So with Gus Frerotte trying to talking his way out of Minnesota and Tarvaris Jackson trying to play his way out of the starting job (again), Vikings coach Brad Childress has made it clear that change could be coming in 2009.
“It’s really kind of a whole offseason type of study,” Childress said Thursday.  “I’m not going to pass judgment right at this particular point.  I think with everybody here in the organization, just like we always have, is to turn over all the rocks and see what you have there. I would also say that there’s a point with Tarvaris of continuing to evolve as a quarterback, and while you’d like that process to happen immediately, it doesn’t always.  But there’s not anything we’re going to leave unturned in terms of free agency [and the] draft.
“You see who’s out there, and by the same token Tarvaris is going to be here and we’re going to continue to get him better.”
The challenge for Childress will be to know who is and isn’t available, and to then pick one of them.
Or, more accurately, to know who will be and who won’t be available.
Last year, Brett Favre made no secret about his desire to play for the Vikings, whose offensive coordinator (Darrell Bevell) is Favre’s former position coach in Green Bay.  The chatter regarding the chatter between Favre and Bevell/Childress culminated in tampering charges being filed against the Vikings.  (They were later cleared by the league.)
This time around, it’s unknown whether Favre will be available come June.  So, if the Vikings want him, how can they make a run at Matt Cassel or someone else whose presence would exclude Favre from making a late-offseason arrival?
If the Vikings don’t pounce quickly on one of the various quarterbacks with starting experience who’ll be on the market, then the chances of the team making a one-year run with Favre increase. 
The only fairly sure thing at this point?  Barring something completely unforeseen, Frerotte won’t be back — and Jackson won’t be the starter.


  1. Childress is sort of in the same spot as the Jets were — coach with not much to show, somewhat on the bubble, willing to take a chance at anyone who could play QB.
    My take on Favre is that if you brought him in and started him, you’d get what you got the past couple years — flashes of greatness but overall no one who’s going to take you over the top.
    If I were a Vikings fan, I’d be really annoyed that with a great RB and D, the team is still underachieving. They’d be better off going with a longer term solution at QB, IMO. But Favre continues to tempt teams.

  2. What happened to if the Jets cut Favre, they owe the Packers 3 1st rounders? Was that only last season?

  3. Childress sounds like he has no clue as to what he wants to do….
    Take Cassell, I don’t want him in a Jets uniform

  4. I’d love to see a copy of Favre’s phone records over the last couple weeks. I’d bet any money he’s been on the horn with somebody from the Vikings.

  5. you hope jackson isn’t the starter, Childress is pulling his usual “we are going to look at all options” then when it comes down to it Jackson will be “the best option available” because he drafted him. GET OVER YOURSELF CHILDRESS, Jackson needs more time on the bench to watch.

  6. Has Chilly been talking to Bretteney again?
    Now for all you Viking fans that beleive the only thing Packer fans can do is live in the past here’s a little tib bit for ya
    On 1/9/1977 the Raiders drubbed the Vikings 32-14 in Superbowl XI marking the 3rd time teams with more than 1 superbowl victory got their 1st Superbowl win against the Vikings.
    As I have stated before the old NFL equation still is true Purple + Horned Helmets + Superbowl = failure.

  7. Wouldnt the Packers have worked something into the trade clause that states Jets couldn’t trade Farva to the Vikings?

  8. It would seem like Jeff Garcia would be a likely target, he knows the system and still looked good last season even though he’s creeping ever so close to 40.

  9. Oh man… I don’t want Favre here. His late season performance this year, was no better than T Jack’s down games.

  10. If the Vikes go for Cassel it will cost thier 1st and second.
    Since their first is so low in the round they will have to give a second instead of a third.
    Or their next 2 first round picks (pending the PATS franchise cassel of course.)

  11. this is why childress is the worst coach in the nfl….. he gives tavarias the job when he shouldnt have it…. and takes it away just as he starts to figure it out…… t-jax can still be a good qb as soon as next year….. but he should have been riding pine for at least 2 years before getting a whiff of the field…. childress has horrible mismanaged him

  12. Are the Vikings that retarded to sign up Favre after all the sh!t he’s pulled off the last few years, holding the Packers and the Jets hostage, and put off finding a viable quarterback of the future to appease his aging and pouting ass?
    If so, they deserve him.

