Though Dolphins quarterback Chad Pennington might not win the MVP award, he’ll have a consolation prize.
His second Associated Press Comeback Player of the Year award.
Pennington, who started all 16 games in his first year with the Dolphins after starting only eight in 2007 with the Jets, received 19 of 50 votes. 
Pennington also won the award in 2006, a year after playing in only three games.
Titans quarterback Kerry Collins and Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme received six votes. 
Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner, Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin, and Buccaneers receiver Antonio Bryant earned four votes each.
Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter received three votes, and one vote each went to Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, Steelers safety Ryan Clark, and Ravens tackle Willie Anderson.


  1. One of the most underrated qb’s in the game.
    Him, Collins, or Delhomme would all be deserving…

  2. good, now for justice, favre should step aside from the pro bowl and allow pennington to take his place in the pro bowl, the comeback award is a nice consolation prize thoguh.

  3. Good for him. I think he deserves the MVP award as well. Take away the argument that he played a big part in elevating a hapless Dolphins team from 1 win to 11 and there’s still a significant statistical case to be made for him:
    – Best completion % in the NFL in 2008.
    – Best TD:INT ratio in the NFL.
    – Only 12 QB’s had more pass attempts than him
    – Only 8 had more passing yards
    – Only 5 had more yards per attempt.
    – And on top of that, The Colts defense is statistically better in most catagories than the Dolphins defene (for those saying Manning should get it and that Chad was helped out by defense moreso than Manning).

  4. I hate Joey Porter, but think he deserved this award. He went from being a loudmouth who got bulldozed frequently to almost leading the league in sacks. Without him stepping up to fortify this defense, Miami would have lost more games. Pennington is a good “game manager,” but QBs always get the love.

  5. Chad deserves it. He is a very smart qb. What he lacks for in arm strength he makes for in smarts and accuracy. As well, a lot of credit should go to the O line.

  6. He really played well in the Jets game.
    Despite the stupidity of New York media idiots, and Goodell.

  7. The Jets released (gave away) the Comeback player of the year for the Hasbeen player of the year and yet the weasel Tannenbaum just keeps on rolling. He must have some really compromising photos of Woody…

  8. I’m totally jumping on the Pennington bandwagon. Did the Dolphins lock him up long term?
    Also, Yahoo! reported this was the first time a player won the award twice, but didn’t Garrison Hearst win the award twice?

  9. Comeback player of the year, twice?
    Can we rename the guy Rocky?
    I mean Chad is just a pansy name anyway

  10. Antonio Bryant should’ve won it.
    But, remember the last time Pennington won the award? He regressed to mediocre the next season.

  11. This guy has more comebacks than Rasputin !
    Great job this year by him. Congrats.
    To the NY Jets – Thanks for picking up Favre.
    In addition, something I don’t believe that has been posted on this
    site – He provides a nice mentor presence for Chad Henne.

  12. How does Delhomme not win that award? He went down in week 3 or 4 last year and underwent Tommy John elbow surgery and everyone wrote off his career, saying Carlina needed to draft a QB in the 1st round and all. Pennington had an amazing year, but he came back from being benched for being lousy…

  13. What should we attribute Chad’s 2nd comeback player award to:
    Expectations are never very high for Chad. It is often said
    that Chad can not throw across the field. Well he should have
    made the Pro Bowl over Brett Favre in 2008!

  14. Knocked out his old team from playoffs + out shined the man that replaced him + got his old boss fired + got the hapless fins to playoffs = BEST FREAKN COME BACK PLAYER OF THE YEAR!!!

  15. He definately deserves it this year. Great recovery after being thrown off the scrap heap. Way to nail the landing.

  16. well-deserved award to a player who has been largely overlooked this year.
    to those wondering why not Delhomme, etc…. look at the numbers. Delhomme had a 15-12 TD/INT ratio. Also only had 3288 yards passing this year, with a sub 60% completion percentage. Chad threw more TDs, almost half the picks, more yards, higher comp. %, do i need to continue? Panthers did great this year, but it wasn’t because of delhomme.
    i think Pennington wins this rightfully so. :thumbup:
    Congrats to Chad & the Miami Dolphins

  17. should have been delhomme, he was hurt.
    chad was merely ineffective, benched for a kid, then junked for a geriatric favray.

