on the turf.

  8. The Skins could use him for sure. I wouldn’t be to upset if the Skins sent Cleveland a 1st rounder and threw in Santana Moss for good measure. I’m sure the folk up in Cleveland can appreciate a good shoe shiner when they see one.

  9. Gee, It sounds as if he isn’t part of the problem. How much different would so many games have gone if he would just shut up & do his job. Notice he made those comments after one of his better games, not after a drop-filled (usual) contest. Grow Up Braylynn! Bea Man! F@#* YOU! Go play for The Buffalo Bills!

  10. Call me Braylon. We’ll pay you big money with the Redskins, and you’ll never need to produce on the field. Don’t worry about the fans being critical – they all sell their tickets anyway.
    Vinny Cerrato

  11. Bernard Berrian and Braylon Edwards with Donovan McNabb throwing to them?….Go get ’em, Zygi!!! They’ll all look great in purple!

  12. Braylon Edwards can go if he wants to. Cleveland has never been a gltiz and glamour town and never will be. Cleveland is a tough, blue collar town that lives and dies by its sports teams, namely the Browns. We don’t have time for “rockstars” in this town. It didn’t work with Andre Rison, it’s not working with Diet Winslow and it’s not working with Hollywood Braylon Edwards. (cue 5 Hour Energy commerical)
    Braylon Edwards was a hero in this town last year. Pro Bowl appearance, team records, etc. This year he has singlehandedly removed us from games. Week 1 he dropped a sure TD against Dallas and repeated these same steps in other big games. The feeling, until today, in Cleveland is that he’s just in a slump and will be back on his game next season but now he’s gone and screwed that up. Luckily for him, Cleveland fans have a short memory and a great season will cure that… Oh and no one here cares that he went to Michigan (see: Darden, Everitt who donned a Browns bandana even in Baltimore, Leroy Hoard)
    The main problem with Edwards, and many athletes (Owens, BE, K2) is that there is no accountability for their actions. Braylon has two jobs: Catch the ball and block. That’s it! Not too much to ask for the bajillion dollars he gets paid.
    And to comment on his family and their “unfair treatment” in Cleveland…they usually deserve it. Classless and entitled just like their diamond studded boy.
    That’s a true Cleveland opinion on the matter. This season I spent well over $1000 going to watch Braylon and Co. waste my time. I don’t feel bad when I boo his lazy ass for not hustling, giving up on routes and overall malaise. We were raised on Jim Brown, Bernie Kosar, Kevin Mack, Hanford Dixon, etc. Tough, classy guys. So from a true fan, grow up and make us respect you again.

  13. He’s right…he never had achance going into Cleveland. He will always be “that guy who plays for us from Michigan.” He could catch 20 TDs and 1500 yards and still would be “that guy.” I never thought he would stay in Cleveland. It may be close to home for him. But, he will end up in New York, Miami/Tampa Bay, or Chicago.

  14. Wow.
    There’s no way the state of Ohio hates Edwards for his Michigan accomplishments. In fact, I think the entire state of Ohio would love Edwards, given his non-contribution to the OSU/Michigan rivalry.
    Anyone remember him dropping a sure first down pass in the closing minutes of the 2004 meeting to seal the deal for OSU?
    I can’t believe this guy is going to lash out at an entire city given his history of critical drops. There’s got to be a smarter way to earn a ticket out of town.

  15. BradyGazelle-
    We aren’t entitled. We are sick of losing. We are sick of fielding Pro Bowlers who come back the following season and play terrible football. We are sick of having hope flushed down the toilet. We are sick of excuses and finger-pointing. The one thing that never tires is our unconditional love for our team and there is no shame in that.

