Not to be outdone by Falcons running back Michael Turner and his recent non-arrest arising from a domestic disturbance with the monther of his infant son, Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald reportedly is on the wrong end of a restraining order, resulting from an altercation with the mother of his son.
According to, Fitzgerald has been ordered to stay away from the mother of his child after allegedly pushing her to the ground and pulling her hair out.
Angela Nazario claims that, when she brought the child to visit Fitzgerald in October, the parents of the child began to argue.  Fitzgerald allegedly tried to “diffuse the situation” by raising his fists and challenging Nazario to a “play fight.”
She opted not to play; Nazario swung at Fitzgerald and “may have hit his face.”
Then it was on.  Allegedly.
Nazario claims that Fiztgerald “grabbed me by my hair with both hands on the back of my head very very hard and tossed me across the room,” and that when she tried to leave he “grabbed the back of my neck and slammed me down on the marble floor.”
Alleged Nazario:  “[I] was disoriented for awhile and could not get up, I remember he mumbled something about ‘that’s what happens when you try taking my son away from me.'” 
She then realized that she had lost “chunks” of hair.
The incident could subject Fitzgerald to scrutiny under the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy.
The Cardinals host the Falcons on Saturday in a wild-card playoff game.


  1. why is the NFL silent about the Turner and Fitzgerald cases? Investigate how the NFL investigate things. Perhaps the NFL response is after the playoffs.

  2. Can’t wait for Emmitt and Primetime to tell the world that Larry is “really a good guy.”

  3. Soooo this happened in October… allegedly, and she’s just NOW filing for the order? Its funny that these “oh, I remember now’s” are happening when these players are in the spotlight (Shoot em up Plax and the “oh yeah, he rear ended me back in May and my neck still hurts” lady, now Mike Turner and Larry). What also funny is that they happen to be ex’s of the players (minus Plax).
    Look, Im not sayin’ (er, writing) that they are lying, Im just sayin’ what better way to cause your ex (who prolly left them once they made it) grief and being a distraction to whats going on for them professionally by waiting till their in the playoffs? Im sure Larry and Mike’ll be called “thugs” for these alleged incidents, but if a grand jury can indite a ham sandwich, how hard is it to get a restraining order? By the way, I wonder how many other times Larrys baby moms has seen him since October?
    Anyway, go Broncos, bring in Brian Billick!!

  4. So she doesn’t remember what happened, hit him first, and he’s the asshole for defending himself? What?

  5. Anytime Florio.. anytime.. that clock is going to get reset pretty soon. We’re getting there. Close.

  6. More like she was missing chunks of her weave/braids/extensions. That shouldn’t count, should it Florio? Your the lawyer here.

  7. Having known guys who’ve dated total psycho bitches who love to hit first and then cry wolf with a domestic abuse claim the moment the guy defend themselves or gives a little shove back, i’m always skeptical when i’m hearing only the woman’s account…………..especially if they’re dating or married to NFL stars.

  8. Funny how its been months and all of a sudden it comes out . Total bullshit . She started it and he finished it .

  9. Cardinals’ management is now having second thoughts about their suggestion to have former Cards RB Michael Pittman mentor Fitzgerald.

  10. And when she realizes this could affect her money, she’ll change her story.
    She hit him in the face. She’s lucky she didn’t get knocked out.
    I don’t condone what was done but the reality is, these guys are athletes that command a lot of respect, earned or otherwise. They are not going to let a woman ‘push’ them around and disrespect them. Accepatble, no, understandable, yes.

  11. I find it funny that it happened in October and she just gets around to filing court papers now. And she admits to hitting him.
    You need a license to drive, you need a license to fish, but any two idiots can have a baby.

  12. And you know because she is a woman she is definitely telling the truth and we and the NFL should punish him, we don’t need any proof just this woman’s word. I just don’t get the mentality of all these people that automatically buy anything anyone says, maybe she has an axe to grind, maybe she wants to ensure custody, and a big fat child support check without having to give him any visitation. Doesn’t anyone think its kind of fishy that she didn’t file any charges, or reported it to the police, she just got a restraining order, which anyone can get without any real burden of proof. Fitz has always seemed as a stand up guy, and as far as I know has kept a pretty clean nose, so I will hold back my scorn until there is actual proof that this happened.

