So after losing to the San Diego Chargers by 31 and surrendering 52 points to a team that was 4-8 only a month ago, Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler likely realizes that the Chargers are really, really good, right?
Um, wrong.
In the wake of Sunday night’s loss at Qualcomm, Cutler told Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports that the Chargers aren’t very good — and that the Colts will beat them in the wild-card round.
“These guys?” Cutler said as he gestured to the Chargers players who were celebrating their stunning turnaround.  “San Diego?  No, I don’t think so.  I think Indy’ll handle ‘em pretty good.  We really can’t stop anybody, and that’s the bottom line.”
At a time when more and more people are questioning whether Cutler possesses the leadership skills necessary to becoming a successful NFL quarterback, comments like that will only fuel his critics.
The deeper question?  Does any of this stick to the Teflon-coated head coach who is now ten years removed from his last Super Bowl win?


  1. As a Steelers fan, I love Cutler..The kid is awesome. And what is wrong with telling the truth, the Broncos d has to be one of the worst in Denver is many, many years.. An average d and the Broncos are in the playoffs in 09… I would take Cutler over Rivers 7 days a week..

  2. Hate to say it, but as a card-carrying Broncos fan… its time to look at other coaching options. Shanahan is a good coach, and he’ll get chances elsewhere, but… one playoff win since Elway retired? Its time to seek a new path for the Broncos, one without Shanahan on those sidelines anymore. He did well considering the injuries the team has suffered this year (we damn near had to call people out of the stands to play RB!), but that doesn’t change what has been a decade-long trend of mediocrity.

  3. What a Dbag. Take his don’t hit me jersey away for next years practices. The sideline shots of him pouting were priceless. Jeff George Jr.

  4. No Defense, No Special Team support, No Running Backs. Yep pretty much describes the Broncos.
    Cutler – he might be the QB on the NFL version of Vanderbilt.

  5. I understand perfectly. It’s a natural human reaction to hate the Chargers, they make it so easy for us.
    They’re the Cowboys of the AFC, waaaay too full of themselves to actually accomplish anything.

  6. Cutler is a great passer. Great arm. Makes good passes. His problem is he isnt as good as HE THINKS he is.
    He’s not a winner. At all. He’s a whiner.
    He’s Jeff George.
    Good skillz but an asshat.

  7. Cutler saw his team give up 52 points. It’s not as if he’s saying anything that isn’t obvious. There is nothing wrong with Cutler or what he said.

  8. “This guy?” Izel said as he gestured to Jay Cutler, who was hating on the Chargers players that just pimp slapped his squad. “Cutler? I didn’t think so before but now I’m convinced he’s gay.”

  9. Where is the outrage?????? When NE punches the ball into the endzone, with a 24 point lead, and less than 5 minutes to play, they are the anti-christ.
    We all know that if there is one team in the league, that San Diego wanted to crush, it was Denver, and the circumstances were perfect to make the statement, but when NE “makes a statement” (and usually they are just running their offense) everyone is outraged. I know all of you pussies are going to give my post a score of 1, and that is cool, I am just asking the question. Why is it ok for SD to “purposely” “run up the score” (even tho that term is over rated, and non existent in the pro game) but it isnt ok for “BB to run up the score because he is mad about spygate, and he is using that to prove a point”?

  10. As a Bronco fan, Cutler’s comments were dead on. I have no problem with them at all. It was like watching a pro offense play a high school defense. That’s the worst defensive performance I’ve ever seen…..especially when everything was on the line. I would take Detroit’s defense over this mess in a heartbeat. Cutler’s going to turn it over when he has to pass on almost every down to continually try to catch up. Shanahan says he’s keeping the d-coordinator. I don’t get it….Next year, they play the AFC north, NFC east, Indy and New England. It may be a very long year next year.

  11. He may be dumb but he’s right. The Chargers suck and the Broncos couldn’t stop a peewee football team.(Unless Brett Favre was the QB.)

  12. Way to tell it like it is in “Donkeyville” Jay!
    The Denver Donkey’s are exactly where they should be as the NFL winners look forward to the playoffs – shining their golf clubs.
    Shanny needs to be added to the scrap heap with Crennel, Marinelli and Eric of NY.
    The vaunted “Denver Donkey” offense shows up early in the year then proceeds to chew up RBs at a rate of about 1 per week while the rest of the team chokes on the “we think we’re prety good” early season bone.
    Good thing Tampa Bay runs Chucky the Boy DUMBA$$’s vaunted “Dink and Stink” offense or the Donkey’s would be lower than the their current ranking.
    Colts vs Giants in Tampa Bay on 1 Feb.

