New York Jets star quarterback Brett Favre recently caught some not-so-friendly fire from Jets running back Thomas Jones, who sharply criticized the veteran signal caller and suggested that Favre should have been benched during a three-interception meltdown against the Miami Dolphins to close the season.
During an interview with New York radio station Hot 97 FM, Jones took some shots at Favre, breaking the silence from a normally supportive locker room.
“We’re a team and we win together . . . but at the same time, you can’t turn the ball over and expect to win,” Jones said, via Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News.  “The other day, the three interceptions really hurt us.  I mean, that’s just reality.  If I were to sit here and say, ‘Oh, man, it’s okay,’ that’s not reality.
“The reality is, you throw interceptions, I’m [ticked] off, I don’t like it.  You know what I’m saying?  I don’t like it, I know everybody else on the team doesn’t like it. . . .
“If somebody is not playing well, they need to come out of the game.  You’re jeopardizing the whole team because you’re having a bad day.  To me, that’s not fair to everybody else.  You’re not the only one on the team.”
Jones, who later accused Favre indirectly of “giving the game up,” became the first member of the organization to publicly criticize Favre.  (Earlier this week, one teammate made critical comments about Favre without permitting the player’s name to be disclosed.  For all we or anyone else knows, the player was Jones.)
It’s not known whether other players in the locker room share Jones’ feelings.  But since the players voted Jones (and not Favre) the team’s MVP for 2008, anyone who previously had been on the fence might now feel the same way as Jones. 
Obviously, it sets the stage for dysfunction next season, if Favre returns.  But the wisdom (intentional or otherwise) of Jones’ words is that, if they spark an anti-Favre sentiment in the locker room, the prideful Lord Favre will surely not want to play for the team again in 2009.


  1. I’m no fan, and,Favre didn’t do his team any favors in the end, but, I wonder if Jones would have taken himself out of the game if he was “having a bad day”…for the sake of the team of course. I love when players throw one guy under a bus. Criticism should be thrown at the coaching staff, as no player is going to take himself out of the game.

  2. “We’re a team and we win together . . . but at the same time, you can’t turn the ball over and expect to win,”
    This is why Favre is not a top 10 QB in history.
    He throws WAY too many INT’s.
    His third MVP was a “media loves you” award.

  3. if mangini didnt have his earlobes caught on his sphincter he probably would have played clemens for a few series here and there during the year, to be ready for a dire need situation – like last sunday.
    another reason why i suggest teams DONT have to play their starting qb, and only their starting qb, at qb, until the game is out of hand one way or the other.
    one doesnt have to be a 70-71 dallas cowboy qb approach aficionado to realize that different players bring different things to the table.
    one can roll maybe 75% of game series with the starting traditional dropback passer. but insert the younger more mobile qb (or a wildcat qb) for a couple of series or the occasional play to run the wildcat, option, veer, or go against the grain and play it straight up.
    (or call the same plays repeatedly till the opponent figures out how to stop them)
    and/or split the dropback guy out occasionally. the star system approach has gotten in the way of a lot of creativity and actually denied a lot of teams the chance to compete and win.
    dedicated adherence to the star system in lieu of figuring out how to win games gets you… the 2008 dallas cowboys.

  4. It’s pretty clear now that Favre went from MVP at 8-3, throwing 6 TDs in one game, to goat at 9-7 because of a torn biceps. The Jets should have done due diligence and sent him for an MRI when the shoulder began to hurt, not wait till after the season. (The Jets have gotten rid of their biggest problem, though, which was Mangini.) With his remarks, Jones himself is not being a good teammate, so it’s a bit hypocritical of him to point fingers. The injury to Favre’s throwing arm was almost certainly the cause of his ineffectiveness down the stretch. You don’t lose your arm literally overnight unless it’s injured.

  5. What the hell is with all the circuit city ads?
    I thought they were going out of business, the ones in the area are all hiring F/T as well.
    What the hell is going on around here?

  6. Good deal TJ, finally Farve will have to resign himself to retiring of his own accord. He obviously can’t play agian in NY, and to be let go and sign on with another team would show desperation on Farve’s part. The only happy conclusion to the career of FAV-RA is for him to retire. Now we can celebrate the New Year.

  7. Good for Jones! It’s about time somebody spoke the truth about the selfish bastard!
    I wonder how long will it takes ESPN and Peter King to go after Jones for daring to speak the truth about the Infallible One?

