Two years after the Raiders parted ways with a well-known player named Moss, they could be landing a head coach of the same last name, but a far lower profile.
Packers assistant head coach/linebackers Winston Moss, the sole survivor of a recent purge of the defensive staff (other than the quality control guy), will be interviewing for the head-coaching job in Oakland, according to Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.
Moss played for the Raiders from 1991 through 1994.  The 43-year-old has worked as an assistant coach for 10 years.  He recently interviewed with the Rams for their head-coaching vacancy.
In Oakland, Moss would be the second person formally interviewed for the vacancy that arose when interim coach Tom Cable’s stint ended with an unexpected two-game winning streak.  Cable was interviewed earlier this week, and Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride had a 90-minute phone interview that the Raiders later characterized as something that was done as a favor to Gilbride’s agent.
By interviewing Moss, the Raiders will be in compliance with the Rooney Rule, which requires at least one minority candidate to be interviewed for each head-coaching vacancy.  The Raiders, however, would be one of the last teams to suspect of conducting narrow-minded, non-inclusive job searches.  They had an African-American head coach (Art Shell) long before the movement to compel consideration for minority candidates gathered steam, and their Chief Executive (Amy Trask) is one of the only females in any position of significance with any NFL franchise.
Then again, this doesn’t mean that the Raiders don’t have something up their sleeves.  We wouldn’t rule out the possibility that the Raiders are interested in making Moss their next defensive coordinator, and that they lined up an interview of him for the head-coaching position because the Packers could have blocked an attempt to interview Moss for any other job.


  1. It’s time the “Rooney Rule” was sent packin’.
    If that’s the only reason Al is interviewing Moss, then it’s a waist of both of their time, as well as the resources to get him there.

  2. The Raiders were also the first team to have a Latino head coach in former coach Tom Flores.

  3. Especially since Al Davis never hires defensive minded coaches, although he is very loyal to those who have ever worn the Silver & Black.

  4. My imitation of Vox:
    Moss? When I first saw that I thought Randy Moss.
    Hold the applause people I’m here all day.

  5. I’m wondering when someone is going to stand up and demand equal treatment for Asian coaches. I think the Rooney rule is a joke and if you are going to go down the race path then you should have to interview at least one candidate who’s genealogy can be traced back to at least one of the 7 continents. Good luck to the candidates from Antarctica!

  6. An undisclosed source indicates that John Herrera will be named as the Raiders next head coach. It will simplify the process whereby Mr. Davis calls the offensive plays and defensive schemes as Herrera’s head is already up his ass.

  7. The Rooney Rules does apply with asian coaches, in that the Rooney rule requires the interview of a minority candidate (as defined by the NFL).
    For example, if a team interviewed Norm Chow for a head coaching job, they would have met the Rooney requirement.
    That said, the rule is a joke and a sham.

  8. “My imitation of Vox:
    Moss? When I first saw that I thought Randy Moss.
    Hold the applause people I’m here all day. ”
    I sure was thinking the same thing when I first read it. I thought the Raiders were so desperate they would bring anyone in a coach. I bet Moss could have a 1,500 yard season and still coach the Raiders to a winning season he’s so bad *ss.

  9. Maybe the NFL should adopt a “Looney Rule”, so that Al Davis can hire himself as head coach/offensive coordinator/defensive coordinator/special teams coach.

  10. Winston Moss can not leave the Packers to become a defensive coordinator because of his assistate head coach title. it would be a lateral move, and he’d need the Packers permission.
    Now speaking generally, not of the Raiders, the rooney rule is an outdated sham. how is it not exploiting a minority to interview them purely because on the color of their skin, for a job they are not truely being conscidered for. I understand that when the rule was made, it was important, but times have changed, there are many black head coaches, and the door has been permantly opened. How is it fair (hypothetical) that Jim Haslett could not be named head coach from an interm hc because he is white, but Mike Singletary can because he is black? this rule needs to be rethought.

  11. What makes Moss such a high demand guy?? His linebackers have regressed steadily every year. Is it the scheme in which they were playing?? Or is it maybe that he’s just naively eager, thusly making it easy for teams to satisfy the Rooney dinosaur…not necessarily my personal thought; just throwing it out there.

  12. I saw In-Vai-Duhhhhh last week walking down the street…
    He had on Two Raider Eye Patches, a Cane, and a Seeing-Eye Dog!!! LOL

  13. Personally, if the Raiders were serious about Moss being HC, what’s the qualitative edge he has over Cable, who now has NFL HC experience. We’re talking about hiring a B-rate HC – so you might as well continue on with Cable, he’s a B-rate as you can get.

  14. Well one things for sure … if Winston Moss does take over as Head Coach in Oakland expect to see a drastic improvement in at least two things: 1. PAD LEVEL and 2. LEVERAGE. Any Green Bay assistant should be quite knowledgeable with getting the most of this from any player! Thanks MM.
    Since everyone is saying there needs to be a “middle man” between Al Davis and the Coach and since anyone who wore the “silver and black” already has the “in” I think Al should hire Matt Millen as his new G.M. and Bill Romanoski as the new Head Coach! (since Romo already has his power point presentation ready to roll interview when he said he should be hired as Denver’w new coach). That would have to be successfull right? Committment to excellence? Between the two of them they have about what? 18 Super Bowl rings? I smell Championship!

  15. C’mon Al this is your one and only chance to take this loser off our our hands. Nobody here wants to pay his severance.

  16. First I saw Romo to head coach thinking Tony Romo only to find out it was crazier. Romanowski for the Broncos. Now this Moss thing…. such trickery to makes me read these articles. I am waiting for something really silly now like Farve. Only to find out it’s Beavis Farve who coaches Highscool football somewhere in South Dakota.

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