  13. What do you want him to say? We all know that the Broncos defense stinks and can’t stop anyone, right? So, why isn’t it refreshing to hear someone actually speak the truth?
    Does speaking the truth lower his ability to lead a team? Maybe if the defense had half of a talent like Cutler on that side of the ball, the team would be getting ready for the Colts instead of making tee times.

  14. Will Cutler ever acknowledge that Cutler stinks?? He’d be the big issue if their D wasn’t so putrid….

  15. Cutler was dead on with his comments. As a Broncos fan, that was painful to watch. That’s the worst defensive performance I’ve ever seen. One punt in sixty minutes of football?? Shanahan says Slowik is staying. Next year, they play the AFC north, NFC east, Indy and New England……good luck. Cutler has to be frustrated knowing he has to score everytime he gets the ball. It’s ridiculous. It’s not like they didn’t have anything to play for.

  16. Maybe it’s time to annoint Jon Gruden as “Teflon Jr.” or “Teflon, Version F%#@”
    The Bucs haven’t won a playoff game under Gruden since…oooooh, their Super Bowl win after the 2002 season. He was just signed to a contract extension so the liklihood that the Bucs end their playoff win drought isn’t very good.

  17. Imagine the outcry on this site if Saint Peyton had said that … oh wait a minute, he has … MANY TIMES over the years … just in different words … Cutler’s mannerisms remind me a lot of Saint Peyton … and just like Saint Peyton Cutler will be fine … when/if DEN gets a D they will be dangerous with that O … I still hate Saint Peyton as much as I love my Titans though … Peyton’s still a little punkazz beeotch IMO …

  18. It won’t. But it should.
    How is the defense still this bad after this long (does anyone remember getting run over by the Colts years ago?)?

  19. it’s not shanahan the coach that is the problem it is shanahan the GENERAL MANAGER the one who assembled this team. 3/4 of florida’s defensive line drafted, clarrett, etc., etc.!

  20. A football analyst or commentator can say that the Broncos D is the 2nd worst in the NFL… but the starting QB is considered a whiner, a loser, a crybaby, because he points out the obvious?
    Face it, the Denver Broncos are what the Detroit Lions (all incarnations of them) would look like if they had a competent QB.

  21. cutler proved the san diego players right that he’s a punk
    he obviously hasn’t learned “that if you win say little, if you lose say less.”

  22. The problem with Cutler isn’t that he spoke the truth about the defense, the problem is that he can’t speak the truth about the offense. Was it the fault of the defense that Cutler through 2 interceptions? Sure one was tipped and not necessarily his fault, but he gives no credit to the Chargers D for forcing that play. Maybe if they hadn’t run that play several times before then it wouldn’t have been picked. Some of the responsibility has to fall on Cutler and Shanny for not putting together and executing a game plan.
    Cutler wouldn’t get intercepted as often if he didn’t lock onto Brandon Marshall everytime they need to complete a pass. Even going back to the Buffalo game, I watched only 5 minutes of that game and said if he keeps going to Marshall he’s gonna get picked. Sure enough 2 interceptions in the last couple of drives. Cutler takes no responsibility for these things. Instead he’ll turn to the closest official and complain that the defense somehow cheated. Members of the Chargers said it best, “He’s a punk.”
    Until Cutler grows up he won’t be the QB he’s capable of being. Great talent, but his attitude stinks.

  23. Any NFL QB whose offense puts up 30some points ought to expect a win. I’m sure Cutler recognizes that – as should the Bronco’s D.

  24. Even though he speaks the truth about the defense, as the QB and leader of the team you cant make those statements. You cant place blame. Its a one for all and all for one mentality. Unless your never to blame?

