A couple of Sundays ago, ESPN’s Cris Carter made an awkward on-air attempt at humor in reference to the whole Plaxico Burress/bullet-in-the-leg thing.
We didn’t mention it at the time.  For starters, it really wasn’t funny.  And then there’s his generalized blogger hatred, which we really didn’t want to feed.  (Especially if he has a license to carry a gun.  Or if he carries one without a license.)
But, on Monday, Robert Littal of BlackSportsOnline pointed out to us that Carter made another gun reference, during a Monday appearance on ESPN Radio’s Mike And Mike In The Morning.  (One of our 2008 New Year’s Resolutions was to no longer call the show “Man-Girl And Meatball In The Morning,” and we’ve managed to make it through the entire . . . oh, crap!)
Said Carter, of Terrell Owens:  “I’d take one bullet and put it right in him.  BAM!
And to the extent that anyone wants to give Carter the “well, it was just a slip of the tongue” excuse, it wasn’t. 
It’s apparently his material.
As pointed out by The Big Lead, Carter made the same statement later that day, on the Tirico And Van Pelt Show.
Said Carter:  “If I got a gun I got one bullet in it, I shoot T.O. right now.  Right on the spot.  I have a press conference my first day they hire me, I have him come, I put a bullet right there sitting in him.” 
(We think that’s what he said; it’s hard to tell because Michele Tafoya’s reaction to Carter’s riff prompted an old lady in the studio to say, “I’ll have what she’s having.”)
Look, Carter surely isn’t serious about killing Terrell Owens.  But there are certain analogies and images that probably should be avoided on national platforms like, you know, ESPN Radio.
We realize that Carter is just trying to make his mark.  But it just seems like he’s trying too hard.  And he just isn’t as likeable as (dare we say) Michael Irvin or Emmitt Smith.
So with no Super Bowl rings to flash and a far lower level of natural charisma, Carter’s margin of error is narrower.  In other words, ESPN will tolerate fewer blunders from Carter than it will from guys like Irvin and Emmitt, and Cris would be wise to begin exercising better judgment.
For starters, he should never mention guns or bullets on the air, ever again.


  1. I guess he kind of said what we have all been thinking. But I agree, you really cannot say that on the air.

  2. shame on Cris Carter.
    To make this comment as young black men are dying as a result of gun violence at alarming rates is just irresponsible. And the NFL is trying its best to distance itself from guns and gang references, so I’m sure they’re not happy either.
    And what if Dan Marino or some other person not-of-color made these same comments? Remember all the hubbub about the golf magazine that showed a hangman’s noose in reference to Tiger Woods?
    This is just wrong in every sense of the word.

  3. I suggest that as pee cee as the media and espn are, the reasons he hasnt been booted yet over this are:
    a. he’s black
    b. backstage, everyone agrees with him
    the reason espn covers the crap out of dallas is because they know she-ho erupts regularly. and she-ho is generally too vain and stupid to avoid controversy, microphones and the limelight.

  4. Wow. Good job of restrain. You really could have ripped him a new one for this. I think Carter should really take your advice. Those are completely ridiculous comments.

  5. “For starters, he should never mention guns or bullets on the air, ever again.”

  6. I’m sick of this guy, his deserved snub from last years Hall of Fame list and then him whining about it and pouting on National TV interviews and on “Inside the NFL” on HBO was embarrassing. The guy is a turd.

  7. Hey, Cris just feels the same way as the city of Philadelphia. I’m surprised Terrell Blowens wasn’t wearing a bulletproof helmet on sunday at the Linc.

  8. He actually comes off as a bigger dick than Mark Schlereth or Sean Salsbury.
    I’m thinking Michael Scott and his improv comedy classes.

  9. Carter isn’t really all that interesting and wasn’t really all that good. He doesn’t belong on TV and he certainly doesn’t deserve to be in the HOF.

  10. Hey, Cris just feels like the whole city of philadelphia. I’m surprisd Terrell Blowens didn’t wear a bulletproof helmet to the Linc sunday.

  11. And to the extent that anyone wants to give Carter the “well, it was just a slip of the tongue” excuse, it wasn’t.
    OK Florio, like you never “slip the tongue” when you’re with
    Happy New Year.

  12. So because Emmitt and Irvin have rings, they can sound like retarded jackasses everytime they speak? Give me a break. Look Carter shouldn’t have made gun comments, but along with Ditka, he’s one of the few people on that network that sound like they have a clue about the sport.

  13. I HATE TO and everything the a-hole stands for, but that is without question the most unprofessional and vile remark I have ever heard and Carter should lose his job for it. It crossed the line and then went back and took a piss on it for spite. How big of a dick is Carter that he makes you feel bad for TO?!?

