As Detroit News columnist Rob Parker backpeddles backpetals Zuzu’s petals backpedals faster than any member of the Lions secondary (then again, that ain’t saying much), ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz tells us that the incident involving Parker and Lions coach Rod Marinelli and a question about whether Marinelli wishes his daughter had married a defensive coordinator more capable than Joe Barry will not affect Parker’s relationship with ESPN, where he appears from time to time on ESPN2’s First Take.
But Parker might not be so lucky in his primary gig.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Parker’s superiors at the Detroit News have asked the Lions for a full transcript of the press conference in which Parker posed the question that, in the opinion of many, crossed the line.
We think that the powers-that-be at the Detroit News also should ask for the audiotapes, because Parker’s manner of speaking (whether intentional or otherwise) makes the whole thing seem to have a harder, meaner edge to it.

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  1. And he should be fired…granted, Barry is not the best of coordinators in the NFL, but the question posed by Mr. Parker was uncalled for and unacceptable for that time. Why should he keep his job after that?

  2. I actually posted this under the earlier Marinelli story but feel it is more fitting here. Forgive my redundancy but I obviously have major hangups in the area of sports media(hence the name.)
    The main two problems with this story exist in all of sports media.
    1. Instead of being sports journalists, these idiots view themselves as “personalities” with the intent to entertain. I don’t want you to entertain me-I want you to get me facts and info in an unbiased and ethical way.
    2. You are reporting on the story, you should NOT be part of the story. These media zealots who believe it is their job to become part of the story are as bad as officials who become part of a game. A well officiated game means no one remembers the officials’ names. The same is true for a good, legit news story. The reporter should not be part of the story and once you are you must relegate yourself to columnist only reporting strictly your opinion.
    ESPooN abandoned these principles long ago and that’s why they SUCK!!

  3. maybe rod should go to the press conference announcing this and make parker answer for all of his screw ups in the same was the coach has had to after every game….bet he won’t be as cocky answering to his readers why he has been making up stories in the paper about college athletes

  4. hell, espn wont get rid of famous illiterate emmitt smith, they wont get rid of this idiot.
    it would be hilarious if parker was pink slipped before rod.
    parker has accomplished the near impossible by being such a dick the heat is for now off marinelli.

  5. I sent an e-mail to everyone in top management at Detroit News asking for his dismissal. I’m sure a lot of other people have done the same. I really feel like this guy should not be allowed to interview NFL players or coaches, it’s not journalism and it’s unacceptable.

  6. Are you serious? A “harder, meaner” edge? From
    Never thought I’d see the day.
    Just watched that presser after hearing about it all day. From what I had heard, I thought Parker made fun of the coach’s dead son or something. What a bunch of bull.
    Parker asks twice — TWICE — about Marinelli and his relationship with his son-in-law. He wants to know specifically what the assistant coach has done to merit keeping his job. Does Marinelli answer either question? Nope. Dodges them both.
    So Parker does what any good journalist would … he keeps it up. He goes for the throat. Was it a bit crass? Perhaps. But so is an 0-16 record and a coach who will not answer real questions.
    What a crock. And I don’t even like Parker as a writer. I think he’s pompous and ill-informed.
    But Christ Almighty — some folks need to get thicker skin.

  7. A reporter an a*smunch? Say it ain’t so! Show me one who’s not rude, and I’ll show you Walter Cronkite, ’cause he’s about it anymore. Oh yeah, he’s dead.
    This was beyond the pale. Maybe if he was asking Buddy Ryan (a personal favorite) it might not have been so bad. But Rod Marinelli – he’s such a nice guy and is so available and straightforward. Obviously Parker is a Lions fan – which was his first mistake. Buddy Ryan would’ve put a bounty on his head.

  8. come next monday parker wont have the sand to get near marinelli.
    marinelli has had a thick skin. and he knows he is the only one of the remaining triumvirate who will get fired.
    parker has been on this kick all year. barry might have been the only guy who WOULD go work for rod. and yes, nepotism can be an issue, but apparently it wasnt for ford, millen etc.
    parker sounds like an affirmative action hire. not employed due to ability. think about it.

  9. Who really cares what the guy asks at this point!? Parker all year has asked nothing but good quality questions. Every time he does Rod Marinelli gives the same B.S answers and gets incredibly rude with his response. Marinelli should be the one to blame for this. If he would just act like a real coach in the first place, our news reporters wouldnt have to go for the low blow.
    I don’t agree what Parker has said, but I do know if I had to put up with this nonsense for 3 years (like Parker) then I would’ve already asked much worse. Think about it!!!!!!!! The Lions aren’t a typical team and they get too much love for giving us back nothing. Quit defending THESE BUMS with OMG I cant believe Rod Parker asked that. As far as I am concerned Marinelli is lucky these types of questions weren’t asked in Week 3

  10. Walter’s still hangin on.
    Maybe Chris Landry is polishing up someone’s resume as we speak, should Parker be canned.

  11. Rod Marinelli is the one who should be fired. 10-37. Marinelli is a hack coach who never deserved to get the gig in first place.