  8. Good for Thomas Jones, it’s about damn time that someone has nuts enough to say the painfully obvious re: Lord Favre.

  9. I realize that people love controversy. Like a bunch of old biddies at the beauty parlor, many/most people love gossip. Along those same lines, this web site owes a great deal of its success to controversy and gossip. (I don’t blame Florio; he’s just a supplier who’s meeting a demand.)
    Having said all of that, I really don’t like this ever-growing trend of players calling out their teammates in the media in this manner. It’s one thing if a player is dogging it, but if a guy is giving it his best, and he has a bad game (or season, for that matter), I think it’s totally classless.
    Judging by his performance down the stretch, Favre appears to be washed-up. Like many of you, I’ve grown tired of the Favre worship that takes place in much of the media, but I think he deserves more respect from a guy like Thomas Jones, a decent player who will be little more than a footnote (if that) when the history of the NFL is written.
    Just once, I’d like to hear a pro athlete call out a teammate who drinks and drives, or gets busted with drugs, or beats up his girlfriend, or shoots himself in da club.

  10. Stop with the Farve to MInny idea. If Farve was throwing interception, errr umm I mean passes in Minny, Childress would pull his hair out. Oh sorry, my bad. Retire already Farve.

  11. Kach22 says:
    January 1st, 2009 at 11:19 am
    I’m no fan, and,Favre didn’t do his team any favors in the end, but, I wonder if Jones would have taken himself out of the game if he was “having a bad day”…for the sake of the team of course
    I have to give Jones credit for speaking his mind. But Kach, Jones wouldn’t have taken himself out, because Mangini would have benched him for Leon Washington if he was “having a bad day.” No one has stones to do that to Lord Brett that I’ve seen.
    Now, it’s time for ESPN to begin its 4 month run of all Favre, all the time across it’s slew of networks.

  12. Mangini didn’t have the authority to bench Favre.
    And yes, he’ll play for the Queens next year. Brad might beg him to work out a little in the offseason this year, tho.

  13. favre used to be a good QB and since Childress can’t recognize a good QB, it makes sense for Favre to play for the Vikings next year.

  14. Thomas Jones has issues period at being a “team player” he threw the entire Bears football team under the bus when he left.
    Thomas Jones is just spoiled he doesn’t know the definition of a good QB.

  15. lol Sorry, Minnesota wanted Favre last season. This coming offseason there’s many more options, some of which are equal to, if not better than, Favre right now. I do hear that Green Bay wants him back though. . .

  16. Take Betty Favre out of the game? Why do that? He looked the same to me in the Miami loss as he did against the NY Giants in the NFC Championship last year: cold and old. Or old and cold.

  17. Thomas Jones…YOU are now on my list of favorites.
    Farve has been built up to be this GOD…and he’s a primadonna who is a bigtime quitter
    About time someone has the marbles to tell the truth about this idiot

  18. WorldChampionBears2008 says:
    January 1st, 2009 at 12:28 pm
    Thomas Jones has issues period at being a “team player” he threw the entire Bears football team under the bus when he left.
    Thomas Jones is just spoiled he doesn’t know the definition of a good QB.
    Maybe so but the reason he doesn’t know the definition of a good qb is because he’s never played with one including this past season. It’s unfortunate if Jones’ past actions cause some to discredit his statements now because he couldn’t be more correct. Brett Favre is washed up. The guy even hocks Wranglers-those haven’t been in since, well- ever. Tom Brady is in Calvin Klein, Peyton Manning is in everything, and Brett is in wranglers?!? Doesn’t that say it all? I’m sure his next payday will come from our friends at Hydrox since the Manning brothers, being the legitimate qb’s that they are, have gotten the far more prestigious Oreo account.

  19. Being a lifelong Favre fan, I have to admit that he should have been pulled. He was injured and it was clear that he was not effective because his injuries. That being said, anyone who really understand the game of football and watched the Jets game instea of just reading the box score or watching the highlights would have seen a team that had a lot of problems beyond Favre. They don’t have a legitimate down field threat, their recievers, while respectable do have hands issues, Kris Jenkins disppeared in the last sever al games and but most importantlytheir play calling in the second half of the season defied all logic. It was a complete debacle of poor play calling. I know that its the trend on this page to slam Favre at every opportunity, but lets give discredit where discredit is due.

