Raiders WR Johnnie Lee Higgins returned a punt 80 yards for one touchdown and caught a 29-yard pass for another score.
Higgins’ score was one of two thrown by Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell, who completed 18-of-25 passes for 236 yards.
Said Russell of Higgins, “He’s a great spark to the team. When the ball’s in his hands, he’s capable of doing anything. I think he showed that today.”
The Raiders balanced Russell’s play by running 34 times for 139 yards.
Texans WR Andre Johnson had just two catches for 19 yards.
Said Texans CB Dunta Robinson, “This was our worst game of the season. We laid down.”
G Chester Pitts drew a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct to knock the Texans out of the red zone on a fourth quarter drive.
The Raiders pulled off a successful onside kick in the first quarter to help them build a 13-7 lead.
Texans K Kris Brown set a franchise record by nailing his 28th field goal of the season.
DE Derrick Burgess had two of the Raiders’ three sacks.


  1. So, no coverage on what may be one of the dumbest, most inane set of calls this year, if not any year, in this game? No media has yet to bring this to the attention of the public as a whole? Really?
    Down by 11, at 9:34 in the 4th quarter, here is the NFL play by play:
    Houston Texans at 09:34
    1-10-OAK 14 (9:34) 20-S.Slaton right end to OAK 6 for 8 yards (31-H.Eugene).
    2-2-OAK 6 (8:59) 20-S.Slaton up the middle to OAK 5 for 1 yard (55-J.Alston, 98-J.Richardson).
    3-1-OAK 5 (8:17) 8-M.Schaub pass incomplete short middle to 83-K.Walter (37-C.Johnson).
    Timeout #1 by HOU at 08:13.
    4-1-OAK 5 (8:13) 8-M.Schaub pass incomplete short middle to 83-K.Walter (26-S.Routt).
    From listening to the NFL Field Pass, both sets of OAK and HOU announcers indicated the distance needef for the first down was acutally along the lines of six inches. So, with 3d down, you throw? To Walter? Not Daniels or your best receiver Andre Johnson, but to Walter? You have the best RB Slaton in their franchise history who has produced well in the game and you do not run the ball? Against the Raiders? Or sneak it for a new series of downs?
    Then, you call a timeout, examine the situation, gain a full significance of all facts and circumstances involved, and do it again? Really? The same shitbag play that got you nowhere before you try again?
    And here is the best part… according to the radio folks, the ace Raider corner was off getting a neck rub during both third and fourth down, meaning that you did not have to try and force coverage away from the Raiders best defensive player.
    Please, for the love of all that is holy, please look at this series and tell me how Kubi-sucks is not the worst coach in America!

  2. Where has this Raiders team been all season (with the exception of the Denver game)?
    Two more points:
    1. OT Mario Henderson had his second straight impressive game after replacing the inept Kwame Harris. Last week he did a good job against Richard Seymour and this week he rendered Mario Williams a non-factor. Russell was rarely pressured all game, and his stats reflect that.
    2. CB Chris Johnson has been a huge upgrade over DeAngelo Hall. He was on Andre Johnson more than Asomugha was. He’s got good size, blazing speed and he can play man coverage. He’s also a UFA after this season. The Raiders will need to find the money to pay both their starting corners.

  3. We finally win a stinkin’ game and it’s quiet around here? Gee whiz, that was our Super Bowl for cryin’ out loud.

  4. This game just goes to prove that the Raiders are only two players away from winning the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, those two players are Jim Brown and Reggie White.

  5. I wasnt able too see this game due too the fact is was blacked out.Even at my local pub.Is the game blacked out in the residental
    market also?

  6. If I was to purchase NFL Sunday Ticket for my home would I be able too watch the game even though its blacked out?
    If so why would I purchase the Sunday Ticket if I cant watch my team play?

  7. You can see any game you want, wingnut, blacked out or not.
    I haven’t missed one single play from a Raiders game since the inception of the Sunday Ticket.

  8. wingnut: I should have mentioned, if you live in the bay area, you either give Directv an address where the games won’t be blacked out (getting the dish installed yourself), or you “move” right after installation.

  9. Simply unbelievable! No one wants to talk about the aforementioned blunder. What the hell are people with decades of experience and millions of dollars in salary doing with their franchises on gameday? Sleeping off a Manhattan buzz?

  10. You keep talking about one play, and your absolutely right about it too, but you guys were dominated the whole game.
    You guys got your butts handed to you, Lawdog, let’s face it.

  11. Direct TV blacks out the game on all local accounts. joe has a work around, but there is one other. I won’t share it though, cuz I used it to watch every down Sunday from my place in Tahoe (blackout area).
    And to the Einstein asking why buy the NFL ticket, most people buy it to watch a team from a distant market, not the local market. Whjy would you buy the ticket to watch the Raiders if you live in the Bay when all teh games except sellouts are shown anyway? Pleeb.

  12. Ok first of all Kevin Walter is a great reciever not many second receivers are close to 1000 yds in the season even though their is a lot of talent around him. Second Nnamdi is a good cornerback he played all out. And finaly this was a game that, well since thursday we had already lost. No one was mentally prepared..and it showed. All we can do now is focus and finish off strong.

  13. I think that the raiders will be headng for a comeback season witin the next few years, they have all the tallent they need and if it were not for Al davis firing all the coaches so fast they would be fine.

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