Titans running back Chris Johnson was the only rookie to make it to the Pro Bowl.  But he lost out on the offensive rookie of the year award in a landslide to Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.
And Johnson doesn’t like it.
[T]he whole thing is bogus,” Johnson said, according to Terry McCormick of the Nashville City Paper, “because people are voting for it that are not on the same field as the people who are playing.
“I’m disappointed.  I did all I could to win it.  I feel I did the best.  I feel I did all I could do to win it; it just didn’t come my way.”
The Associated Press names the offensive and defensive rookie of the year based on voting by 50 sportswriters.  Ryan received 44 votes; Johnson drew only three.


  1. Boo hoo. Steve Slaton (and arguably Matt Forte) didn’t get voted into the Pro Bowl, while deserving it as much as Chris Johnson.
    You win some, you lose some. Welcome to the NFL, rookie. Things won’t be a handout like HS and College ball anymore.

  2. Ryan deserves the ROY. Johnson shared snaps with L. White. Slaten and Forte had similar years as C. Johnson. In my rankings, Johnson would be third behind Flacco.

  3. Johnson made a case for rookie of the year, but let’s face it: I could have ran behind that offensive line. Ryan was the right choice to win. I’m just glad it wasn’t Flacco.

  4. I’d be interested if Chris Johnson lost out on a bonus for not winning offensive Rookie of the Year.
    It doesn’t matter. Matt Ryan deserved the recognition. He was far more valuable to his team than Johnson was. What Ryan did as a rookie QB was much more impressive than what Johnson did as a rookie RB, especially when you consider the leadership Ryan showed for a team that was in disarray vs. Johnson being a part of a two-back system on an established team.
    This is just useless whining by Johnson and may be a precursor of a prima donna attitude that could show up more in his future.

  5. Maybe the Titans should have kept more of the Steelers towels for their little number 28. Boo Hoo.

  6. QB will always get the vote. Tougher position, especially as a rookie. Chris J. if you want to, play QB.

  7. I agree with him. Matt Ryan had a good line, and threw the ball to Roddy White, an excellent receiver. Take ‘Mattt Ice’ off of the Falcons, and they would still be alright. At least the QB would have time. Take Johnson off of the Titans and there is NO WAY they win many games whatsoever. Ask players across the league that faced him, they would definitely say Chris Johnson is a better football player than Matt Ryan.

  8. gregjennings, what do you mean, the falcons would be “alright”? what’s alright? 4-12 like they were last year?

  9. Dude you weren’t even the best running back on your team, nevermind rookie of the year. Ryan won it and deserved it. He turned around a horrible franchise and took them to the playoffs. You played second fiddle on an already good team. Go cry in your pile of money.

  10. Wouldn’t he rather get elected to the ProBowl, which 2/3 of is decided by players and coaches he competes against? Who cares about a couple of idiot sports writers?

  11. It amazes me that all of these guys think that they are IT!
    Whatever happened to the humble pro athlete?

  12. Futhermore, the Titans gorund success had more to do with Johnson than the line in front of him. Matt Ryan’s success had more to do with his line and receiver then himself. Who scored more touchdowns?

  13. Dang, Chris, we didn’t know the award meant that much to you, little fella… keep workin hard and maybe you’ll win it next year.

  14. I’m a big Chris Johnson fan because comes from my school(ECU), but this whining is very disappointing. He needs to grow up.

  15. Ooops! Guess Titans PR Dept, has some work to do. I am not even sure CJ was the best RB from this draft. Forte was just as significant. Sorry CJ, Matt Ryan took a horrible team on his back and made them look like SB contenders. Kuddos to NIdeak for a great post!

  16. Have some cheese with that whine.
    What did Roddy White do up until now. I recall him being called a bust until Ryan showed up. I…I…I can’t go..on..too…heart…..broken…poor….poor…CJ.sniff sniff
    Surprised he didn’t pull the race card.

  17. Try being a running back in the NFC Chris! DeAngelo Williams 1,515 yards rushing and 18 TD’s and no Pro Bowl. Not to mention Matt Forte Who is a tad bit better then you and did not make it either. 1238 rushing yards and 477 receiving yards with 12 TD’s. Not to discredit you Chris, but this is like the best draft year in the history of the NFL. and not everyone can get ROY. In your own AFC, rookie Steve Slaton is just as good – probably better then you as well. 1282 rushing yards and 377 receiving yards and 10 TD’s. You are showing your selfishness and me first attitude. You need to publicly apologize to Matt Ryan for your comments. What he accomplished is nothing short of amazing for a rookie QB. Have you ever seen him play? I know you saw him in preseason. I am sure glad you are not on my team.

