As if the situation on the football field in Detroit wasn’t ugly enough, things got even uglier after the game, when Rob Parker of the Detroit News crossed the line during the post-game press conference of Lions coach Rod Marinelli.
Parker was pressing Marinelli regarding the performance of defensive coordinator Joe Barry, who also happens to be Marinelli’s son-in-law.
And so Parker ultimately asked Marinelli, “Do you wish your daughter had married a better defensive coordinator?”
Though we fully appreciate and respect the notion of freedom of the press (and freedom of speech and freedom of religion, just like Cowboy Chris), Parker’s question had no redeeming value or purpose.
Of course, it’s not the first time this year that Parker has gotten himself in hot water, and at a time when a flagging print media industry is looking for excuses to trim people, Parker should be wondering whether his stocking this year will include a pink slip.
Here’s the video.



  1. Was wondering when you were gonna post this.
    Even before he asked that ridiculous question, I was in shock at the tone he took with Marinelli. It was like HE was the owner…WTH? That was truly shameful…Marinelli should have thrown a shoe at the guy.

  2. The Lions are 0-15 cause of Millen. It’s the players, not the coaching. You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken ****.
    Speaking of chicken ****, Rob Parker is the worst sports “journalist” in America not named Jay Mariotti.

  3. Wow, talk about below the belt and totally uncalled for. I can just imagine the note left on his desk tomorrow morning…
    “Mr. Parker, in the words of Donald Trump…’This is easy…YOU’RE FIRED!!!'”

  4. I echo the comments made by the Fox guys about Rob Parker’s comment and about Rod Marinelli. I’ve never cared for Parker on ESPN’s 1st and 10 and now I dislike him tenfold. There’s no merit to that type of question. He thought he was being cute by posing that question I suppose.
    And say what you want about Rod Marinelli, but I don’t think anyone would’ve done any better under the circumstances in Detroit right now. I really like Marinelli and think someone(are you reading this, Al?) is going to get a hell of a defensive coordinator with him. The guy is obviously passionate about his job and has an undeniable will no matter the circumstances.

  5. does this guy think he’s the owner and the coach has to explain his staff to him?
    i’m sure the guy has a great fantasy team, but who made him an expert on nfl defense?

  6. Rob Parker is, was, and always will be a douchebag. It’s one thing to be critical of a coach, but to take it personal like he did completely crossed the line as a “journalist”. The guy should be handed his walking papers immediately. Won’t be the first time a media outlet around here has canned his miserable ***.

  7. “Parker’s question had no redeeming value or purpose.”
    I don’t know….it is pretty damn funny.

  8. It’s sad that a once great network like ESPN now caters to dickweeds that try to make themselves part of the news instead of reporting the news. Next thing you know they will be “Breaking News” of Wrestling (Pro) and Soap Opera events…

  9. Parker should be fired effective midnight tonight Eastern Standard Time. Merry Christmas – by the way do not come in to the office we will ship what we want to you with your final pay upon receipt of your keys, cards and everything else that is owned by the paper.

  10. Jay Mariotti is even better than this sack of shit. He’s just trying to get himself fired. That was below the belt and uncalled for.

  11. the issue of Barry being the coach’s son-in-law is a legitimate one, but that jackass obviously could’ve approached it in a better way.

  12. Well done Rob Parker because CLEARLY the biggest problem with the Lions is the coach’s son in law. How about that stellar front office full of Matt Millen leftovers and incompetence. Clearly your priorities are clear.

  13. It looks as if after the question Marinelli ignored him and went to another reporter, which is more class than I would have been able to muster after 15 losses and a “reaction” question.

  14. now wait a minute , that reporter was out of line but the det d is so bad if the coordinator wasn’t his son in law he probably would have been fired weeks ago . the reporter wasn’t classy but its probably true

  15. That was a completely unnecessary shot below the belt. It could be a relevant issue, but clearly the wrong way to go about it.
    That’s the type of thing the Joe Fan should post on his weekly Lions blog, not the type of thing a member of the media should be asking a coach.

