With the masses focused on Bill Cowher and Mike Shanahan, the Jets have quietly reached out to another Super Bowl winning head coach. Adam Schefter reports that the team plans to interview Brian Billick this week and that he is a “viable candidate” for the job.
They may have competition for Billick’s services from the Detroit Lions, who have also contacted Billick in regard to their opening. Nine of the last 11 Super Bowl winning coaches were fired from their previous job, which could make Billick doubly interesting to teams looking for coaches. Billick was fired from the Ravens, of course, and joins Cowher as the coaches in that time frame who won in their first job.
Another reason for interest in Billick is that he’s still owed almost $10 million from the Ravens. Billick may come at a bit of a discount because of that money. Finally, Billick worked with Ozzie Newsome in Baltimore and, unlike Cowher and Shanahan, may be comfortable working with an established personnel man.


  1. That sucks because he is an excellent t.v analyst. Well spoken, gives in-depth detail, etc etc. Which is exactly what we don’t get from ohhhh 90 percent of the former dumbass players that try to do t.v

  2. yeah they better reach out to somebody!
    7 JETS in the Pro Bowl – how embarasssssing.
    A non playoff team that finished in the middle of the pack.
    the JETS and their FANS are a sham and should be hanging there heads in shame with there abysmal performance on the field and their ballot stuffing supporters.

  3. Would Billick really come as a discount with the Ravens still owing him 10m? As soon as he signs a new head coaching contract, doesnt that void his buyout with the Ravens?
    I would think that if anything the buyout would up his asking price as the Jets would have to talk him out of getting paid 10 million bucks for doing exactly nothing.

  4. Cleveland does looks like a good spot for Coach Billick…although the Lions have as good a chance to rebuild from scratch with their draft positions… As long as he has major imput on building the team Motown is the place to be…GoLions!

  5. Ah, yes. Coach Brian ‘I’m A Legend In My Own Mind’ Billick. The man who thumps a thesaurus while spewing copious verbiage to impress the less-informed and easily impressed masses. May he alight somewhere far away from the spotlight and let his glorious countenance radiate upon the unenlightened.

  6. Billick was an excellent color man and I enjoyed watching him on FOX, but I’d take him in Detroit.

  7. I wonder what will happen when Mike Tannenbaum tries to steal his ice cold Coors Light?

  8. ha ha, billick and i thought cleveland was screwed up! i’ll take mangini over most over rated super bowl coach EVER!

  9. Please, somebody hire this guy before Lerner even considers him; I’ll take anyone but this clown as a head coach. Stick to the Coors Light commercials buddy.

  10. ganggreen says:
    January 4th, 2009 at 11:10 am
    what do the fans have to do with it ?? grow up!!!
    hey gangreen did i get under your green skin with my remarks?
    oh well – i can’t say that my expectations were not met.
    Thanks and enjoy not watching your team in the PLAYOFFS.
    oh – and here is another one for you.
    “Hey Sooziee – i wanna wanna kuh kuh kisssss you -(hiccup)!”

  11. hey joetoronto –
    what are you Jet’s fan or something?
    can’t you think of a better insult than that? where is your whit and charm that you glowingly share with us all?
    it’s okay for you to sling a few arrows but not for anyone else right?
    typical canadian. take a hike.

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