  16. Pansy primadonna…
    Ship him to Detroit, along with his foundation. I’m sure the people up there in Meatchicken will appreciate his Scissorhands…
    What a loser…

  17. I love these athletes who feel they deserve to have the red carpet rolled out for them wherever they go. Its a joke. This is a what have you done for me lately profession. It goes for everybody in every sport. Edwards followed up a great year last year with a disaster of a year. I should know. I was one of the many who drafted him to be my #1 WR in my roto league, only to watch him drop passes all year long.
    I can’t imagine how annoying it must have been to be a Browns game and actually pay for tickets to a game in the cold to watch him run half assed routes and drop some real easy passes.
    To hear him shoot his mouth off about the city underapreciating him is classic. If you don’t perform you will get heckled and booed. Its part of being in the spotlight. No one got it worse than vince Young this year. It goes with playing on a huge stage in front of millions of people and getting paid an obscene amount of money. If you suck people will gladly point it out to you. when you are great, they will love you. It works both ways. Grow a thicker skin and catch the ball then you won’t have any worries

  18. What a punk, most of us still had faith that he could become a consistent and reliable receiver. We were even willing to let a few of those hundred dropped passes escape our minds. This however is an insult to the Brown and Orange Family. Once a Brown, always a Brown, it has nothing to do with where you were born or where you went to college. Crap, I was born in North Dakota, raised around Berea, went to College in Colorado. This is many Brownie fans stories, but I and those like me will always bleed orange and brown… Apparently Braylon should ask for a trade to Detroit, perfect justice for us.

  19. Of all that dialogue, all you have to read is the part that he says he’s not going to donate anymore in Cleveland, only in Detroit. Ass.

  20. I like Edwards….seems like a good guy and a good player. He is just telling it like it his. His season has been sub par, and he has certainly not helped his team by dropping the amount of passes he has. That being said, hope it works out for him…maybe if he got off the 5 hour energy his hands would stop shaking and he would catch the ball!!! JK….go B-Ray….

  21. BradyGazelle, you are an idiot. Cleveland didn’t lose their team, it was stolen from them by one of the worst owners ever, Art Modell. Jim Brown’s team from ’57-’70, the Kardiac Kids , Schottenheimer’s teams, and the ’94 team that made the playoffs, were all great teams. You are talking about one of the most storied franchises and belittling the past 50 years of achievements is downright asinine. The fans are die hard, and just want effort from the players. Braylon was loved last year, but when you lead the league in drops, you’re bound to get a few hecklers.
    And grow up, you obviously have never been to a Browns game, but don’t incorrectly stereotype an entire fan-base because of your ignorance.

  22. He is ridiculous. Go to the Muni-lot before the game and see how many #17 jerseys there are out there. He was probably the most popular one the last 3 years-the fans loved him.
    It has nothing to do with being from MIchigan, and everything to do with talking all off-season about how he was going to have more TD’s than Phelps had gold medals, and instead he leads the league in drops, and has probably cost the Browns more wins than he has TD’s (3).
    Braylon is living in a dream world.

  23. This is why I’m glad the Titans have no #1 receiver. What a tool! How about you work more on not dropping passes and less on wondering why the fans aren’t behind you… which they are. Douche! And to believe I thought he was a nice, classy guy.

  24. Braylon is one of a dozen or so WRs in the league capable of what he does…. yeah he drops a ton of balls which has to get better….. but the balls he drops are balls other WRs aren’t even capable of getting open for….. by booing him and harping on him browns fans are acting like yankees fans who hate arod… browns cant emulate yankees fans. yankees have 25 rings and its still annoying when they do it, when browns fans do it its nauseatingly disgusting…. hes your best O player get on his back or watch it as it leaves town…. and as a giants fan I hope he marches strait into a wonderful relationship with Eli.

  25. not only is he NOT any of the players he mentioned, he ain’t even reggie rucker, reggie longhorn, brian brennan OR even micheal jackson! what a joker, btw florio you left off steve everett among other M-men they have drafted that were “accepted”!

  26. Why is it that we, the readers, keep being dragged into commentary about melodramatic, immature wide receivers who are paid way too much money for the job they actually do? This guy has done nothing to help his co-workers and his employer since last year.
    Let him go to work for someone else. Then go find someone else who wants to work. There will be plenty of good ptotential employees available after the end of the season, and during the draft.
    The Browns can’t do much worse. What can they do to support him, and why should they? He just bites the hand that feeds him.
    This is becoming tiresome!

  27. As a Browns fan…I can tell you right now that we respect people who DO THEIR DAMN JOB.
    We don’t respect people who drop passes, run poor routes if not wrong routes, are sissies over the middle and care more about being celebrities than players.
    Get out of my town Braylon, you’ve sealed your fate.

  28. It hate it when these players are in the news for sucking on a bad team. Why don’t you take a page of the Detroit Lions and let your play on the field speak for itself?

