Ed Werder of ESPN reports that Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson is not expected to play in Pittsburgh on Sunday, due to a groin tear.
Tomlinson officially is listed as “doubtful,” which technically means there’s a 25-percent chance he’ll play.
But tight end Antonio Gates (ankle) likely will play, per Werder.
With L.T. out, Darren Sproles will get the start.  The question is whether the moss-covered tar pit known as Heinz Field will allow allow Sproles to cut, burst, accelerate like he did in the wild-card round. 


  1. For real. Torn Groin? Ha! Its only a horribly painful injury which makes playing football at any kind of decent level impossible. He should definitely go out and hobble around through awful pain, hurt himself even more, and be totally ineffective while doing it.
    I’m waiting for Chris Johnson to get called out for sitting out most of yesterday’s loss wrapped in a parka.

  2. it does not come as surprise that such a pussy would have a groin problem in the biggest game of the season.

  3. I never understood why he gets so much crap for not being able to play on one knee and with a torn groin muscle.
    There are a lot of haters that must be the toughest SOB’s in the world.
    Typing from their cubicles…

  4. Yeah Spank you have no idea. These jackholes are doctors who call themselves football fans and sit in their hello kitty bedrooms typing up criticizm on people who would do more on the football field as quadraplegics then said jackholes could do as is.
    And whats up with this:
    “The question is whether the moss-covered tar pit known as Heinz Field will allow allow Sproles to cut, burst, accelerate like he did in the wild-card round.”
    Florio I don’t think a Lawnmower could do any of those 3 on this field. And you’re a Dbag for still being a Bolthater. You hate 29 teams equally. One more than all. 2 less than any. You know who they are. Ass.

  5. oh please, there’s about as much chance of LT playing with his bruised vagina as there is he won’t be crying his eyes out over some perceived slight after the Chargers are dismembered by the Steelers.

  6. This is why I dont care for fantasy football. These Jerkoffs who think LT sucks or is overrated must have been shafted because they took him #1 in their fantasy draft, and he didnt give him a good season. Like it or not he’s the best RB of this decade, BAR NONE. Dont argue it, because there is no argument. So throw dirt on the man because he carried a franchise on his back for a decade and the 400 touches a season may have finally caught up with him. So whoever TRULY thinks Tomlinson sucks, They honestly do not know football and they are a complete tool.

  7. Where has LT carried his franchise? Last time I checked he has no rings. All of the touches, yards, and TDS don’t mean anything. What really matters is how these guys play in big time games. Nobody cares if LT goes off for 3 tds and 200 yards in week 4 against the Chiefs. The playoffs and the super bowl are what matter and this guy is nowhere to be found in the big games.

  8. love the comments about injuries…
    probably 50% of the posters are doubtful for tomorrow with hangovers..

  9. @Nedirect
    Agreed. That Barry Sanders, total loser. Dan Marino? The Dolphins would be better off if he hadn’t been born.
    Get real. Some of the very best players never even sniffed the Superbowl, and a hell of a lot of guys who have rings didn’t do much to earn them. Even some of the best players won their rings not because, but in spite of their terrible performances in the Playoffs, because they had a good enough team to carry them.
    LT is hurt. Hurt players can’t play. Maybe we should call out Brady for not playing this year. Where was he when his team needed him? Oh ya, he was hurt, just like LT.

  10. I hate the Super Bowl Championship argument, because it calls Dan Marino, Barry Sanders, and Dan Fouts losers, but proclaims Mark Rypien, Trent Dilfer, and Brad Johnson champions.

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