Well, at least someone at CBS is paying attention.
After no reference during the game and no mention of it for much of the post-game coverage, Boomer Esiason acknowledged the 10,000-pound elephant in the end zone.
Specifically, whether Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco stepped out of the end zone in the fourth quarter.
Boomer said on the air that Flacco did not step out.
After the commercial, CBS showed a definitive replay.  
Flacco did not step out.  Unquestionably.  Indisputably.  He did not step out.   

[UPDATE:  Here’s the video, in which ESPN spliced together the live angle with the end-zone view via the uncanny ESPN Axis thing.]





  1. The coverage and commentary sucked. No video replays shown on time. It never looked like a playoff game in the video coverage.

  2. LOL Why even post that picture? His foot was up in the air at the time it was captured and makes that image meaningless.

  3. Announcers sucked today. At least it wasn’t the refs this time (okay that non-delay of game call was bad but they’ve been happening against the Ravens all season long). Bring on Pissburgh!

  4. It was at least worth a challenge by the Titans. CBS totally dropped the ball.
    How bad does Crumpler feel right now?

  5. This play was defintely worthy of a challenge by the Titans.
    CBS dropped the ball. If I was a Titans fan, I would’ve been livid.
    Anyways, how bad does Algae Crumpler feel right now?

  6. Not a Titan fan but I have this image on DVR as well. His foot may be in the air in this photo, but it does indeed come down out of the end zone. It’s not even close…No idea what Boomer is seeing. He unquestionably plants his right foot out of the end zone before taking the crow hop back in and throwing.

  7. Dan Dierdorf is a moron. Any game day crew that includes him as a member is doomed to suck. They totally dropped the ball on that play.
    The only angle that would have shown anything would been from the back of the endzone. I don’t know if they even had that angle. It would have been nice to see it if they had. I was for the Ravens anyway, so I am satisfied with the end result.
    Crumpler is a duffus anyway. He visited Michael Vick in prison? Enough said.

  8. this is garbage the game was blown for the titans,they allowed the ravens to play like punks,first off they penalized a titans player for protecting his back from having his BACK broke,leroy harris is the man i might add,then the obvious step out im a huge die hard lions fan and i totally thought of orlovsky as soon as i seen him step out,but then what is new the refs blow everything in college and pros2 points and the ball is huge at that point,goodell waste his time doing pointless stuff like taking the game overseas,we dont neeed that,what we need is what we have here to be better,as a fan i am disapointed every weekend,there is just way to many blown calls and to many times announcers dont know what to say becuse they dont want to make the nfl look like a scham and lose theyre job,and is it me or did kenny albert and tony siraguasa looked coked up or what at the cardinals panthers game i mean it is 53 gegrees out and these 2 r pouring sweat,daryl johnston wasnt all glossy eyed and sweaty,is he on doctor’s med’s? or recreational meds?u tell me

  9. He stepped out. It defies logic and physics to say that he didn’t.
    Tell me then how does he move forward to throw the ball without putting his foot down? He surely didn’t hop on one leg. He was out.
    The new media darling Flacco wins again.
    His stats blow…

  10. “then the obvious step out”
    LOL, CBS showed the end zone angle replay after the game and he wasn’t even CLOSE.

  11. CBS is terrible. I was dissapointed the whole game with the covereage. They were rooting for the Titans the whole game. Collins could do no wrong especially when he was doing very wrong. The only thing worse than CBS is those clowns on ESPN Monday nights.

  12. In the pic what I want to know is, where is his left foot? His right foot is in the air, but his left looks awfully close to the line and if the right is in the air over the line it would appear the left is over the line. Also someone at Yahoo sports timed the delay of game no call and I was right 1.35 seconds. There is no excuse for that call not being made. Strangely in the Cards game it doesn’t take the refs an extra second to call delay of game.

  13. Flacco was damn close to stepping out on that play. He didn’t step out. To say that it “wasn’t even CLOSE” is patently absurd, rarson.

  14. “Flacco was damn close to stepping out on that play. He didn’t step out. To say that it “wasn’t even CLOSE” is patently absurd, rarson.”
    My apologies, you are right. What I meant was that it was very clear from the other angle that he didn’t. It WAS close, so close that I thought he might have stepped out when I first saw it.
    It looked to me, from the other angle, that he was about 2 or 3 inches away from the white.

  15. This clip doesn’t show when he DID step out (I think).
    It needs to go about a second longer. He steps back once, and then steps back again. Check it out.

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