Just a week ago, there were fears that the neck injury suffered by Cowboys cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones could end his career. Now it’s looking like he’ll only miss one game.
Tim McMahon reports at the Dallas Morning News that Jones practiced today and the Cowboys are almost certain Jones will play this week.
He’s got nine lives, I think,” Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said of Jones. Phillips then bumped that estimate up to 18 lives when it was pointed out that Pacman may have already used up some lives.
Jones is expected to play in the nickel and dime packages on defense and return punts and kickoffs.


  1. “That settles it; He’s a Highlander.”
    I want to see the episode where T.O. takes PacTurds head on the Star and yells “There can only be one!”

  2. this is great news for the cowboys, with pacman being healthy, this allows the cowboys to move Anthony Henry to safety to help out in the cowboys depleted secondary, much like the giants did last year when they had a lot of injuries in the secondary during their run for the super bowl last year. i also think pacman is due to take a kickoff return back for score. go cowboys!!

  3. Can we go back to T.O. please. That seems to be all that ESPN wants to cover.
    Send Sean the producer and Steven A. Smith off to the Middle East to cover womens world soccer of something. HOWEVER.

  4. I don’t get it. That injury description was detailed and sounded as (potentially) serious as it could get. Assuming it was true and accurate, how could it not be a risk for him to play this soon? Is this another version of Concussion Ignore-itis?

  5. “Jones is expected to play in the nickel and dime packages on defense”
    Considering that the Ravens will probably be in their “heavy” package all night, he may never take a snap for the defense.

  6. I feel he wants to step up and show some commitment to the team especially since the troubles hes put the cowboys thru the last couple months and also at the beginning of the season.

  7. Jeez, just a week ago there were over 100 comments about adam jones career threatening imjury. Now that its known that he’ll only miss one game, comments are way down. When its bad news about pacman everybody wants to hate, but when its good news about the guy, nobody has anything to say. Buch of haters who like to kick people when they’re down but can’t say crap when the person is doin good.

  8. JetPack3,
    That would be because it was not ‘true and accurate’. Apparently the leaked medical report was every bit as accurate as the reports coming out of Ed Werder last week. The accurate report was out there, but the national media was inclined to report the much more sensational false report (without taking a whole lot of time to check it) because of the coverage it generated.
    LOL, pretty funny to hear the ‘silence’ that is emanating from folks like Collin Cowherd after his diatribe about this last week.

  9. “Jones is expected to play in the nickel and dime packages on defense”
    As long as he isn’t in the “dollar bill” package the night before, he’ll probably be OK.

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