  20. LOL! Favre will be a bane on the Jets’ existence just like he was on Green Bay’s the last few years. The Packers made the right move unloading Queen Favre. The Favre MVP talk was BS earlier this season.
    He had like three good games all season and his arguably best one (Arizona) was primarily because the Jets defense turned the ball over so many times on the Arizona side of the ball (4 of Favre 6 TDs had drives starting in Arizona territory). He cost them more games than they won. You can argue he was a or the key contributors to losses agains the Pats the first time, Oakland (0 TDs and 2 INTs), Denver, San Fran, Seattle, and the Dolphins. Not all of them were after he tore his bicep (which I still think is more of an excuse rather than a real injury).
    The fact of the matter, many of Favre’s INTs especially the Miami game were not because of his torn bicep, but poor decision making by Favre. I am glad that his teammates realize it (at least as a Pats fan).
    Favre has been a primadonna for years now. It is clear he wanted the Jets staff and players to kowtow to him. They aren’t from Green Bay and aren’t impressed by the aura of Favre back there. He is a lockerroom cancer and will tear that team apart if he comes back next year. If the media didn’t love the guy so much, they would be giving him the TO treatment right now. He is as disrupted with better PR.

  21. As a Packer fan with a clue, I think speak for a LOT of (knowledgable) Packer fans when I say, its about time. Jones might be criticized for speaking his mind, but the fact is, ever since Mike Sherman was the coach here, Favre was given waaaaayyy too much leeway regarding his own treatment. Separate spot in the locker room, separate parking underground, different rules for him regarding training camp, etc etc etc. Its a pattern. J
    ones is right. And the organization is right to expect that if he is going to come back next year, he needs to commit 100%. Laugh at the Packers moving on if you’d like…but imagine the audacity of a player asking a team to let him wait to decide to come back until JULY. That’s absurd, and an insult to the organization. Favre always wanted different rules applied to him, the “good old country boy” facade is a joke.
    Oh…and to the person who said his performance slipped in the 2nd 1/2 of this season because of the biceps tear…think again. If he had a torn biceps this year, he most likely wouldn’t have calcification going on. That comes as a result of time, meaning its an older injury. I think its merely an excuse.

  22. Mangini did not even have authority to MRI Favre’s throwing
    arm. This is why they call it pro sports, for the owners
    love of money. Ownership wanted hard hat Harry, his two
    kids and wife yelling for the listless armed Favre.

  23. I’m wondering why Jones didn’t call out that expensive O-line the Jets have – D’Brick, Faneca, etc. They let Favre get sacked 30 times this year, which is twice as many times as last year. No wonder the guy got hurt. And how about that defensive secondary, which is more like a sieve than anything else? Or those WRs, who are mostly second-rate – Coles in particular dogged it most of the year. And the play calling. Hey, if Jones wants to call someone out, let’s discuss Mangini. Worst play caller in the league, hands down.
    Maybe Jones just wants to get his name in the headlines by mentioning Favre – ’cause that’s the ONLY way he’ll get his name in the headlines.

  24. As a cardinals fan, it pisses me off to hear Thomas Jones gripe about anything. He did nothing here. Does he want to give back all the add’l yards he gained because of teams having to respect the Jets passing game this year? There is NO way he would have gotten that much with Pennington still there.

  25. Anyone out there who doesn’t think Favre will be a Viking next year?
    I guess “Aaron Wilson” is the only one…

  26. Farve & Chilly in Minny would be a Packer or Bear fan’s wish come true!
    Do you really believe Farve has a tendon injury or did Bus Cook or Deanna or Scott Farve float this to help save face?

  27. LOL!! The Jests continue their joke of a franchise.I am glad they are keeping Tannenbaum after all he had nothing to do with getting Favre and spending 140 million on free agents so the Jests can finish third in their division. When Brady went down the window in the AFC opened.Maybe in another 40 years the Jests might have another shot. How is that#1 pick Gholston working out?? Back to 4-12 in 2009 for the Jests.

  28. If he was so hurt all that time so as to adversely affect his performance to that degree why not have the MRI way back then? And why wasn’t he on the injury report (you mean all teams fudge the report? Say it isn’t so!!)? He’s a fraud, and the most overrated player in modern NFL history and it’s an excuse HE made by bringing it up…period.

