For the next-to-last time of the season, here’s our list of how we currently see the NFL, top to bottom. 
We post the order, you post the comments. 
1.  Tennessee Titans (13-2). 
2.  New York Giants (12-3).  
3.  Indianapolis Colts (11-4). 
4.  Pittsburgh Steelers (11-4). 
5.  Carolina Panthers (11-4).
6.  Baltimore Ravens (10-5).
7.  Atlanta Falcons (10-5).
8.  Miami Dolphins (10-5). 
9.  New England Patriots (10-5).
10.  Dallas Cowboys (9-6).
11.  Minnesota Vikings (9-6).
12.  Chicago Bears (9-6).
13.  New York Jets (9-6).
14.  Philadelphia Eagles (8-6-1). 
15.  San Diego Chargers (7-8).
16.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-6).
17.  Houston Texans (7-8). 
18.  Denver Broncos (8-7).
19.  Washington Redskins (8-7).
20.  New Orleans Saints (8-7).
21.  Arizona Cardinals (8-7). 
22.  San Francisco 49ers (6-9).
23.  Buffalo Bills (7-8).
24.  Seattle Seahawks (4-11).
25.  Jacksonville Jaguars (5-10).
26.  Green Bay Packers (5-10). 
27.  Oakland Raiders (4-11).
28.  Cincinnati Bengals (3-11-1).
29.  Cleveland Browns (4-11).
30.  St. Louis Rams (2-13).
31.  Kansas City Chiefs  (2-13).
32.  Detroit Lions (0-15).


  1. what happened to the college teams being on here lol Im a lions fan and watched them get destroyed last week, still think urban myer or Bob Stoops could out coach the lions coaches

  2. The Eagles are CERTAINLY better than the Jets. The Jets are just terrible. They’re a lucky 9-6. The litmus test: We can watch the Eagles and say “How did you lose to so and so??” You watch the Jets and wonder how they win at all. I’m not a Jets fan, but I say keep Mangini and fire the GM. It’s amazing he can win anything with the “talent” on that team.

  3. Even though I think the Steelers will knock off the Titans, Ravens and or Colts in the playoffs I think they should be 6th on the list as of today. They are beat up and in need of rest. That does not say power to me.

  4. I’m a lifelong Browns fan… and I thank the Lord that they don’t have Detroit on the schedule for week 17.

  5. “Even though I think the Steelers will knock off the Titans, Ravens and or Colts in the playoffs I think they should be 6th on the list as of today. They are beat up and in need of rest. That does not say power to me. ”
    So you think Pittsburgh should be ranked below a team with a worse record, that they swept in the season series? They should drop from 1 to 6 for losing to this week’s #1 team on the road? 8 of their last 9 games have been against teams with either a winning record or playoff contenders (if you want to consider San Diego one). You can’t blame them for needing a rest.

  6. Ok, so Pittsburgh gets stomped by the Titans…literally. And Carolina loses on missed ‘studder-step’ field goal to the Giants and Pittsburgh is ranked above Carolina. Not buying it.

  7. Packers have lost 5 straight. Too High I say!!
    The Chiefs go toe to toe with damn near everyone. Too Low!!!
    The Browns haven’t scored on offense in 5 weeks! They are clearly way too high!! Cleveland = #31

  8. Why are the Texans ranked above the Skins, who just beat a playoff contender, and the Saints, who took care of business against the Lions? The Texans just lost to the Raiders, who you have in the bottom 4th of the league?

  9. How can the Steelers beat 3 AFC Teams in the Playoffs…hmmm…
    Of course there has to be some logical explanation as to why the Titans beat the Steelers, it must be because they are tired. Yeah, lets go with that. It must be the Steelers talking points for the week.

  10. How is San Diego ranked higher than Tampa Bay and, for that matter, Denver and Arizona? They need to beat Denver this week just to get to .500 and win a sorry AFC West division. I also agree that the Jets are overrated at 9-6 and should not be ranked 12th, but then again, you have the Eagles at 14 and Redskins at 19, even though the ‘Skins beat the Eagles twice this season. Oh well, at least the bottom 3 look good.

