ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Colts coach Tony Dungy is back in Indianapolis and will meet on Sunday with owner Jim Irsay.
Per Mort, an answer regarding whether Dungy will return for 2009 should be announced within the next 24 hours.
That said, there’s something about the reported procedure that seems odd to us.  Dungy plans to confer with his wife after talking to Irsay and before letting Irsay know what he plans to do.
But why does talking to Irsay have anything to do with Dungy’s ultimate plans?  If we didn’t know better, we’d think that Dungy was trying to squeeze even more money and/or consideration out of Irsay before making a final decision.


  1. Right you are, if there’s anything Dungy is know for it would be his greed and dishonesty. Nice call, you nailed this one.

  2. You think it’s odd that a coach wants to discuss his future plans with his wife, then let the owner of the team know what he intends to do?

  3. @ncoolong . . .
    i think it’s odd that dungy would need to talk to her again after meeting with the owner, since he’s supposedly been talking to her all week. what could irsay say to change dungy’s mind, unless irsay is offering a deal better than the one dungy already has?
    and why would dungy need to talk to his wife after talking to irsay? if the decision isn’t about getting a better deal from irsay, there’s nothing that irsay could say that would change dungy’s mind.

  4. I see now, Mike…Maybe his wife hasn’t let him talk about it yet. My wife can go a week of straight talking without mentioning anything of substance.

  5. Dungy = Favre Stop with the retirement drama already. Also, how many times can this guy lose his first playoff game and not be called out? His team seems to choke and awful lot. All those Tampa teams sucked in the playoffs and it wasn’t his fault, and now except for the one year the Colts choke every year, and it’s not his fault. Will someone ever hold this guy accountable?
    I am starting a new rumor right now…I heard Bill Cowher will be interviewing for the Colts job if Dungy gives it up.

  6. That Colts team has the makeup of a Super Bowl team, and there is of course Peyton Manning back there. From a football perspective, it’s definitely a good idea to come back.
    But, of course, Tony Dungy does have that ultimate Super Bowl ring, and his place in NFL history is pretty secure, so if he feels it’s best to leave, then he has to do what he has to do because the Colts deserve a coach who is 100 percent committed.

  7. The fact you’re even listening to a report from Chris Mortensen is what’s distressing here. Half the time the guy makes it up and now you’re questioning Dungy’s actions based on the report of a known liar. Why you put stock in a reporter that creates fictional reports is beyond me.

  8. He’s probably on the fence…wants to see what Irsay is offering to keep him in the game, then passing it by his wife (I’d think that is what most of us who are married would do in making a career/life changing situation). He’s had a lot go on in his life over the last few years, and I’m sure that the loss of his son still weighs heavy on him. When he leaves the game, it will have lost one of the classier coaches – and I put him in the same league with Cowher.

  9. I don’t think it has anything to do with money. If anything, I think he’s probably trying to strike a comfortable balance between his loyalties, and wants as much information as possible before making a final decision. Thus, he talks to Irsay first, hears what he has to say, goes home and discusses that with his wife, and hears what her thoughts are, then goes back and talks to Irsay again.
    Irsay is probably begging him to stick around, and his wife is telling him to do what he’s comfortable with….maybe Irsay is trying to get him to stick around at least as a consultant or something.
    He’s a terrible postseason coach, but Dungy seems to be a pretty good guy with pretty clear motives.

  10. This clown should be fired how many times as a home favorite he has lost and considering he has one of the best QB of all time yet he finds a way to lose in the playoffs ….But we all know we cant say that cause he’s….

  11. Can they keep Dungy as a regular season coach, and bring in someone to take over in the playoffs?

  12. Yeah, Dungy is trying to squeeze Irsay for more money. I also heard he was hanging out and making it rain with Pacman and was spotted near the grassy knoll. That Dungy has fooled us all.

  13. The more I watch the Chargers-Colts game the more I want Dungy to retire. Time for a change. Not a dramatic change but something is wrong with this team come playoff time and it starts with the coaching staff.

  14. >> If we didn’t know better, we’d think that Dungy was trying to squeeze even more money
    This is what they call “projection”.

  15. i would expect little change in the colts choking in the playoffs under caldwell.
    a scheme team can have huge issues against a “personnel team” when the scheme team doesnt have the right personnel to run the scheme.
    indy cant stop the run. and increasingly, they cant run.

  16. Why is it just the head coaches fault that they do not win in hte playoffs? Where is Polian’s fair share of the responsibility? Tony can only coach the players that Bill picks out for him.

  17. tgfpftandmf says:
    January 11th, 2009 at 8:41 pm
    Why is it just the head coaches fault that they do not win in hte playoffs? Where is Polian’s fair share of the responsibility? Tony can only coach the players that Bill picks out for him.
    Because Polian has put enough talent on that team to win 12+ games a season for the past 6 seasons and have won only 1 SB. That team should have multiple SB’s or at the very least go furthur than 1-n-Done in the playoffs.

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