  13. Fitzgerald is a *()#^$% wuss!!!!
    if ya aint texting the B!&@$, ya aint S^!&#!!
    Brian Urlacher

  14. wow, where’s the out cry? putting your hands on a woman? if he was a bengal you all would be crying for them to suspend the entire team

  15. Steeltown Pride:
    Really stoopid comment. You can tell that you are from the “shit half” of Pennsylvania.

  16. As a man of large size I say if someone hits you… Kick their as$…
    Little puke or women who think they can hit you because you wont hit back are sh!t and should be flushed.
    Anyone who says otherwise is obviously a little sh!t who hides behind this philosophy… Florio!

  17. Yeah, we need to see that police report.
    October was over 60 days ago.
    Pro Athletes especially needs to be really cautious
    putting their hands on a woman
    even more so than regular guys in my opinion.
    But it’s over 60 days.
    Where’s that police report filed?

  18. You wanna hit like a man, then you get hit like a man. I hate the mentality that a woman is supposed to be able to use a man as a human punching bag and he’s supposed to just sit there and take it. Yeah riiiighht.

  19. Wow. Can’t believe how many dudes out there are advocating beating up women. I guess nobody has a mother or sister? Or do you kick the shit out of them too?

  20. Ahhhhh, the joys of the custody battle. Where mom and dad say and do the most horrible things to one another just to get leverage in court and a poor child that never did a thing to anyone gets hopelessly damaged for life. Larry Jr. will have fun discussing this in rehab after he picks up a bottle and/or a needle down the line trying to forget all the shit he saw and heard.

  21. Wow, the responses are enlightening. lrl70 has a whole diatribe. Others, too.
    Look, maybe this great football player chose to take this woman, who Fitz apparently loved (once, or whatever), and flung her about and smashed her to the ground. That deserves legal proceedings against him. Why would it not? Now think about it. You’re done with your woman, what do you do? Beat the shit out of her?
    What about the Covina Santa Claus? Has any domestic problem ever been solved violently? Let it go. The women are as florked up as the men. Life goes on. Unless you don’t let it.

  22. I have known Angie and the Nazario family for about 18 years now and one thing I would have to say is. If it “really” happened, she deserved it. Angie used to be a Cardinals Cheerleader before getting kicked off for trying to date the players. Mainly Eric Swan. She was also with Mike Piazza when he first went to the mets. If you ask me, she just wants more money out of him. Just like the rest of the guys she has been with.

  23. I couldn’t agree more.
    CaptainFantastik says:
    December 30th, 2008 at 9:15 pm
    Having known guys who’ve dated total psycho bitches who love to hit first and then cry wolf with a domestic abuse claim the moment the guy defend themselves or gives a little shove back, i’m always skeptical when i’m hearing only the woman’s account…………..especially if they’re dating or married to NFL stars.

  24. Anything to disrupt the cardinals. BS as usual. Doesn’t matter. Cards will beat Atlanta with or without Fitz. You want to see Boldin pick up his game (if that is possible)? Let them keep Fitz out and just watch and see. Breaston would also step up.

  25. Both Turner and Fitzgerald….. Have any of these idiots ever heard of a condom? I know if I was making millions of dollars and knew that there are trashy women out there who stalk professional sports players just to get knocked up by them so they can get a part of those millions, I would be a little more careful around easy pussy.

  26. To east96st:
    AZ Cardinals’ WR Larry Fitzgerald’s father is Larry Fitzgerald, making the WR Jr. so his son, if he is named Larry, also, is III. Just tho’t I’d enlighten you on that subject.
    No, I don’t agree with anyone putting their hands on a woman at any time. But then I also don’t agree with women being able to hit men and them not being able to hit back. In short, tho, I think the answer is NObody gets to hit ANYbody. hitting anybody during an argument is truly low class no matter who starts hitting whom.
    I used to work at the newspaper where Larry Fitzgerald, Sr. did his sports writing so I “know” larry Fitzgerald, Jr. vicariously! Never had the honor of meeting him in person, unfortunately, but I remember when he was a stand out HS receiver @ Holy Angels HS in Richfield (Minneapolis suburb) MN!! he’s a very talented kid. I hope he can put this distraction behind him. He is no doubt headed for the HofF in Canton.

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