In an excellent Monday Night Countdown segment in which ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reviewed the status of various embattled head coaches, Mort mentoned that former Rams running back Marshall Faulk wants to be the next head coach of the team.
Our take?  The dude has been hanging around Deion Sanders too much.
As you might recall, Sanders tried a couple of years ago to throw his fedora into the ring for the Falcons job — with zero experience in coaching or personnel evaluation and/or management.
Faulk, like Deion, simply doesn’t have the credentials to be a head coach.  He could be an assistant coach, and then he could gradually learn the side of the business he never saw while he was a player.  And then after working his way up the ladder and gaining some experience he might be ready to become a candidate for a head-coaching job.
Still, there’s no way Faulk can waltz right in as a head coach, and if he thinks he can then he’s delusional.  Or stupid. 
Or both. 


  1. After listening to him and Deon call(I guess that’s what they were trying to do) the Dallas game on Saturday, it’s pretty safe to say that he’s at least somewhat stupid.

  2. faulk is dreaming if he thinks he is a viable candidate. yet, he is a million times a better candidate than deion.
    deion is good at wearing bling now. that’s it. there is no way he would even try to put the necessary work into it and he isnt even capable anyway. he doesnt have a clue of the long hours people put in and why.
    faulk would try a lot harder and be better at it, but still not good. this is because i bet he is sincere. deion wasnt a great player imho, his act detracted from his talent, and he didnt play the whole defensive game anyway (no run tackling please). faulk DID do it all from his position and he was a damn great player.
    and the damn great ones wont make excuses for anyone and will drive them all hard and not be able to handle it when the players arent all great and smart.
    meanwhile captain bling as head coach would walk around dressing and acting like a pimp or like kramer in the technicolor dreamcoat and huggy bear platform shoes + cane and holler the r word at his detractors when the good ship lollipop went down.

  3. Its simply sheer disrespect on their part, towards the profession of coaching, for thinking themselves capable of the head coaching position.

  4. If Matt Millen can waltz in and be a president of a team, why can’t Faulk waltz in and get a HC job?
    I don’t think its that ridiculous. After all, look at the brilliant success Mike “Pinball” Clemons has had since becoming the head coach of the Argos just a few years after retirement. He’s well on pace to be a HOF coach. (I’m not being serious)

  5. I don’t think it’s fair to say that Faulk NEVER saw any part of the coaching profession. While it’s true to say that he doesn’t have any experience evaluating personnel, you can’t honestly say that he wouldn’t have any idea what he was doing as far as game preparation and things of that nature. Marshall Faulk was widely regarded as one of the most intelligent players in the league, he sure couldn’t be THAT bad as a head coach.
    That said, I don’t think he’d be a good coach for the Rams.

  6. While I agree that Faulk shouldnt be taken seriously as a HC candidate, I think the Rams would be foolish not to hire him as an assistant.
    First hire him as a RB coach, also make him an assistant OC. Marshall was the most intelligent player on the field at all times, and I have no doubt that he would put the work into becoming an excellent coach.
    Deon…go away, you are one more “TO is a great teammate” puffpiece from being completely irrelevant.

  7. Shame on you, Florio.
    This is America, the land of opportunities.
    I mean, this is the only country where a lowly contract lawyer could be a big-shot sports blogger.
    Is it not so?

  8. “Faulk, like Deion, simply doesn’t have the credentials to be a head coach.”
    True, so he will doubtlessly be the next head coach in Oakland.

  9. “deion is good at wearing bling now. that’s it. there is no way he would even try to put the necessary work into it and he isnt even capable anyway. he doesnt have a clue of the long hours people put in and why.”
    And I suppose YOU DO, coach? How much time have you spent being coached by professional football coaches?
    Yeah, thought so.
    “deion wasnt a great player imho”
    Are you out of your mind?
    “his act detracted from his talent, and he didnt play the whole defensive game anyway (no run tackling please). faulk DID do it all from his position and he was a damn great player.”
    Faulk did it all from his position? How many INTs did he have? How many tackles? Special teams scores? Deion came closer to doing it all than Marshall Faulk ever will in his wildest dreams. He scored TD’s in every way it’s possible to score a TD. Rush, reception, INT return, fumble return, punt return, kickoff return.
    And relax EskinSux, I see you… looks like you got a big box of “obsession for men” for Xmas. Lack of capitalization intended, by the way.

  10. It’s better then a glorified busboy like the bengals hired…I’d say they should bring him on as a RB coach and just work from there.

  11. As for any of those who say Faulk is stupid they are a idiot themselves,The guy has football smarts and he knew to play game well he’s inexperienced theirs nothing wrong with him having interest in a coaching career.

  12. Faulk is an example of the superstar athlete that thinks his physical ability somehow translates into success in any other endeavor they attempt. They don’t think they need to pay their dues and actually learn their new professions. That’s why these guys end up being such crappy broadcasters, coaches and businessmen. An assistant coach job is beneath someone with Faulk’s ego.

  13. Surprising he would say that. From what I’ve seen/heard, Faulk likes the glamorous life and enjoys the perks of being a high-status (former) player too much to actually be committed to the grind of being a head coach.
    He has a nice routine going of doing his media spots, golfing, and going to social events, and enjoying his women. Like h*ll he is going to give that up – at least anytime soon.
    It must have been his ego (and some nice Moet) talking.

  14. Faulk has said many times he would like to get involved with the Rams franchise somehow. I seriously doubt he would say he thinks he could or should be the head coach. I think he wants to get involved at some lesser degree.
    Mike Martz has said that he’s never coached a player who knew the Xs and Os better then Faulk. He’s an extremely knowledgeable football mind

  15. Why not? It happens in other sports quite a lot, such as Soccer or Rugby, where players are given coaching jobs within months of retirement, and they can be quite successful. As long as they get an owner who is willing to let them have some time to get to grips with everything, it could be a good move.

  16. If he wants to coach let him coach. Can’t get much worse than what they are now. And who are you to judge if he doesn’t have the “right credentials”

  17. Didn’t he not get along with Steven Jackson during his last playing days? Somehow I think that wouldn’t work out.

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