  18. No, the fact that this squad is being touted as having the maturity to Super Bowl caliber is BOGUS. The forthcoming one and done in the playoffs is BOGUS.
    Hey kid, maybe you should worry more about Sugar Ray Lewis coming to town than towels and awards.

  19. Douchebag Alert……..Douchebag Alert…….
    Wow, this will make the Ravens beating the Titans and shutting down Chris Johnson (again) even better!!!

  20. “He’s the only rookie going to the Pro Bowl, so he’s got to be the Rookie of the Year,” tight end Bo Scaife said. WRONG AGAIN…..

  21. Did Terry McCormick make use of an interpreter when he conducted this interview? If not, don’t be too hard on Chris Johnson; being that he can barely string two coherant sentences together, he simply might have been misquoted.

  22. Both had nice starts to their careers. Looking at both of their performances, on a pure level, Chris Johnson might have been better. 4.9 yards per carry seems, to me, more impressive than an 87.7 QB rating.
    But to do what Matt Ryan did as a rookie in the NFL and entering the discombobulated Atlanta Falcons — and excelling — is a feat that perhaps no other NFL rookie could have achieved. I agree that Matt Ryan deserves the rookie of the year award, though the discrepancy in voting should not have been 44-3.

  23. In 3 years no one is going to remember who the ROY was for 2008.
    With the way Running Backs come and go in this league we may not even know who Chris Johnson is in 3 years.

  24. Just another prime example of a player caring more about himself then the team! He’s the type that would much rather score 45 touchdowns in season then win a superbowl! Him and Lendale white are a bunch of showboats who could are less about a team! I just have a feeling Fisher will have his hands full with him.

  25. 1) What a bitch.
    2) Look at the numbers compared to past rookies. Johnson had a good year, Ryan and Flacco are now IN THE RECORD BOOKS for rookie QB’s.
    3) Chris, you’re fast but not a fast learner, do your talking on the field rookie.
    4) What a bitch.

  26. Chris Johnson could learn something about humility from watching Mike Shanahan’s press conference today. Shanahan was gracious and thankful for the opportunity he was given and he made the most of it.
    Johnson, on the other hand, sounds like the next coming of TO or Pacman or Chad 85 or many other pro atheletes with oversized egos. Yes he played quite well this year, but he did disappear in more than a few games against good defenses. He was far less important to the Titans than Ryan was to the Falcons. Atlanta was a 3-13 disaster waiting to happen and most people expected it to happen. It didn’t and much of the credit has to go to Ryan. He is mature, intelligent and a leader.
    Unfortunately those words most likely will not be used to describe Chris Johnson anytime soon.

  27. Fascinating. Joe Flacco whose numbers were very similar to Matt Ryan against a much harder schedule didn’t even get a vote, despite winning rookie of the week, rookie of the month, and NFL offensive player of the week. They asked him about the vote the other day and this was the gist of his response… “Matt Ryan won. He did a great job as a rookie QB. Our team is in the playoffs and it really is meaningless to me. I’m concentrating on Miami.” Shows you the difference in personality.
    ESPN has been hyping Matt Ryan since he was drafted. He is the most hyped QB to come out of college since the toasterhead, Peyton Manning. He did have a better year statistically than Flacco but not by much. I think Ryan deserved to win, but for Flacco as a D1A QB starting for a team that last year was 5 – 11 and leading them to an 11 – 5 record should at least have gotten a couple of votes. I mean, Ryan Clady got 2 votes. But Joe Cool is right. It’s a meaningless award unless your contract gives you a bonus for winning it.
    For the first time in Ravens history, we have a franchise QB. Barring injury, he will be the best QB in Baltimore since Bert Jones and probably will surpass him to be #2 behind Johnny U the greatest qb to ever wear a Colts uniform with all due respect to toaster head. Ain’t the beer cold!!! Go Ravens. Squish the Fish!!!