  13. BenjaminC.Klein says:
    January 9th, 2009 at 11:33 am
    this is why childress is the worst coach in the nfl…..
    What an ass. What about the other 16 coaches in the league whos teams missed the playoffs? Im sure a few of them are far worse than Brad. But I’m sure you know your stuff Klein. What front office do you work for, anyway?

  14. The Jets-Slackers trade had a clause that if the Jets trade Favre to the Vikings or other NFC North teams it would invoke those 1st round picks. If the Jets cut him and the Vikes or another team picks him up, the clause doesn’t mean squat.

  15. I agree with finsbooyah. The Vikings should go after Cassel. He’s smart, can make all the short throws needed in the west coast offense, his long ball was somewhat improved by the end of the season, and he has the mobility that Childress seems to like in his QBs (McNabb, T. Jackson). With that running game and o-line to protect him, all he has to do is not screw up. Besides, I’m a Pats fan. Keep him out of the AFC East!

  16. Derek Anderson anybody? I’ll give up a 3rd for him and I’m sure cleveland won’t want to carry his salary for him being a backup to Quinn

  17. JP Losman’s looking for a gig!!! He’s very entertaining to watch…for opposing fans. He’d look very sweet in purple!

  18. I hate the Vikes and could care less what personnel changes they will make, but for what it’s worth, Jackson ain’t that bad. Look at line and their pass protection instead of flip-flopping on QB’s.

  19. MNRunLeft has it right. Garcia might be the best fit. He doesn’t make a ton of mistakes and with the Vikes D and run game that should be enough. Plus, Garcia lets him continue the fiction of developing Jackson since Garcia is obviously a short-term solution.

  20. Too many Tommy thinks there has been no indication the Vikings have been talking to Favre and this is just another piece of crap “journalism”

  21. No, I highly doubt that the Vikings want Favre. All the blogs and posts I’ve seen recently have been talking about possibly trading for Hasselbeck. Favre is old news.

  22. 30pointChump; Once again you bring up something that happened over 30 years ago, like most of the Packers success. Too Many Tommy thinks you lack any real football knowledge. Thank you for the useless fact of the day. Typical Packer troll who brings nothing to the conversation.

  23. This is indeed a quandry….outside of Cassel the free agent QB’s (although good, are all on the downhill side of their careers). I dont think that Cassel is going to be availible for anything less than two first round picks, as New England will likely Franchise Tag him. That being said, I wouldn’t mind seeing Minnesota go after Kerry Collins, and bring in a draft pick, to mentor under Collins. As most who watch this game know, it takes at least 2 years to develope most QB’s.

  24. I’m a Packers fan and I hope the Vikings are smart enough to sign Favre after he is cut, or retires and then un-retires again. I think that would be great move for them. That would definitely set them up for the future, because it is obvious that Favre has another 4 or 5 years in him at least.
    Ok but seriously I hope Favre ends up with the Vikings, because I would love to see the Packers secondary eat him alive!

  25. I cans ee the Vikes pullin off this one.That Childress guy(dosent he look alot like Squidwerd from Spongebob show)is clutchin for straw,he would do anything to have another first round and out season.And that would be about the very best that could be expected.

  26. Brett Favre, the greatest QB ever, will not lower himself to suffer the indignity of playing for the purple slime.
    Impossible he would stoop that low.
    The vikings are much more likely to make a huge deal with Alex Smith once he is cut. That is more in line with their methodology. They can’t even afford Brett Favre.
    The vikings have never drafted and trained a good QB. They have always traded or picked up a free agent. Some day they might try to draft a good one.

  27. finsbooyah says:
    January 9th, 2009 at 11:17 am
    “Childress sounds like he has no clue as to what he wants to do….”
    You could have just stopped at “Childress sounds like he has no clue”.

