Browns coach Romeo Crennel has been asked about rumors and reports of a rumble between defensive lineman Shaun Smith and quarterback Brady Quinn.
And Crennel wouldn’t say whether or not it’s true.
If it happened, we’re keeping it in house,” Crennel said.
Let’s see, the options in Crennel’s mind apparently were:  (1) “it didn’t happen”; (2) “it happened”; (3) “no comment”; and (4) “if, hypothetically, it happened — and I’m not saying that it did — then we hypothetically would have addressed the hypothetical situation in house, hypothetically.”
Crennel also wouldn’t say whether Smith was inactive on Sunday as discipline for any incident that might or might not have happened.
“Shaun was inactive and generally all the inactive guys are coaches’ decisions,” Crennel said.  “That was a coaches’ decision for him not to play.  I’m not going to talk about family business.”
Smith didn’t practice on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday due to a calf injury, and he was listed as doubtful on the injury report.  So if Crennel is saying what we think he’s saying, then the Browns basically doctored the injury report as cover for what was in reality the imposition of discipline on Smith.
Also, Crennel acknowledged that there recently was a verbal altercation of some sort between Smith and an offensive lineman.  Crennel said that he didn’t know whether things got physical.
Last month, it was rumored that Smith was the target of general criticism from running back Jamal Lewis regarding the perceived existence of quitters on the team.


  1. Romeo, a class act, is a victim of poor GM , Savage, and an owner who pays more attention to public opinion than building a solid organization.
    None of that crap would surprise me. All starts @ the top.

  2. For some reason I can’t stop laughing. The mere though of Brady Quinn being involved in a rumble, unbelievable.

  3. btw grossi from plain dealer claims he doesn’t know anything about it and doesn’t spend all night “chasing internet rumours” of such. i thought i read that one of the local tv station is reporting on it? i guess he doesn’t spend all day watching news reports either? good job toni.

  4. Geez. Romeo can’t even decide if something happened? He sounds like a guy who doesn’t care anymore.
    By the way, If Shaun Smith didn’t play and embarass himself because of this, wouldn’t that be a reward?

  5. crennel is a lousy coach. savage is an okay gm. the browns Do have some talent.
    altho their schedule was easier last year.
    and maybe crennel can talk about it a week from today after he gets forcibly divorced from the family and has to sit on the curb with all his stuff.

  6. We got a lot of players that have quit on the coach, the team, the owner and us fans…. and when fans complain about effort we hear players blame us cause we are hating on them or where they came from… I’m gonna tell you about committment and responsibily. I come from a family of 12 kids with single mom…. in 1978, I worked at PicknPay in Painesville for about 7.50 an hr.. . I was 17 years old and walked through the worst blizzard 7 miles that day cause we needed that money…. cars were buried in the street…. worst storm of my life…. I fell down in the snow several times, no gloves, but I willed my way there and it took 3 and 1/2 hours to make it. My manager give me a ride home that night and he made every employee that called in from a short distance to the store get in there immediately. We have alot of millionaires on this team that forget they promised to play to their best abilty in their contracts, yet they give no effort, then say it is what it is, or blame someone else… I was making about 7.50 an hour, you guys get millions, and most of you quit on the fans in that staduim….. you’re pathetic and an embarrassment to our city and to the NFL. They need pay for play contracts to stop this greed and this selfishness…. Do any of you ever sit back and say man I really just stole the fans money today….. I bet very few players have the committment, the heart to walk in a blizzard to make sure we had food. Randy Lerner on down is a joke.

  7. braylon couldnt catch a cold, either.
    too many players have that old entitlement mentality. send them to clear the parking lot at picknpay.

  8. “1978, I worked at PicknPay in Painesville for about 7.50 an hr.. ”
    Actually, $7.50 an hour doesn’t sound too bad for a 17 year old working at a grocery store in 1978.

  9. take a page from the Lions fans and stop going to games in Cleveland…best way to get change is to hit the owner in the wallet…

  10. And aside from everything else that’s been said about this looser, how damn dumb do you have to be to decide it’s a good idea to hit the new face of the team with a weight? How’d this guy do on the Wonderlic?

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