  28. When fat*ss Lendale can break off a 50 yard run them I think the O-line hasd soemthing do with Johnsons sucess.

  29. Quarterbacks ALWAYS get more props when things go right. That’s just the reality of these awards. That said, does it really matter? Ryan had a great year on a team that was a total rebuild. He deserves props for what he did. Johnson had a great year on a team that by many was considered an outside shot at best for the playoffs. As a Titans fan I remember the criticism thrown at them when they made that pick. I’m stoked that he and the team have totally shown those criticisms to be empty. And I do think that without Johnson this team has a different character. He’s an unsung hero. But here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter. Get angry at it if you want, Chris. The comparison is unbalanced from the beginning and the only thing that matters is the superbowl. Win a superbowl. Or Two. Results matter. Awards don’t.

  30. hawk4life says:
    December 31st, 2008 at 6:02 pm
    Have some cheese with that whine.
    What did Roddy White do up until now. I recall him being called a bust until Ryan showed up. I…I…I can’t go..on..too…heart…..broken…poor….poor…CJ.sniff sniff
    Surprised he didn’t pull the race card.
    Roddy White had a great season last year with Byron Leftwich, Joey Harrington, and Chris Redman throwing passes to him.
    His stat line for 2007?
    83 receptions, 1202 receiving yards, 6 touchdown receptions.
    White was doing serious work before Ryan came in. It just went WAY under the radar since the Falcons were so awful last year..

  31. JonD says:
    December 31st, 2008 at 5:33 pm
    He looks like Skeletor.
    Amen…my friend calls him “Toothless Aggression” based on that horrifying picture they showed of him on draft day. Very few have looked stupider in the league.
    Johnson, I got bad news for ya, buddy. Every running back in the league is replaceable. The QBs aren’t. Your value is that you don’t trip, and you don’t fumble. If you’re kind of good, you’ll have the success you had. Just go run behind your outstanding offensive line, and don’t ever think that their ability had anything to do with your success. I mean, we all know LenDale White was having HUGE success in his career…

  32. To quote ppdoc “ESPN has been hyping Matt Ryan since he was drafted. He is the most hyped QB to come out of college since the toasterhead, Peyton Manning.”
    It always seemed to me that Ryan was being hyped to help sell him to the fans and ticket buyers in Atlanta, not to sell him as the next Peyton Manning or even the next greatest QB ever.

  33. Not only is Chris Johnson not the only rookie to make the pro bowl, but he’s not even the only rookie running back to make the pro bowl, as Tampa Bay RB Clifton Smith (undrafted rookie, Fresno State) made it as a return specialist.

  34. WOW. you how easy it is to plug in a running back in the NFL look at the Denver broncos and the pats this year they ran through like 10 or more RB combined. But to come in and do what Matt Ryan did with a maybe average defense and help rebirth a team that finished 3-13 thats something. Joe Flacco would have won it anyways before him except Flacco has a Nassssstttyyyy Defense behind him so thats takes away from his swagger you dddiiiigggggg…

  35. What a travesty of justice. The Titans 2008-09 campaign is irreparably ruined. Everyone knows the team goal was to get Johnson the ROY award. They should go ahead and forfeit the playoffs.

  36. KAR1202 says:
    December 31st, 2008 at 5:57 pm
    I’m a big Chris Johnson fan because comes from my school(ECU), but this whining is very disappointing. He needs to grow up.
    ECU FTW!
    Chris whining FTL!

  37. See, I think Flacco was twice as hyped as Matt Ryan. You can say that Flacco’s stats were similar to Ryan’s, and they are, but that would detract from the fact that Ryan’s were better across the board than Flacco’s. Plus, Ryan’s team was worse last year, and he doesn’t have the #2 defense in the league on the otherside of the ball.

  38. Much like the Heisman, the QB will always have a leg up. Seriously, Jason White instead of Larry Fitzgerald? Not that I’m still bitter or anything.

  39. The right guy won it… no question. I’m a huge CJ fan but its easier to have success as a rookie RB than as a rookie QB. Chris will have a fine career and might win more prestigious awards but he needs to go ahead and get over himself.
    Ryan earned that award, hands down.

  40. Lets see….you ranked 8th in rushing yards (behind two other rookies), and 13th in TDs. Matty was rated 11th among all QBs….a much much tougher position to play, not to mention a much much more impactful position.
    Yeah. Bogus alright.