  28. Too Many Tommy thinks bob is and idiot and has no idea what he is talking about. he has made the same idiotic, incorrect post the last 3 days. All Packer fans live in the past but I will give most of them credit for at least knowing it.

  29. Why not take a look at John David Booty? They drafted him, why not see what the kid has?
    What about the slew of quarterbacks coming out in this draft? I think if Tebow comes out, as much as I hate him, the Vikes should draft him.

  30. I can see the Vikes pullin off this one.That Childress guy(dosent he look alot like Squidwerd from Spongebob show)is clutchin for straw,he would do anything to have another first round and out season.And that would be about the very best that could be expected.

  31. They would be much better off with Cassel rather than Favre. If the Patriots franchise Cassel, he could probably still be had for a second round pick. It’s not as if the Patriots have much leverage and they will do whatever it takes to (A) not have to pay the franchise tender salary to Cassel, and (B) keep him away from the Jets. Cassel, however, might prefer to go back home to the west coast.

  32. How can you say “Barring something completely unforeseen Jackson won’t be the starter” ? I agree with the statement about Gus, but we are talking bout Chilli known for be stubborn….I also think TJack might have shown enough improvement to maybe stay around as the starter. I’m not saying its not at all possible that they will they go out a get a starting QB but, at this point I would put my bet on Jackson being they guy to start the year…….and please NO FAVRE!!! I would take Jackson and the small hope that he still as a upside over Favre on the downside of his career ANYDAY!!!

  33. cut to the chase, what difference does it make who is the QB on the Vikings if Col Clueless Klink is calling the plays. Honest to God, is there a dumber, more stubborn, egotisical head coach in the NFL?
    I am personally pulling for T Jackoff. The whole jump pass routine is a thing of comical beauty and I would hate to see the NFL without it.
    While Klink is looking under every rock, he might convince a few of the season ticket holders to come out of hiding. True, they lost another playoff game but the good news it wasn’t a truly heartbreaking Superbowl or NFC championship this time. (that last one 41-0 loss to the Giants was close though)

  34. Cassel is a perfect fit for this team. Look at what they did with Ferotte and Tavaris Jackson, they made it to the playoffs, with a halfway competitent quarterback, I think they have the potential to be the best team in the NFC.

  35. Chilly’s just not a good coach. They have the best running back in the league, a decent o-line and one of the best run defenses in the league. That’s a recipe for a run-first bigD team along the lines of a Tennessee, Pittsburgh or Baltimore. Should be good right? Yet they underperformed in a weak division. Their secondary sucked. Their qb play was spotty and the play-calling was brutal. It just adds up to bad coaching. Getting a new qb isn’t gonna change that core problem.

  36. It would be better if Childo hinted at a Head Coaching change.
    Too all the Vikings fans spouting off about the Packers, you need to realize that you just look like the typical Vikings fans that so many make fun of. You win one division in 8 years after a history of mediocrity/failure/choke jobs and you come out of the woodwork like you just won the super bowl! I guess I’m used to this living in Minneapolis, but it’s good to see that the fans are sticking to their true colors on the internet.
    Now go away and look at photos of the Vikings Super Bowl trophy’s. Oh wait…..

  37. What’s the big deal with this? Jackson deserves to have a spot as the back-up QB because that’s what’s he proven to be.
    He was good enough to lead the team to a few wins when he needed to step in, but not good enough to lead a team in the playoffs.
    Sounds like a solid back up, so now they need to make the move to find a starter.

