Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson, who looked like the 2006 MVP version of himself in Sunday night’s 52-21 win over the Broncos, suffered an abdominal strain in the second half, and did not return.
After the game, Tomlinson told NBC’s Andrea Kremer that he hopes to play next weekend against the Colts.
“Well, hopefully, I’m [going to] play,” Tomlinson said.  “You know, but again I gotta get it checked out, make sure everything’s OK.  You know, I think I could have went back in the game, but, you know, we wanted to take it easy.  Hopefully, I’ll play.”
Tomlinson had 14 carries for 96 yards and three touchdowns.
The Chargers host the Colts on Saturday night, in a game that will be televised by NBC.

15 responses to “L.T. HAS ABDOMINAL STRAIN

  1. Negative MRI + negative X-Rays = Positive attitude next week vs Indy.
    Death to the Donkeys!
    Cuddles can eat a big one!

  2. LT finally rewarded all of us that stubbornly stuck with him! That was vintage LT, well almost.
    On a completely different note: was that the best day of football EVER?!? Late comebacks, upsets, and totally anhilations! As an Eagles fan and playing for Fantasy Championship in week 17 (I have tried to change this and do hate it for the past 15 years) this may have been the “Day of Opie!”
    Johnny Walker Blue and the air in Georgia smells so wonderful as I celebrate tonight!! Go Eagles!

  3. “Well, hopefully, I’m [going to] play,” Tomlinson said. “Such as, but again I gotta get it checked out, make sure everything’s OK. Such as, I think I could have went back in the game, but, such as, we wanted to take it easy. Hopefully, I’ll play. Such as.”

  4. Chargers kept the wrong Running Back.
    LT is a front runner. Guaranteed, 3 plays and he’ll be on the sideline.
    Keep Sproles and let LT go.

  5. it’s funny how people think that LT is whining. He dominated that game, we were up big and didn’t want to risk anything.
    Last year, the designed scheme was to manipulate the injury report and have NE design for LT, not Turner while Rivers was the one that was definitely going to play. A RB can not run well with a sprained knee, plain and simple.
    A couple years ago LT called out Belicheck. The ensuing weeks people agreed with LT but the “classless” comments became more notorious than the classless dancing at midfield, yet LT was right but shouldn’t have been said.
    LT led the league in rushing the last 2 years and ran for 1100 yards with an injured knee and no workouts this offseason. The guys is tough as nails and with a smaller frame just became 2nd in NFL history in rushing TD’s only behind Emmitt. soft? ha!

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