  29. “but the balls he drops are balls other WRs aren’t even capable of getting open for…..”
    You obviously don’t see him play, with his gator arms and pulling his hands into his body at the slightest sound of a defenders’ footsteps approaching.

  30. If the NFL really wants to improve it’s image, it should ban all WRs from talking to the press. Too bad there isn’t a Wonderlic test to determine how big of an asshole a player is going to be.

  31. He truly is classless. He drops way too many balls. He doesn’t go all out. Fans appreciate players who go all out and produce on the field. If you don’t produce on the field and go half ass, fans anywhere will get on you. To take his charity out of Cleveland is just asinine. What a chump.
    He will never be in the class of Paul Warfield. Warfield was a great player on the field and a great person off it. I don’t recall Warfied ever complaining in Miami when he only got 1 or 2 catches in a game. Warfield knew that it was all about winning and when you have Csonka, Morris and Kiick you will run the ball a ton.
    It truly would be great if more receivers were like Warfield or Andre Johnson for that matter. Just do your job on the field and quit bitching and moaning off of it. I am so tired about hearing about TO, Edwards, Moss, etc.

  32. -Braylon has caught the ball, just not so well this year in the “what have you done for me lately” league. To imply Braylon isn’t phenomenally talented is to ignore the scope of his career. I’ve seen him make catches i would have thought impossible till i saw them.
    -Maybe Cleveland fans aren’t so great or loyal if they’re publicly berating a star 1st round draft pick because his season isn’t going so hot. Maybe Braylon understands that playing for a city that supports its players is helpful. Maybe if Cleveland fans were a little more supportive and patient then Braylon would have been affected positively by it, showing in the stats and wins maybe.
    I’m not blaming the fans. But they can’t feel ill towards Braylon for saying what he did considering how they apparently treat him in public.

  33. If Braylon wants out, fine… I don’t want someone on the team that doesn’t wanna be there. But yes, he is completely neglecting the fact that there are a ton of #17 jerseys floating around in the crowds. He only thinks about the negative, and that lends to his attitude toward the city. Screw him — let him go.
    Plus, he probably cost Anderson his starting job, in my honest opinion. While Anderson had some bad games, there were games when he did all he had to do — put the ball into the teammate’s hands — and Mr. Edwards couldn’t hang onto it. At all. Hell, there were entire series of plays when Braylon would be thrown to, only to have him drop it while his head was up in the clouds somewhere.
    Edwards isn’t a complete asshole… but when you go to the media and bitch about everything, you sure set yourself up for more heckling.
    I miss Jurevicius.

  34. Braylon if you give such a damn, why were you out practicing in training camp without shoes on, when we are paying you millions? How ironic that the free agent loser signing of the year, that barely stepped on the field, found time to step on your foot. You are a spoiled guy that gets paid millions of dollars to play a game, but you’re to lazy to protect yourself from an injury that could onlu happen under Romeo Crennel. In a nut shell, Romeo’s stupidity on this act alone shouldve cost him his job…. and for Phil Savage not to research Donte Stallworths history of playing the Injured Reserve game should get him canned as well. As for Mr. bet with a true champion swimmer with 8 medals to prove it, ask him if he can teach you how to catch a damn ball… I literally believe you deliberately dropped some passes now that it is clear you hate cleveland fans…. Maybe it’s you that hates playing in Ohio….If I were youre coach I’d bench your ass, and ruin your damn career, by making an example of how to keep your mouth shurt and franchise you so you never get out. You are Terrell Owens without the receptions. You’re the cancer on the team my friend. Keep whining as you cash the checks from our stupid owner that gaves money out like welfare.

  35. More practice…..less 5-hour Energy Drink commercials!!! What is the over/under in how many days before Little Eddie is doing sit-ups in his driveway?

  36. That reminds me, I need to make that video of his most infamous drops, with “Drop it like it’s hot” playing, still.
    Thanks, Mike.

  37. Same old story.
    Cleveland athlete trashes fans, and he gets killed. The sports media, led by ESPN, piles on the player and defends the fan base as passionate and hard working ticket buyers who just want and deserve a better product. Cleveland fans have the right to boo, they just care so much!
    Philadelphia athlete trashes fans, and he is backed up 110%. The sports media, led by ESPN, rushes to the player’s defense and kills the fan base as a bunch of ‘haters’ who are lucky to have the honor of paying to watch this guy play. Philly fans have no right to boo, they need to get a life.
    Why the double standard?
    Because we booed Santa in 1960’s before I was born? Because, unlike Browns fans, we care about the team and support it (our teams do not move to other cities)?
    Maybe Braylon can move to L.A., where the Browns will be by 2016.