  38. Q.How many packers fans does it take to screw in a light bulb??
    1 to actuallly do it and 10,000,000 to sit around and talk about how good the old one was…packers suck

  39. What in the hell makes anyone think that jumppass can QB? Stop with this garbage that he needs more time. What are we on, a ten year plan to finally figure out that TJump’s best upside was never more than the next Mike Tomczak or Rodney Peete?
    Geez here’s a great anchor for the Vikes, lock on to some soundbite about how it takes years to develop a QB, then you don’t have to ever worry about evaluating his talent or play on the field. Which is just what Chil-do is doing. And there is no doubt since Tjump is a pre-season and practice QB that Chil-do will fool himself and feel justified to start him. Besides, no doubt with his huge ego he still believes that Tjump was the right decision.
    Anyone else catch that Chilly seemed happy and proud of his team after the loss? I think he felt vindicated on all accounts. He is clueless.
    Jumpy’s before benching play was terrible. The question wasn’t whether he should be starting, it was how close was he to Steve Dils and Spergeon Wynn as worst Viking QB of all time. The wins were from AD and the defense. He was a one trick pony who threw a nice, although flat mid range pass.
    Then the benching, where Gus promptly showed that our receivers weren’t as bad as Tjump made them look. Gus also quickly demonstrated that he was washed up. I don’t remember him being so bad the rest of his career. Maybe it was old age and senior moments that made him so inaccurate and careless during some games because his win loss sure didn’t reflect how he tried to give games away. He’s crazy if he thinks he should be starting. I was pissed that we had to have him as our best option after a game with four ints.
    When Tjack came back he appeared to have all the qualities i covet in a QB. He used the inside of the pocket to escape rushers, made beautiful accurate passes with arc and touch, etc. For the first time he looked like an NFL QB. It was shocking because he was a truly putrid QB before and I’ve never seen a transition like this. You can always tell, the great ones exhibit their talents early, even if the record is bad.
    But one thing was obvious in two of the games, Tjump got nervous when he felt the game was on his shoulders and he reverted all the way back to his Spurge/Dils days. This clearly happened in the last half of the playoff game. I don’t care how good he looked and how good he looked in practice or how many regular season games he can win, he’ll be a total liability in the playoffs.
    And it needs to be remembered what an advantage Gus and Tjump have because of AD which hides their failings even more.
    This is like Culpepper and Cunningham who didn’t see the whole field and were fine as long as their primary receiver got open. Their legs could hide that they held the ball forever and couldn’t find a secondary receiver fast enough, but good defenses can neutralize running QB’s which made them a franchise killer if you want to win a championship.
    Gus shouldn’t be considered, Tjump is a franchise killer but could be a third or second stringer. The Vikes need to get Leftwich or some other playoff capable QB and draft the best first round talent QB in the draft. Maybe double dip in another round.

  40. CaptainFantastik agree with Too Many Tommy that Bob is an idiot who is, as usual, in denial of the actual facts. Homers usually are.

  41. What do you call a Viking with a superbowl ring?
    1)A thief
    2)A free agent
    How many Vikings fans does it take too screw in a lightbulb
    All of them but they are still in the dark because they never had a lightbulb in the first place
    Still losers since 1/9/1977

  42. @whatthehellisgoingonoutthere
    I haven’t seen any vikings fans claiming we won the Super Bowl. We are fans commenting on an article about OUR team. If you want to talk about coming out of the woodwork, how about Packer fans every year and every day talking how about injuries costs them the last season and they will easily win 5 more games based on the changes they may or may not have made. then sprouting off about all of their championship only 1 of which was any time recent. Oh dont forget all the history. YOUR NOT THE ONLY TEAM WITH HISTORY. Whether it be good or bad the Vikings are as much a part of the history of this league. Are they the only team not to win a Super Bowl? No. Are they the only time to be there 4 times and not win? No. Seriously get over yourself Packer Fans.

  43. No way Jackson doesn’t start next year. This guy can play. The worst thing Minny could do at this point is make a run for Favre. After that Arizona game I considered buying a #7 jersey. You don’t just all of a sudden, out of no where start playing like that. Watch his eyes. Good stuff in that game. As far as the Atlanta game the only reason they hung around was because of Jackson not in spite of. He ran up against a bearcat in the giants and philly teams. They have very good DC’s and can game plan exceptionally well. I think that illusion got into the minny coaching staffs heads as much as any of the players. Breakdowns in the Philly game were special teams, O-line play and conservative play calling in the second half. Sure Jackson played poorly in the second half of that game. I just feel the problems they experienced ran much deeper than simply his alleged inability to lead his team.
    Incidentally, if they do want to head in another direction at qb (enormous mistake in my opinion) than bundle a package and make a run at Carson Palmer. Cincy picks high. They also have some product they could move to position themselves even better and invest in the future.

