The fine folks at have been trying their damnedest to persuade Bengals president Mike Brown to hire a General Manager.
Regardless of whether the billboards and the urinal cakes have had any impact on Brown, there’s talk that the franchise is considering exactly such a move.
The first name tied to the Bengals, we’re told, is Randy Mueller.  The former Saints and Dolphins G.M. currently works in the Chargers’ front office, and Mueller’s star is ascending again because of the resurgence of the Dolphins.  Though most of the credit for Miami’s performance will go to Parcells, Ireland, and Sparano, a lot of the players were brought to town with the involvement of Mueller.

42 responses to “PROJECT MAYHEM A SUCCESS?

  1. The Bengals want Randy Mueller? Have fun. He was the reason the Dolphins were 1-15, not why they are now 10-5. He sucks.

  2. “The Bengals want Randy Mueller? Have fun. He was the reason the Dolphins were 1-15, not why they are now 10-5. He sucks. ”

  3. Randy Mueller?????…lol…he’s personally responsible for the Dolphins 1-15 record.
    Who????…did he bring in thats helped this years team??? Pennington?? Bess?..Fergie???
    He drafted Ginn @ #9 , when he was fundametally a late 2 or 3…He never paid attention to depth, the bottom 25 of the roster [ unlike Parcells]…and he hired Cam.
    Bet in cleveland, pitts, & Baltimore…they are all taking donations to have Bengals hire Randy…automatic 2 wins/year.
    Lets not forget…he ‘tendered Welker’ @ a 2nd round pick when for $500,000 more he could have done so for a 1st rounder…brilliant.

  4. I am willing to bet that Randy Mueller has more knowledge about football in his sock than Mr. Brown does in his house at Thanksgiving.
    Its that bad in Cincy…
    I vote for change!!!

  5. tedhill, you are an idiot.
    Let’s look at a few of the players Randy Mueller has drafted:
    Joey Galloway
    Pete Kendall
    Anthony Simmons
    Walter Jones
    Shawn Springs
    Fred Thomas
    Phillip Daniels
    Itula Milli
    Todd Weiner
    Ahman Green
    Darren Howard
    Deuce McCalister
    Donte’ Stallworth
    Charles Grant
    LeCharles Bently
    Ted Ginn
    Not to mention he got a first round pick for Rick Mirer.
    Yeah, he sucks.

  6. Anything would be better than the last 18 years!!
    I am willing to bet Randy Mueller has more football knowledge in his sock than Mike Brown does in his house at Thanksgiving!!!
    I Vote for Change… anything would certainly have to be better than this!!!!

  7. I’ll believe this ONLY if it happens but I won’t be holding my breath. I just can’t see sonofPaul giving up control of anything.

  8. Giving credit to Mueller for this season’s success is like
    giving credit to Romeo Crennel for the pats undefeated regular
    season last year.
    It makes no sense.
    That is the second terrible story on this site today.
    Let’s get it together Michael.

  9. Brown will go for whoever (whomever?) he can get the cheapest. Hes probably scouring cbssportsline as we speak, looking up names of successful fantasy owners. Worse, he might even be talking to Millen.

  10. Ted Ginn(and the rest of the Ginn family)- #9 overall pick? Yea right. He even lost his kickoff return duties this week.
    John Beck- sitting at #3 on the Depth chart and likely won’t be a Dolphin next year.
    Lorenzo Booker- traded to the Eagles where he has been invisible.
    Michael Lehan- no longer a Dolphin.
    Jesse Chatman- Dolphins let him go to the Jets where his steroid use caught up with him.
    Trent Green- Even when he was healthy, couldn’t even come close to winning a game last year, and now he backs up the most overpaid QB in the league.
    These are just some of the brillaint moves made by Mueller/Cameron last year. I hope Bengals fans aren’t banking on him turning their franchise around.

  11. OMG I cant believe this! I want a source!
    If this happens I will re-apply my temporary tiger tatoo!
    I dont care if Elmer Fudd is the GM, if Mike Brown does this I’ll scream and shout with joy

  12. Just because hits a few nice draft picks doesn’t mean he is a good GM. As someone stated above, he does not know how to fill an entire roster.

  13. People outside of Cincy do not realize how bad it really is here. No matter hoe Mueller did anywhere else, he is better than Mike Brown.
    Hell, my blind, three legged, blind, dead dog would be a better GM than Mikey Boy

  14. slizz. Wrong. Absolutely wrong. The first rule of Project Mayhem is TELL EVERYONE ABOUT PROJECT MAYHEM.
    I am impressed that you have seen, and can reference, Fight Club though. Very original.

  15. And rule # 2 is ask no questions about Project Mayhem.
    Viva La Revolution!
    Viva Mikey Brown? No thanks!

  16. WHAT???? NO WAY!!!! Florio, were talkin about Mikey boy Brown!! he doesnt do stuff like that! Hiring a GM would mean he would have to add someone else to the payroll… This may very well be the CHEAPEST man on the face of the earth! he wont even hire scouts why would he finally decide he needs a GM??? I mean dont get me wrong as a long time season ticket holder i PRAY this is true (not necessarily Mueller but a GM). But i am definitely not gonna hold my breath!

