The 2009 draft order is becoming more clear.  Though the full list won’t be finalized until after the playoffs, several positions are already set.

Per Adam Schefter of NFL Network, the top nine picks are as follows:

1.  Lions (0-16);

2.  Rams (2-14);

3.  Chiefs (2-14);

4.  Seahawks (4-12);

5.  Browns (4-12);

6.  Bengals (4-11-1);

7.  Raiders (5-11);

8.  Jaguars (5-11);

9.  Packers (6-10).

The 7-9 Niners and 7-9 Bills will be No. 10 and No. 11 — we’re not presently sure of the order. 

The next cut of non-playoff teams, at 8-8, includes the Saints, Redskins, Broncos, and Texans.  Per the Washington Times, Redskins coach Jim Zorn said Monday that his team holds the 13th overall pick.

The team that helped itself the most in December was the Bengals.  By closing out the year with three straight wins, Cincinnati moved from No. 2 to No. 6 in the pecking order.  As pointed out in our latest SportingNews.com Ten-Pack, this means that the Bengals will spend far less money on an unproven rookie.


  1. I think Sam Bradford stays another year
    1. Lions (0-16) Andre Smith since they hire Mcdaniles and sign Cassel
    2. Rams (2-14) Matthew Stafford
    3. Chiefs (2-14) Michael Oher
    4. Seahawks (4-12) Michael Crabtree
    5. Browns (4-12) Beenie Wells

  2. didnt the niners beat the bills? WOuldnt that be the ‘tie breaker’ for draft picks putting the bills at 10?

  3. As misterj said, draft order is all about win % and strength-of-schedule. After that it’s a coin toss. It has nothing to do with head-to-head and other tie breakers used for standings and playoff rankings.

  4. You should be able to figure out the draft order for most teams by applying the tiebreaker rules. Strength of schedule for the previous season is the first tie-breaker for teams with the same winning percentage. Divisional and conference records are the next step in the tie-breaking procedure. As a last resort, a coin toss is used to determine the order of selection for teams with the same winning percentage. If a playoff and non-playoff team end the season with the same winning percentage, the non-playoff team selects before the playoff team regardless of strength of schedule. Only the Super Bowl winner and loser will change position to 31 and 32.

  5. The deal with Shockey/Saints is it was a 2nd rounder but they also would have to give the Jets a 2nd rounder if I believe he plays a certain % of plays and they re-sign him (if they let him go it would be a lesser pick). Since the Jets trade was made before the Giants then if they re-sign Vilma they would then have to send the Giants a 1st rounder. No idea what the Saints plan to do with Vilma.

  6. I believe the Niners will fall to 10th and the Bills at 11th by strength of schedule. I’d have to check the exact number of W/L by their friends, but with the Niners being in such a bad division, and the Bills being in such a good division, I wouldn’t doubt the Niners get the lower spot.

  7. WWNYGD says:
    December 29th, 2008 at 2:30 pm
    What is the deal with the draft pick the Giants got from the Saints for Shockey?
    —-> ive tried to figure out the same thing. the last thing i read about it said that Vilma is not resigning with the Saints so the Saints hand over the third pick to the jets therefore the giants stay with the saints second round pick. I thought the pick was conditional on playing time, but this article had it conditional on whether or not vilma was re-signed by the saints. I honestly think it was wrong (the article) because the fact that the saints wont re-sign vilma immediately but have a chance at re-signing him at a later time once he becomes a free agent seems like the same thing.. I doubt the jets would be that dumb but then again im sure they could be.. so the way it looks is that the giants are getting the second. plus im sure we would have heard something by now about the pick becoming the first pick..

  8. Hey, where are the phins picking? Oh yeah, we dont know cause they are in the Playoffs baby!!!!!!!!!!!! God, I am still hammered. Fook yeah!

  9. Out of these nine, the team that I’d expect will see the greatest W/L improvement in 2009 (assuming they draft well) would be, in no particular order:
    Not saying that CIN, OAK and KC are likely to duplicate the turnarounds of ATL, or BAL, much less the magnificent job that MIA did, just that I think they’ll all be factors next year and probably reach or exceed .500.
    As for GB, I think this year was an aberration. Perhaps the same for the Jags.
    SEA and CLE are probably undergoing too much management/coaching turmoil for the draft to make that much difference.
    DET needs a whole lot more than any draft will ever provide. You could give them all 32 first round picks and they still wouldn’t get a winning season out of it.

  10. I can’t believe that the Jags were 5-11… They really need to take a look in the mirror.
    …after they cut Jerry Porter, which should have been done as they walked back to the locker room.

  11. “didnt the niners beat the bills? WOuldnt that be the ‘tie breaker’ for draft picks putting the bills at 10? ”
    Head-to-head record is not one of the draft tie breakers. The tie breakers are:
    1. Strength of schedule (easier schedule picks higher)
    2. Division record (worse record picks higher)
    3. Conference record (worse record picks higher)
    4. Coin flip (winner picks higher)

  12. hey, I guess the season isn’t over, Packer fans
    better hope you can do better than Hawk or Harrell with that pick

  13. I’m still curious to see who gets named head coach in Oakland next year. I think it will bear major weight on how our draft pics pan out next year. If Cable keeps the job, expect to see the O-line get a major overhaul early in the draft. If we pick a more QB/passing game oriented head coach, expect to see the WR position be the high pick position in next year’s draft. Of course, all this is based on the hopeful cuts of Javon Walker and Kwame Harris, as well as the retention of Asomugha and Lechler.

