Many NFL players treat playing in the Pro Bowl as more of a chore than an honor. But if it’s a chore, it’s a chore that Redskins linebacker London Fletcher wishes he could have.
Fletcher is angry that he has been a starter for 10 years, hasn’t missed a game and usually leads his team in tackles, and yet he still can’t get chosen for the Pro Bowl.
“I don’t know if it was because I wasn’t a first-round draft pick, I don’t do some kind of dance when I make a 10-yard tackle, I don’t go out and get arrested,” Fletcher said, per the Washington Times. “I believe in playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played. You line up each and every week, each and every play and you go out and get the job done. You look at my body of work and I’ve done that for 11 years. But because I’m not going out causing a lot of controversy, holding a private meeting with the coordinator saying this, this and this, causing a lot of strife on my team, I don’t garner a lot of attention.”
That last comment appears directed at the Dallas Cowboys, whose internal drama has garnered the kind of attention Fletcher can only dream of.
Fletcher says he’s mostly just sick of thinking he’s done enough to make the Pro Bowl, only to find out he’s an alternate.
“To have it happen, year after year after year after year, you can’t tell me … an eight-time alternate, c’mon man,” Fletcher said. “That’s a trivia question. I’m the Susan Lucci of the NFL.”


  1. There are a lot of really talented ILB’s in the NFL who have more name recognition. It happens. Sorry?

  2. Isn’t there a height requirement for LBs attending the Pro Bowl?
    Seriously though, Fletcher is a hell of a player – consistent, very good but not necessarily great play year after year. He’s probably correct in thinking he doesn’t bring enough attention to himself like some of his peers.

  3. Fletcher is absolutely right … the Pro Bowl is just a popularity/celebrity contest. All expense paid vacation. The ONLY play that ANYONE will EVER remember about the Pro Bowl itself is the hit that Sean Taylor put on Brian Moorman. The only valid talent “vote” is All-Pro, not Pro Bowl.
    Fletcher is solid. Team glue. Tremendous life story overcoming adversity. Not many football players who are legitimate heroes or “role models.” Fletcher is one of those guys. Plus and most importantly, he is an outstanding MLB. Leads the NFL in tackles over FIVE YEARS.
    Susan Lucci … good analogy … anyone know whether she could fill in on offensive line for the Skins?

  4. OMG! Are you telling me that The Pro bowl is a popularity contest? C’mon next you’re gonna tell wrestling is fake! Maybe London sould ask Tony Romo how he made the Pro Bowl after being in the league for 5 minutes.

  5. Fletcher is a Pro-Bowler, IMO, that got over looked. The Skins have 4 Pro Bowlers on one of the worst offenses in the league. That’s a joke. Their defense has been very solid all year long, and Fletcher is the pillar of that defense. It’s sad that he’s been over looked. Carlos Rogers could make a case as well.
    Cooley and Portis deserve to go to the Pro Bowl this year for the Skins offense… Seller was a boderline pick and Samuels was outright undeserving.

  6. So it took him eleven years to figure out that the Pro Bowl is a popularity contest. And if he wants to win the popularity contest without being an elite player, he needs to do something cool like jump a motorcycle over a gorge. Or shoot himself in the leg.

  7. Really? Two “Susan Lucci of the NFL” comments in one day? That has to be a record!
    Also, Fletcher’s comments could have been directed toward his teammate Clinton Portis who had a run in with Zorn recently and was voted to the Pro Bowl …

  8. Pro Bowl = joke
    Fletcher = the man. He should have made it with Buffalo and should be in Hawaii this year.

  9. Fletcher needs to grow up. Not every player who deserves getting into the Pro Bowl necessarily gets it. Though with as many Redskin fans that voted I’m surprised he didn’t

  10. London Fletcher is absolutely correct. When he played for Buffalo he had years where he could easily have been selected to the Pro Bowl. When he played for the Rams he had years where he could have been selected. Someone might argue that although he has consistently been one of the top 5 LBs in his conference, he has not been #1. Of course this approach ignores his career body of work and we all know that many players continue to be selected, year after year, based on their past accomplishments rather than the current year. It is too late for this year, but perhaps next year fans familiar with London Fletcher’s accomplishments could band together and try to vote him in.

