As Doug Llewellyn used to say, “Don’t take the law into your own hands by making it rain bullets on your enemies, you take ’em to court.”
Then again, our memory might be a bit fuzzy as to the precise language Llewellyn used to close out each episode of The People’s Court.
Regardless, Pacman Jones apparently won’t be making it rain bullets on ESPN in response to the report that he instigated another strip-club shooting in 2007.  Instead, he’ll sue.
It will be a lawsuit in a week against ESPN,” Jones said, according to the Dallas Morning News.  “That’s stupid.  It’s so stupid I have no more comments.”
Before filing that lawsuit, Pacman or his lawyer would be wise to consider the concept of defamation.  Yes, whenever false things are said about a public figure with knowledge that the statements are false or with reckless disregard as to their truth or falsity, liability technically arises.
But the plaintiff’s damages are based on the injury to his pre-existing reputation.
In this case, the plaintiff’s pre-existing reputation could not be much worse.
So, Pacman, you can save both yourself and ESPN a lot of stress and worry by simply accepting right now the amount you’d likely be awarded at trial.
The only question:  Is it possible to write a check for an amount less than one dollar?

57 responses to “PACMAN SAYS HE'LL SUE ESPN

  1. Could Pacman be a bigger a$$hole? Somebody explain to me how because I think he has pretty well nailed it this time.

  2. The only question: Is it possible to write a check for an amount less than one dollar?
    I’d say yes, but I’m only basing this on the fact that I saw the Big Lebowski do it once. He wrote a check for 49 cents for his half and half to go into his “Caucassions”. I can here Pacman now…..This aggression will not stand, man!

  3. In order to sue for defamation of character you must first have character! pacman is an idiot. SECOND: The sad thing is this is the kind BS that an idiot like Pacman will win in court!!! Lets hope our justice system takes into account reporting on this stuff when there has been a suit filed against Pacman in this second strip club case will be enough to throw this defamation suit out because ESPN reported on a story, not some fabricated imagined story! PACMAN SOME ADVICE: STAY OUT OF STRIP CLUBS!!!!

  4. What a classy guy..
    He needs to get a life, stop wasting air, and start contributing to society.

  5. Why would Pacman sue ESPN when he can send someone to shoot
    bullets at their Bristol, Ct. location?

  6. What Booty be awaitin’ in grumpy
    pacman jones’ locker?
    Who is this guy, really…
    The poster boy for ‘America’s Team’…? wow.

  7. You sure he’s not suing ESPN because they caused him to lose his job? If, *chuckle*, the story ESPN is reporting is false *snort*, would ESPN face no consequences for that?

  8. It’s “Scrip Clubs”, not “Strip Clubs”. Geez, get it right.
    Pacman was just being rebellion.

  9. @ ball-hawk:
    “ESPN reported on a story, not some fabricated imagined story”
    not that I’m trying to defend Pac-Man…. but it wouldn’t be the first time ESPN ran with a fabricated story… see Walsh, Matt

  10. So, basically, an ambulance chasing lawyer will be taking the last couple of grand that this moron hasn’t blown on strippers, champagne, and bullets to represent him on a case he can’t win. I can live with that.

  11. its cool pacman, you atleast have one fan here. you will bounce back its just a matter of time before you get picked up by another team!!
    Pacmans #1 fan right here.

  12. “Just because you are a character doesn’t mean you have character” – Winston Wolf

  13. Maybe with Pacman out of the league, the “days without an arrest” meter can hit double digits.
    Yeah, right.

  14. a. it’s got to be true (rob parker didnt report it). and no surprise, so no case.
    b, even if it wasnt true, the cowboys have the right to cut him anyway and all the other teams have the right to not pick him up.
    he could cry collusion all he wanted. assuming he hid this other incident from the nfl and jones all this time, that is collusion too.
    keep yer nose clean and this doesnt happen.
    besides, as many have pointed out, he really hasnt been productive enough to make anyone sensible really want to stick their neck out for him.

  15. c_lip_7 you were about an hour and a half ahead of me with that one, dam. I think it was a 69 cent check though, not 100%, but good reference.
    Pacman, go quietly into the night.