  14. Unofficial rest of the top 15:
    10. San Francisco (7-9) [.4490 opp. win %]
    11. Buffalo (7-9) [.4531 opp. win %]
    12. Denver (8-8) [.4570 opp. win %]
    13. Washington (8-8) [.4823 opp. win %]
    14. New Orleans (8-8) [.4961 opp. win %]
    15. Houston (8-8) [.5176 opp. win %]
    The Wikipedia entry on the 2009 NFL Draft has slightly different win percentages than what I came up with (math is not my strong suit) but the order is the same.

  15. Hey Florio.., can you give us a guesstimate of the Top 9 Kids who’ll make so much in guaranteed money, that we don’t have to feel sorry for them going to these god-awful teams?

  16. the niners will pick 10th. bills 11th.
    they played teams that had a record 61-82-1 while the bills played teams that had records of 63-81.
    (also, i removed the common teams both teams played just so it’d be quicker to add up. thats why only the records only add up to 9 opponents)

  17. Belichick has his Gift Cards in hand (Cassell & Pioli) and gets to start shopping these choices…hmmm, if the Browns want Pioli in time for the Draft, their number two will do nicely; the Seahawks have shown they are willing to part with a number one for a system player like Cassell (or Branch). The Patriots will be wheeling and dealing with the extra time out of the playoffs.

  18. 49ers are 10, Bills 11 because of strength of schedule. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me seeing as the 49ers beat the Bills…but seems par for the course as a Bills fan…

  19. I think it won’t matter who is coach next year. Al Davis will be making the pick no matter what.
    Kansas City is close to breaking out. They lost nine games by a TD or less. This ship will be righted very, very soon.

  20. jrhsd says:
    December 29th, 2008 at 2:53 pm
    hey, I guess the season isn’t over, Packer fans
    better hope you can do better than Hawk or Harrell with that pick
    lol. And you’d better hope there’s a decent QB available when you pick, Viking fan.

  21. i think everyones forgetting the two first rounders the Eagles have that they will use to trade up and get a stud tackle….

  22. lol, even Tarvaris has more come from behind victories than Aaron Rodgers.
    Talk to me when your team can finish better than 4 games out of first place that you’ve got the QB situation to envy.
    Or anything, really. your QB was 6-10 on a team that was 13-3 last year and lost nobody.
    Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, Wisconsin.

  23. “I think Sam Bradford stays another year”
    That’s funny you say that, maybe because he’s a sophmore??!

  24. FRED714 states Brady is DONE. Fred , how many 714’s did you drop before coming up with that genius statement??

  25. Buffalo picks 10 and San Fran picks 11. Simple math leads you to that conclusion. Buffalo’s opponents won 114 games and San Fran’s won 114.5 because they played Philly (who had a tie and ties count as .5) Buffalo had the easier schedule by one half game. (and Donovan McNabb didn’t even know it was possible).

  26. dmaciggle says:
    December 29th, 2008 at 4:21 pm
    Whose first round draft pick do the Eagles have in addition to their own?
    Just the Panthers if I recall correctly. Gonna be down low with the Eagles own. Probably right in a row. They need to draft 1 safety to replace Dawkins as he’s got MAYBE 1 year left, and some OLinemen as Runyan who is going ot be 36 next season isn’t staying much longer before he retires, and Winston Justice is a bust, Shawn Andrews was hurt in 04, 06 and 07, Tra Thomas is gonna be 35 also.
    They should pick up a veteran receiver to replace Greg Lewis and Reggie Brown. Keep Jackson, Curtis, Baskett and Avant + new mid grade veteran like a Bernard Berrian or similar. RB’s they should draft a big bruising back like a Brandon Jacobs or a Michael Bush sized player. Maybe look into getting Justin Fargas + 15lbs? Anyway, I’m done talking about the draft 🙂

  27. dolfan179, Bradford is indeed draft eligible because he is a red shirt sophomore; ergo, he has three years under his belt and can declare for the draft if he so chooses.

  28. I hope my Hawks don’t sign Crabtree, first off if you look at the top teams in the NFL they have great trenches, hell when we went to the SB It was because we had great trenches, when you pick that high you better get your worth and unless Crabtree becomes a wr that Hawk fans have to actually consider putting in the same breathe as Largent as the greatest Hawk receiver of all time, that pick had better go to an offensive lineman, defensive lineman, or traded down. Andre Smith, Michael Oher, Brian Orakpo, or Michael Johnson should be the only players the Hawks should be looking at, my even bigger hope is that the top QB’s drop to our forth pick, Minnesota gets desperate, and trades their top three or four picks for our pick, and we don’t have to worry about spending so much on an unknown.

  29. jrhsd says:
    December 29th, 2008 at 4:26 pm
    lol, even Tarvaris has more come from behind victories than Aaron Rodgers.
    Talk to me when your team can finish better than 4 games out of first place that you’ve got the QB situation to envy.
    Or anything, really. your QB was 6-10 on a team that was 13-3 last year and lost nobody.
    Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, Wisconsin.
    Yeah, ignorant and mouthy isn’t any way to go through life either. Go ahead and look and the difference in the performance of the defense between 07 and 08 and try to tell me it was the same team.
    What do the Vikings and Packers have in common right now? Both have starting QBs with losing records in games they started in ’08. And both have an equal chance of bringing home a Lombardi trophy. Choke on that.

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