The Titans’ loss on Saturday could be the Lions’ gain.
With Tennessee out of the postseason, defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is in play for a second interview with the franchise that finished 2008 with the first-ever 0-16 record.  
FOX’s Jay Glazer reports that Schwartz is en route to Detroit for a second interview.
Per Glazer, the Lions also are keeping an eye on the Eagles-Giants game.  If New York loses, defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo will be given a closer look — and the job could come down to one either Schwartz or Spagnuolo.
It’s not known whether the Lions would wait for Spagnuolo, if they’re comfortable with Schwartz.  If they hire Schwartz before Spagnuolo becomes available, it’ll be even more proof that forcing guys whose teams are still alive in the playoffs to wait to receive offers for head-coaching jobs will cause some guys to miss out on opportunities.  (We were going to say “prime opportunities,” but we’re talking about, you know, the Lions job.)


  1. I’ve heard others mention it before, but I would repeat it again here. The Lions have a huge chunk of cap space and a number of good draft picks that will help offset it’s horrible current talent pool. It’s a good sports town with a fan base desperate to win and in a fairly weak division. Detroit has had a horrible decade, but it as in as good of a spot for a turn-around as there ever was. A coach that were to come in and do that would be able to write his own checks. I’d say that qualifies for “prime opportunity” status.

  2. Now Tom Kowalski, a Lions reporter (whose reports have become downright awful since the Lions have shut the door on front office news leaks) is stating that Schwartz is not interviewing today.
    It makes sense as you would think Schwartz has been preparing for the Ravens game all week instead of preparing for his 2nd interview with the Lions.

  3. If a guy like Deion/Faulk/Romanowski said they wanted to coach the Lions they’d have a shot. Why do they always aim so high?

  4. I like the thought that it could be Schwartz coming in. Maybe he could bring Haynesworth with him. The defense has had a glaring inability to get pressure on the quarterback, leaving their secondary at the mercy of their opponents. A couple good draft picks on defense and a new LG/LT, and this team could have a little hope. I’d love to see it, but seeings how the Leos like to do everything half-assed and backwards, I’m not getting my hopes up.

  5. worse than the lack of pass rush pressure is that detroit has a sieve up front when the opponents run.
    if he comes here, schwartz will still be under mayhew and lewand. temper your optimism.
    schwartz has also come under criticism for having a lousy defense when he has lousy players, like when tennessee was in cap hell.

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