  16. Mike your the legal expert however in all fairness to Pacman
    if he is unable to be employed in the NFL, assuming he does
    not get arrested for something else. That would exemplify some
    damage. Moreover reporting on a strip club incident from 2007
    where no charges were filed and there was not a single credible
    witness that Pacman organized the shooting is irresponsible. If
    the media keeps it up Pacman will need a therapist. Well he most
    likely has one already.

  17. askrenes says:
    You sure he’s not suing ESPN because they caused him to lose his job? If, *chuckle*, the story ESPN is reporting is false *snort*, would ESPN face no consequences for that?
    How has nobody else picked up on this? Immediately that’s what my thoughts went to. It doesn’t matter that nobody liked him. If he can convince some civil court judge that he wouldn’t have lost his job save for this (allegedly) false reporting, he should be entitled to something. Obviously, is the report is true, he’s got nothing.
    That said, as a Cowboy fan, I’m glad he’s gone. Pacman is a punk and he was nothing but dead weight all year. Even the rookie corners played better than he did.

  18. This is just further proof that he DOES belong to the classless organization known as the Cowboys.
    I actually want to thank Pacman for helping the Eagles get into the playoffs.
    Will he sue me if I say that HE SUCKS?

  19. Hollywood Wags:
    Thank you, the WVU education IS a world class education. Just because PacMan jones decided to go thug life X 100 after he left the University doesn’t mean the rest will follow suit. But I’m sure you went to Harvard so it’s all lovely.
    Twenty-five WVU students have received Rhodes Scholarships for study at Oxford; few public universities have produced more Rhodes Scholars than WVU.
    WVU has had 30 Goldwater Scholars (America’s premier science scholarship).
    There have been 19 Truman Scholars from WVU, two Udall Scholarship winners (for undergraduates in areas related to the environment and Native American studies), and two British Marshall Scholars (for understanding of British culture).
    WVU recently became the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s lead academic partner in biometrics research. The FBI’s Biometric Center of Excellence will rely on biometrics research being conducted at WVU, providing students with an academic opportunity that they will not find at any other institution in the United States.
    WVU has been ranked among the most secure campuses in the United States by Reader’s Digest. WVU was ranked 18th among 135 U.S. colleges and universities that participated in the 2008 survey, and earned an A for its strong commitment to safety, including the addition of a new Web-based text message alert system, improved lighting, student walking patrols, additional first responder training, and more.
    The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has honored 16 WVU faculty as West Virginia Professors of the Year.
    In 2006, the only student in America to win both a Truman and a Goldwater Scholarship was WVU student Rebecca McCauley.
    WVU has contributed five members of USA Today’s All-USA College Academic First Team.

  20. the better question for pacman would be, “can you make it rain with pennies?”

  21. “PACK-GGER?” What is that about?
    I hope he does get some cash off ESPN. They sure have made enough by demonizing dumbass athletes like him. Look how much animosity there is to him on this comment section. It pays for ESPN to create news. That’s all they cover anymore. Pacman’s a knucklehead, no doubt, but ESPN sucks even more. Go Pac!

  22. Hey P-Vac, at least the Cowboys fans aren’t classless. I’m sure you find something to complain or boo about even if the Iggles win the Super Bowl. At least the Soul can win you a football championship. Stay classy Iggle fans!

  23. Wait a second here, he just got booted off a team because of something that happened at the beginning of his suspension, supposedly. How can you all sit and here and bash the guy. Its not like he did something new, instead, espn is going to run this story, talking to who knows, about something that might have happened.
    Doesnt it strike anyone that maybe these sources just want a bite of the pie? I understand Pac-man has a horrible reputation BUT that doesnt make him guilty until proven innocent. He is going to have a hard time suing ESPN for defamation but IF he wins, I think he has a good case for damages in the amount of 1) the lost contract; and, 2) the loss of future earnings, since I really dont see another team trying to add him after this. It’s not fair that something he paid his dues for, and has abstained from since, is going to come back now after he has made vast improvements.
    I understand the problem that arose this season, however, that was different from his past problems (Strip Club Shootings, allegedly, since he has never been convicted of such shootings), and most likely was the result of a joking situation escalating. The guy has improved his behavior and its unfair to cast him aside for something that happened prior to the changes he has made.