  17. bengalfan is right… if the Mike Brown is going to pursue this, he needs to hire the best. But F Bill Cowher!

  18. Surely this is some kind of evil, early April Fools joke attempt. Either that or Florio has been paid off by Mike Brown to drop this rumor on PFT to convince Bengals fans to re-up their season tickets for next year. Then again, Mike Brown paying for anything just doesn’t seem logical either. One way or the other, I’m not falling for it…

  19. Bengalfan says:
    “Mike Homgren. Bill Cowher. Marty Schottenheimer. Scott Pioli.
    Those are the guys the Bengals should go for. If you are going to do this, do it right.”
    Is this your wish list for Santa? Its about as real as Santa is.
    No big name is going to Cincy as the GM unless they get the following:
    1. An ownership position
    2. A commitment that Mike Brown is “hands off” in football operations
    3. A competitive compensation package
    Items #1,#2 & #3 will preculde any of them going to work for Mike Brown
    More likely candidates, if Brown is actually serious, would be Matt Millen who did such a great job in Detroit, Floyd Reese if he’s still available, or the soon to be available Phil Savage.
    Good luck with the GM hire and Marvin’s replacement. There are some quality players in the organization but there sure a lot of pieces missing to this puzzle. Hey look at the bright side, it’s worse in Oakland & Detroit.

  20. Mueller won 2 executive of the year awards with the Seahawks and Saints, and he led both teams to the playoffs. We would be lucky to have a GM with his resume.

  21. Mueller would be great—- he turned things around in Seattle and New Orleans when he was there.

  22. cincykid says:
    December 22nd, 2008 at 4:35 pm
    The 8th rule of project mayhem is to stop Steelers fans from imbreeding.
    I appreciate the offer of your mom for the sake of genetic diversity.
    Mueller would do a great job, he didn’t have much left there when he took over from ol’ fudge round. Northern Kentucky deserves better than what they’ve been getting for years.

  23. This is Mike Brown we are talking about, the same guy who
    1. Made his players pay for their own team photo’s
    2. Locked up the gatorade at training camp becaue the players were “consuming” too much.
    3. Hired Dave Shula
    4. Hired Bruce Coslet
    5. Drafted Akili Smith
    6. Drafted David Kingler
    7. Drafted Dan Wilkinson
    8. Drafted Kijana Carter
    9. Drafted Chris “fumbles”Perry
    10. Has managed to go 18 years without a playoff win…..

  24. I have been a Bengal Fan as long as I have known what the colors of the black and orange stand for. If we would hire a GM, it has to be somebody substantial and not just a band aid to quiet the fans or to continue to sell the expensive seats. As stated in the post by Marvin’s Mental Midgets, we have far greater problems that could be cured before we even think about hiring a general manager to take care of the bigger problems.

  25. It doesnt matter who the GM is, Mike Brown will still have the final say….he will be just another puppet to sell the fans the idea of change. As long as a member of the Brown family is owner, nothing will ever change. And Bengal fans will continue to pad Mikey Boys pockets.

  26. —Good luck with the GM hire and Marvin’s replacement. There are some quality players in the organization but there sure a lot of pieces missing to this puzzle. Hey look at the bright side, it’s worse in Oakland & Detroit. ===
    I’m sure a requirement for the job is you can’t fire Marvin since it would cost mike brown extra money.

  27. I’d be okay with Mueller, for what it’s worth. Lately we’ve seen success with guys formerly under great GMs, so I’d say look at someone in either the Patriots, Colts, or Titans organizations that are player personnel heads or analogous positions who have seen how to run a franchise and hire them. Enough retreads. Mikey will still probably mess this up as well.

  28. First off the 2 years Randy was in Miami, the first year he didnt draft anyone SABAN did. The second year came around and the entire franchise was waiting for him to pick some awesome players and he picks Ginn at #9, when Quinn Brady fell to our laps, Beck in the 2nd and the JUGGERNAUT. Actually theres not too many players left from the 07 draft because they sucked that bad!

  29. Its not imbred, its freakin IN-bred! God its sounds like YOU are inbred, where did you people go to school? jeesh!

  30. The NBC channel here in cincy reported this yesterday with an added note that broke the story first.
    GM or no GM cincy will continue to struggle, Marvin isn’t head coaching material and Mike Brown will continue (even with a GM) to make the final decisions such as not spending some of the 20+ million they have in cap space each year. Until Brown is gone don’t get your hopes up Bengals fans.
    Go Titans!!!

  31. I guess Mueller deserves some credit for drafting obvious talent (Brown,Ginn and a few others) but I seem to remember Parcells purging alot of players that were drafted/signed by Mueller. The Dolphins were able to turn it around because Parcells has a philosphy and has hired coaches and drafted/signed players that believe in and can execute that philosphy. Mike Brown can hire a GM if he want’s but it’s not going to make a bit of difference…it starts at the top and Mike Brown has no vision, no philosophy, no plan, no urgency, no commitment to winning and consequently the same ol same ol will continue to go on. Mike, stop waisting the FANS time and money and just admit that you are just in it for the $$$!!!

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