  44. BOB NELSON – THREE TIMES IN ONE WEEK – the most assinine comment in the history of PFT.
    Fran Tarkenton WAS DRAFTED by the Vikings in the 3rd round – 1961. Instead of posting to PFT, maybe you should try going to an NFL history site before posting bullshit.
    And – while we’re at it – the LAST good quarterback that Green Bay drafted and “trained” was Bart Starr. (Aaron Rodgers has only played one year – too early on him.) Remember David Whitehurst and Don Majkowski? Ha. I’d take Tommy Kramer, Wade Wilson, Brad Johnson or Daunte Culpepper (all Vikings drafted and “trained”) over those Packer drafted losers any day.
    Go away, idiot.

  45. Vikings fans are the BEST. One pin prick, and they act like they need a freakin’ appendage amputated. Face if Queens fan, you railed the Packers up and down for letting Favre go…saying this was YOUR time now with Lord Favre gone. Instead, you actually ended up with a worse division record than GB, and GB still has the best QB in the division.
    Its also great when Queens fan talks about GB fan….and how they always bring up history. You know why that is? Because we have some. Face it….you’re losers….you’ve always been losers…always will be losers. Its time to break down and admit your fate. Football didn’t begin in 1960, and its been almost 50 years, and you STILL haven’t won a thing. One division title in 8 years, and you were all screaming SUPERBOWL. Comical. Completely and utterly comical.
    So…go cut another hole in 1 of the 10,000 lakes, grab another plate of lutefisk, and fire up the wood stove. Its going to be another long winter in Minniehaha, and another long football season next year.
    Safe to say, the Packers will be back. With the best QB in the division, and new blood on defense, you might as well beat the Christmas mail rush for next year and just send us the division crown.
    Oh…and no COD’s on that.

  46. @Too Many Tommy,
    Yes, you are correct, they do have history in the league. A painful one. History of choking and losing the big one. Tied with only the Bills for most Super Bowl losses. Denver lost 4 as well, but they also won two. It’s convenient for Vikings fans to tell Packers fans that they live in the past only because they don’t have one to revel in when it comes to winning or not choking in big games.
    They backed into the playoffs with 4 wins that were gifts from the officials and now the fans act like they are almighty when they were on and off the bandwagon with each win and loss during the season. I live in Minneapolis. I see it on a daily basis and it makes me sick. I also heard from April from just about EVERYONE that the Vikings were for sure going to the Super Bowl. My response was “not without a QB”. I guess I was proven to be correct.
    Seasons aren’t won in in Spring. Vikings fans do the same thing EVERY year. I’ve seen it for the past 18 years now. EVERY Summer, the fans boldly spout off trying to convince ANYONE who will listen that this is the year they will go to the Super Bowl. It doesn’t matter if the team looks good on paper or looks like crap. The reason why they live so feverishly for the future is because the past is too haunting and painful.

  47. hey Leucas, as far as I know the Jets still hold the rights to Brett Favre. And when the Packers traded Favre to the Jets, Green Bay put a clause in the trade contract that stated if the Jets turned around and traded Favre back to the NFC North then they would lose all these draft picks and money to the Packers.
    So unless the Jets cut favre, which I dont see happening. Due to his value to teams outside of the NFC north. Then there’s no way in hell that the Jets will be trading him anywhere near the NFC north

  48. @pakrguru
    And there it is. The Vikings haven’t won so they never will. Cancel the season, the Packers are here.

  49. Hey Packguru – so far, no new blood on defense. (In fact, with Harris and Woodson – the blood is quite old.) The coaches don’t make the plays. Two years ago, Bob Sanders was the greatest. Now, one bad season and they dump him and most of the staff. It’s not like he turned into Ted Cottrell overnight.
    BTW – most of the Pack fans who post comments on Vikings articles are the one’s who are constantly bringing up history. Seems to me, the Pack was so bad for so long, that games between Tampa Bay and Green Bay were called “Bay of Pigs”.