  29. How ironic that the Jets discarded one likable, weak-shouldered QB for a likable, weak-shouldered older QB. Favre has not put his team first in so many seasons, he doesn’t remember how. Favre himself said he wanted to be traded to an NFC North team just to stick it to the Packers. Not to help that team make the playoffs or Superbowl, but to serve his own revenge factor, his own interest. The calcification in his shoulder happened over time and probably goes back to his days in Green Bay when he threw INT’s like Pacman threw dollar bills at strippers. It was more important to Favre then, and now, to continue his consecutive games streak than have his injury evaluated so the TEAM could make an informed decision about its starter at QB. Favre’s selfishness undoubtedly cost the Packers many games and cost the Jets an easily attainable playoff berth this season. With all the other issues the Jets had this season, they still had a realistic chance at the playoffs. Favre was brought in to put them over the top (and sell tickets), not to drag them down to new levels of ineptness. It was a Detroit Lions-like decision to bring in a broke down, over-the-hill, self-centered, high-mileage, indecisive QB to lead that offense. If I was Mangini, I would be PISSED OFF to take the fall for that stupid personnel decision. Good luck finding a proven coach to lead the Jets with all kinds of question marks about its future QB and the competence of its personnel decision makers.

  30. There was no MRI because there’s nothing wrong with him. So far i’ve still not heard any statement from an actual team source or a physician regarding Favre’s injuries. So far all we’ve heard has come from “un-named sources”. Ed Werder has been reporting this story most of all, and we all know he’s been Favre’s personal mouthpiece. If there was an actual MRI done and there were documented results to correlate what these “un-named sources” are saying………..then there’s no need for anonymity.
    Bottome line, this is all an elaborate hoax and yet another effort by certain individuals in the media to make excuses for Favre. I want to hear either somebody from the Jets organization or an actual physician confirm these MRI “findings”.
    Brett Favre has been throwing INT’s for years now in this fashion. Don’t even try to blame the shoulder you Favre Homers. Brett Favre is 62 INT’s to 66 TD’s in his previous 3 season w/ Green Bay. So stop with the excuses.

  31. Jones just echoed what a lot of people think regarding Favre but are too “scared” to say out loud. You just have to listen to the game comentators and it’s always the receivers fault for not going for the ball or not bating it down when it turns out to be an INT, the RB’s fault for not being able to handle a bad hand-off…………… and the list goes on.
    Favre cost us a lot of games throughout his career and this is why I was not upset to see him go. I guess him coming back just confirmed what we thought. Yes he’s a beloved player for going through hard times, playing after his father passed away, helping his wife get through breast cancer……. but the bottom line is you have to be consistent to win football games and championships. Favre failed in this respect. As a Packer fan, we are better off without him under center.

  32. As predicted ESPN went right after Jones on NFL Live. So predictable. Mark Schlereth attacked Jones personally and never addressed any of Jones’s criticisms of Favre. He blamed Favre’s problems with his teemates on Fredo Corleone. Unbelievable.

  33. Whether Favre’s hurt or not really had no impact in that game – unless he is saying he had a head injury. It wasn’t a weak arm that couldn’t get the ball there that threw those three picks. It was horrendous decision making that would have resulted in 3 picks no matter who made those throws and no matter how their arm felt.

  34. What a douchebag. After several years of underachieving in multiple cities, Jones has a good year, and then bashes the guy most responsible for it. Playing with a QB who defenses actually have to regard as a serious threat for the first time in his career, Jones has a career year. Then, when the team loses their final game (in which he had 10 carries for 23 yards), he throws his QB under the bus. Class act.

  35. Yeah, because Brett Favre blocks for Thomas Jones. It’s Jones/Washington combo, the upgraded O-line, and improved special teams that’s most responsible for the “turnaround” in NY. I’m quite sure Chad could’ve engineered AT LEAST 9 wins with the added bodies and improved special teams.
    And Jones was right to talk smack on the Bears for dumping him in favor of Cedric Benson.

  36. hixie says:
    January 1st, 2009 at 2:44 pm
    Packer fan says “welcome to the last 16yrs we have had to deal with…enjoy”
    You are a moron. You can have the next 30 years of never going to a NFC Championship game or Super Bowl. Remember all those years of Grean Bay losing and embarasment after Lombardi? Get used to those years because they are coming back (Oh wait, they are back). Favre put Green Bay on the map and helped make the Jets a contender this year.
    All you chumps have no respect including Jones. Find another QB with as many TDs, wins, games played, and yards thrown, and the presence to terrify a defense. You won’t! Chump!

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