Last week, we pondered via PFTV the four playoff matchups.  In the end, we picked the Falcons, Colts, Ravens, and Eagles. 
We got two right, and two wrong.
This time around, we’re going for 4-0.  Which likely guarantees an 0-4 finish.
First up, the Ravens-Titans game.  So give us two minutes and 28 seconds of the last workday of the first week back after the Holidays and see what we have to say.
And then, if you’re making a pick of your own, it’s probably wise to do the opposite.


16 responses to “RAVENS-TITANS PREVIEW

  1. I gotta take the Titans.
    I know the Ravens looked really good last week but I think the Titans Linebackers are going to make all sorts of chaos for Joe Flacco and I don’t think the Titans will turn the ball over like the Fins did.
    It will be close though I’d say……… 17-14 Tennessee.

  2. Ravens have been blowed up(Thanks Emmitt) when they have been favorites by everyone. Giants & Colts pounded there fearsome defense, also the enthusiasm about an opposing team reminds me of the Steelers game. Its 2009, not 2001, the Titans are home with a rested, aggressive defense & run offense that seems to be disrespected for what it has done.

  3. I don’t know how you can be so high on the Ravens defense and not say the exact same things about an equally strong Titans defense.

  4. I love it! This is what the Titans do best… come up big when everyone is doubting them.
    And I like how Florio started with a Madden-esque statement about how if the Ravens’ defense and offense play well they should win. Ya think?
    Here’s my insight: if the Titans’ defense doesn’t allow the Ravens to score many points and the Titans’ offense scores a lot of points they should win. There. Now I should be a youtube sports commentator.

  5. Should be a great game. I have big time respect for Jeff Fisher and the Titans. Don’t think that points will be plentiful. I think the game comes down to which QB or offense makes the least mistakes. If Collins plays like he did in 2000 we win. If he protects the ball the Titans win. Flacco doesn’t make a lot of mistakes. Look forward to the game. May the best team win. Go Ravens.

  6. Where are those poinsettias? They were absolutely GORGEOUS!
    J. Edgar Hoover and Rock Hudson

  7. I am not sure I like all the love the Ravens are getting this week. All season long everyone was picking against us in the big games. The rookie will eventually play like a rookie, but each week recently it has been the other teams Qb that looks like a rookie.
    The one thing the Phins did not do was turn the ball over. Pennington may not have a strong arm, but he was not known for the pick 6. The commentators put it perfectly though, they were not turnovers, they were take aways.
    The last time the Ravens played the Titans, Flacco had 2 real bad turnovers. He threw the ball right to the defenders on passes he now throws to the bench. The trouble the Titan fans should remember from that game was that they never really got any pressure on Flacco, the D line got beat up, and we ran the ball a lot better than you did.
    This time our O line is going to finish the job, and the D is about as likley to score as give up a score recently.
    I like the Titans, but the only edge I see they have for this game is the rest. At this point in the season, Flacco is a much better QB than Collins. Both teams have strong run attacks, the Titans more explosive, but the Ravens more of a grinder and stout in short yardage. The O lines are about even, but with a healthy Jason Brown and a back up C for the T, it tilts toward the Ravens.
    I do not even have to make the case for our D. The Titan D is really good, but even they know what 52 and crew can do.
    I expect a good game, closer than the Miami thumping, but I do not see the Titans getting more than 14 points, and that is no longer enough to beat the Ravens.

  8. The Titans once again will show people (florio) how very wrong they are. 24-10 Titans. Oh and the Titans gave up 8 sacks all year, Kerry doesn’t have to be mobile (florio). By a very large contrast the Ravens gave up 32 sacks. So long as Kerry Collins doesn’t pull a Chad Pennington the Ravens won’t be in it for long. If Kerry makes any mistakes look for the Ravens to head to the championship game.

  9. All you Titans lovers are overlooking that the Ravens are ranked higher in offense and defense then the Titans. Also the Ravens would have beaten the Titans if not for a horrible call by the refs.

  10. Florio picked the Titans to not make the playoffs…. Instead they had the best record in football. Keep it up Mike and they will win the superbowl!

  11. This is the same type of thing that happened vs Pit. Everyone started picking Pitt and the Titans got pissed. Everyone I’ve talked to says the Titans players are more focused than they’ve been all year. They want this game badly. They won’t come out flat like they did early in the year. If you look back at that game Collins threw some bad picks early and then the first 3 drives were ruined by penalties. Not happening this time around.
    Last time these 2 teams played the Titans had so many injuries on the DL (even KVB early in the 1st) that AH couldn’t even come out of the game b/c there was no one to replace him and this is a team that loves to rotate their DL to keep them fresh. Dave Ball (the guy that replaced KVB at DE while he was hurt) had to play DT b/c they were so short and the Titans still won. Think about the pressure they’re getting this week. Titans didn’t have Gage that week either.
    Ignore what Fisher has said, the Titans have been preparing for the Ravens for the past 2 weeks b/c they figured the Ravens would kill the Dolphins, everyone did.
    Should be a hell of a game.

  12. I love it! This was the same sorta thing people were saying about the Titans at the beginning of the season. Too many question marks, only character will bring them through and you can’t bet on that. Yet the Titans showed they had character in spades. Same thing now. They’re more rested, they’re healthier than the Ravens. Their D is great, and they have a vet qb and a very very well prepared coach on home field. And they still have something to prove. Yet everyone wants to bet on a rookie qb and a rookie coach IN THE PLAYOFFS??

  13. The worst kept secret in the NFL: Florio likes the Ravens to knock off the Titans.
    To tell the truth, that is not a bad pick at all, and there is a great argument to the Titans possibly letting off the “gas pedal,” and who knows, maybe they can’t find it again? It’s certainly happened before.
    But I just think the Tennessee Titans are too good. That two-pronged running attack is astounding, and Kerry Collins is a heck of a lot more experienced than Joe Flacco. The Titans will win it in a friggin melee.
    To let others know my picks, since it’s fun to predict games (I was 3-1 last week, and also, bring back Pick’Em for next season!), I like the Titans, Panthers, Eagles, and Steelers.

  14. I don’t know how you guys don’t crack up in the middle of these
    On another note – GREAT combover by Bracato.

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