  50. @employer
    Please send me whatever you’re smoking! Big deal on the Arizona game. He threw a bunch of short passes 2 long passes on blown coverage with receivers uncovered that happened to be TD’s. 11/17 163 yds and you’re ready to put him in the HOF?

  51. Two Minute Tommy, that’s pretty smart thinking. It will save you a lot of heartache in the future. You could substitute the Bears in that sentence as well as the Lio….oh wait. Nevermind.

  52. Well, let’s hear it for the Vikings, let the record show that they did indeed draft Tarketon. Let’s set aside it was 1961, we shouldn’t bring up history. Especially since 1961 the Packers have won 3 Superbowls and the Vikings are 0-4.
    I’m not sure it really matters if the team’s starting QB was or was not originally dafted by the team. Seems to me that Ron Wolf went way out on a limb to trade away a #1 draft pick (something the Vikings do more frequently than they should) for a 3rd string QB on the Falcons. 17 years later, you could say the gamble paid off.
    So if the question is what should the Vikings do at QB next season? Maybe they should draft a QB in the first round, let him sit for 3 seasons so that when he finally starts, it will look like a seemless transition…how come that sounds fimilar?

  53. Fran Tarkenton may have been drafted by the viklings but they never trained him well. He was trade to the Giants where with some coaching became a good QB.
    The viklings then in yet another time of QB desperation traded for Fran Tarkenton.
    As I said before the vikings have never drafted and trained a good QB in the history of their franchise.
    Think how pathetic it is that you have to go back 50 years to attempt to claim they drafted and trained Tarkenton. He never had 200 completions or 3000 yards a season until he was TRADED back to the viklings.
    The NFL’s worst and most uninformed customers are viking customers.

  54. Is Childress under any pressure to win in ’09? I’d think the answer is a resounding “Hell yea.”
    He may not care about giving up draft picks for Cassel. And if Rick Spielman is still involved in personnel decisions in Minny he never met a draft pick he wouldn’t trade for a QB. However Pats may not want to trade Cassel unless they’re positive Brady will be good to go this year… anyone want to bet on that?
    Jests are cash strapped and have no reason to keep Farve, who they’ll save $13 mil in cap space if they cut him. Seriously – what’s the likelihood he’s going to play any better than he did this year? They’d probably prefer for Farve to retire… but it’s quite likely he still wants to play (I know, shocking!) and he can force them to cut him simply by showing up. But even if he is cut… Vikes would have to agree to take him. They may not want to after what happened in NY.
    Garcia is a FA, is proven, knows the offense, and is a leader. Makes so much sense it means Childress is sure NOT to want to him. LoL. But just in case Vikes are interested, question is what if any other teams would compete for his services?
    Last but not least – don’t discount the possibility of McNabb.

  55. I think its a mistake not o play Jackson he has showed some great things yes he had trouble but the kid has a cannon for a arm and can make passes.
    Not to many Qbs can just make the jump from collage to the pros
    Here ask your self this has Jackson gotten better since he has started the answer YES he will keep improving Vikes will make a huge mistake by letting this kid leave he will be good IMO

  56. Favre 2008: RIP Mangini, HC of NY Jets
    Favre 2009: RIP Childress, HC of Minnesota Vikings
    Favre 2010: Retires; RIP ESPN Rumpswabs (COD: broken hearts)
    Cassel to the Vikes makes the most sense. Pats get to trade out of division & conference and end up with a late first round pick, which they’d prefer over a top 10 pick.

  57. The vikings have never drafted and trained a good QB. They have always traded or picked up a free agent. Some day they might try to draft a good one.
    Hey Bob….who do you think drafted Fran Tarkenton in the 3rd round in 1961. He only held every major passing record before your boy Bret.
    Oh yeah….he is also in the HOF.
    The Vikings arent picking up Favre…not now not ever.
    No where in this article does it say that they will.