  11. Dude is right…I was surprised that Shawne Merriman and Tom Brady weren’t voted into the Pro Bowl. But the interesting thing is that Fletcher can partially blame his own team for putting so many players from his own team on the ballet that weren’t as deserving as he was.

  12. I’m sure there are plenty of perennial Pro-Bowl LBs or HOF LBs who would gladly trade those Hawaii trips for Fletcher’s Super Bowl ring.

  13. He’s borderline this year, but definitely a yes in years past. He puts up great numbers year after year. Sadly he’s right though. He doesn’t make highlight reel sacks, doesn’t have a dance for every 2nd and 4 tackle, and isn’t a disruption.
    Too bad the pro-bowl is a popularity contest.
    How did Tony Romo make the pro-bowl after his first “5 minutes in the league” (I think it was more like 5 or 6 games, but still!)?

  14. Fletcher is a good player but this year no one would take him over beason or willis….. end of story….. be a man and understand that you really are the 3rd best NFC mlb….. or 3b if you think pierce is better….

  15. Maybe the other players and coaches thought he get enough votes from the skins fans stuffing the ballot that they didn’t vote for him.
    Football karma strikes again.

  16. Fletcher is a good player and a consummate professional. But he’s not even a Top 2 ILB in the NFC east. Antonio Pierce and Brady James are both having better years. (even though Pierce has looked pretty bad vs. Westbrook and Witten in the last two weeks).
    Sorry London, your good, but not good enough.

  17. Well lets see…
    1) I looked at his stats and there was absolutely nothing that jumped out and looked anything but average. I know, sometimes stats don’t mean everything… but what else are you gonna base it on? Are the people that vote really supposed to watch footage of every single player and rank them based on whether or not the deserve to go? No so thats where stats come in.
    2) There is a lot to the whole name recognition thing. London Fletcher might could have capitalized on that if he didn’t, you know, temporarily change his name in the middle of his career. If I’m not mistaken he was going by London Fletcher-Baker for a few years, which can kinda throw folks off that aren’t fans of the team you play for.
    3) This was a big year for LBs… many of them had far better years than the best LBs usually have. Take that in consideration as well as the fact that London Fletcher-Baker-Jingleheimer-Smith’s numbers were, let’s be honest, below average and there’s your receipe for not going to the Pro Bowl.
    But how in the holy hell did Brett Favre get voted in? Regardless of the numbers he puts up (which were a joke this year) he should never get to go because he always bails on it.

  18. Fletcher is good, don’t get me wrong, but the best LB’s in the NFC were selected, not just out of popularity. Are you trying to tell me Fletcher is better than Derrick Brooks, DeMarcus Ware, Patrick Willis, Jon Beason, and Lance Briggs?
    Uh, sorry. He’s not.

  19. Im not a Redskins fan and I dont really approve of him speaking out like this, but the guy is a HELL of a LB and he probably does deserve to go. Hes a damn tackling machine.

  20. There are a lot of factors that go into making the PRO BOWL…
    Unfortunately for Fletcher it is a popularity contest to some degree (at least for the fan portion of the vote…a lot (by no means not all) fans vote with their heart, and do not look at the stats).
    I am certain the coach, and peer voters have a different idea of who should be in the roster, but are out voted by the number of fans who vote.
    It is unfortunate but that’s the way it is.

  21. i voted for him, i watched him play a couple of times this year and thought he was outstanding (as in previous years) hes also seems to be a hell of a leader back there aswell well as being a true model professional, which is a rare thing in this day and age. talking of linebackers kirk morrison has had an excellent year but will never make the probowl the state the raiders are in. saying that it worked for out for Nnamdi. wow we got two players there this year…progress!!

