ESPN’s Chris Mortensen dropped a major bombshell during the 11:00 a.m. EST hour of Sunday NFL Countdown.
Dolphins V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells could be leaving the team after the current season.
Per Mortensen, Parcells’ contract with the Fins includes an “iron-clad” provision allowing Parcells to receive the balance of his pay and walk away if/when owner Wayne Huizenga surrenders control of the team.
And since Huizenga is in the process of selling the team to Stephen Ross, that day could be coming soon.  Per Mortensen, Parcells will have 30 days to exercise his option to walk away, with pay, once Ross finalizes his purchase of a controlling interest in the team.
So, in other words, Parcells would get $12 million for one year of work, and the ability to work his magic as soon as 2009 in another city.
Mort identifies the Jets, Browns, Lions, and Raiders as teams with which Parcells could land.  But Mort cautions that Parcells would not want to interfere with any opportunities that his son-in-law, Pats V.P. of player personnel Scott Pioli, might have in cities like Cleveland or Detroit.
And here’s the most important thing to keep in mind about this report.  Mortensen’s source undoubtedly was Parcells himself, given that the two men worked together in 2007 at ESPN, where they co-hosted a Friday night radio show.  So this is likely getting out now because Parcells wants it to get out now, which means that he’s thinking about walking away with the money and looking for another team in which he can try to turn things around.
Presumably by raiding the Fins’ front office and coaching staff.


  1. As a Redskins fan, I loved watching him dismantle the Cowboys. I am interested to see how he would do with another team without raiding the Dolphins roster. Will he be as magical? Or did he just steal all the right things from the Cowboys? I can’t wait to find out. If he turns another franchise around in a year or two he might as well be issued a money printing machine.

  2. Wow … would he really leave behind his handpicked crew of Sparano, Ireland and Company.
    Part of me wonders if Bill wants to get back into coaching. Otherwise, why leave the situation in Miami when he’s gotten it turned around. Of course, Parcells always seemed like a guy who likes being a builder to me … he likes buying the groceries moreso than what happens necessarily.

  3. I was shocked when Mort identified the Raiders as a possible destination for Parcells. I’ve known for a while that he and Al Davis have been friends, but I never imagined it being even a remote possibility for Parcells to take over the Raiders from a football standpoint. I’d be ecstatic to see it happen, but I still see it as an incredible long shot.

  4. Man, I’d love to see him take on a CEO/President type role in Cleveland…
    There’s still some high-end talent on the Browns roster, plus a likely top-5 draft pick, that they might be intriguing to him as another quick turnaround candidate… this is exactly what the organization needs to get back on the right track.
    Unfortunately, I don’t trust that Randy Lerner is capable enough in his decision making to hire somebody as qualified as Parcells.

  5. The NFL should rotate Parcells from bad team to bad team. Start with the soon-to-be-0-16 Lions, then on the to Chiefs and Raiders. One year with each team. It would be an interesting experiment.

  6. Oh, give me a break. I saw this coming. Purcells is a genius. Bellicheck is a genius for going this far with Cassell.
    They both beat 2 teams with a winning record, and those 2 teams are the Jets/Pats/Dolphins. Give me a frickin’ break.

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