With the Buccaneers ending the season by losing four straight games and speculation centering on a defensive meltdown resulting from the announcement by defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin that he’d be leaving the team at the end of the year, Kiffin apparently has some regrets regarding his decision to opt for candor.
I did think back to Mike Holmgren in Seattle,” Kiffin said Monday, per our friends at Pewter Report.  “I said to myself when Mike announced this was his last year, because Mike is a heck of a football coach and I’ve got a lot of respect for him.  You think back and maybe he shouldn’t have announced that at the time.  I didn’t know.  Like I said, I would have liked to have had my choice, but there was so much speculation I tried to put it to rest   In the same sense, I don’t know if it was the right thing to do or not.  I really don’t.  That’s hard to look back at that.”
So, basically, Kiffin is saying that maybe Nick Saban had it right. 
And maybe, in hindsight, Saban did. 
Maybe the best way to prevent a potential distraction for a coach’s current team from becoming a complete and total distraction is to conceal the truth.
Even if it means telling an out-and-out lie.
Kiffin, who has been working for the Bucs since 1996, will be joining his son, Lane, at the Univeristy of Tennessee.


  1. As a Dolphins fan, I’ve been saying that since Saban left. Saban had no choice but to lie until the season was done. It as best for the team when it was still playing.

  2. One of the most important parts of a coach’s job is lying. It’s amazing you’re just starting to see that.
    As for Holmgren, the Seahawks were ****ed by injuries and ****ty players. It’s not cause Holmgren announced he was leaving in a year. That’s just an easy thing for people to point to.

  3. You don’t have to lie. Just be firm. Say something like “I will address this subject this time and this time only. Right now i’m concentrating on the 2008 football season. When the season is over I will evaluate my options. Don’t ask me that question again or i’ll simply move onto the next question. If you want to talk about this football team and this team’s season then great. If not, then you’re in the wrong room because these Q & A sessions for the Tampa Bay Buccanneers. All further questions on the subject of my future beyond 2008 will be flatly ignored. Thank you.”
    I don’t think Saban did it right. Lies are never the right way to do anything.

  4. I don’t necessarily feel bad for these guys (considering the esteem and money) but they are in a no-win situation. They either tell the truth to get the media off thier back and lose their locker room, thus becoming despised by fans; or they tell a bald faced lie, thus becoming despised by fans.

  5. Florio, All that shi`ite talking about all coaches and you are just now figuring that out?
    Don’t get me wrong I think Saban is a scumbag and could have handled the Miami situation but damn.

  6. The cat would have been out of the bag regardless of whether he came out or not. Tennesse needed to announce they had a plan. Obviously, Lane needed to pick a DC. If he played his stupid games by acting like he is searching, then the media would start to speculate that it’s his dad (making a bigger distraction) or that no one believes in what he is trying to do.
    A no win situation regarless of what they do. But atleast with this approach, the distraction helped keep Chucky out of the playoffs. 🙂

  7. Any fan of the Bucs or player on the Bucs that uses his announcement as the reason the team collapsed is a tool. Just because your boss announces that he is leaving to take a job in another city doesn’t mean you should stop doing YOUR job. You’re getting paid well to do a job, Bucs defense, and you flat out did not earn your money. Using Monte’s announcement is a copout. Look in the mirror and start blaming yourselves for this historic embarrassment.

  8. “Maybe the best way to prevent a potential distraction for a coach’s current team from becoming a complete and total distraction is to conceal the truth.
    Even if it means telling an out-and-out lie.”
    Would people like you in the media ever let these people keep it to themselves? It’s because of the media hounding coaches like Kiffin that they eventually give in and say something just to shut you guys up. They can’t do any right by you guys. If they tell the truth, they shouldn’t have told it or should’ve lied. Yet, if they lie, they get hammered by the press because they lied instead of telling the truth.
    This is a prime example of where the media should have kept their nose out of it and let the coach finish the season without the distraction.

  9. So if all this is true……
    Kiffin Jr helped The Raiders win a game.
    By hiring his father, that created a distraction that induced the Bucs D into a let down which led to the collapse that allowed the The Raiders to win last Sunday.
    Thanks Lance! Or Lain- I forget.
    Now we can get on with the business of embarrassment that Raider’s off seasons have predictably become.

  10. I’m so sick of hearing about distractions in this league. The players failed, not Kiffin. Unless someone has evidence of him suddenly calling bogus plays.

  11. Sugar coat it any way ya like, but a lie is a lie…and when you tell opne…for whatever reason, it makes you…a liar.

  12. What i don’t understand is why does everyone who is a professional and in the media spot, feel the need to even discuss minor things that is going on? If I were in a position to coach a team and wanted my dad to join me, that would be something that him and I as father & son would discuss privately like we may discuss everyday family business. It’s as if people in the spotlight tell others things that should be private and expect those people to keep it private and it’s bullcrap. The minute you tell someone something, the media gets it and they force confessions and outcomes. If Kiffin knew he was going to join his son, talk about it at the family dinner table with just the two of you there. DON’T TELL ANYONE ELSE…how hard could that be

  13. Players stop blocking and tackling without lies?
    Fact is, the Bugs were just not that good.

  14. Steve Spagnuolo did it right. Last year when he was up for the head coaching job of the Washington Redskins, he said he’s not going to worry about that until the time was right, and we all know the results of the 07′ Giants defense.

  15. I don’t see why people are letting the players off the hook for sucking it up? The coach says he’s leaving for a better deal or retirement and that gives the players the right not to play now??? I hope the coach coming in gets rid of the quitters and feeds them to the Lions.

  16. The Bucs D’ collasped because it’s old and no longer has the talent it used to have. It had nothing to do with Kiffin announcing he is leaving. Ridiculous.

  17. I agree with pushing the question off till the end of the season.
    those who can do, do. those who cant, teach. those who really cant, become reporters.

  18. It had nothing to do with Kiffin. It had everything to do with the elite players all being well on the wrong side of 30, and the young players not yet playing up to their potential.

  19. “Al Davis had it right, Lame Kiffin is a snake in the grass.”
    Yeah blame Lane Kiffin because the Bucs players decided to lay down like lambs. That really makes alot of sense. *rolls eyes*. Al Davis hasn’t had anything right in over 20 years. The only reason he had any success in this decade is because of the guy holding the head coaching position in Tampa right now. And in the next week i’m sure Davis will fire Tom Cable and make an “outside the box” hire of Carrot Top for the head coaching job.

  20. Quote:
    CaptainFantastik says:
    December 30th, 2008 at 11:08 am
    “And in the next week i’m sure Davis will fire Tom Cable and make an “outside the box” hire of Carrot Top for the head coaching job.”
    Great line. Just to be clear: I am stealing that Carrot Top line and will be using it for a while.

  21. And who hired Jon Gruden, CaptainFantastik?
    The Raiders have been to the big dance in every decade other than the 90’s and have won 3 Super Bowls.
    Through it all, there’s been only one constant, Al Davis.

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