Matt Ryan was named offensive rookie of the year, beating out Joe Flacco, another rookie QB who led his team to a playoff berth with an 11-5 record.
Ryan, the third overall pick from this year’s draft, benefited from posting slightly better numbers than Flacco, who went at pick 18. Ryan threw for 3,440 yards, with 16 touchdowns and 11 interceptions, while Flacco threw for 2,971 yards, 14 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. Voters likely also gave Ryan credit for playing in a tougher division than the Ravens QB.
Ryan and Flacco joined Rick Mirer, Peyton Manning and David Carr as the only rookie quarterbacks to start 16 games, though presumably their careers will skew more towards Peyton’s than Mittens and Mirer’s.
Also given consideration was Chris Johnson, Steve Slaton and Matt Forte, who each ran for over 1,200 yards, as well as Broncos receiver Eddie Royal.


  1. Although Matt Forte and Chris Johnson definitely could have deserved this as well, it’s tough to argue against Matt Ryan as the winner. He was the perfect fit for that team, and is exactly what they needed… although Turner helped that a bit haha.

  2. Possibly the greatest rookie class ever…
    All of those guys would have been worthy of award in other years

  3. “Ryan and Flacco joined Rick Mirer, Peyton Manning and David Carr as the only rookie quarterbacks to start 16 games, though presumably their careers will skew more towards Peyton’s than Mittens and Mirer’s.”
    For the record, I will have nothing to do with their careers.

  4. If voters gave Ryan credit for playing in a “tougher division”, they are retarded. Flacco faced the number 1 defense in the NFL TWICE, the number 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 11th ranked defenses. The only reason he did not play the number 2 defense was because he played on the same team. The NFC South may have better records than the over rated, defensively challenged NFC South, but the Steelers were number 1 in overall defense, and the Bengals were 11th. The best the South had to offer is the Bucs at 9, Panthers at 18 and Saints at 23. The Falcons also played the NFC North (only the vikings in the top 10) and the AFC West (no defense in the top 24!!). Matt Ryan played three games against top 10 defenses. Flacco played 7 games against top 10 defenses.
    Ryan may deserve the award, but the comment about the NFC South being a tougher division, or the implication that the Falcons had a tougher division is just flat out wrong.
    Bottom line though, both these Qs are sick!

  5. As a Ravens fan, I’m fine with that pick. Matt did have slightly better stats all the way around but the one thing that probably wasn’t considered was the strength of the defenses they each faced.
    The average ranking of the defenses Matt Ryan faced was 20th (18th passing) and the average ranking of defenses Joe Flacco faced was 12th (11th passing). That 9 spot differential is HUGE in the NFL.
    It’s stupid to say ATL was in a tougher division, because BAL played a much tougher schedule overall. I haven’t crunched the numbers but I bet BAL played a +.500 SOS whereas ATL played a sub .500 SOS. That’s also huge, but usually overlooked.
    As for the division, I guarantee that PIT & BAL could beat every single team in the NFC South.

  6. Why does it say he beat out Flacco? It’s not as if Flacco was in second place. Ryan collected 44 votes, far in front of Titans running back Chris Johnson with three. Broncos tackle Ryan Clady had two and Bears running back Matt Forte got one.

  7. “Voters likely also gave Ryan credit for playing in a tougher division than the Ravens QB.”
    Yeah, you’re going to catch a lot of flak for that one, considering the Ravens still had a tough schedule regardless of what the Browns and Bengals were doing. Flacco doesn’t have Roddy White either.

  8. This article is kind of odd. Flacco did not even receive a vote. He should have because he had a great year and his stats were not far off from Ryan’s. How does he GET NO VOTES!?!?!?!?!

  9. Oh the irony. The guy just got destroyed by the Rams defense. Let me say that again: Rams defense. Rams. Defense.

  10. Mike Tunison: is Dr. Florio teaching you how to write headlines? Which is to say, how NOT to write headlines? Headlines that only mean something to fantasy geeks or insiders?
    This is a good one. Next time why not try pig-latin. For example, by ROY, you would have meant, R.O.Y. D-bag.

  11. man this was a good year for offensive rookies, ryan flacco jackson royal forte johnson slaton even the guy nobody even thought of jake long

  12. Wow! What a boon for Baltimore and Atlanta. Nothing like having your franchise QB of the future in the present.

  13. From TMQ: “Atlanta made a major mistake by drafting Matt Ryan.” — Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk the day after the 2008 draft.

  14. Joe Flacco did a fine job of handing off and getting out of the way. Maybe they can nominate Ed Reed for ROY, considering the defense scored about as many points as the Rayguns’ offense.
    Btw, anyone seen that Vox guy lately?