  11. I think Everyone can agree: The AFC and NFC West divisions are the weakest in all of the NFL.
    Here’s my problem with the Dolphins and Patriots being ranked where they are. They are both 7-1 against teams from the West this year. Not tough to have a good record when you play the 2 weakest divisions.
    On top of that they are both 0-2 against the teams from the AFC North and South that they had to play this year. For the Patriots those teams were first in their divisions last year and understandable losses, for the Dolphins those teams were the worst in their division last year.
    That said congrats to the Dolphins for a great year after last year’s suffering. And congrats to the Pats for doing it without Tom Brady. But their records are deceiving. I think that was my biggest problem with the A/B/C rankings the last two weeks, and there is still a problem with them being as high as they are now, that’s what happens when most of the power ranking system is based on record.
    FYI… The Jets are 3-5 vs the AFC and NFC West, that’s pretty pathetic. Questionable at 13.

  12. Good power rankings..at least from a top ten point of view. steelers arent as good as everyone thinks. in that giant game, giants were moving the ball all game. the two questionable(hometown) calls on the jacobs td’s too…titans smashed them, colts beat them and giants beat them. its going to be rough for them to get in. tons of holes. theyll lose their first playoff game, their O is atrocious. titans giants would be a good smash mouth game, colts giants too but the giants would be able to score easily on them as opposed to the titans or even the steelers. atlanta people dont want to face either.

  13. zsnoresman..you boldly stated yesterday that if jackson didnt start those 3 games the vikings would have won the NFC..in every post you make youre bleeding viking purple its disgusting. you guys arent in the top ten in any power rankings, let alone top 5..

  14. @CopesCabana. You’ve got a point there.
    @MNPawn. I agree
    @JayPhilly. I agree.
    @TitansFTW, who said “How can the Steelers beat 3 AFC Teams in the Playoffs…hmmm…
    (See 2005 season)
    “Of course there has to be some logical explanation as to why the Titans beat the Steelers, it must be because they are tired. Yeah, lets go with that. It must be the Steelers talking points for the week.”
    (Yeah, maybe they WERE tired. They had just played Patriots, Cowboys, Ravens, while the Titans had just played LIONS, BROWNS, and Texans.)

  15. No list is perfect, but this is about where it should be. San Diego is a fast riser & should beat the snot out of the Broncos this weekend.

  16. 410 Steel Power rankings are not season rankings. Power rankings are “how are they this week.” We are beat up and need rest.
    TitansFTW The and/or is Titans, and or Ravens and or Colts. Two of the three is why the or is there. i never said the steelers were tired before the game. I said they are tired now. Not real bright are you?

  17. Thank god Cleveland is not playing Detroit.. And I think KC is probably the best 2 win team I’ve ever seen…

  18. Florio, may I request you move the Niners ahead of the Cardinals if the Niners beat the Redskins this Sunday? Just as a favour?
    Because hilariously, the Cardinals are not the best team in that division, but they are division champs. Thank you Mike Nolan for the beautiful start to the season.

  19. Chargers #15, Broncos #18 and Bills #23. Nice rankings, but the NFL records have a couple of mistakes. They say that the Bills beat beat the Broncos 30 – 23 and previously beat the Chargers 23 – 14. Please tell them to correct their records and show that the Bills lost both of those games!

  20. MNPawn – you can’t fault a team for strength of schedule. when you’re citing the dolphins schedule, you are just looking at wins/losses as of NOW.
    if we learn everything, it is that a team’s strength varies throughout the year. the chargers are 7-8 right now, but could probably knock off half the top of that list on a neutral field right now. the jets? suck balls right now, but 6 weeks ago they were one of the strongest teams in the league. what about buffalo in the first 6 weeks? the redskins in the first half of the season?
    moral of this story: don’t judge a team by its record, judge by how it is playing… more importantly, don’t judge a team based on the records of teams that it has beaten, as the circumstances/strength change every week.
    the Fins & Pats are both on the verge of making the playoffs. both have excellent win/loss records. to say they are too high being ranked where they are is a travesty, IMO. instead of criticizing their placement, why don’t you recommend who exactly should be above them, and list qualified arguments for your reasoning.
    florio – good list.