  25. Cutler and Rivers are both punks. Cutler got what he deserved on Sunday and Rivers is going to get what he deserves on Saturday. They don’t have what it takes to win a superbowl. Both are immature and don’t have the leadership skills needed. (see Manning saturday at 8et)

  26. Not a Broncos fan, but a huge Cutler fan. So, he’s honest? What’s wrong with that? So, he demands accountability? What’s wrong with that? I remember Madden critiqued him for calling Royal out when that ball slipped through his hands. My first thought was, why not? That was a play where, if Royal concentrated, he should’ve caught it.
    Teams need leadership, and Cutler is providing as much leadership as possible for an organization that is a mess. Despite posting .500ish records, the Broncos are a mess. What they need, desperately, is a GM in there, a GM that can assess talent. They need to dump Slowik. The offense is good. Solid pass-catching TE in Scheffler, a good blocking TE in Graham, a good WR trio in Marshall, Royal, and Stokely. Solid OL. Not much needs to be done offensively, outside of perhaps the RB’s staying healthy. There isn’t much any QB can do when he goes into a game knowing he has to pass it a ton of times … and he turns out to be right. It’s just ridiculous. Cutler’s going to waste there. Part of me wishes that Tennessee had drafted him instead of Vince Young. You wonder what the Titans would be like with Cutler there instead of Vince.

  27. “Shanahan is not going anywhere. Two Superbowl Trophies apparently get you a job for life. ”
    Even if you cheat to get them.

  28. Brandon Marshall didn’t do anyone any favors: even if he did catch 100 balls, the 18 or 19 he dropped cost them the season. Last night would have been meaningless if Brandon Marshall catches half of those 18 drops.
    As for Shanny, might be time for a change. He did guarantee playoffs this year, didn’t he? Their 8-8 record since the first San Diego victory was really a loss…but, now, Mister Bigshot, if you fire Shanahan you go get…whom? Cowher? Chowher can’t hold Shanahan’s jock strap.
    As for Cutler, he’s not my idea of a leader. He’s a grown man with bangs. Never trust a grown man with bangs. See Skippy Neuheisel. See Gary Barnett. NEVER TRUST A GROWN MAN WITH BANGS. Also, I’m sure the defensive members of the Bronco staff think his comments were appropriate…not.

  29. how does this question his leadership??? he is exactly right, denver cant stop anyone. granted, jay threw some picks, but the defense is what killed them. what is wronf with honesty? if that was brady or manning you would all be blowing him

  30. I don’t watch enough Broncos games to know for sure, but I recall watching last nights game and thinking after Cutler yacked at one of his receivers for dropping a ball that a decent leader doesn’t call out his teamates on the field. I didn’t see either his receivers or the defenders calling him out when he threw picks. He’s a good player, but he needs to mature.

  31. What an idiot. How dare he say the defense can’t stop anybody. It’s not like they gave up 53 points.

  32. FlorioHatesMyTeamMoreThanHeHatesYourTeamWaahhh says:
    December 29th, 2008 at 11:23 am
    “Where is the outrage?????? When NE punches the ball into the endzone, with a 24 point lead, and less than 5 minutes to play, they are the anti-christ.
    We all know that if there is one team in the league, that San Diego wanted to crush, it was Denver, and the circumstances were perfect to make the statement, but when NE “makes a statement” (and usually they are just running their offense) everyone is outraged. I know all of you pussies are going to give my post a score of 1, and that is cool, I am just asking the question. Why is it ok for SD to “purposely” “run up the score” (even tho that term is over rated, and non existent in the pro game) but it isnt ok for “BB to run up the score because he is mad about spygate, and he is using that to prove a point”?”
    Will you please stop whining. Grow up. The Patriots are not victims, no matter how much the Patriot fans cry double standard. If you had phrased your diatribe in another way, perhaps I would have agreed with you. Instead IMO, it just came off as nothing more than pure whining.
    IMO, you are acting worse than Cutler.
    BTW, at some point Cutler has to face some criticism and grow up. If he didn’t have a medical issue to fall back on, perhaps the media would be at least a little critical of him. I feel bad that he is a diabetic, but that shouldn’t give him a free pass from the media.

  33. Look its simple . Its Mike S faught . YOu cant take most of the defensive line from the BROWNS and think they are any good . As a Steelers fan we know Cleveland players and they suck . And if Cutler is smart you wont talk trash about Eddie Royal . He is a classy kid and humble . As a Va Tech fan i know what he can do . He is the best reciever on the Bronco’s team . Defense wins championships period .
    But as a Steelers fan i would take Rivers over Cutler . Rivers has a loud mouth but backs it up with great play . I knew Cutler was on crack when we came out and said his arm was way stronger than Elway lol .. That is like Ben Roethlisberger coming out and saying Bradshaw was a pussy .. lol