  41. Joe Flacco got 0 votes & doesn’t even care, Johnson got 3 & whines like a little bitch. Maybe Ryan deserved to win, but Flacco should have been 2nd. O well, take it out on the Fins week this week & Tits next Joe. GO RAVENS!!!

  42. Whats funny is that everyone who is bashing Johnson and praising Ryan conveniently failed to mention that he had Michael Turner running the ball. Yeah, Ryan was good, but I would hardly write or say that it was Ryan who “put the Falcons on his back”. Personally, Turners 1700 yards and 17 touchdowns (versus 16 for Ryan) was more the reason the Falcons are where they are. Turner is who forced defenses to play honest and he was the reason why the Falcons passing game opened up. I would love to see the record of Atlanta if you take Turner off that team.
    Its also funny how people think that Johnson was whining when Im pretty sure he was asked for his opinion. Its one thing if he pulled an Allen Iverson and scheduled his own news conference to complain, but another to respond to a question. What’s odd though, is that Mike didnt post another Johnson quote “He’s (Ryan) a good player, and he played quarterback and did a good job this year..”. In fact, if yall would have actually read the story, youd see that Florio had to bypass that quote to get to the “Im disappointed…” one. (lol) Then you have people writing how much of a great person Flacco is because he said the “right things” in public. Dude probably said the same thing Chris did when there wasnt a mic around.
    All in all, the perception outweighed the reality because of the Falcons “situation”, not because their team was bad., so Ryan got the vote. Plus, as mentioned, he’s a QB so there is a bias. Ryan may have “deserved” it, but not by that margin.

  43. I think what pisses him off most is that he gets no national love with being in Nashville, being in a platoon, and not being a QB. Guess he figured he’d do his thing and everyone would shake his hand, pat him on the back, and want him to kiss their babies.
    If he has the will to win, the people that matter will notice. If he just wants attention, more people will notice, but not necessarily in a good way.

  44. matt forte deserved it more thn johnson did! he got almost 40% of his teams yardage and had over 1000 yards behind his terrible o line…so stop bitching, we know the world is unfair…bla bla bla

  45. If anyone has a complaint about postseason accolades it is Deangelo Williams. This year’s best RB to not be voted to the Pro Bowl.

  46. Get over it!! With comments like that, I’m glad he didn’t win. Just another ME, ME, ME, player. Ugh, we’ve had enough of those types, already!!

  47. Is it too late for the Cowboys to pass on Felix Jones and pick up this crybaby?
    I thought that Johnson banging that drum after a TD was him getting caught up in the moment and not knowing any better.
    I was wrong.
    He had plenty of time to think about this and he choose to be a selfish asshole.
    Just what the league needed since T.O. is not getting any younger.
    I am glad that the Bears drafted Forte instead of Pacman Jr.

  48. Oh My! I have lost ALL respect for Chris Johnson.
    It’s bad enough watching him taunt players everytime he runs for a touchdown, and now he has to go even further in proving to the world just how selfish he really is.
    I can’t wait to see these litte boys that play running back for the titans self destruct like the next generation of little T.O’s… when everyone puts 8 in the box and stuffs them in the playoffs.
    Grow up, you’re in the big league now.

  49. first stomping on the towel (which wasn’t even a REAL terrible towel), now this punk whinning. you stay classy tennessee.
    won’t. win. another. game.

  50. Chris WHO? Seriously, Matt Ryan was the right pick and I hate the Falcons. I was one of them who didn’t believe Atlanta had a chance to even get a winning record. I thought he was good, but what a differance he made. Congrats Ryan. Chris you didn’t win cuz you’re a cocky little sucker who belongs on the Dallas Cowboys roster. And you sure as heck are not a franchise player. Mark my words-this kid will play for at least 3 teams before he’s done.

  51. I thought it would would take 10 years for Alanta too recover from the Michael Vick experience.
    Good for you Atlanta

  52. Somebody please make a Johnson photo of the day…. Maybe have him where a T-shirt that says “not rookie of the year” or “I only made the probowl because I’m in the AFC” or just “Chris “me first” Johnson”

  53. Matt Ryan led a team that we all thought was finishing with like 3 wins, to the playoffs. That to me deserves ROY accolades. not some guy who put up nice numbers on a stacked team and shared carries.
    Ryan was clearly the best of the rookies by far. He showed trmendous poise and accurancy for a rookie which is rare. Hes going to be a star

  54. it amazes me how the nfl sucks up to the media in allowing over weight do-nut eating, caffine drinking addicts to decided what player gets what award or who gets into the pro football hall of fame an most these guys never played orgainized sports; perception is a bitch covered with bull@$%#. i think johnson has a point. politics in the nfl is a mother, johnson just got a taste of it. now the key is will this affect johnson attitude, because if it does, his career will be shorten and his endorsements will be cut short. ouch!!