  16. Another point….
    That guy sounds like a total jack ass on the tape. He’s asking questions about the defense like the Lions have the personnel of the 85 Bears.

  17. Wow. I’m impressed with the Marinelli love in here.
    That said, worse than the typical “good old boy” network the NFL usually employs, is nepotism. I think it was a funny line, and if Parker’s career as a “real” journalist is over, he seems to be set up for a future in online sports blogging.

  18. I can’t stand Rod Parker but, living in the state of Michigan, I hate Marinelli more. I also hate how the national football media is lock-step with this “Marinelli is a heck of a coach” load of crap.
    No doubt Millen left a trainwreck.
    No doubt the talent is sparse.
    I also see no doubt that Marinelli has taken a bad situation and crashed it into the ocean floor. Bad gameday coaching. Bad coaching moves. Bad systems. Bad evaluation of talent. Bad, Bad, Bad. And to have to hear, week after week, “that’s on me” or “we’re gonna need to do better” or “we need to get a better effort”. I’m starting to lose my mind with this garbage.
    Like Parker, I’m ready for the broken record to stop. My ideal post-game presser would start with this hillbilly moron resigning. Unlike Parker, I understand there’s a certain level of professional decorum required while Coach Turd or Wm Clay Edsel come to their senses.
    Fire Parker and the wannabe coach. Make ’em share a cab to the airport.

  19. @jmclarkent
    Good point. It was a “reaction” question. He was like trying to ruffle some feathers and induce a Denny Green/Mike Gundy/Jim Mora/Jim Mora answer.
    Kudos to Marinelli for keeping his cool, especially considering the circumstances.

  20. Jay Mariotti is my boy, leave him alone… there are worse ppl to hate like Skip Bayless or Woody Paige. I’m still a bigger fan of Parker than Wood or Skippy. Those two should be taken out back and shot. At least Parker gave me a laugh.

  21. “The Lions are 0-15 cause of Millen. It’s the players, not the coaching. You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken ****.”
    While the question was over the line, this crap right here is what the few Marinelli supporters are left to cling to, and it couldn’t be further from the truth. Rod has stated NUMEROUS times that the 53 men that are on this roster this year are the men he wants on this team. Millen said that he and Rod were always on the same page and had the same vision.
    His Tampa men that he brought in have done nothing but embarrass this team. First, it’s Kalvin Pearson beating his pregnant wife, and then getting beat in coverage with regularity. Chuck Darby, who has been an absolute pathetic run-stuffer with no ability to penetrate behind the line of scrimmage. Dwight Smith, with his checkered pass and his half hearted effort game in and game out. Brian Kelly getting cut late into the season because he can’t even crack the Lions pathetic depth chart in the secondary.
    Rod may be a good man, but a good head coach and evaluator of talent he is not. Quit saying that Millen is totally to blame when Rod has yet to develop a single player since he’s gotten here and brought in players that have contributed mightily to this teams 0-15 record.

  22. yes its the coaching not the fact that 4 first round picks of millens went to WR and of those four two are in the NFL and only one is still in detroit oohh and that Joey Harrington kid what a pick so basically we have 3 good first rounders and Gosder Cherilous is still up in the air.
    Millen shot for Apple pie but got turd salad

  23. Pea Tear Griffin says: “He’s asking questions about the defense like the Lions have the personnel of the 85 Bears. ”
    The vaunted Lions defense is clearly not the 85 Bears but it’s a Marinelli-built defense from seam to seam.
    Devries – high motor guy that Marinelli worships.
    Darby – Marnielli guy / Tampa transplant
    Redding – Marinelli was instrumental in making Redding rich and shipping pro bowler Rogers to Cleveland to open the UT position.
    White – Marnielli guy / Tampa transplant
    Sims – one of Marinelli’s “good” draft picks, out of position and regressing all season long
    Lennon – the epitome of a “Rod-guy”. Rod loves him.
    Nece – Marnielli guy / Tampa transplant
    Fisher – one of Marinelli’s stellar free agents conquests
    Smith – Marnielli guy / Tampa transplant
    Bullocks – typical Marinelli draft pick, showed promise, regressing at a rapid rate, will be out of the league in two years.
    Bodden – the human hilight reel Marinelli/Millen traded all pro Rogers for.