  34. AvoidLloyd95-
    You aren’t a steelers fan. If you were you would have said
    you’d take Cutler over Bigot Ben 7 days a week. Rivers is
    the Best QB in the league this year. No one has more TD’s,
    YPA, or is even close to his QB Rating. If Rivers was on
    the Donkeys team they would be 10-6 at least. Face it,
    Cuddles is a punk, a more inconsistent QB than Vince Young,
    and a sore loser who can’t lead a hungry dog to eat, much
    less lead his Donkeys to a win.
    Go Chargers

  35. The Chargers lost to the Colts 6 weeks ago by a last second field goal. The Chargers have owned the Colts in the past, so that is really a stupid thing to assume by Cutler. He’s just a sore loser, period. Rivers is so much better than him it’s not even funny.

  36. I know you’ll never post this, Florio, but I love how Cutler’s honesty gets under your skin. You’re right, he should lie and say this D was pretty much the ’85 Bears. Oh, and your first sentence makes no sense. They lost by 31 to a formerly 4-8 team, so the formerly 4-8 team is really good? Doesn’t that mean his team is really bad, which is what he said?
    Cutler is honest, if that makes him a bad leader in your opinion, I hope you don’t have any one under your supervision. Be a man, Florio, post some critical comments.

  37. The Chargers led the league in scoring but have the same record as Denver, 8-8. Yet I havent read anywhere that Rivers is blaming the defense on the bad record the Chargers have.
    Cutler is a tool. He also spends a lot of time licking his chinstrap. What’s up with that?

  38. FlorioHatesMyTeamMoreThanHeHatesYourTeamWaahhh:
    I gotta agree with filbertkiwi:
    The Pats were considered to be running up the score because
    they would go for it on 4th down up by 3 scores, take shots
    at the end zone, and thing regarded with putting points up
    with no other regard. The Chargers, after halftime, were
    playing clockwork. Run run run, run run pass, run run run,
    and letting the clock run out. Rivers just threw the ball 3
    times in the second half. The Defense was in prevent, and
    they would run the ball, then the clock, then run the ball,
    etc. what do you do after 12 straight run plays when you
    reach the end zone? get sacked for a 95 yard loss, hope you
    get a defensive penalty and an automatic first down, then
    drive 95 more yards for fun? you’re stupid. go watch hockey.
    The Bolts were putting a beating on a team of punks.
    The Pats had the Division locked up, and had no reason to
    keep putting up points the way they did. Thats why they were
    criticized. idiot.
    Go Chargers

    “For the most part, I have no problem with those guys,” Jacque Cesaire said. “Some guys might. I mean, obviously the quarterback (Jay Cutler), from what he’s saying about my quarterback (Philip Rivers), I have a little problem with him. But my biggest complaint with him is that he looks like Ringo Starr, you know? I’m just not feeling his haircut.”

  40. The Broncs can have a big huge helping of Cuddler pie for as long as he lasts. He is a cry baby who has never won ANYTHING! Bolts Colts will be a good game with the game going to the team who makes the least mistakes.

  41. I don’t see anything wrong with SDG hanging a 50 spot on DEN last night … the Chargers are obviously way better than the 4-8 they were a month ago … losing the first two of the season, especially the way they lost them, got them started out on the wrong foot … laying a beatdown on a bitter hated division rival with the division title at stake, yeah, I think I’d pour salt in that wound, make a statement, and kick ’em when they’re down too if I had that opportunity … I really think the Chargers are a scary team to play right now … I know I’ll be rooting for them to take out Indy!!!!!!

  42. superduperboltman says:
    December 29th, 2008 at 12:35 pm
    The Pats had the Division locked up, and had no reason to
    keep putting up points the way they did. Thats why they were
    criticized. idiot.
    That is really interesting. In the NFL that I watch, the Pats finished second in the division, to the Dolphins. So I guess when the Pats “ran up the score on the Dolphins”, that was just cruel and uncalled for, because they had the division locked up. And “running up the score on the Cards” was cruel because they had the division locked up. Why are Chargers fans so blind to everything?
    I was simply trying to figure out, how scoring a TD, late in the game, on purpose, just to beat the opponent by as many points as possible, is different from anything NE does? Your answer, to paraphrase was simple: because they did it by running the ball, it makes it ok.
    If Denver had the NFL’s worst run defense, running the ball isnt really “going easy” on them, is it? I dont know how Denver’s run D ranks, but I’m simply making the point, that putting the ball on the ground makes it fair, but throwing passes makes it unfair?