  21. @Garv
    Nice selective memory. The Panthers lost not on a “studder-step” missed field goal. They lost by having Ward hang 215 yards on your pathetic defense and Jacobs smashing through for the game-winning touchdown.

  22. Eagles and Redskins have nearly identical records, yet the redskins won both divisional games this year against the eagles and are ranked 19th while the eagles who are 1-4 in the NFC east are ranked 14th? I’m not asking you change my skins record, the deserve their ranking after he past 6 weeks but the eagles are overrated, and frankly dont deserve to be higher then the skins. Half game win over a team means something, but beating the same team twice in 1 seasons means more.

  23. Hey Florio, you made a mistake…
    its supposed to be:
    30. St Louis Rams
    31. Kansas City Chiefs
    32. ’76 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    33. Detroit Lions

  24. “arizona 21st? weren’t they one of(if not) the first to clinch their division?”
    they are also the first team to clinch their division and lose four games by at least 21 points in the same year lol.
    …i’m actually not sure if that is a fact, but i do know it is tremendously unimpressive. i wouldn’t rank them higher than 21st in any list with the word ‘power’ in the title.

  25. I’m sorry but if the Eagles get swept by my Skins and the anemic offense we have, there is NO WAY they deserve to be that high in the rankings…..now if they beat Dallas on Sunday, then I’ll change my view.

  26. No way the Chiefs are any worse than 28-29. They’ve lost 5 of their last 8 by a combined 16 points and 7 of the last 8 by a combined 30 points. They’ve led or were tied in the 4th quarter in 6 of their last 8 losses.
    No way the Chiefs are any worse than 28-29.

  27. MNPawn, So are you saying that Atlanta (Falcons 9-Bucs 24, Falcons 14- Phil 27, Falcons 20 Browns 24), Indy (Indy 21- Jags 23, Indy 14- Packers 34), Dallas ( Dal 24- Wash 26, Dal 24- Cards 30, Dal 14- Rams 34), Giants ( NY 14- Browns 35, NY 14 Phil 20), Titans ( Ten 12- Texans 13) are all over rated? Last year Miami had a ton of games where they lost by three points or less and there are many teams out there such as the Chiefs and the Texans who play a though game no matter who they are playing. The difference is between a those games are normally a missed block, a missed tackle, a penalty that kills a key drive or a turn over. The difference between a winning team and a losing team is that a winning team consistently takes care of those little details. Miami has been one of the most consistent teams in the NFL when it comes to not making those mistakes and if you don’t believe me look at the stats.

  28. @Treez, struggled with the bengals? What game were YOU watching? the colts beat us 35-3.
    It looks like my Bengals finally found the resolve to win (not that playing the browns was tough) and get out of the top 5 in the draft, because IMO, there really isn’t anyone that the bengals need (no real standout lineman on either side, save maybe Aaron Maybin or Michael Oher) that would warrant a top 5 pick, plus not having to pay top 5 money frees up cap space and lets the team re-sign T.J. and make a run at some decent free agents. I’m not saying they have the space to go after Hayensworth, but it would be nice to have him

  29. The Chiefs at 31? They aren’t even the worst team in Missouri. And if they moved to Saginaw or Ypsilanti, they wouldn’t be the worst team in Michigan. In 48 other states, hands down they’d be the worst.

  30. Sorry to be a scrooge today, Florio, but stick to regurgitating newspaper articles and rumor reporting. The analysis portion of this site is weak. Your list looks like you sorted on divisional standings.

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