  58. @ Bob_Nelson –
    If you don’t want someone going back 50 years (actually, 48), then don’t use the word “never.”
    It makes no difference anyway, those people that drafted or “trained” Fran in 1961 are all dead; or feeble-minded like yourself.

  59. Tarkenton went to two Pro Bowls before he ever played a game for the Giants. Can we put that to rest now? Bob is wrong. Whether he admits it or, he is.
    @Too Many Tommy: How about Matt Hasslebeck? Or if you really want to dig into history, there’s always Bart Starr.

  60. Jimicos. Matt Hasslebeck is pretty decent but I dont remember him putting up big numbers in Green Bay. Too Many Tommy agrees we should put this to rest, just can’t let annoying Bob-o slide as hard as I try. Honestly I think Hasslebeck would be a great fit in Minnesota if we could get our hands on him. it would be a fresh start for him and at 33 would be a solid option for a few year. i know the rumors were out there that he was avaivable but it sounds like those have died

  61. Despite the bad feelings between Minny and Seattle over the Hutch event, and Ruskell saying that Hass will stay in Seattle, I would not be surprised to see the trade happen.

  62. Pack Drafted QBs = Trained, 1987 forward:
    Majkowski 10th Round Virginia 1987
    Anthony Dilweg 3rd Round Duke 1989
    Ty Detmer 9th Round BYU 1993
    Mark Brunell 5th Round Washington 1994
    Matt Hasselback 6th Round Bos. College 1999
    JT Sullivan 5th Round UC Davis 2004
    A-Rod 1st Round California 2005
    Matt Flynn LSU 2008
    Brian Brohm Louisville 2008
    There you have it, some dogs, but some QBs that have gone on and had some pretty damn good careers in the NFL.

  63. I’ve watched the Vikings for 40+ years. The problem is not so much Tavaris Jackson as it is The Offensive line, The quality of wideouts, and the very mundane, pathetic play calling and clock management.
    Let Tavaris loose to audible, run when needed, and to throw deeper patterns. It’s so obvious that the system sucks. Brad Johnson,and 5-6 other veteran QB’s could not get any proficency out of this system. Gus Ferrote was 7-3 due mainly to the Defense and the return of Mc Kinnie, Berrian and the start of Shancoe actually catching a ball starting the 3rd or 4th game. If Tavaris had throwen 15 INT’s I think I would have said get him out.But Gus does and some people actually wanted him to start. If T Jack should be cut loose what about Romo he had Owens and Williams and couldn’t get it done against the Eagles. How about Joe Flaco he was 9 of 23 Cut him to ? Even Matt Ryan played poorly 4 int, in playoff game as I recall. The public and media need to get off this kid and get on Chilly’s case. The offense only throws when they’re forced to and always short of 1st down. That’s real tough to see on tape and defend. This team could have any starting QB out there and if the same plays are called and the mismanagement continued by the coach we would still be lucky to get to 10-6.

  64. Favre is done.
    Tjack sucks.
    And, watching favre for a year would teach the kid nothing and do nothing to improv e his horrible mechanics.

  65. Madmax whoops I had a typing error you must agree with the other points
    Packersucks is that your screenname or your hobby
    Toomanytommy 3rd person champion. Toomanytommy think toomanytommy talk with toomanytommy too much. That guy mentioned 4 times in a comment is almost as bad as losing 4 superbowls
    Please though Packer faithful let’s bow down to the obvious superiority of the Vikings they do have scoreboard until next season remember in their minds they smoked us along with a little too much crack this year
    Happy 32nd anniversary of SB XI boys
    Other Demoralizing Upcoming NFL Anniversaries for Viking Fans
    1-11-1970 39th Anniversary LOSS in SB IV
    1-13-1974 35th Anniversary LOSS in SB VIII
    1-12-1975 34th Anniversary LOSS in SB IX
    WOW keep up this kind of choking Helga Hats and you’ll have to regularly shave your palms

