The news just keeps getting worse for the New York Jets.  
The latest revelation: Veteran quarterback Brett Favre has been playing with a torn biceps tendon in his right arm.
The injury reportedly will not require major surgery to repair, according to an ESPN report citing anonymous sources.
Favre, who is expected to ponder retiring again, would require arthroscopic surgery to fix the damage.  Another option would be continuing to play without going under the knife.
According to ESPN, Favre plans to ponder his future and medical options for the next several weeks before deciding whether to retire.
Favre, 39, struggled mightily during the final stretch of the season as the Jets spiraled downward with a 1-4 finish that left them out of the playoffs, and cost former coach Eric Mangini his job.
Favre was extremely erratic and didn’t appear to have his usual arm strength during the latter portion of the season.
Farve’s agent, James “Bus” Cook didn’t return telephone calls and e-mails left by the Associated Press.
Favre complained that he has been dealing with problems involving his right arm “for quite a while” following the Jets’ 24-17 loss to the Miami Dolphins, also noting pain in the back of his shoulder, biceps and neck.
The injury reportedly has some calcification, which is a troubling sign.
Favre led the NFL with 22 interceptions, and he threw 22 touchdown passes.
Toward the end of the season, Favre threw two touchdowns with nine interceptions as the Jets collapsed and missed the playoffs after an expensive offseason of free-agent acquisitions and trading for Favre in the wake of his messy divorce from the Green Bay Packers.


  1. Did we read the same story? One I read said it was a simple procedure similar to something he had done a few years ago.

  2. If he wants to be a productive football player again, he should forego the arm surgery and consider eye and brain surgery. Those will certainly be more effective in curing his inability to keep the ball out of the hands of the players in the opposing uniform.
    And, when he is done, he should recommend that brain surgeon to Woody. Since he somehow wants to keep this washed up disgrace of a qb.

  3. I bet the “anonymous source” is Favre’s brother-in-law. There isn’t jack shit wrong with his shoulder. He just can’t man up and cop to the fact that he’s done, that he played like garbage 3 of the last 4 years, and that he pretty much singlehandedly ended the Jets season. Funny, when we hear about medical conditions about other players like Tom Brady we hear statements from actual physicians or team sources…..not anonymous sources.
    Yeah right Brett, I believe you…………..

  4. hey bus cook…… wonder now if your regretting pushing favre back…. your 5 percent of 10 mil aint gonna make up for all the dough your client lost long term by destroying his reputation

  5. Favre may need brain surgery. Retire and stay retired. If your wife wants you out of the house, get a job at the Home Depot. If Bus Cook wants to keep his gravy train, send him a check for $20 with his Christmas card. Now, stay home!

  6. Can you find out the details? If it is shoulder, then clearly it must not be the distal (elbow) biceps tendon (which rodeo cowboys wreck). There are two proximal (shoulder) biceps tendons (one for each head, biceps means two heads). The two shoulder tendons have very different attachments and their significance is different. Also, can you get information that the rotator cuff is not involved in this? Often if a proximal biceps tendon is shredded, then the rotator cuff group may also be damaged. This is a typical case where the NFL standard of reporting {“shoulder”) obscures everything that makes a difference. Maybe the NFL should go to a report that merely reports “body” as the injury.

  7. As expected. The most overrated professional athlete of all time is never at fault. He’s just always “hurt.” He gives the media what they want and in exchange they build him up and cover his arse no matter how badly, or how many times, he fails.
    How can we miss him if he won’t go away?

  8. Florio, can we use your site to raise money for the “retire already you douche bag” Brett Favre fund? If all of us chip in a twenty, may be we can raise enough money to convince the asshole to go home and stay there once and for all.

  9. It’s unusual, because Favre normally plays erratically, but HAS his full arm strength.
    But I agree, he’s BSing. I flat out don’t believe it. Let me guess, he’ll opt to “not” have the surgery.
    He will be with the Vikes next year. MARK IT DOWN!

  10. Soooooo, tell me why he was never listed on the injury report, if this is indeed a “real” injury? Sounds more like excuses. I hope he does come back. We will enjoy kicking the Jets asses again!

  11. Farve’s gotta love this, he can use it to stretch out the drama for months. First he can tearfully retire again after weeks of semi public contemplation…. then he can tearfully unretire again once he’s “feeling better”, all the while “apologizing” for the confusion he’s caused. Then he can finally go back to adding to his most interceptions thrown record and all will be good again in Farve-ville.