  24. “Could Pacman be a bigger a$$hole?”
    Coullda been selling narcotics out of an SUV in a night club parking lot…

  25. I read the article like a lawyer. ESPN never made any claims about Pacman. They *reported* that people informed them that…
    They are only reporting what other people say. They made no editorial comment as to whether it was true Pacman was a turd.
    Pacman has no case. He needs to sue the people making the claims, not the company that reported it.

  26. How did the NFL NOT notify the Cowboys of this? How can the skeleton actually make his P.R. people float a reason like “we didn’t know.” I live in Atlanta and it was WIDELY reported on here, but when it came down to it, there was no evidence other than Pacman attended the “shoe show” earlier in the evening. This is old news and shame on ESPN for fronting that they “uncovered” this nugget! ESPN = TMG!
    Just say, “we cut him because he played like a girl and caused us to fall into a deep hole vs. My Eagles.” What the F@#%k happened to saying it like it is?!?

  27. The Cowboys have always had some “characters” (like Duane Thomas)….but nothing on the lowlife level of Turdman Jones…another bust for Jerry Jones.

  28. Is it possible to write a check for less than 1 dollar?
    Yeah, ask Jerry Seinfeld as it’s pouring down rain (making it rain) and he’s suffering from writer’s cramp due to signing hundreds of checks for 12 cents each. Farvman – the smug furniture designer rolls up in a Ferrari and says to a drenched Seinfeld “Nothin’ seems to be workin’ for ya.” Epic!
    As for the legal angle of Pac’s anticipated lawsuit, Pac may argue his damages are less to do with pre-existing reputation – and more to do with his losing his current livelihood. Not saying I agree with Pac, just saying.
    Moreover, it may also be in Pac’s best interest to be informed that TRUTH is an absolute defense to a Defamation/Libel/Slander lawsuit.

  29. I’m certainly no fan of Pac Man (or the Cowboys), but I was looking at this story on several sites last night objectively and there doesn’t seem to be any credible evidence that this is even true. The authorities themselves are on the record claiming that while the case is technically open, it is not even being actively investigated. If the authorities had any credible evidence of any kind that Pac Man had ordered a hit i’m quite sure they’d have hauled him in on charges.
    It’s also true that the NFL knew of this incident when it happened, but being that there’s seemingly no evidence of any kind against Pac Man nothing ever became of it. The Cowboys were looking for an excuse, and ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” reporter gave them one when he contacted the team. I think Pac Man could very well have ESPN by the balls if he goes forward with his suit. And if the Goodell chose to give him another suspension or ban he could very well sue the NFL and have a strong case. As I said, i’m no fan of this thug, but to this day he’s not been convicted of anything since he’s been in the league.

  30. ah, I see vox is back after hiding in his mom’s basement for the past 4 weeks while his beloved Cowboys were in a free fall. Talk about a courage-less wimp, everybody was calling your name, looking for you and this is all you can come up with?
    I wanted to see the Cowboys make the playoffs so I could witness the annual tradition of seeing Jerry Jones squirm on the sidelines as Tony Homo blew yet another playoff game. It turns out that Jerry didn’t disappoint, except this time he was in Philly on the last game of the season watching his pre-season favored to make the Superbowl team blow an entire season.
    Oh well, back to the drawing board, another 365 days added to the ticking meter of days since the Cowboys last won a playoff game, what’s it up to by now, 5000 days?

  31. The Dude wrote one for $0.69.
    And my sister once wrote a check for six cents for a piece of gum.
    So I’d say yes.

  32. I’m a Pacman hater like everybody else, but the notion that just because he has a bad reputation, ESPN can say whatever they want about him is ridiculous.

  33. PACK-GGER??? Would you care to explain what that is all about? SMH.
    The real story here is how ESPN is becoming more TMZ, than sports station. They are more about creating great commmercials, and breaking stories that touch on sports moreso than being about sports.
    More steak, less sizzle ESPN.
    Oh yeah, Pacman is an idiot and his ignorance just opens the flood gates for ignorant comments. Some people just never learn. Right OJ?

  34. A Doug Llewellyn reference . . . finally some insight into Florio’s legal education.
    “Don’t take the law into your own hands Pacman, You take ’em to court”
    Doug Llewellyn,
    Chief Legal Counsel

  35. C’mon Florio. Did you take Torts in first year law school? You can also prove actual pecuniary loss as a result of defamatory statements…like, maybe, losing your lucrative job. There are other issues with regard to the publisher’s knowledge, but even if he is a dope, he was a dope with a good job that he no longer has.

