At a time when it appears that the next defensive coordinator in Green Bay will be former 49ers head coach Mike Nolan or former Jaguars defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, Adam Schefter of NFL Network reports that there’s another candidate for the job.
Eagles secondary coach Sean McDermott, per Schefter, is also a leading candidate for the position.
McDermott replaced John Harbaugh who parlayed one year in that position (and several more as special teams coach) into the Ravens head-coaching job.  The prior year, McDermott worked for a season as the replacement at linebackers coach to current Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.
In all, McDermott has been with the Eagles since 1998.
If McDermott is still under contract with Philly, the Eagles could block the move.  If his contract is expiring after the current season ends, he’s free to go.


  1. Many Packers fans have been clamoring for McDermott ever since Sanders & Co. were fired. The only surprise is that Mike McCarthy would look past his buddy Nolan. Clearly Ted Thompson has had some influence in the hiring process.

  2. I don’t see this as a “surprise”. Packers fans have been talking about him before Sanders was ever fired.

  3. McDermott could be a great pick-up for my Packers. I would be thrilled if he ended up in Green Bay.

  4. McDermott is an up and comer, another good looking Jim Johnson disciple, would def. be a solid choice. It was only a matter of time before he started getting looks as a coordinator.

  5. This is what insiders have been pushing for weeks.
    Nolan’s true record as a DC is “vanilla” when you take into account that he inherited Marvin Lewis’s system and players in Baltimore, sucked in DC, made the Giants worse and after having control of player personnel in SF was rated 25th in defense at the time in his fourth season when he was jacked.
    MM was heading in this direction, but I think that the chorus or objection by fans and then probably TT have made Nolan a suspect pick that would be more cronyism than an attempt to make the D better.
    Williams is better than Nolan, but McDermott is the name that has been growing in volume by fans and media for weeks.
    The Packers need a new aggressive style ala the Eagles Jim Johnson and McDermott is just that person. Hopefully McCarthy does not feel the pressure to make a move on Williams if the Eagles win today and he cannot meet with McDermott for at least another week. I would put all of our chips on McDermott and if Williams is gone – then Nolan.
    No one is touching Nolan so he should be our plan “C” or lower.

  6. Nolan and Williams are stop-gap hires. A McDermott hire shows that MM is thinking more about winning games, not protecting his job.

  7. McDermott, Williams – one of the two should be the selection.
    Would love to see the 3-4 in Green Bay again, but they don’t have the personnel to make it happen….yet.
    For now, take the 4-3 pressure defense that Williams or McDermott will bring.

  8. If McDermott is the secondary coach and he is being offered an advancement to DC, can the Eagles still block that move?

  9. No one knows if McDermott is the answer until he does it. But he’s Irish which counts for much.
    Still, Williams is the best hire now.
    The Packers need to sign him asap.

  10. The NFL doesn’t consider a move from position coach to coordinator an upward move. Basically the only move they can not block is a move from an assistant (position coach or coordinator) to head coach.

  11. Eagles blocked Spagnuolo the year before he became Giants DC. Wouldn’t suprise me if Reid did it again. Espically since McDermott would be the favorite to become the DC once Jim Johnson retires – which could be very soon.

  12. The blog Schefter had up about this was mysteriously taken down. Did he report this on NFL Network too?

  13. this is the guy we the fans want.i highly doubt even if he is available mike will go after him, he wants to surrounded by his friends, just like sherman did, and where did that get him ?

  14. Even if they COULD block McDermott… I don’t think the Eagles will. McCarthy said when Winston Moss was interviewed, and when Jeff Jagozinski left for BC, that he’s all for ‘career advancement’. I would assume most clubs realize that a guy going from a secondary coach to a defensive coordinator in Green Bay is big career advancement move.

  15. Only problem I’d have with this hire is if he’s as good as Spags, the Packers would just lose him in 2 or 3 years, while Nolan and Williams would never have another shot at HC.

  16. I can’t understand all the Nolan hate. As a head coach, it’s probably justified. As a DC, he’s had a lot of bad 3 and out or turnover prone offences which will skew your defenses rankings/stats.
    I love the 3-4 defence. The Packers are probably 2 offseasons away from having the right personnel to be competitive with it though. Nolan would need to be at least average with a 4-3 during that transition period. If he can do that, I’m all for it.
    I’m leary of Williams – he’s going to have HC aspirations, and his arrogance has got him in trouble. There’s no question he can get a lot out of a D, but a coaching staff needs continuity.
    I would love to see a properly executed 4-3 pressure package similar to Jim Johnson. If McDermott can do it, great. If it’s going to be a repeate of Bob Slowik and his 2004 excrement, no thanks.

  17. i dont think nolan or williams dont want to be hc again. i just think nolan wont get a chance very soon, and that would be ok with him as he and m2 probly get along.
    gb needs healthy defensive players first and foremost. some more run stoppers up front sure couldnt hurt.
    sometimes coaching is overrated.

  18. If they want McDermott they’d better move really strong and fast as soon as they can talk to him. I’m all for taking time and getting it done right, but am starting to get a little sinking feeling that all the best candidates will go elsewhere and we’ll end up with Winston Moss, who hasn’t exactly taken the LB corps to new heights.

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