  18. Awesome, lets reward a player for playing great! (every other year). If the award was for this I think Favre should have gotten it last year since he is on/off every other year. Still think the Favre move was good (at the time) for the Jets since it’s hit or miss with either QB & if it would have been another off year for Chad the Jets would have sucked even more than they did (since at least the opposing defense plays the pass when Favre is in so it opened up the run game this year more than previous years).

  19. How do you win “comeback player of the year” by just playing like crap the year before? I thought you had to be hurt or something.

  20. empty13 – delhomme didn’t really “come back” though. he showed up, and his o-line & RB’s carried the team to their record & the playoffs. If delhomme had even put up remotely similar stats, it would make sense. Delhomme’s rating was under 85 for the year… not exactly “great”…. and FYI there were 17 QBs rated higher than Delhomme at season’s end. Kerry Collins? Ranked 23rd on QB Rating, and he only had 2700 yards passing, only 12 TDs and 7 INTs.
    to put things in perspective, only 9 QBs this year had QBR’s over 90 (in order, best to worst): Rivers, Pennington, Warner, Brees, Manning, Rodgers, Schaub, Romo, & Garcia. Guys like Rivers, Brees, Manning, Romo, & Garcia never really “left” and had solid years last year, so they’re out for “comeback” player…. Warner was an option, but he fell apart at the end and has been more of a liability than an asset to his team of late (see: benching for Leinart), Rodgers was really having his “rookie” season seeing as it was his first year starting, Schaub improved largely from last year but has nowhere near the stats Pennington did. That leaves Pennington, really.
    FYI “comeback player” doesn’t specify that it is from injury…
    i think some of you guys are crediting the overall “team’s” work to the QB in the panthers & titans cases.
    Also, i realize i’m biased, but i’d put Pennington over Manning for MVP. My reasoning, though, is just based on the actual definition of MVP: player who would affect their team the most. The Colts are stacked with talent, and when Sorgi comes in, they still do well. I don’t doubt they would have won 5-7 games this year under Sorgi if Peyton had not been able to go. The Dolphins were 1-15 last year, and i don’t think that Josh McCown (our QB before we landed Pennington) would have been able to get more than 3-4 wins. :shrugs:

  21. Sorry, but Delhomme should have gotten the award. He actually came back, when people thought his career was over and took is team to the #2 seed in the NFC. Chad had a great year and deserves praise, but if its “Comeback Player of the Year”, then you have to pick Jake.
    Plus what nut picked Rivers?

  22. jbwbubba – don’t think you understand how “comeback player of the year” works dude. it is NOT injury specific.
    actual definition, pulled from the NFL:
    “The player named Comeback Player of the Year shows perseverance in overcoming adversity, in the form of not being in the NFL the previous year, a severe injury, or simply poor performance.”
    so as you can see, you’d have to see the biggest turnaround by a player who *either* was injured *or* played poorly the year prior.
    The Rivers pick was for Defensive Rookie of the year, not comeback player.

  23. texasPHINSfan, QB rating isn’t everything. Would you rather have Romo and his rating, or Delhomme who finds a way to win? Thought so. Your PHINS bias is showing. Chad and Kerry came back from nothing, except the bench.

  24. screaming sheep – you’re right, QBR is not everything. but what about Delhomme or Collins statistics leads you to believe they are more qualified for the award?
    Instead of just throwing up names, how about you guys actually make a case. Reference numbers or logic. Show examples.
    I’ll do an easy one. Pennington(P), Delhomme(D), and Collins(C):
    P 3653 yards, 67.4%, 19 TD, 7 INT
    D 3288 yards, 59.4%, 15 TD, 12 INT
    C 2676 yards, 58.3%, 12 TD, 7 INT
    so given that, exactly what is your reasoning that: A) Pennington is NOT deserving, and B) why Delhomme/Collins is more deserving.

  25. My point is, they shouldn’t have even been considered. They came back from nothing. You threw just the QB ratings out there, like that was the only way to judge them.
    Ronnie Brown gets a vote over Pennington and Collins from me. Atleast he came back from something. The Cadilac in Tampa should get a vote just for making back to the field. And yes, everyone said there was no way a QB could come back from Tommy John surgery.
    I guess atleast Collins was a drunk since the last time he started. That counts for something right.

  26. LMFAO!…. TWO “Comeback Player Of the Year” awards in THREE years…..that’s weird wild stuff

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