  22. He could have chosen to do a Rodney Dangerfield “I don’t get no respect!”
    One Susan Lucci in the NFL is enough.

  23. But Betty Farve is a Pro Bowler? No, London, there’s no justice.
    What about Victor Newman? Who’s the Victor Newman of the NFL?

  24. pdyerosu says:
    December 17th, 2008 at 1:58 pm
    Really? Two “Susan Lucci of the NFL” comments in one day? That has to be a record!
    Looks like plagerism to me, if only Florio was interested in that kind of thing, we might get some real news.

  25. Actually, Susan Lucci has won an Emmy for her work.
    Something London Fletcher won’t be able to do. The reason…, he’s good.., but not good enough.
    Although it’s nice to see a highly played professional athlete playing the ‘woe is me’ routine about not getting accolades. Is somebody supposed to feel sorry for him? Give me a king-sized break. Maybe if he was a better player, he’d get the recognition, but I think his ‘award’, is getting to play the game he’s dreamed about since he was a kid for about a decade.
    How about if London Fletch sit’s down with Richard Collier to discuss how unfortunate it is that he doesn’t get to play in the Pro Bowl. Maybe then he’ll see how classless his remarks are.

  26. I guess he doesn’t realize T.O., or Crayton, or Williams did not make the Pro Bowl either. What happened there has no relation to what happened to him.

  27. This is a tough one. There are two ILB spots for the NFC at the Pro Bowl. He was going up against Antonio Pierce, Bradie James, Brian Urlacher (who admittedly is having a bad year), Jon Beason, Barrett Rudd, and others. I think Fletcher deserved the nod, but he was some stiff competition. He certainly deserved it more than Samuels or Sellers, who are both solid players.

  28. Wwwaaahhhhhh, the big meanie Patriots ran up the score on us, Wwwaaahhhhhh, I didnt get voted to the Pro Bowl, Wwwaaahhhhhh, I am a solid defensive player, but not the best at my position, Wwwaaahhhhhh.
    Guess what London, there are 1000’s of us that wish to be in your shoes, as an above average player, a player that hasnt been injured, etc, but that is what you are, an above average player. Not a superstar. The Skins defense does not revolve around you. Boo hoo, give it a rest you crying little girl. Always crying about something

  29. lb is one of the more screwed up positions.
    but the nfc is freaking stacked.
    Really, beason and willis are better. I probably would have had Barret Ruud in there over one of them and Fletcher, too. And I’m sure there were a ton of fan votes for Urlacher.
    at olb, I think Chad Greenway should have been in over Derrick Brooks and Lance Briggs as well.

  30. Fletch is right – why do you let us Skins fans vote in the ProBowl voting? No way it’s a personality contest?!!! the fans shouldn’t vote…I’m a Redskins fan and we have 4 offensive players? C’mon!!! Ahem…Hail!!

  31. “Maybe London sould ask Tony Romo how he made the Pro Bowl after being in the league for 5 minutes. ”
    You misspelled “four years”. Bradie James (99 tackles, 6 sacks) deserved the Pro Bowl before London Felcher.

  32. There is no way Dquwell Jackson (however he spells his name) deserves to go ahead of Ray Lewis or James Farrior. No way.

  33. “He doesn’t make highlight reel sacks”
    He doesn’t make hardly any sacks at all anymore. 2.5 since the ’06 season.

  34. Bradie James is having a monster year compared to Fletcher and he didn’t make it either. Fletcher should relax.

  35. I was on the fence until the Susan Lucci comment! He has my vote. He’s totally right. He wasn’t a big time draft pick, hasn’t been on a Superbowl team, and doesn’t open his mouth too much. The odds are against him.

  36. Please don’t approve me last comment as Fletcher won a superbowl in St. Louis as a starter. I still agree, he should have made a a Probowl by now. He’s more than earned it, All-Pro too!

  37. Granted you are a pretty good player but not Hall worthy but making the Pro Bowl should be the least of your worries. Your team will miss the playoffs this year and the only thing you can hang your hat on is going to the Pro Bowl…that sounds selfish. I bet if that was Terrell Owens relaying that same sentiment, media coverage would be crazy around Dallas and everyone would be saying, “T.O. is at it again!”
    Maybe, if he did meet with his offensive coordinator, Washington’s D wouldn’t be stinking up the stadium and the NFC East.

