If there was any doubt, the Ravens are for real.
Eight years after beating the top-seeded Titans in Nashville, Baltimore has done it again.
This time, the victory was aided by two questionable calls late in the game.
First, quarterback Joe Flacco looked to step out of the end zone on a third-and-ten play midway through the fourth quarter.  If he did, and if it had been called, the score would have been cut to 10-9 Ravens, and the Titans would have gotten the ball back after a free kick.
Second, after the Titans tied the game at 10, Flacco allowed the play clock to run out.  But the officials didn’t throw a flag for delay of game.  And on the play that proceeded without a whistle and a flag, Flacco fired a strike to tight end Todd Heap that put the team into Tennessee territory.
Regardless, the Ravens get the winner of tomorrow’s Chargers-Steelers game.

26 responses to “RAVENS CONTINUE TO ROLL

  1. Those calls did suck and while you can’t do anything about it now, those officials should be ashamed. We are now to the point where only this season’s best zebras are on the field and this is inexcusable. Granted, the titans shot themselves in the foot with penalties and turnovers, but the refs blunders didn’t help. Baltimore is a good team and I’m not surprised they won, but all of these things going against the Titans plus losing Chris Johnson is enough to doom any team, even a #1 seed.

  2. The thing that blows me away is that despite his numerous errors, Flacco plays like a seasoned vet (other than the non-call for delay of game). This team is for real.

  3. Well, this… is… AWESOME.
    IF, the Steelers win tomorrow, I can’t imagine what Heinz Field is gonna be like next Sunday night. Consider me officially psyched.

  4. Another reason why they should get rid of Instant Replay completely. That’s a clear mistake by the refs, but not challengeable. Yet you have refs going under the hood and making calls based on what they ‘think” happened as opposed to what the rest of the country sees.

  5. Dan Diedorf’s announcing was the major blight on an outstanding game. The penalties were too bad, but Diedorf was worse.

  6. Take away the results of the non-calls, and Ravens probably lose–so how can they “be for real.”?

  7. Flacco didnt step out, so says the replay on CBS
    Hoping for a Ravens/Steelers matchup next week. That would be a WAR.

  8. Agreed, locustsofdeath. The play-by-play work was noticeably terrible, and took away from the game.

  9. 12 penalties, 3 turnovers inside their own 25 yd line, and a missed FG by 1 of the best kickers in the game…
    And all you can do is make 3 posts about a supposed “bad” call WHICH WAS ACTUALLY ACCURATE. He did NOT step out of bounds. The CBS postgame replay showed he didn’t.
    Smh weak game analysis by this retard…

  10. 2 missed snaps as well by Leroy Harris. Titans jobbed themselves, don’t blame the refs titan fans…

  11. 161 yards passing, 50 yards rushing. I thought the Steeler offense was bad, the Ravens O is pathetic.

  12. 12 penalties,2 defenders slip on a 3rd down bomb, 3 turnovers in the red zone or damn close to the red zone, injury to CJ, missed fg,(I’ve never liked Bironis when the pressure is on, one 60 yarder to beat the Colts does not a career make) and lets not forget the 1 bad snap on 3rd down and then the bad snap on 4th down. The titans beat themselves.
    To hell with bad calls by the refs or the one no call on the delay. The Titans played poorly, thier offense is still totally predictable.
    Where is a blitz package coach Fisher??? Your playing a rookie that wasn’t all that accurate down field. In the first half he wasn’t all that accurate over the middle. Where the fug are the blitzes??? Yeah, it’s nice to see pressure from the front four but any qb needs to taste the turf once in a while foe the pressure to be effective.
    Gage makes good catches when he’s wide open but he doesn’t even come close to being a number 1 reciever and he can’t become a defensive player when there is a pic.
    The crows played a safe game and let the Titans self destruct. Good plan coach Harbaugh. Congrats to all of the Baltimore fans. You’re defense will probably win it all now. I don’t think anyone else can get pressure on Flacco. Not without a couple BLITZES!!!

  13. The Curse of the Terrible Towel strikes again! Not only did Tennessee disrespect Myron Cope’s creation during the Steelers game, but they handed out a fruity baby-blue version for all their fans? The loss was bound to happen.

  14. Whoa, these are my boys and I do think they are for real, but they are also overachieving. Only because they have had 4 starters on IR and had 2-3 more go down today. I don’t care what anyone says about injuries, they make a HUGE difference. A healthy Ravens team would have won this game outright today.

  15. Titans Choked!What is up with the stupid towels the Titan fans were waving?? The second I saw those towels I thought what a sorry idea some moron in Tennessee came up with. I guess Keith Bullock can take one of those home with him since he cann’t back up his stomping of the terrible towel.
    And PS I hate the Steelers but what a stupid idea was those ugly baby blue towels. Titan fans should be embarrassed by that performance today.

  16. Ravens offense isn’t that bad. They ran the ball on 3rd and long twice to start the game. They were way too conservative.
    After that they opened things up and Flacco made big plays. This guy is no Trent Dilfer, he can do more than just manage a game, he can WIN a game.
    11-2 record 13 tds/5 ints last 13 games (including the playoffs)

  17. I think if they had let Flacco throw a little more, it would have been an easier win. Every point that the Ravens scored was directly aided by a good pass by Flacco. It’s almost frustrating to watch them play like this because it really seems like they’re holding him back, but then again, the conservative approach resulted in zero turnovers, so I guess I can’t complain.
    It really is annoying and pathetic to watch the Ravens in Tennessee play so well after having a bunch of injuries and a short week, only to have a bunch of haters whine about two non-calls. If the Ravens had turned over FIVE FREAKING TIMES, we wouldn’t hear the end of it.
    Let’s set the record straight, by the way: Flacco didn’t step out of the end zone, and if you had waited 10 minutes to post this story, you wouldn’t have had to post the retraction story (by the way, I love how you don’t even bother to edit the original erroneous speculation… what a great example of journalism we have here). Furthermore, the fact that the Ravens were able to score a field goal after not having the delay of game called doesn’t change the fact that the Ravens defense was STILL able to hold the Titans off after they got the ball back, and it also doesn’t change the fact that the score was tied up to that point. I don’t think it’s reasonable to argue that they would have lost the game without that field goal. The Titans blew their own game, Baltimore simply played more consistently.
    Delay of game penalties are missed sometimes. It’s a fact of life. Get over it. Or, keep whining about it, which does nothing.

  18. Maybe Tennessee should have worried more about playing the game instead of trying to copy the Steelers . See what karma does for ya ? lol Oh well ……….. Hi Baltimore …. See you soon .

  19. Let’s just talk about bad calls. The Ravens could very well have been home for all the playoffs had 2 calls not went against them that were ridiculous.
    Against Tenn in the first matchup, Kerry Collins was not hit on the head in the last drive, which replays did show as a bad call. Result, the game would have been over, but the Titans continued to drive after thw bogus 15 yard penalty and beat a very tired Ravens “D”.
    The Steelrs game, rd 2, the call should not have been reversed and as seen by the lowly Chargers “D” stopping the Steelers on 4th and less than one near the goal line…the game outcome really could have been quite different. The Steelers can make people think they would have went for it, but we all know Tomlin is a good coach and would not have been that bold.
    The Titans are a real good team. The Ravens were lucky to get out of there considering they have played 17 straight weeks. They are running on pure emotion. Yet it was the hits…the discipline ad great play that won the game for the Ravens…despite the yardage differences…which do not translate into points.
    For the Ravens,8 days rest will help and look out Steelers….you have to believe 3 against this team will be quite a chore…unless the magical refs save the Steelers again. Ravens 19 Steelers 16

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