  12. “On a lighter note… do you wish your daughter had married a better defensive co-ordinator?”
    Other than the inference that Joe Barry is not the best defensive co-ordinator, where is the offense in this remark?
    Inappropriate? perhaps. Unprofessional? almost certainly, but offensive, no.
    Why are you all baying for blood over this? It is a man’s livelihood at stake.

  13. Why all the support for a 10-38 coach and a lousy Defensive coordinator? This should only concern Lion fans. You have not been destined and be stuck with this team. Rod Marinelli is a hack… GIMP… Who deserves everything he gets.

  14. I agree with some of the comments on here. Heres my two cents:
    1) I believe the comment was intended to be funny and make light of the obvious tense situation in Detroit right now. I think the reporter realizes Marinelli must be going through hell right now with being 0-15, getting blown out by everyone, and on the verge of going into the history books as the only 0-16 team in the history of the league. theres probably not alot of smiling going on there and Parker probably tried to get a laugh out of Marinelli. I dont think its as terrible as some people make it out to be
    2) That being said, I agree with a posters comments before. The reporters job is to give us the facts. Leave it to guys on chat blogs like this one to entertain us. I want real facts from the journalists. It seems with the addition of ESPN into our lives, the days of real journalism are over. I don’t want the reporter to make me laugh. I want him to find out any injury updates and behind the scenes info I wouldn’t normally get unless i was standing there with the team. Ineed him to get me info and updates for the team I root for as well as for my fantasy players. Thats it. If I want to laugh, I will throw on a funny movie.
    It goes both ways here. People need to have a thicker skin for sure. But people also need to know their place. A journalist has no business cracking jokes with the coach on the air. Its not entertaining. Its just a ploy to seek attention. We tune in to the game for the players and the teams. Not for the journalists and the BS (im talking to you ESPN for those times you bring in the latest Hollywood loser to pimp his new movie on the air)

  15. I thought the comment was stupid, but, hey, anybody who has seen Parker on ESPN already knows he’s a self-important prick. Not really a big deal, but then I heard Parker on the WWL this morning justifying his comment by mentioning that Marinelli had previously nicknamed him “Gloomy Gus”. Like somehow that innocuous nickname justified Parker’s complete lack of professionalism. He just does not get it.

  16. I mean, Rob Parker definitely made a mistake. But why isn’t anyone pointing out the fact that the defensive coordinator is literally Rod Marinelli’s son-on-law, and the Lions have to have the worst D in the NFL, or something to that effect. Why does the coordinator still have a job? Parker is getting at nepotism and inside connections and is holding the powerful accountable.

  17. the problems for the Lions go way beyond the coaching and the Defense. The only decent player they have is Calvin Johnson, who’s probably counting down the seconds until free agency so he can bolt out of there. Many years of poor management and poor drafting decisions have killed that team. I know Daunte Culpepper seems to be a friend of PFT, but lets be serious.
    Good coaching can ony get you so far. a great coach can take a good team to the next level. But a good coach cannot win with a terrible roster like this one. I have no idea whether he is a good coach or not, but lets not blame the coaching staff for trying to make due with a poorly constructed roster

  18. Espnsux:
    Right, Right, and right again. Espn is to sports what MTV is to music. Sportcenter is like TRL. Think about all of the the stupid ass self important commercials with the “personalities” hanging out with athletes (in uniform, no less); Garbage. I try to get sports news elsewhere but it’s not easy. Yes, Espn people think they are bigger than the game.

  19. If this were the first, second, or even fifth indiscretion by wob, fine, but this ass hat deserves everything coming to him and more (google wob and see). Moronelli is a horrible head coach and like Wayne Fontes before him, hired the “right” assistants to make a midseason firing impossible.
    Moronelli will probably be back next year as the ford family is strapped for cash and cannot afford to pay 4 coaches and an ex-GM at once (Millen, Mariucci, Morningweg, Moronelli, and the next coach). Especially with lockout/uncapped years coming.

  20. First off the guys a idiot
    Now we are all to blame for this we want to see the players and coaches right after the game stand up and say whats on there mind win or lose
    Would any of you like to standup before a room of lights cameras and idiots and have to answer about you having a bad day at work?
    While I will never forget TO crying about his QB is it really fair to have these players and coaches who have gone thru 60 minutes of bone crunching hits stand before the world to be asked stupid questions.
    I will never understand the idea of asking a player or coach who just lost how do you feel lets see lost before 80,000 fans in the stands and a national TV broadcast if they could the players and coaches would say how the hell do you think I feel idiot I feel like crap I want to break someones face.
    Instead we get it was a tough game they were a good team we have to work on a few things (the one exception I love my QB its not his fault)

  21. WTF?!?!?!? Talk of firing this reporter for asking a Coach who has a poor performing son-in-law if he wished for a better one?? And yet, Fatty Tomase STILL has a job, STILL is the Patriots beat reporter for the Boston Herald ( a rag )after basically CREATING a false story? Wouldn’t ya think one was worse than the other? Which one or both should be fired? My vote would be the fat bastard !

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