  12. You people are pathetic. I hope these comments your making is just plain out of boredom, or some kind of comedy relief? I don’t know how any human being could be so crude to another? Whats done is done and what he decides is whenever he decides, that’s up to him, and so what? You hate the media talking about him so much, but you people don’t seem to have a problem adding fuel to the fire. IF you want him to go away so badly, then shut up already! It’s his decision, so let it go.

  13. When other players wimp out and won’t play Brett is out there no matter what.
    There was no MRI when the injury occurred. Tough Ol’ Brett just kept playing and trying to help the team. It is such a rarity to see guys play in this era of pampered wimps like Romo.
    Brett will do what it takes in the offseason to be ready for a better season next year.
    By the way, the Jets were the best 2 minute team in the NFL this season. That’s where your QB shines.
    The legendary tough guy from Kiln MS will keep putting up record breaking numbers next season while Brady, Romo, and the other wimps are on the sidelines whining.

  14. So can a bicep tear affect the brain? Apparently, a torn bicep can cause you to throw touchdown passes to opposing defensive players only five yards away from you. Because of course all the Favre apologists (which is pretty much the entire ESPN crew and Peter King) will say all those poor passes that went directly into defender’s hands eventhough the defender was only 5-10 yards away was because Favre couldn’t get enough velocity on the ball. I guarantee that will happen. The media aren’t able to come to grips with Favre’s decline.

  15. What is the deal people? So much hate for Favre pouring out…I have never been a fan of the Packers or the Jets but I don’t understand the derision being heaped on this guy..what about the fact that the man never missed a start in his entire career? How many QB’s can say that. Or the fact that he led his squad to the NFC championship as recently as LAST Season. How about a little respect..?

  16. Yes!!! Now Brett can choose the new coach that he feels will bend over sufficiently to his liking! The Jets now have a 1 year plan that is sure to fail. And you know he won’t select a QB in the draft – He will more likely reach for a WR.

  17. I remember when the Great Farve played with that broken finger and cost the Packers a playoff spot many years ago so he could keep his precious games played record. And now he costs the Jets a playoff spot because he can’t throw worth a crap the past four weeks.

  18. I know this sounds nuts, but the Jets really should be contacting Mike Sherman. Woody obviously wants to separate the business side from the coaching side and both he and Mike have said they want Favre back. No mater your opinion on Favre, if he is going to be back, why not have someone who can hit the ground running with him and still coach the team after him.
    Sherman was a terrible GM in GB in his dual role, but as a coach he had had five straight winning seasons with 3 straight Division Championships and is second only to Vince Lombardi in Green Bay Coach winning percentage during that time.
    Ron Wolf brought him in after a year of woe with Ray Rhodes and he succeeded. Again it was the dual role as GM that ruined it for him and when they stripped the GM role he was doomed as Ted Thompson wanted his own man and selected Mike McCarthy.
    Again – taking what you think of Favre out of it, if the fact is that he is going to be back, Holmgren disciple Sherman that coached Favre that whole time should at least be considered if people are also nuts enough to mention Pete Carroll.
    Sherman has seven years left on his Aggies contract after leaving the Texans as Assistant Head Coach. A reunion with Favre might make him leave and come back to the NFL.
    Cohwer is out and Spagnola is next in line for the offer. I would choose Sherman before Marty if Spagnola is out because of the Favre factor. They are playing to win the division next year – period.
    OK – I’m going to get back on my meds now.

  19. Hey, I got a funny joke about how he needs brain surgery and not arm surgery. Has anyone made that jokes yet?
    (That’s actually fake sarcasm….I really did come here thinking I’d make a clever remark about it, only to see that many others beat me to the punch. Maybe something about how they could replace the tendon in his arm with one from his brain which he doesn’t need anyway….wait, no one needs tendons in their brain. Do they?)

  20. east96st says: Florio, can we use your site to raise money for the “retire already you douche bag” Brett Favre fund?
    Thout shalt not take the name of the Lord in vain.

  21. so why all the favre hatred on here?? everybody wants to label him a drama queen, but you can’t eat up his interviews fast enough, so what gives? oh, I know, maybe he should start not talking to the media, no wait, then you’d say he thought he was above such things…it seems to me that most of you are just looking for something to bitch about…don’t worry, after he gets his surgery, you can blast him for not knowing if he wants to return for another nfl season or not. how dare he!? doesn’t he know that we have a right to know if he’s going to be back or not?? wait a minute…then what would you bitch about? it’s such a vicious cycle.