  38. I agree with Braylon. those browns broke our heart. no more Bernie Jim Brown Slaughter etc; Sorry grandpa but these arent your cleveland browns that team left 13 years ago. LET IT GO

  39. Edwards bet Michael Phelps before the Olypics he would have twice as many touochdowns as Phelps’ gold medals in 2008. This might be the most lopsided bet ever.

  40. As a Giants fan, I’d trade Plax for Braylon straight up. Heck, I’d throw in a 2nd rounder. This guy may be a typical me-first wide out, but he is a pretty class guy off the field (these comments excepted) plus he is young with lots of ability and only upside.

  41. Thanks d-bag. The only thing you have helped resurrect is warm feelings for Butch Davis and Chris Palmer. Perhaps catch a ball when it is thrown to you while you try and save Cleveland.

  42. Who cares where he went to school?
    Over rated.
    Can’t catch.
    To add insult to injury, they got Stallworth on the other side. Anyone know / care where he went to U?
    Can’t catch.
    QB killers. Coach killers.
    Please go to Philly!!!

  43. Straight up swap: Braylon Edwards for Santonio Holmes. One problem child for another. Both guys have talent and might benefit from a change in scenery.

  44. Bite your tongue MikeD. I don’t want Edwards anywhere near Pittsburgh. No need to change one guy who drops balls for another. And at least Santonio makes the catches when the game is on the line. Santonio certainly hasn’t lived up to his draft position but Edwards is all flash and no delivery.

  45. “Straight up swap: Braylon Edwards for Santonio Holmes. One problem child for another. Both guys have talent and might benefit from a change in scenery.”
    We need an AFC north diva rotation. I’ll throw in Chad Ochodoucho. Ravens fans? Any doofus receivers you want to dump?

  46. ———
    Moochzilla says:
    Because, unlike Browns fans, we care about the team and support it (our teams do not move to other cities)?
    Congratulations, you win the “most clueless comment on the internet” award for today.
    I’d tell you to pick up one of the many books about Art Modell’s move to Baltimore, or to check the attendance numbers for the pre-move Browns, or to research the revenue figures (and Modell’s associated debt service), but it looks like you wouldn’t be smart enough to understand any of it.
    Fan support had absolutely nothing to do with the team moving, although it is indeed the very reason that Cleveland is the only city in NFL history to retain its team, its colors, its records, and everything associated with the franchise when their incompetent owner mismanaged his club straight into the ground.

  47. I think Stallworth ruined his ability to catch. Seriously. Ever since he got his foot stepped on he jumps for every ball that’s chest level or higher when there’s another player around.
    Seriously. Watch him. Most drops have come on balls like that. True, some big ones havent (Dallas/Denver games), but the majority of his drops come when he jumps for a ball he doesn’t need to jump for , kicks his legs out sideways, glances toward the oncoming defender and loses the ball on the way back down.
    And fans are fans – we have a right to be upset about his performance and how this year has gone. If he gets better, we’ll be better. True, there will always be a heckler or two, but that comes with the territory. That being said, it is unfortunate that we’ve come to the day where a player and his family cannot go out in public without being heckled. We can boo him all we want when he screws up on the field, but let the guy go out & get a few sliders with his momma for crying out loud.
    As for his comment about no longer doing charity work in Cleveland, that’s unfortunate, but it’s his perogative to do that. He’s done some great work here in the past, mainly with children. It would be unfortunate for those children to pay the price for his anger. If he truly goes through with this, it would tend to make me think that even his charity work was really more about him and creating publicity for himself than it was about changing someone else’s life. If he’s doing it for the right reasons, he shouldn’t penalize the kids.