  15. An absolute no-brainer. Flacco is alright, but c’mon, no NFL franchise was considered as rock bottom as the 2007 Atlanta Falcons by many experts including Mike Florio, even the 1-15 Dolphins who received nothing but high praise after that piece of sh!t Bill Parcells reneged on a verbal agreement to take over the Falcons and dove into the wide open whore embrace of Miami to work his “magic”. He got lucky with Pennington but it won’t last. Next up is Coach of the Year award for Mike Smith, and a victory over the Cardinals this Saturday.

  16. Good group of rookies this year – especially Flacco and Ryan leading their teams to the playoffs. I hope that they are both around for quite some time

  17. Some more wise words from Frank Burns. Frank where is your offense rated? I believe that would be 22nd behind the “Rayguns”!!!
    Dont be so bitter….true your offense isn’t that good and your QB is an over rated DIVA…but there is room for you on the Ravens Bandwagon! Welcome aboard…
    BTW: Did Diva Ben script that thumbs up he gave the crowd on the stretcher Sunday? As much as I honestly hoped he was not seriously hurt, that was the corniest thing I have ever seen. Like I said if the Steelers make it far enough into the playoffs to face the Ravens again, I only hope Ben is well enough to play..I do not want to face Byron….That guy is a good QB.

  18. “From TMQ: “Atlanta made a major mistake by drafting Matt Ryan.” — Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk the day after the 2008 draft.”
    I’m glad someone caught that here. Did Florio want the Falcons to go into the season with Joey Harrington behind center? 🙂 Dorsey may turn out to be a great player. But the Falcons needed a quarterback in the worst way.

  19. Very good rookie quarterbacks. I think it will be a long time before we see a rookie class that makes as big of an impact as this one did. Chris Johnson and Matt Forte were excellent rookie backs and you really can’t argue with the Matt Ryan pick for ROY. I think there is a good chance that we will see both rookie starting quarterbacks see the 2nd round of the playoffs with Arizona hobbling in, but I won’t count out Miami just yet.

  20. Flacco’s correct nickname is Shane Falco.
    The reason why Flacco deserved it over Ryan is b/c the B-More QB spot has been cursed since the day Trent Dilfer left. Flacco overcame that curse.

  21. SaintsBucs…etc.
    How can Mike Smith be the COY is Matt Ryan is a possible candidate for the MVP and ROY? When we talk about ROY, we say, “Well Matt Ryan really turned this team around.” No mention of Mike Smith. And when we talk about coach of the year, “Well, Mike Smith really turned this team around.” No mention of Matt Ryan.
    Tony Sparano should be the Coach of the year.

  22. When does the Defensive ROY get announced?
    Right now: Jerod Mayo, LB, New England Patriots
    Running a close 77th for Defensive ROY: Vernon Gholston, Bench, NY Jets

  23. PuppyPuncher:
    Mike “Smitty” Smith is an upbeat and likable motivator of men. He’s the perfect antidote to the Falcons previous full-time head coach, Bobby Quitrino, who proved to be a more aloof, arrogant, and salty version of a late 90’s Tom Coughlin. Tony Sparano has to thank Bill Parcells 100% for overhauling half their 2007 roster and working his TUNAMOJO.
    RB Michael Turner is the NFL’s MVP, by the way.

  24. Frank Burns eats worms. Listen to a Squealer fan talking about a Raven QB. Flacco should have come in second in the voting. Ryan had a marginally better year statistically, but Flacco played the 6th hardest schedule in the NFL in terms of total team record. Atlanta wasn’t even close. That’s ok. Flacco is not one to care about that stuff. He wants to win games. Period. As far as Ben (the drama queen) Worthlessburger…. Well hope his headache gets better, because the third time is the charm and when we play him again his head will hurt so bad they’ll need to feed him his oatmeal thru a straw. Go Ravens.

  25. 1. There is only one “Joe Cool” and that is Joe Flacco.
    2. Nothing wrong with Matt Ryan getting the ROY. I believe they gave that award to Ryan the day after the draft. For Joe Flacco to get zero votes and some OL named Ryan Clady to get a vote is a total joke.
    It is further evidence that the Ravens are the most disrespected team in the NFL. Whatever, because Ryan can have that award. Joe Cool will hold up the Lombardi.

  26. “The reason why Flacco deserved it over Ryan is b/c the B-More QB spot has been cursed since the day Trent Dilfer left. Flacco overcame that curse.”
    So, I guess you don’t think it’s a big deal that Ryan helped Atlanta fans get over the whole Michael Vick fiasco????????