  66. You wouldn’t believe how bitter pac fans are in Wisconsin over their horrible season. Most are pretty clear that Rodgers is a great Qb except for one little flaw, he shrinks when the game is on the line and he’s got to pull out the win. They know that they are in for a lot of disappointing losses.
    Farve was over rated and even though many pac fans could never admit that he just isn’t that good, he had the quality that he played his best at crunch time unlike Rodgers. pac fans know Rodgers is back to the 80’s.
    I was crushed when the pac cut Farve, hoping that they would stay with the phony idol worship, knowing that they were lucky to win one championship with him, against the easiest competition ever to make it to the superbowl. No way do they win a superbowl with Farve if they faced standard caliber playoff teams. He throws too many ints. They got crushed by Denver, a team that wasn’t that great.
    Well over half can’t stand that Farve is gone and blame Ted Thompson. The ones that still have the phony Madden fever worship of Farve. I’ll tell you pac fans are bitter because they’ve had failure for decades at a time and aren’t looking forward to it again. So be gentle with some of the pac fans because they’re in for a long road.
    Tjump showed his true colors. Why is it that certain QB’s only have to make a couple of good plays, show some athleticism and they are forgiven everything else? He wilted in the fourth qtr in Philly which means he’s a choker. It wasn’t because Philly picked things up or took it from him, he reverted to his old self without a change in circumstance. 1 for ten. I could care less about the int or the loss, he played well the first half.
    If nothing else, can some of the t-hump supporters admit that if T-hump wilted he will kill us come playoff time and a QB like him that looks good is the worst thing for a franchise?

  67. @whatthehellisgoingonoutthere?
    I’m not smoking anything.In fact I’m all crossed up on Klonopin if you must know. Friggin’ smart ass.
    When I read your reply to my innocuous post (that big scary word means harmless, so you can stop tearing the bill off of your camo hat now) my first thought was that you must not have watched that game. Than it occurred to me that you may have watched the game but didn’t SEE the game. Jackson threw 4 td’s in that game. If I remember correctly three were in the first half. His first touchdown pass was a perfectly executed 40 yard rainbow to Bernard Berrian down the right sideline. He couldn’t have placed that ball in a better location. The corner was all over Berrian with help from on top closing fast and Jackson made a big time throw. He stepped up in the pocket, head up field and only his eyes were moving to scan the field. Great feet. Oh and incidentally, it was 3rd and fifteen.The second Touchdown was about a six or eight yard missile into the solar plexus of Sydney Rice. Rice couldn’t help but catch the ball because it was lodged in his rib cage. It had to come hot because there was a spot in the end zone with a white jersey behind it and it was about the size of a football and closing fast. And I’m guessing that you had forgotten about the beautiful pump fake move to Bobby Wade On his last Touchdown throw. My point being is that Jackson earned every touchdown throw he made in that game. No one fell down. There were no tipped,batted or lucky catches. Just well placed balls because of less than predictable play calling.Like I said earlier. This kind of stuff doesn’t just happen. This kid can play. Like it or not Jackson starts next season. And he should. Oh, just a side note. I think his QB rating for that game was around 146. Isn’t 157 perfect?

  68. @John Randle
    You bring up some very good points. It’s clear that they are well thought out and sound as if they are based on experience. It’s difficult to argue the fact that tjack was simply horrid in the beginning of the season. I mean truly horrific. However as you had stated in an earlier post. (not verbatim) You had not seen such a drastic turn around in a player as you had seen in Jackson from the beginning of the season before his benching, to the return after Frerotte’s injury.
    Now maybe I’m being a hayseed but I’ve played and watched a lot of football in my life and I have to say that It’s been a long time since I’ve been as impressed with a players development in such short period of time given the incredible demands of his position. I was the poster boy for the run Tjack out of town campaign earlier this year but after recent developments, as witnessed by my own eyes, I’ve definitely softened my stance. I say the guy gets one more year. I have no point of reference or basis for this next statement, but I get the impression that Tjacks on again off again struggles run deeper than my casual observations are privy to.

  69. After winning the NFC North, the fans expect a lot next season. Jackson is not ready yet to take the Vikes deep into the playoffs. I hope Management will be able to put together a great team.

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