  55. RBM had the only intelligent post on here. Floria needs to present the whole picture and not window dress it. Clearly this years crop of rookies performed very well. It would be better to have some articles on why that was the case.

  56. CJ sounds like a whiner, but he’s kinda right. Maurice Drew had the third most total yards for any rookie in the history of the league and lost out to Vince Young. Compare their stats and try to convince me VY was more deserving.

  57. He may be a rookie but he acts like a veteran, Chad O.C. or T.O., but a veteran nonetheless.
    Matt Ryan took a damaged team on his back as a rookie and made the playoffs, hence the award.

  58. Johnson is a punk. Always taunting the opponent as he is running in for a TD…starting at the 10 yard line ala Reggie Bush. Just another prima donna biatch.

  59. Would you people STOP calling Joe Flacco “Joe Cool”!!! There was only one Joe Cool and I used to watch him tear our secondary apart twice a year…Kudos to everyone noticing how much this award is meaningless, although nice recognition – especially for a kid that is one of the most humble kids I have seen come out of college and have as much success as Matt Ryan has this early in his career. His interviews are him giving credit to his teammates and how it’s a TEAM effort. He would give the award to Chris Johnson in a second if it would make him feel better.

  60. That’s OK, Chris.
    At least one of your other running backs won it a few years ago.
    VY didn’t deserve it when he won…what’s new?
    Maybe, with enough hard work, you’ll be able to switch spots with Vince on the bench.

  61. Chris Johnson will be cut in two or three years. He benefited from running behind one of the best offensive lines I’ve ever seen. But he’s not going to last because he’s fragile. Does anyone remember Chris Brown? Didn’t think so. Johnson will be in the same boat a few years from now.

  62. 1. Matt Ryan was not “clearly the best rookie.” He was the most overhyped rookie.
    2. Joe Flacco’s response to not getting any votes for OROY was, “Eh, whatever.” He did not give a crap. He just wants to play football. He does not need the media hype machine that guys like Matt Ryan and Chris Johnson need for validation.
    3. Chris Johnson is a whiny crybaby.

  63. Hey AtlantafalCANS, we’ll call Flacco what we want, & he is Joe Cool, cool under pressure & never seems bothered by anything, no matter what situation he is in. So he is Joe Cool, deal with it. Take your overhyped QB, who is a good player, we’re very happy in Baltimore w/ Flacco. He has a stage to now show the nation how much of a mistake was made on this bogus voting.

  64. looks like this kid has gone to she-ho school… always answering media questions.
    shut up kid, and people will merely wonder if yer stupid.
    too late, we now already know u are a damn idiot.

  65. whambulance? Seriously? What are you like 5 years old? Because even then that is not creative or funny. You are a loser.
    Johnson shouldnt complain this much, but he was great this year. He’ll have trips to the pro bowl after the titans ship out white’s fat ass.

  66. raidmagic, you’re an idiot too. Rookie of the year has nothing to do with where you are on the depth chart. He’s not competeing with white for rookie of the year you retard. And by the way, yes he is the best RB on his team. Try to know at least something about what you’re trying to talk about. Moron.

  67. hawks4life, you are an idiot. Roddy white is a pro bowler and thats not because of ryan alone, and he had 1200 yards with garbage throwing to him last year. You know nothing.
    ct stiller, I remember chris brown. He was a decent rb for the titans, and couldve still been there if lendale whites fat ass wasnt so overrated coming out of college. You arent smarter than everyone else, youre an idiot. Chris johnson will be a pro bowler in three years, not cut moron. Johnson is the best RB on that team and in three years, white will be gone and johnson will be a top RB.
    So many of you are so stupid. Some are good and have common sense, but most of you just dont know anything.

  68. gregjennings, learn the game please. running backs are a dime a dozen…look at the patriots, they were 5th in the league with sammy morris, kevin faulk and lamont jordan. matt ryan got what he deserved…he was awesome this year, especially for a rookie qb, the hardest position on the field

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