We continue to be flooded with e-mails from folks who claim that Pats V.P. of player personnel Scott Pioli soon will be introduced as the new G.M. of the Kansas City Chiefs.
Though it’s our general understanding that these reports are premature at best, the tight lid that the Chiefs have kept on the situation makes it very hard to know precisely what in the hell is going on out there.
Len Dawson, formerly of the Chiefs and currently of KMBC-TV in Kansas City, generally cites “reports around the country” indicating that Pioli will be hired by the Chiefs before pointing out only the Eagle Tribune (your guess is as good as ours . . . actually, it’s in North Andover, Massachusetts) in support of the notion that the deal is done, and that the only step remaining is for Pioli to sign the contract.
Also, 610 Sports radio in Kansas City reported on Wednesday that the Chiefs have offered the G.M. job to Pioli.
Still, neither the Chiefs nor Pioli have said anything about the situation.
Other candidates are believed to be Mark Dominik of the Buccaneers and Jimmy Raye of the Chargers. 


  1. I really hope Pioli goes to the Chiefs and they turn their team around so the Lions front office looks even worse for not bothering to interview a new GM.

  2. In case anyone cares or is curious, I live about 20 minutes from North Andover and I can assure you that the Eagle Tribune is not scooping anyone.
    Their sports department is nothing but worthless coverage of high school sports with the occasional fluff piece about how great Bill Belichick is.
    I’m not saying this does or does not mean that the Pioli deal is done, I’m just saying that it’s impossible that the Eagle Tribune has the story first.

  3. Pioli would be an awesome hire for the Chiefs. His first assignment would be to get rid of Herm Edwards as Coach.

  4. I don’t get this. What’s in Kansas City? Is he going for the challenge? Is it the title? Is there that much more money on the table?
    I don’t have a lot of respect for teams that can’t develop their own management or talent. They have to use another team’s organization to develop their own front office. What this shows me is the Chiefs can’t discover their own talent, support it and make it successful.
    “We can’t do this ourselves. Let’s copy another organization. Better yet, let’s just buy their personnel.”
    Good luck, KC, you’ll have a great GM but still a pretty unimaginative owner. Pathetic.

  5. “I really hope Pioli goes to the Chiefs and they turn their team around so the Lions front office looks even worse for not bothering to interview a new GM.”
    Well said G-man!!!

  6. Get this done chiefs, this will be king carl part 2, pioli is way overrated!!! That team was built by Belichick.

  7. Bill Burt of the Eagle Tribune is reliable. He’s an “old school” journalist, which means he does actual investigative journalism and has credible sources in high places.

  8. “I really hope Pioli goes to the Chiefs and they turn their team around so the Lions front office looks even worse for not bothering to interview a new GM. ”
    Hell, yeah, because I got tired of hearing about how Lion’s last win was against the KC and it’s time for payback.
    Chiefs fan in Michigan.

  9. BTW, I hate to see Pioli leave, but In Bill We Trust. Which leads me to a question Mr. Florio: Will the Pats receive any compensation from KC? Probably not, seeing it’s a promotion, but I figured you would know.

  10. Scott Pioli’s first order of business:
    * KC Chiefs get QB Matt Cassel
    * NE Patriots get Chiefs 2nd round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft (35th overall) and TE Tony Gonzalez (which solved a headache for KC as well)

  11. I think the first thing will be if he is the GM will he think Tyler Thigpen is the future at QB or should they look at Stafford or Bradford.

  12. As a Pats fan, I wish Pioli to get what he wants. He has done plenty for my favorite team. If he wishes to run his own ship, I’ll wish him the best of luck and thank him for his years of loyal service. Good luck Scott.

  13. Hey Florio, Bill Burt is a WEEI regular and I know you know that A: they love your site and B: they are pretty much one of if not the biggest sports station in America, so he’s not just some hicktown scribe.
    I am all for this as long as he takes Cassel and McDaniels with him and sends the “Chefs” second this year and first next year this way. 😀
    That’s great, but who are the Chefs?

  14. I think the fact KC is being tight lipped about the situation makes it even more likely that they are signing Pioli.

  15. Pioli’s meeting with Hunt-
    “I go in I say, ‘Who own da Chiefs?’, he say ‘owns, OWNS!'”

  16. The Eagle Tribune is a tiny fish-rag, but then it’s not like Boston’s big newspapers have covered themselves in glory reporting on the Patriots.

  17. 8-Man..your post has to have been one of the dumbest, most uneducated posts I have ever read on this website.
    When your team goes 2-14, what’s the main reason why you had that record. Players. So who is to blame for the type of players the team has? The GM. So Clark did the right thing by finally firing Carl Peterson, whose negotiating style became so awful that multiple free agents would refuse to even come visit Kansas City, because they know they would either be lowballed or put into lengthy contract negotiations. Scott Pioli will bring instant credibility to this organization, and is such a hot commodity that Seattle at one point offered him a 15 million dollar contract WITHOUT AN INTERVIEW. The guy has turned down offers from the Giants, Seahawks, and other teams. If anything, you should commend Clark Hunt for the way he’s handling these talks. Randy Lerner was shooting his mouth off the entire time about the negotiations, and that’s a big reason why he’s not going to Cleveland and they’re going to continue to suck. He brings instant credibility to the organization and free agents will definitely be more attracted to Kansas City. With some good free agent signings, and another strong draft class we’ll be competitive for years to come. So before you start babbling about Clark being pathetic and how KC can’t develop front office types, which I don’t even know what that means, why don’t you do some research before taking a shot at the team and their fan base buddy. Get a clue.

  18. gip2030!!! i love your response to 8-man. every thing u just said i was thinking my damn self. haha. sweet.

  19. 8 man,
    Do you mean Belichick is a home grown talent? Wrong?
    Tony Dungy, Marty Schottenheimer, Bill Cowher, Mike McCarthy,
    Marv Levy, Hank Stram were all head coaches who left KC for
    successful jobs elsewhere.
    I remember about 10 years ago
    playing the Patriots and they were the laughing stock of the
    Think (if possible) before you post.

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