  43. Not a Broncos fan myself, but: What in the world is wrong with his comments? The Denver defense is clearly atrocious, and Cutler was forced to press all season to try to outscore opponents (and he did it 8 times, I might add). I don’t see any “leadership deficit” in making comments that are obviously true AFTER the season has ended–he’s simply made a habit of answering questions with candid, accurate responses, and he doesn’t seem to care what people think about him. I admire his willingness to be criticized and his competitiveness, and think his mistakes will go way down when he has less pressure on him.

  44. there was at least five or six times where this idiot would be screaming at his team.. if that was terrell owens or another espn wouldve jumped on it and made it breaking news and ed werder would be flown out there within 24 hours to report on how he brought down the team and is a terrible person. im so sick of this double standard. cutler was seen swearing multiple times on national tv in primetime and all people will say is “oh wow what a leader”

  45. Shanahan did quite possibly his best coaching job ever this year. People calling for his ouster are just ignorant.
    Note to Jay: Put up or shut up….oh yea, and buy a suit that fits.
    Bring in Gunther Cunningham, Romeo Crennel or Mike Nolan to shore up our defense. I think Slowik was a cash cutting move to help out the cash poor franchise, still paying off many of its mis-ques (see Ted Sundquist and Jim Bates)

  46. I can’t believe i’m hearing people complain about the Bolts running up the score. All they did late was run the ball. Kicking a field goal when up 45-21 is dumb anyway, it’s not like it was 4th&12, it was less than a yard. The chargers could have score 70 if they needed to. I’m starting to think that Jay Cutler is the real jerkoff, not Rivers.

  47. It doesn’t really matter whether or not Cutler is right (he is). As the leader of your team you can’t throw the D under the bus. You win as a team and you lose as a team. I’m convinced that he isn’t much of a leader, watching the game you could see him yell at his recievers on multiple occasions for not making the play. These are the actions of a petulant child, not the actions of a leader of men.

  48. Cutler is simple to defend: Get in his face and the ball sails. Get in the short passing lanes and he scrambles right. Not hard really at all. He has a great arm but is a mental midget and once down by 10 he panics and digs his own grave. Plummer was better than Cutler.
    As for the comments, it’s not the fact that he threw his own defense under the bus, it was the fact that he said that Indy would “manhandle” a team that just beat them by 30 points. He said the Colts would “manhandle” a team that hasn’t been manhandled by the Colts in as far back as I can remember. A manhandling from the Colts to the Chargers might be a 10 point game.
    Cutler just shows that in person he reacts the same way on the field while losing, panicking. He can’t handle defeat and doesn’t know how to cope. This is why Vandy sucked and this is why the Broncos will never be more than a average team with him. Even though he’s a good QB, he doesn’t have the leadership to demand the respect from the rest of the team. Everyone falls apart around him.

  49. FlorioHatesMyTeamMoreThanHeHatesYourTeamWaahhh says:
    December 29th, 2008 at 1:27 pm
    UG. dude wake up.
    Your precious pats haven’t been criticized THIS year,
    I thought we were talking about LAST year, when it all
    actually happened. Wow. For a second you must have thought
    I was in an alternate dimension…
    And as far as the points goes… Running the ball gains
    3 to 5 yards at a time, and you can run off nearly half a
    minute afterwards. Passing usually picks up constant 1st
    downs, and the clock stops after incompletions, making it
    look apparent that you are trying to use time to put up
    more points, hence, running up the score, not like when you
    run the ball, and calmly run the clock, and like I said,
    once you’ve traveled the length of the field, you have 2
    choices, score, or lose massive yardage and hope for a
    defensive penalty. Pats fans are so focused on everything.
    Like their coach on other teams defensive signals.

  50. Whatever. Denver exceeded preseason expectations. The offense is set for the next 5 years at QB, WR, and at the key OL positions (except maybe Center).
    It’s a hell of a lot easier to build a Defense in the space of an offseason or two than it is a consistent offense. The Super Bowl window for the Bronco’s is just opening, and the Chargers are on the decline. Hard to believe that anyone in SD thought it was a good idea to have Norv in charge for the prime years of the Chargers’ window.
    I DO think it would be a good idea to reign in Shanahan’s personnel authority, but I defy anyone to name a better coach on the market than Shanahan.

