According to the CBS broadcast of the Browns-Steelers game, Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger suffered a concussion late in the first half of Sunday’s game.
He’ll be taken to a hospital as a precaution.
Roethlisberger was placed on a back board and carted off the field more than ten minutes after the hit.


  1. So as he was lying on the field, and they asked, whats your name……………………………………
    was his reply……………..
    Im Batman!!!!!!!!
    C’Mon man,, we need more details!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I totally agree with playing Big Ben. With an offense out of sync and a weaker team visiting Pittsburg, it was the perfect opportunity to get the offense going and gain some momentum.
    Starting a playoff game three weeks after the last meaningfull game with that weak offense is, however, no way to seriously push for a Superbowl. In essense, playing Big Ben was playing to win it all. Sitting him would indicate you’re happy just to go to the playoffs.

  3. Big Ben is a fraud. How many times has this guy gone down rolled around like his career is over, then got up and played without even a limp.
    He likes to try and make himself look like a hero, but hes just like Paul Pierce, flopping piece of shit.

  4. They’re better off without Fat Ben. This could be the best thing that ever happened to the Steelers.

  5. “Fraud” and “better off without him” – must be disgruntled Ravens and Cowboys fans who are scrapping to get in the playoffs.
    The guy throws more interceptions than anyone would like, but I don’t see Leftwich leading the team on a 92-yard drive against the Ravens defense to win the game.
    Roethlisberger has taken a beating behind a lousy O-line and he’ll probably be back in time for the playoffs.

  6. Kmitch, you cannot blame the O line for all of this. Ben could not read a defense if his life depended on it!! I do hope he is not hurt seriously but Gonads has a point. Face it, the guy is a Diva. He plays to the cameras with injuries and then comes out and plays like nothing happened. Just play the game Ben. You dont have to act hurt all the time (especially after you fumble or throw a pick).
    The O line is not the only problem…
    Like I have said, I would rather face Ben than face Byron…
    Could there be a QB controversy in Pburgh????

  7. On a good note his tests have all come back negative and it is not likely that he will miss much, if any, practice time before the playoffs.

  8. Well, I see all the ignorant Ravens fans are crowing over Ben’s injury. It makes sense considering the Ravens team is the known for their thuggish behavior.
    Ben had negative MRI results. Is that for a broken neck? I believe the concussion was pretty bad and it’s going to take some time for him to recover. I hope that Ben doesn’t play if he shouldn’t.

  9. I am laughing my ass off at the Baltimore fans who are insulting Ben, because it was Ben’s clutch play in the fourth quarter a few weeks ago that caused for MY Pittsburgh Steelers to beat the Ravens IN Baltimore.

  10. I completely agree. As much as I love the Steelers, I do not think that Ben is that great. He is a good quarterback, but far from an elite quarterback. He cannot read a defense, I do not believe that he puts in much preperation time at all. Usually, when qb’s come off the field they are looking at charts and studying, but Ben is usually standing on the sidelines with his arms crossed looking like a complete idiot. I cannot stand Bruce Arians as an OC, but the offense runs much more effectively when Leftwich is under center. If I’m facing the Steelers in the playoffs I am hoping that Ben is playing, he doesn’t throw the ball quick enough because he has trouble reading defenses, he is extremely careless with the ball when he is being sacked, and yes I do agree that he is a drama queen. Whenever he makes a bad play, it seems like he trys to act hurt or something. Put in Byron!!

  11. emoeg2009…
    How do you know how much he prepares?
    How do you know he can’t read defenses?
    I see him going over photos and taking to the idiot offensive coordinator all the time
    Leftwhich takes forever to throw the ball – long windup – that is what got him canned in Jacksonville – teams learn to read his eyes and the windup leads to interceptions.
    How many open drops has Holmes had this season?
    Sweed – hell he has as many drops as catches I would bet – what a waste of a second round pick…
    How many 100 yard rushing games have they had
    This crap sound just like the Bradshaw years – fans – or those claiming to be fans hoping that TB would get injured so Hanraty could play.
    Be careful of what you wish for – the Steelers have one of the top young QB’s in football – he has taken a hell of a beating the last two years and has not turned into Tony Homo….

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