  36. I find it funny no one has pointed this out yet, When i woke up this morning and turned on the “live” edition of sportcenter this was the top story. As a matter of fact i had to listen to Hannah Storm and Josh Elliot ramble on about this whole pac-man thing for about 10 minutes. However what i find interesting is that upon my most recent trip to (about 5 minutes ago), i could not find a single reference to this pacman story on the whole website. Mabye the pacman did scare espn a little

  37. HA HA HA hahahahahah HA HA snort
    I can’t stop laughing
    ..Pacman calling someone else stupid…….hahaha
    I’ve fallen down and can’t get up, I’m laughing too hard hahaha
    HAhahahaHAhahahaHAhahaha snort snort

  38. It’s possible to write a check for under a dollar. Apparently I made a tax mistake and owed the state of NJ $27 or so dollars. So I sent them a check, and they sent me another letter, saying that because of interest accrued on that money by the time I sent in the check, I owed them 18 more cents. So I had to send them a check for 0.18 (though I made it 0.25 just to prevent another letter from coming my way).
    (Yes, it probably spent them more money to send me that letter than the 0.25 they got from me, idiots.)

  39. Since it appears he lost his job as a result of this story, he’d be able to recover any money owed on his contract, at a minimum.
    On the flip side, merely proving that the story is false isn’t enough; since Jones is a public figure–and, worse for him, one with a poor reputation–he has to prove ESPN *knew* it was false, and yet ‘published’ the story anyways.

  40. Is it possible that the cowGurlz cut him because HE’S NOT THAT GOOD?!?!?!?!?
    0 interceptions
    2 passes defended
    bottom of the league in return yards
    0 returns over 25 yards
    0 returns for a touchdown
    I live here in ATL, there are things to this story that won’t come out til the story airs. Some of the sources, well known to be “friends” of PacMan, are known “hitters”.
    There are angles to this story that alot of you people on this site don’t know.

  41. espn is garbage
    down with espn, hopefully pacman gets a big settlement out of this.
    espn thinks they are somekind of actual news organization you’re a joke ed werder. you sleep in your taurus outside valley ranch. go home to your family, they miss you. maybe.

  42. not that Jerry needed an excuse to cut this clown, but I believe this was the straw that broke the camels back.
    I believe they probably would have released him anyway, however he was still on the roster after the season ended and was on the active player board for next year according to what I heard.
    Jerry is cleaning house. Jerry thought the plus side of Pacman out weighed the negative side when he signed him, now that it’s crystal clear that the negative out weighs the positive, he cut his losses.
    Jerry doesn’t get a cookie for this however.
    I just wish the Cowboys could get a leader in the locker room that could put some fire into them. Bradie James seems to be the only player that gives a $hit.

  43. 1. I think this is a vindictive story there is no new evidince.there just presenting it in a new format on camera. all the people were interviewed be local offical there was no evidince to say that jones was even involved in the shooting. this is just a chance for Barr to get his name out there an keep this kid down. He(Barr) more than likely have ties with the people in Vagas an is just doing his part of to keep this kid unemployed. An drag his name in the mudd he saw a chance took it. This is a perfect example of the the man keepin you down.

  44. I think this is a vindictive story there is no new evidince.there just presenting it in a new format on camera. all the people were interviewed be local offical there was no evidince to say that jones was even involved in the shooting. this is just a chance for Barr to get his name out there an keep this kid down. He(Barr) more than likely have ties with the people in Vagas an is just doing his part of to keep this kid unemployed. An drag his name in the mudd he saw a chance took it. This is a perfect example of the the man keepin you down.

  45. Promichael,
    Even if ESPN reported with reckless disregard for the truth, and even if the report is false, to prove actual malice on the part of the reporters and editors (who allowed the story to be aired) would be nearly impossible for a public figure.
    Pacman would have to demonstrate actual (real, proven) malice. Unless the reporter and/or editor has made statements of “wanting to get Pacman,” you can forget actual malice. Thus, a lawsuit would be a waste of money.
    I’ve been an editor of weekly newspapers and a managing editor of a daily.
    It’s sad to see this occur. Pacman is still a human being.

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