  51. cutler lacks the ability to take responsibility for his own failings, yes his D sucks, but he won’t acknowledge the two horrible ints he threw that cost his team 14 points
    cutler simply can’t ever blame himself, therefore he’s not a leader
    maybe one day he’ll mature like rivers has
    rivers constantly puts all the blame on himself and doesn’t throw any teammates under the bus
    because rivers is a true leader
    but you can tell who the michael vick/laser rocket arm type fans are, they’re the ones who would stick up for cutler if he was in their kitchen, standing over their dead relative, with a bloody knife, probably they’d offer to help him clean the knife haha

  52. Vanderbilt Broncos, thats all they are, Cutler has never been a winner leading a team, after seeing him cry and pout with his little double chin, you would think he would be humble, but no! cry to the media. What a great offense, NOT,Brandon Marshall is going to turn into the next T.O. you can see it coming! It almost like they cloned Jeff George, no personality, just a punk with a srtong arm and NO TOUCH!!!

  53. The first part of what Cutler said was wrong to do, and the second part was flat out wrong. You don’t throw your team under the bus like that. There is no reason for it. Everyone knows the Broncos D sucks, there is nothing to get out of saying it but looking like a jerk. And secondly, if Cutler has any clue (which it doesn’t seem like it) about the history of the Chargers and Colts, then he would know that it will be a close game and that most likely the Chargers will win. Cutler might be as retarded as he looks.

  54. you are right Mr Ditka :
    other than the NYJets,Bills,Browns,Bengals,Jaguars,Chargers,Chiefs,Raiders,Eagles,Vikings,Packers,Bears,Lions,Bucs,Rams, & Seahawks I doubt if anyone would even give him an interveiw…

  55. gutless i mean cutler has no class, is a sore loser and a bad person.
    you see how he f bombs his teammates if they happen to drop a pass
    you would never see peyton manning or philip rivers doing that

  56. Culter is a punk. He can say all he wants but 52-21 is all that matters. Can’t hide from that. He threw 2 picks and got outplayed by Rivers. Simple as that. Don’t tell me about yards either as Chargers played soft coverage after building a lead. Tough to swallow, but be a man about it and don’t criticize anyone else… San Diego or your ‘D.’ If your QB rating is perfect and you lose then tell me about your D. And, as far as colts vs. bolts, go home and watch it on TV and see who wins bitch boy. Maybe Merriman should send him some popcorn.

  57. Cutler’s comments were classless. They are a reflection of his immaturity and show a complete lack of judgment.
    While what he said about the Denver defense is true, that kind of criticism from a player should be reserved for his team members behind closed doors, not to reporters who’ll post it online for the entire world to read. Would he like it if, for example, special team players call him out in the national media if something he did is directly responsible for a loss? Good luck facing your teammates in summer camp, punk. Your jersey will be the one with the oversized bullseye on the front AND back.
    As for his comments about the Bolts being “manhandled” by the Colts, we’ll just see about that, buddy. The Bolts and Colts have played each other tough and close in recent years, and Saturday’s game will be more of the same, hopefully in San Diego’s favor. Listen, Skippy, do you not realize that smart football players–QBs, especially–do not actively root for or against a team that just clobbered them. If the Chargers are smart, they will post your comment on their locker room wall and keep it up there for as long as you are a QB in the AFC West.
    You are a buffoon.

  58. poor Jay, chokes another game away and blames someone else.
    typical jay “the punk” Cutler spin. no leadership, no guts, no clue.
    bye Jay!!!!

  59. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think the other broncos love their QB…I have seen too much whining, stink eye giving and pouting on the field and on the sidelines with Cutler. Say what you want about Rivers but you can tell his players have his back. He is a leader and has a pretty amazing winning percentage as a starter in the NFL. So the Chargers put up a 52 on the Broncos, if Cutler is so great why didn’t he put up 53 on the pathetic chargers D? The Chargers D sucks. No pass rush, the linebackers are probably the worst squad in the game…they are always out of position and the secondary is average at best. Rivers proved he is a better QB than Cutler yesterday. Jay Cutler is much closer to Jeff George than he is Peyton Manning.

  60. MVP Manning – Check
    Jay Donkey – Check
    Brett Favre – Check
    Any more Pro bowlers Rivers need to slam?? I would cry as Jay does if I was so poor at leading my team on to beat the chargers.
    hell I will gief him credit He got an arm, but when it comes down to taking on the Bolts, your in to deep kiddo.
    GL in the drafts for a defence Donkeys.

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