    You could have omitted the last two words and this headline would have been dead on.

  15. Florio Charisma is in the eyes of the beholder. I agree that
    Carter should shut down the gun type analogies. However he
    certainly is easier to understand than Emmit Smith. Regarding
    Michael Irving, I’m not sure that Super Bowl rings give him
    more credibility. The substance of what Carter is saying with
    his gun analogies is that the Cowboys should just cut T.O. as
    soon as possible at any cost. He has a valid point in that the
    Cowboys certainly have enough receivers and T.O. is more of a
    problem than his declining abilities should allow. Emmit might
    say, I gonna use a gun to hit T.O. quickly now when I be boss.
    Michael Iving might say, Just do it.

  16. Holy shit.
    You just don’t joke about those kinds of things, especially with rabid fans who are out there angry as hell about the season. What a poor choice of words.

  17. What does Carter know about winning a championship? He knows more about losing a championship game. Thx Cris 4 showing how objective & diplomatic you really are.

  18. Seriously? I don’t even want to think about all the al sharpton’s of the world up in arms if a white guy talked about putting a bullet into a black man.
    I really hate the free pass given to black on black stuff like this.

  19. They kept Jemele Hill who compared rooting for the Celtics to rooting for Hitler and the Holocaust.
    They kept Skip Bayless after he continues to say troy Aikman is gay.
    They kept Woody Page after telling a make-up woman she probably gives good head.
    They kept that chick with the massive man hands after she said F-Jesus.
    Shall I go on………….
    Carter will stay. And ESPN still sucks.

  20. I’m sure he’ll take your admonishment under advisement. If we all supposedly know he was joking, why is anyone tripping? I really don’t see what the big deal is here.
    From his years on Inside the NFL and ESPN, Carter has become 100 times the broadcast talent that either Emmitt, Irvin or Keyshawn are, We know that even the best are prone to an unguarded moment here and there where we say something silly. This is the first time we’ve heard of Cris doing anything like this. Relax.
    By the way, Carter’s teenage godson was killed years ago in an accidental shooting. I’m sure that he knows the difference between a ill-advised joke and the real thing. As should we.

  21. Here’s my theory –
    I believe that 90% of Cris Carter’s eyebrows (the part which we can’t actually see, kind of like an iceberg) occupy the frontal lobe of his brain thereby effecting reasoning and planning. Either that, or he’s doing blow again.

  22. Do you bloggers work for Disney too? My God, you are more PC than the people at ESPN. Awful said the same thing about Chris Carter. We come to you bloggers for a HARDER EDGE. Not PC garbage. Just remember that Florio.

  23. You are way too sensitive and politically correct these days, Florio.
    And who the **** pays attention to Cris Carter?

  24. racer-x says:
    December 30th, 2008 at 11:04 am
    Seriously? I don’t even want to think about all the al sharpton’s of the world up in arms if a white guy talked about putting a bullet into a black man.
    I really hate the free pass given to black on black stuff like this.
    And I really “hate” all the David Duke’s of the world who try to turn to turn stuff like this into something racial.

  25. BradyGazelle says:
    December 30th, 2008 at 11:12 am
    Why does everybody talk about Carter as if he is a definite Hall Of Famer?
    Ummm… Because he is.
    3rd in league history in receptions.. #2 (Marvin Harrison) is one catch ahead of him.
    7th in league history in receiving yards.
    4th in league history in receiving TDs.
    And some of the most unbelievable catches in league history.
    Did he get away with a few offensive pass interferences? Oh hell yes. But he was absolutely one of the best.

  26. I bet Florio thinks comic books caused the breakdown of American society, and Elvis Presley’s hips made teenagers have s-e-x.
    Please stop telling us what we can’t say. The Three Stooges didn’t make baby boomer males poke each other’s eyes out, and video games don’t make today’s boys roam the streets killing aliens. Chris Carter talking about shooting someone only causes nannies like Florio to piss their panties.

  27. Saying Michael Irving is more likable than Carter is like saying a Skoda is a better car than a Yugo.
    Irvin likable? I can’t relate.

  28. Whaddaya mean Carter has no charisma? Don’t those twin caterpillars hanging out over Carter’s eyes masquerading as eyebrows count as charisma? The brows are AWESOME!

  29. Chris Carter does need to shut up that much is true, this statement made him look less than intelligent. Maybe he has hung out with Keyshawn, and Emmit too long? But to say he is not worthy of the hall of fame, and that he was’nt that good, is just as stupid. Here are his career numbers, 1,101 catches, 13,899 yards, and 130 td’s. if those numbers don’t deserve to be in the hall of fame, then you might as well burn Canton to the ground.