  22. Ya, having Farve around for the 2009 campaign will be SURE to sell more PSL’s, LOL! Just what the out-of-work and laid-off ex-Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, etc., et al Jets fans crave right now!
    Another playoff and off-season (heck, post-draft, too!) of Brett Egomaniac Farve reminding the media that he (and his family) consider him the Center of the Universe.
    Hey, has anybody heard from Brett’s brother, Sloppy Farve, as to whether Lord Brett has taken a dump yet (in the classic sense), since he took that dump on the field with his last 2 pass attempts against Miami — the memorable INT, followed then once the Jets got the ball back by that illegal forward pass?

  23. “There was no MRI when the injury occurred.”
    No MRI because nothing’s wrong with him. He knows if people weren’t talking about his shoulder they’d be talking about his horrible play. And Lord Brett isn’t man enough to admit he was wrong and that it’s all his fault the Jets are now sitting at home.

  24. We’re all bitching about Brett Favre cause he’s been jerking everybody for six or so years, and it’s gotten way beyond old.

  25. Farve’s done! Its really sad to watch a great player at the end of a career who’s competetive mind still thinks he can still play the game at the level he could years ago. Watching Dan Marino in his final year was borderline painful, although atleast he got them to the playoffs with alot less talent then the Jets currently have. Brett, bow out gracefully, the medical issue is the perfect out. Coming back next year will only disgrace what was a brilliant career.

  26. I used to think that Farve was more about the team, but this last off-season has changed my mind. The record long ago became the real reason Farve played when he probably shouldn’t have. Sure, he started a lot of games (i.e., all of them) but how often did he actually help his team? If you go by playoff wins and rings, not all that often. And the interception record speaks for itself. We’ve all seen Brett make a stupid throw at a crucial time. Like last Sunday.
    I was watching the Miami-Jets game the other day, and I noticed that every time the announcers talked about Farves many NFL records, they never mentioned the interception record. Not until a graphic at the end was that even hinted at. The Farve worship is really beyond me. Not saying he wasn’t good QB, just not as great as everyone thinks.

  27. nerdmann says:
    December 30th, 2008 at 10:52 pm
    . . . . He will be with the Vikes next year. MARK IT DOWN!
    It has been reported (right here at PFT in fact) that the Packers inserted a clause into the trade agreement that if Favre is sent to the Vikings, the Jets will owe the Packers three first round draft picks. More likely is that the retirement talks will go on and on and on and . . . . BF has been talking retirement since 2002.

  28. Face it, Favre did himself a huge disservice by coming back but since he did, he now needs a better exit plan.
    Since he is over the hill and can’t play effectively anymore, I say let him sign with the Vikings, a team he aspired to play for in 2008. The Viking braintrust (and I use that term lightly) doesn’t understand what a good QB is (just look at their current roster) so Brett can try to get his revenge factor against the Packers, the Packers in turn get the sure win and everybody is happy.

  29. The interesting aspect of Lord Favre’s “injury”, is that it only seems to bother him after incompletions and interceptions. You never see him wincing and clutching at his arm after completions for first downs or TD’s.
    The Favre cultists who populate ESPN will be sure to pour forth a volley of excuses for their hero’s dismal play, and pray that he returns for another 20-25 int. pro-bowl season.
    Let the Lifetime Network type drama of the Favre off-season begin ..

  30. The year Favre had the broken thumb the team made the playoffs and eventually lost in overtime to the Eagles. So not sure how he cost the team a chance at the playoffs.
    The guy is willing to play injured and has through his career.
    I do not recall any other “fake” injuries that he had, so why would he be faking it now?
    If you can point those out, it would be appreciated.

  31. How appropriate that Favre is now suggesting there’s a possible medical reason for his bad decision making (and errant throws) down the stretch. It’s never his fault.
    Maybe if he looked a little closer in the mirror he’d realize that he’s old and without really good players around him to pad his stats he’s not nearly as “great” as he thinks he is or was.
    The last 3-4 years he’s faded big time late in the season. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
    Karma is a funny thing and as a Packer fan I couldn’t be more happy about the fact that we don’t have to deal with this joker and his antics anymore. I’m sure Jets fans will enjoy the next 3-4 months of pure soap opera dramatics which is sure to happen given his past history and the fact that he has to be the center of attention all the time.