  48. I hope Braylon hires a driver for when he does leave town, otherwise he would drop the steering wheel and crash,, no sense in risking hurting a browns fan in the crash, he has hurt us browns fans enough already,,,and I hope he don’t hire DA to drive for him,,, otherwise he would’nt get past 10 yards

  49. Come to Philly! You can be in Rocky 12 (or whatever # they’re up to). You can be Apollo Creed junior! Boffo!!

  50. “I’m always rushing back from surgeries and injuries, NEVER missing GAMES or PRACTICES.
    Umm…you mean like injuries caused by your own stupidity? Thanks for “only” taking 3 GAMES off during the preseason and who knows how many PRACTICES because you were too stupid to wear shoes at football practice. Is that how they practice football at that school up north?
    @ BarkingTuna – I don’t think I’ve ever read a post you’ve made that I’ve disagreed with. And, you’ve nailed it again with the Modell comment. If he ever goes into the Pro Football HoF, it will a tragedy.

  51. Cleveland is not a viable sports town. Sorry, just isn’t. Spin it however you want. Baltimore has less going for it than Cleveland, and they managed to not lose that owner’s same team.
    You will lose the Browns by 2016, then we will hear more about your victim mentality.
    Cavs will be in Seattle by 2014, after LaBron bails for the Knicks (he is there mentally).
    For a great sports town, all your stars and teams seem to want out as quickly as humanly possible,huh?
    So, go throw beer bottles at Mark Brunell and stop telling the story as you’d like it to be. It is what it is, Cleveland is not a viable sports town for a pro franchise in this day and age.
    PS – I agree Braylon is a whiny baby, it is the immediate backing of a C- fan base that I find curious. If a player needs to be accountable to the fans in Cleveland, why not in Philly?
    Just askin’.

  52. Why is Braylon “classless”? I have not seen that term used to describe any players who have done this before. Is that an Ohio ‘code word’ that means something else? Like ‘uppity’ in the South? I don’t know, not trying to bait anyone, just looks odd to see that term used so frequently here.
    He is the same guy now as he was last year when he was dominating. When you were cheering him. When you and your kid bought matching Edwards jerseys.
    And now his is classless because your team lost the gamble of resigning Derek Anderson. And you cover boy QB got hurt.
    As for Stallworth – you try and concentrate on anything when every second you expect you hamstrings to explode into flame.

  53. Modell is a national treasure, and he WILL be in the HOF. Along with Al Davis. They are both heroes.
    OK, just kidding. Hey, you chose to play chicken with the owner. And you lost. He left.
    Here, we got robbed and had to fund stadiums out of taxpayer dollars. Sucks that you have to do that, but that alternative is to lose your team to a city that will. That’s life, you accept what happens – and the continued whining about Modell is silly. You played hardball – good for you. You lost – accept tha consequences!
    At least you got to keep your ugly-ass uniforms. And you sell what, like 12 jerseys a year? And since NFL employs revenue sharing you are pretty much a welfare team that benefits from Eagles and Giants and Cowboys merchandise sales.
    You should be thanking me and our fanbase for keeping your franchise afloat until LA has the stadium built!

  54. ——
    Moochzilla says:
    Spin it however you want. Baltimore has less going for it than Cleveland, and they managed to not lose that owner’s same team.
    Baltimore Colts.
    You’re awfully determined to keep proving your ignorance.
    Hey, you chose to play chicken with the owner. And you lost. He left.
    Here, we got robbed and had to fund stadiums out of taxpayer dollars. Sucks that you have to do that, but that alternative is to lose your team to a city that will. That’s life, you accept what happens – and the continued whining about Modell is silly. You played hardball – good for you. You lost – accept tha consequences!
    Really… Your last comment was the fans didn’t support the team. Now you have another reason, because somebody “played hardball.” Again, wrong. Perhaps you’ll have a new reason to try out for your next post. Rather than talking out of your ass, perhaps you should look into what transpired in the mayor’s office in the early 90s, or the discussions that Al Lerner brokered between Art Modell and the Maryland politicos. Or the financial mismanagement Art Modell engaged in, and how the league reacted to that. Far from being “whining” about Modell, the fact is that he couldn’t outrun his problems, even with Baltimore’s cash infusion, the new stadium, the Superbowl… in the end, he was still forced to sell the team that he intended to leave to his son and keep in his family for generations. That’s not sour grapes, it’s history… just a sad fact. What transpired makes a very interesting case study and a fascinating look into the dealings of the NFL, but let’s not let facts get in the way of you showing your ass again and again.

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