  24. the ironic thing is not this parker guy will know what it’s like for everyone to be writing and saying that he should be fired, much like he has been doing to rod over the years.
    doesn’t feel so good on this end of it, does it?

  25. Rod fired Donny Henderson to bring in his SIL and the Lions have had their worst defenses in HISTORY under Joe Berry and there is no talk of canning him.
    Rod pick may be sharp, but his son in law is not.

  26. I just sent him an email asking what he was thinking and what kind of response he thought he would get. I told him he crossed the line and he should apologize. Email the clown ( if you feel the same. What a fool

  27. And that ahole is employed by ESPN.
    Go figure, with a slimebag yellow journalist like Korny on the payroll, who would be surprised they hired this whiny idiot.
    He is awful, I’ve heard him on the radio in DET. Just a whiny little douche.

  28. TK: imagine being Romeo Crennel and having to see reports on television and even in newspapers, one day they’re giving the job
    away the job to Bill Cowher, another day they’ve given it away to Marty Schottenheimer, that’s what you have to go through
    every single day of your life.
    RJ: I spoke to Marty Schottenheimer, he spoke to no one in the Browns organization, so who starts the rumors Tony?
    TK: Not me.
    Play goes on…
    TK in voice over of images of BC and MS…
    “These are the people that they say Cleveland wants. Bill Cowher played for them, was an Asst. coach for them, Marty
    Schottenheimer was the HC, almost got them to the SB, people in cleveland say Cowher is the main guy thoogh, and Cowher is
    going to be bid up and bid up and bid up because there is (sic) a lot of teams in this league that would offer an open
    checkbook to Bill Cowher, he seems to be the number one choice, no contact is made, yet.”
    RJ: I ask the question…WHO IS **THEY**.
    TK: Writers…and and
    RJ: You’re…
    TK: And, and, and it doesn’t just come out of thin air, you talk to people, you know, you do it this way, you say, “is there
    somebody out there you would want as a member of the staff, who would it be?” and somebody will put that name out there, it’s
    a natural name, Cowher…I mean, one of the things that you would want about Bill Cowher, is not only did he recently win a
    SB, but that he understands this division, he played in Cleveland, coached in Cleveland, and if anybody would know how to
    beat Pittsburgh, which you mentioned Mike, that’s the bugaboo for Romeo Crennel, couldn’t beat them at all, it would
    certainly be Cowher,
    RJ: Tony, I understand where you’re coming from but Romeo Crennel right now is the head coach…
    TK: YES
    RJ: You start throwing out names like Bill Cowher, Marty Schottenheimer…**THEY SAID**….Bill Cowher and Marty
    Schottenheimer have too much respect for Romeo Crennel to say “OH YEAH, we’re interested in that job.”
    RJ: To me, I don’t know who these **THEY** are. It’s clear Lerner said “we’d evaluate this at the end of the season…and
    everyone JUMPS to that conclusion.
    TK: That’s how sportswriting works, that’s how the media works.
    RJ: I know, but I get worked up because I don’t think it’s fair…

  29. You guys are acting like Rob Parker made a racist comment.
    If the Detroit Lions can accept that they have a joke franchise, a joke coach, and a joke roster, then why can’t Rob Parker make jokes?
    I laughed, because (you know, being right across the river from that laughing stock of a football franchise) I thought it was funny.
    Rob Parker is the man (no wait, that was Mark Wilson), but either way, let it slide fellas. We’re only talking about the Lions, not Plymouth Rock.

  30. Greatest press conference question EVER!!!! I can’t wait for Limpy to get canned. Marinelli was in over his head since day one. Rob Parker was only doing his job.