  30. say what you want about his on air abilities. but he is a sure fire hall of famer. i hated the guy when he played but that does not diminsh his skill. his numbers say it all. and dont get into the nonsense of not letting him in due to no championship, if thats the case you can take marino out becasue this guy is the wr version of marino

  31. BriDawg29 says:
    December 30th, 2008 at 11:02 am
    This douchebag also said that Santa Claus & the Easter Bunny don’t exist on the pregame show a few weeks back – while my 5 & 8 year olds were in the room watching the show with me.
    They aren’t real, he only told the truth. Most will agree that C.C. stinks on ice as an analyst but anyone with a shred of common sense would know exactly what he meant by those comments. STOP CENSORSHIP!

    just because you’re jealous of t.o. doesnt mean you have to make it obvious.
    and stop campaigning or the HOF, if you cant do either, at least get off the rocks.

  33. It’s amazing how people love to over-react to things. Carter’s comments are obviously made in jest. It’s obviously unprofessional and not very tactful to make that type of reference, but bringing social issues into the discussion and calling for him to be fired is classic 21st-century PC over-kill. For what he lacks in “charisma” or “likeability” (classic feel-good liberalism’s #1 and #2 best attributes), he’s an articulate and knowledgeable analyst, which is very hard to come by these days. To list a few examples, Shannon Sharpe is unintelligible, Michael Irvin is an over-excitable, drug-addled mental midget, and Emmitt’s thinking 3 things and only able to sputter out one as he grimaces and assails the english language. As far as the “character” issue, Carter is an ordained minister, gives motivational speeches about how he’s beaten drugs, and always speaks at the NFL Rookie Symposium about professional and moral conduct. I know how the mention of the word “gun” or “bullet” causes 45% of the country to have one big collective coronary spasm, but try and keep things in perspective.

  34. You know what I do if I’m TO, I throw a big bag of crushed aspirin marked COCAINE and a Whataburger straw at Cris Carter next time I get him on live TV just to see how fast he can jump on it. If I’m Michael Irvin, I just laugh at him and tell him to wake the hell up if he thinks he was ever in my hemisphere, let alone my league, and I tell him that snorting coke is so 80’s and he should get hype with a pipe. And if I’m Emmitt, I tell him to stop letting his merticalous mouth overload his valumable ass.

  35. what has emmitt smith ever done to you people?god
    almighty,i have never heard him be vindictive or mean
    spirited.he’s just a guy trying to make a living.

  36. Chris sucks. He just is too preachy for an analyst role. Anyone else notice how bad Sunday Countdown has gotten since they let Irvin go and put Steve Young in the field. That show used to be my favorite. Berman and TJ are great. Irvin over the top and Young was the sensible one. Good chemistry. Now its boring with too many analysts and CC just sux. How many big-mouth receivers do you need at one desk?

  37. DandyDodgeRoboQB says:
    December 30th, 2008 at 1:59 pm
    And if I’m Emmitt, I tell him to stop letting his merticalous mouth overload his valumable ass.

  38. TCLARK says:
    December 30th, 2008 at 2:29 pm
    It’s Irvin. Not Irving. OK?
    Yeah, but it’s also Cris. Not Chris.

  39. I won’t take away from Carter’s accomplishments on the field, but man, you don’t need to go down the “gansta” route when talking about someone else…I think that most of us agree that TO is a first class turd,, but to “shoot him” on TV and radio?
    I’ve always felt that there was a risk to hiring ex-jock to be on TV, because you get an unknown qualtity about them, whether they dress like a pimp (Sanders) or just sound ignorant…or you have some class acts that have done a good job in the pregame or up in the booth (I’ve always felt that Frank Gifford and Pat Summerall were the best, Tom Brookshire was another). Sharpe on CBS can be down right funny at times, like he’s still on the field…
    BTW – is it me , or is ESPN looking like a junior high school production???

  40. tafoya is the biggest idiot on a radio network full of morons. god can’t even stand her and her constant cackling.

  41. He is the worst “personality” on ESPN other than Emmitt. CC tries WAY to hard to sound “cool & street”, like he’s tryin to be the Steven A Smith of football. Dude, one Steve A is more than enuf. & can we please not have to suffer thru Emmitt try to form a sentence ever again!!

  42. so what happens if cris says randy moss is #1 with a bullet?
    i think they ought to do a new version of the old TV show “mr. ed”, with shannon sharpe in the title role. he’s a natural. but they would have to give him voice lessons to speak as fluidly as the old mr. ed.

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