  32. So Brett not coming out of the last few games cost the Jets the Playoffs? Are you seriously saying that if he came out, Kellen Clemens would lead them to victory? You’re right though, it is Favre’s fault they lost all those games. He should have been able to line up at Defensive Tackle and stop the run, then switch to Defensive Back so he could defend the pass. Then maybe line up at WR so he could catch his own passes, seing as how Coles can’t catch herpes from a Thai hooker. And after he did all that, he should have thrown a headset on and called in the plays to himself. You idiots blame the entire “failure” of a season (if you consider going from 4-12 to 9-7 a failure) on Favre. Don’t the other 52 players and the coaching staff have anything to do with it? Let’s not forget, the team he led to a 13-3 record and an NFC Championship appearance last year finished 6-10 without him.

  33. ESPN will air a special tonight hosted by Chris Bore-man at 9PM, Midnight and 3 AM on Brett Favre’s torn biceps tendon, focusing on surgical approaches that could save his career! Tomorrow, live on ESPN AM, Hannah Storm will interview the hurt tendon as well as surrounding muscles. Later, Jaws and Merril will break down film of Favre’s collapse down the stretch to show that the tendon was to blame and the losses were not his fault. All these shows will be repeated endlessly throughout the weekend on ESPN2, ESPN Classic (side-by-side with Favre’s greatest games) and ESPN Ocho (after the Dodgeball tournament wraps up)…

  34. batfreight “The interesting aspect of Lord Favre’s “injury”, is that it only seems to bother him after incompletions and interceptions. You never see him wincing and clutching at his arm after completions for first downs or TD’s.”
    I’ve watched every Packer game and about 6 Jets game this guy has played in and I have never noticed this. Your statement is false.

  35. So if he retires, are we allowed to refer to this as a career ending arm injury and chalk it up to the Madden curse?

  36. JimmySmith
    With Mike McCarthy as head coach, there is no such thing as a sure win. The Packers struggled to beat the Lions, and got beat by the Vikes with Gus Frerotte at QB. Favre in a wheelchair would be an upgrade over Gus, and with the Pack’s current “braintrust”, I see another 6 win season is in the cards.

  37. bwhancock says: I’ve watched every Packer game and about 6 Jets game this guy has played in and I have never noticed this. Your statement is false.
    I was referring to his collapse down the stretch this year with the Jets, not his Packer career…. and if you watched the last game against the Dolphins, you would have seen clear evidence of my point …

  38. batfreight: I was referring to his collapse down the stretch this year with the Jets, not his Packer career…. and if you watched the last game against the Dolphins, you would have seen clear evidence of my point …
    Didn’t see the Dolphins game, sorry. But what is your point? That he is faking a torn bicep? Or an injury? Will need to watch that game, I guess.

  39. Brett Favre = 88 TD’s to 84 INT’s the last 4 years.
    Try and blame the Jets defense all you want, they had to try and cover for Favre’s mistakes by stopping the opposition the extra 24 times Favre handed the ball to them this year. Imagine how much worse it would have been if Favre had lost more than 2 of those 10 fumbles of his.
    Favre didn’t “improve the team from 4 wins to 9 wins”. I’d say guys like Thomas Jones, Leon Washington, Chris Jenkins, and Alan Faneca had every bit as much to do with it as Favre did. Pennington helped improve his team from 1 win to 11 and a division crown with far less talent to work with. All the evidence points to them having had a better year with Chad. The Jets organization shot themselves in the foot big time gambling for a washed up Favre……..who was over-rated to beging with. Now all they have is a Clemens and a washed up Brett Favre who will be 40 when next season rolls around.

  40. Winning 3 MVP awards, runner-up twice, countless records, a Super Bowl win, double digit All-Pro selections… yeah, he’s terribly overrated.

  41. arm surgery? more like a head removal from ass operation.
    the jets may not get him back but anyone they get is going to want him back. unless they want a (total) rebuild project.
    so, no minnehaha.
    shanarat to dallas.

  42. “Winning 3 MVP awards, runner-up twice, countless records, a Super Bowl win, double digit All-Pro selections… yeah, he’s terribly overrated.”
    Ancient history. And this year is proof positive that Pro Bowl selections mean jack squat………Favre is a Pro Bowler like Maurice Clarrett is a Pro Bowler. Last 4 years: 88 TD’s to 84 INT’s, 36 fumbles, 35-29 record, 1-1 in the playoffs.
    Like I said, ancient history. I guess Troy Aikman or John Elway should come back too because of past accomplishments huh?


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