  31. Oh gee, a guy making millions of dollars to ABSOLUTELY SUCK at his job has no sense of humor when one of the press busts his balls. Nepotism is great isn’t it ? No matter what the business is the idiot son in law is always guaranteed a job.

  32. his son in law was an accomplished coach in the nfl before rod hired him, let’s not act like he pulled him off a pop warner team (like they did their qb)

  33. “Parker’s question had no redeeming value or purpose.”
    Eh, I’m not sure about that, Florio. Men who enjoy the stature and pay scale of Marinelli deserve to be held under the highest scrutiny, and when something as ugly as nepotism plays a role in their high profile failures, humor can be a great tool for highlighting a certain dimension to Marinelli’s failings as a head coach.
    Plus, it’s a really funny line.

  34. The reporter asked what many others were probably thinking or saying behind Marinelli’s back. “The guy has his job because who he married”
    He killed two bird’s with one stone and had the heuvoes to come out and say it.
    The guy is a lousy DC and he got the job because of who his father-in-law is. Personally I have no opinion one way or the other. At 0-15, there should be a thousand questions like this.
    Way to put your stones on the table. If the the guy was president of a tobacco company, would you be so offended?

  35. The reporter is probably a life long fan of the Detroit Lions. How sickening would it be to live in that city. Jobs numbers slashed every day, crime on the rise, and your favorite team draining what little happiness you had cold out of you. I’m glad some one is questioning Marinelli. Just because he is polite at press conferences shouldn’t exempt him from the occasional badger/heckle. Times are tough in Detroit and the reporter just let off a little steam on what is an odd situation. Come on. Rodeny didn’t have a little influence on the hiring of that guy? And that guys DEFENSE SUCKS!

  36. Rod Marinelli daughter, Chris didn’t marry Joe based on his football accomplishments, she married him based on the type of person he was/and still is to her.
    Rod Marinelli, hired Joe Barry largely based on his past football accomplishments while factoring the type of person he his from both an professional and personal background.

  37. I guess this Parker guy is sort of a hack journalist. Then again, Marinelli is a hack coach. Maybe they should both go away. I don’t think anyone would look for them. Except possibly the son in law.

  38. Rob Parker is a douchebag. He’s been one since he first got to Detroit, trying to team up with Art Regnor and stir up garbage with the race card. People think that just because he’s on ESPN now that he’s somehow a better man than he’s ever been. He’s not.
    My stance as a Lions fan is… are you people as journalists so bad at your job that you’re left to throwing flames at the press conference in lieu of actual journalism? Is it just me or didn’t these things used to be about gaining information about the game and not trying to belittle the coach? It’s easy to sit here and slam Marinelli now at the end of things but if Parker was half the football mind that he wishes to be then he’d have been complaining like this on the day Millen hired him.

  39. before slamming the Son-In Law, I guess I’d like to know the back ground. Where did he go to school, coach previously, etc… If he never coached in the NFL then slam him. If He was a young guy on a staff Marinelli was on and met his daughter that way, and then coached elsewhere successfully, them there may be good reason for him to be coaching there. He’ll probably end up in 5 years as the next hot head coach candidate as an assistant for some other team the way the Lion’s luck goes.

  40. His Coaching resume: He coached the Buccaneer linebackers during their Superbowl run, so it’s not like he is some fantasy football geek he pulled off the couch at christmas time and said, Son-In-Law I have a job for you…
    Detroit Lions 2007-present
    Defensive Coordinator 2007-present
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2001-06
    Linebackers 2001-06
    San Francisco 49ers 2000
    Defensive Quality Control 2000
    UNLV 1999
    Linebackers 1999
    Northern Arizona 1996-98
    Linebackers/Defensive Ends 1996-98
    Southern California 1994-95
    Graduate Assistant 1994-95

  41. Bradshaw calling someone else an “idiot” and Jimmy Johnson calling someone else a “jerk”. In related news, the pot called the kettle black.
    Parker maybe should’ve asked, “do you wish your defensive line coach could wear pants when he’s going for a Big Bacon Classic at Wendy’s?”