  38. Speaking of Dallas, the funniest thing is that the Cowboys could have 12 people make the pro bowl but yet here in Dallas on the radio they will b*tch and moan about the long snapper not making it or something, while other playoff teams are lucky to get one or two guys. I know, I know, its because of the fan voting but Cowboy fans complain endlessly about this crap. There is even talk every year around induction time that there is a Cowboy bias in the HOF cause a couple good players from their hey-day haven’t got in yet; meanwhile the Denver Broncos have only two players in the hall, and I’m pretty sure they have more then two worthy players.

  39. God Cowboy fans spare me the Bradie James BS — if he played for the Texans or some other run of the mill franchise he wouldn’t even be mentioned but since he plays for Dallas he should get in the pro bowl? No, so give it a rest.
    I know they don’t play the same defense but Barrett Ruud is a way better MLB then Bradie James and certainly should go to Hawaii before James.

  40. He’s a good guy. Give him a break. I see it a a player getting close to the finish line thinking ” have I ever been singled out by my peers?” He is one of the best ILBs in the past decade and has been the leader on every defence hes been on. He just wants to be recognised by his peers thats all.

  41. Everyone agrees that some payers get snubbed every year. The reason is because it is pretty much a popularity contest. However this year was alot fairer then previous years at least. NO TO, NO ROMO, and NO LT.
    And players that im glad to see make it are guys like Mario Williams who last year got hosed and Roddy white which is good.


  43. Can’t wait for London’s H.O.F speech…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…He might be in the top 30 LB’s under 5’5 that have ever played, but do not insult the Hall of Fame ..please!

  44. “There is even talk every year around induction time that there is a Cowboy bias in the HOF cause a couple good players from their hey-day haven’t got in yet; meanwhile the Denver Broncos have only two players in the hall, and I’m pretty sure they have more then two worthy players”
    Well yeah, but the Broncos’ “hey day” was fairly recent. Remember that the Broncos started same year the Cowboys did, but they went well over a decade and 7 head coaches before they were even able to manage a winning season. They’ve still never had more than 5 winning seasons in a row. There weren’t many Dallas Cowboys players in the HoF until very recently. Like 5 who had earned enshrinement on their time with the Cowboys. Dorsett, Lilly, Renfro, Staubach, and Randy White. Not a lot considering the fact that the Cowboys had won 3 Super Bowl through the 70’s and had a 20 year streak of winning seasons that started in the 60’s and went into the 80’s. So yeah, there’s obviously some bias against the old Cowboys players. There’s really no good excuse for excluding Bob Hayes and Cliff Harris.

  45. “God Cowboy fans spare me the Bradie James BS — if he played for the Texans or some other run of the mill franchise he wouldn’t even be mentioned but since he plays for Dallas he should get in the pro bowl? No, so give it a rest.”
    I didn’t say he should get in the pro bowl, I said he deserved it before London Felcher. I don’t have any problem with Beason and Willis getting the nod. Don’t even bring Ruud up, he’d be buried in the Cowboys’ depth chart even if they played a 4-3.

  46. Hmmm. I don’t know about all this “who is better” stuff. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on a HoF ballot when he is done.
    Super Bowl Ring
    2001 – 11th in tackles (116)
    2002 – 3rd in tackles (147)
    2003 – 13th in tackles (133)
    2004 – 5th in tackles (142)
    2005 – 3rd in tackles (157)
    2006 – 3rd in tackles (146)
    2007 – 6th in tackles (128)
    2008 – 5th in tackles (118 so far)
    Hasn’t missed a start in 11 years.
    28 sacks.
    14 interceptions.
    I couldn’t makle a case for any one year of him being snubbed for a pro-bowl…. but hell…. his stats compare almost identically to Ray Lewis aside from having less tackles and interceptions…. but he also has 17 less starts.
    I guess its all about perception….

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