  27. I grew up watching Joe Cool Montana shred the Falcons twice a year among his many other victims. Joe Flacco is a very talented young prospect with a bright future ahead of him but he couldn’t carry the real Joe Cool’s jock at this point in his career and Joe Flacco would be the first guy to admit it.
    C’mon Raven fans, you need to come up with something more original than that!

  28. or, one could look at it like this. balto lost to pitt twice, indy, tennessee, giants (49 wins) and beat cleveland twice, cincy twice, miami, oakland, houston, philly, wash, dallas and jax (72.5 wins). 3-5 vs teams with winning records. they beat 6 obviously bad teams.
    atlanta lost to tampa, carolina, n’awlins, philly , denver (37.5 wins) and beat their div rivals, detroit, kc, gb, chicago, oakland, san dee, minnehaha and st. louis (71 wins). 4-2 vs teams with winning records and they beat 4 obviously bad teams.
    looks to me like balto played more good teams but they also played more truly bad teams; in fact that is how they got rolling this year building their record back up and their confidence.

  29. @purple rulz
    welcome to the nfl. is this your first year cheering?
    1. to claim there is only one joe cool and it is flacco, not montana you need to do a little research.
    2. i agree that flacco should have been more represented in the roy voting. however not at the expense of “some ot named ryan clady”. have your parents buy the sunday ticket for you and watch some other games instead of the nationally televised matchups. ryan clady is sick. he is going to be the perennial pro bowler that ogden was. you may not have heard of j. ogden as you probably became a fan of the ravens this year.

  30. “Atlanta made a major mistake by drafting Matt Ryan.” — Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk the day after the 2008 draft.

  31. So, the day after the draft, didn’t Mike Florio say something to the effect of “Atlanta made a major mistake by drafting Matt Ryan.” ?
    It strikes me that if an NFL coach made a blatant error of that magnitude, Florio would be calling for his job. However do you think he will even acknowledge his latest completely off the mark analysis? Unlikely at best. Just the latest in sports media hypocrisy.

  32. They should have been co-rookie MVP. Joe has a few rushing stats to throw in, as well as a long reception. Flacco faced tougher defenses, had less healthy and explosive weapons.
    I am not buying the poor and hapless Falcons stuff either. They were a playoff team not long ago with a great rushing offense, and only lost one more game last year than the Ravens that had been bad on offense for a long time.
    It is stuff like this that proves the anti Raven bias in the national media. If it were a close vote and Flacco lost it would be one thing, but to seperate the Qbs that much after they were so close all year is ridiculous.

  33. pee-pee doctor says:
    “Listen to a Squealer fan talking about a Raven QB.”
    Why not? Gayven (see I can make up funny names too!) fans have had the nerve to talk smack about our guy even when BOLLER was their QB.
    Ah yes, the predictable squealing from the hissy-fit Ravens fans over my comment… and the predictable “ooh I hope Ben can play because (name of backup) is a GOOD quarterback.” How could I ever have guessed?
    Not that Flacco should even be mentioned yet in the same breath as Ben, but when “Joe Cool II” leads his team through 3 consecutive playoff games passing when his run game disappears (go back and check the stats that year, girls), then maybe we’ll talk comparison. I said “maybe.” Heck, that year Ben even had to bail out Bettis from becoming the all-time goat.

  34. Is it just me or is the “Matty Ice” nickname an obvious reference to Natural Light Ice, affectionately known as “natty ice”. I mean he didn’t really win any big-time games at BC to get the “cool as ice” or “ice in his veins” rep that he claims the nickname originates from (unless you count the MPC Computers Bowl, the Meineke Car Care Bowl, or the Champs Sports Bowl).
    And you can never trust a guy with three first names, Matthew Thomas Ryan.

  35. Look fellow Ravens Fans…Frank called us girls…..
    Face it Frank, Flacco is already on the same level as Ben and it will not be long until he completely surpasses Has-Ben…for good! The Steelers will soon be a thing of the past in the AFC. Sure their defense will remain but their floundering offense will keep up that downward spiral. Dont be afraid, as Ravens fans we have been there for many years.
    Lets just hope when Flacco reaches the Superbowl, that his QB rating is better than the mighty 26 rating that Ben put out. Thank god Randel El BAILED OUT Big Jen by taking over and passing for a touch down in that game(Go back and check the stats, Ferrot-Face) and the Refs put the Steelers on their back and carried them to a “Victory”.
    But we digress…..this blog was for Matt Ryan winning O-ROY….Congrats Matt, well deserved. How cool would it be to see 2 rookie QB’s and 2 Rookie Head Coaches in the Superbowl?!?!

  36. Tunison had to post this because… “Atlanta made a major mistake by drafting Matt Ryan.” — Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk… own up florio, you missed big time

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