  42. Please, would you all stop defending this @$$ clown for asking a “legitimate” question? Sure, what he was really asking was very legitimate. But the question itself most surely was not. I suppose we could all agree what he was really asking was something like “…given the familiar relation, and the way the defense has performed this year, do you have any regrets about the decisions or factors that led you to hire your defensive coordinator…?” And had Parker asked like that, he could have continued and probably gotten a legitimate answer, thus giving this “reporter” something to actually report. But no, he didn’t ask that question. He didn’t ask any question remotely close to that. There are plenty of ways to ask any question, so Parker made a choice and went WELL out of his way to directly attack the guy’s daughter, who has next to nothing to do with the lion’s defense or their record. No I don’t have a daughter, but it’s virtually the same question with the word sister/mother or what have you in it’s place. And any of you that have one of those would not find it as funny as you seem to think it is had that been you instead of Rod.
    …having said that, it’s beyond me how Marinelli was able to hold his composure in that spot. Better man than I would’ve been. So add my signature to the Rob Parker Pink Slip Petition. I’m out!

  43. HAHAHA. Okay, Parker IS a douche and has terrible opinions, but this is hilarious. Rods response is almost as hilarious.
    As a diehard Lions fan, I don’t want them to go 16-0, but these dudes (Millen/Marinelli) made their bed by the terrible drafting and fa signings. Rod is a terrible coach who consistently makes bad decisions every game that always wind up hurting the team. There is NO ONE on the defense worth keeping around and what, 2 or 3 guys on the offense? Bad, bad, bad all around. The ridiculousness of the question is fitting for such a ridiculous team/person/franchise/etc….

  44. Anybody who goes to the Lions and coaches ends up leaving a sputtering, drooling mess.
    Darryl Rogers
    They all were mauled by the Lions…
    Parker is such a worthless POS that he probably loves this attention. He is a race baiting slimebag hack writer who has always been the whiniest of whiners.
    No one respects him in Detroit, except maybe black people who defend him based upon skin color.

  45. I just went to the paper’s website and this douchebag is backpeddling, trying to act like his comment was a joke and that he didnt mean anything malicious by it. LOL.
    He would have been better served by apologizing, both publicly and to Marinelli personally, even to his own employer. Just say it was a heat of the moment thing, you were frustrated with the Lions season, and you said something you regretted. But no. He decides concocting a ridiculous story about it all being a joke is a better course of action to take. Brilliant.
    Good luck finding employment in that Detroit economy, Rob.

  46. Unfortunately for Marinelli, Parker is still the odds on favorite over Rod to still have his job through the new year. Rod’s a very good defensive coach but he had one thing in Tampa that he never had in Detroit, talent. The Bucs used 4#1 picks (and signed another big one in Simeon Rice) between 95-99 to load up the DL. The best DL on the Lions last season is gone (Shaun Rogers). This is a defense without any teeth and of course the offense had been chaotic since the decision to bring on Martz as the OC. Then he left and the offense is in total disarray.
    I like Marinelli, but I do hope he gets fired, on the basis that he comes back down to Tampa to coach the defense down there. With Kiffin leaving for UTen (apparently he left the job 3 weeks ago) the Buc defense needs a familiar face that can whip them back into shape.

  47. forcedopinion says “As a diehard Lions fan, I don’t want them to go 16-0”
    Has it gotten that bad up there!?

  48. I loved Rod’s response to the question:
    “I have studied the tape and Joes back is strong and his will is outstanding. The only other guy on the staff that could measure up to his pad level is Joe Cullen.”
    oh, wait, he just ignored the question like he does the rest of reality.

  49. Maranelli is a horrible head coach. The press should be allowed to ask him WHAT EVER THEY WANT TO. Rob parker is a true journalist. HARD HITTING QUESTIONS. go worry about baby caylee or something ifyou want that soft core BS

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