The Kansas City Chiefs have announced that they have hired Scott Pioli to serve as the team’s General Manager.
Pioli, who spent nine years with the Patriots, replaces 20-year G.M. Carl Peterson.
“We are very excited to welcome Scott to the Chiefs,” owner Clark Hunt said.  “With his proven track record of success, Scott is the finest player personnel executive in the NFL, and we look forward to his leadership in building a championship organization.”
Pioli, the two-time Sporting News Executive of the Year, acquires full control of a football operation for the first time in his career.
The Patriots, who have lost two key employees in two days, have issued multiple statements regarding the move.
Said owner Robert Kraft:  “Scott Pioli was an integral part of the many championships the New England Patriots have celebrated this decade and I would like to thank him for his countless contributions throughout the past nine seasons.  Scott is a great evaluator of talent.  He is thorough in his evaluations, extremely organized and has done a tremendous job mining all possible resources to help Coach Belichick and his staff field the players needed to win consistently.  He has played an important role in building a championship tradition with players that I am proud to call Patriots.  On behalf of the entire Patriots organization, I wish Scott continued success in his new role and offer best wishes to his wonderful wife Dallas, and their beautiful daughter Mia.  I think Clark Hunt and the Kansas City Chiefs have made a very wise hire.”
Added Belichick:  “To sum up in words everything Scott Pioli has meant to this organization and to me personally would be difficult, if not impossible.  From the day I met him, he has demonstrated a passion for football and respect for the game that is second to none.  It has been extremely gratifying for me to follow Scott’s career ascension from the bottom of the totem pole in Cleveland to his place as a pillar of championship teams in New England.  Now with the opportunity to steer his own ship and a vision of building a winner, there is no more capable, hardworking, loyal, team-oriented person than Scott Pioli.
“On a personal level, the Belichick-Pioli bond runs far deeper than our workplace, as we and our families have shared countless memories away from football.  Working side by side with one of my best friends for almost two decades is special enough in itself.  But to help each other achieve success beyond our dreams is a blessing and something I will always remember and appreciate.”
Wow.  Was that Bill Belichick?
Did I say wow?
And so the Chiefs begin the process of returning to competitiveness in one of the least competitive divisions in the NFL.  Per various reports, coach Herm Edwards won’t be part of the process.
But Pioli will.  And perhaps under his leadership the team will do something it didn’t do during Peterson’s 20 years and hasn’t done in 40 — win a Super Bowl.

45 responses to “CHIEFS MAKE IT OFFICIAL

  1. They only won that Super Bowl cause they played legendary big game choker Fran Tarkenton. But at least NFL Films got some good Hank Stram footage out of the deal.

  2. Not gonna comment on Pioli, but I will say this:
    “Wow.” is by far the most common sentence here at PFT. You guys use it in practically every other article. Even the new writers use it. Often, “Wow.” makes up an entire paragraph.
    Could we see some new and fresh exclamations of surprise/awe?

  3. And it was the cameras that helped you 2 frauds “other achieve success beyond our dreams”.
    Why they do not give the cameras the credit they deserve is truly disappointing.

  4. Dont know why its so surprising to florio that Belichick said something nice about his friend and compatriot . He even wished Mangini well and always wishes well for his staff. Just because he doesnt give a 100 interviews and is chatty like anyone else doesnt mean he is always deprecating his staff.

  5. My hats off to the Chiefs! Nice move! They did something that Cleveland couldn’t pull off.
    I’m not a Chiefs fan, but the Chiefs fans have something to really cheer for, and I’m happy for you Chiefs fans.
    I think you’ll see a good turnaround in the ’09 season.

  6. Would like to say that I called this the day Carl Peterson was fired. It’s a great day in my life as a Chiefs’ fan.

  7. If what everyone says is true and Pioli really is a great evaluator of talent I hope he doesn’t end up doing what Carl did and give his coaches whatever they ask for. When it comes down to making the decision this April of taking a franchise QB, talented WR, strong OT, or dominate DE i hope that he makes the decision and takes that guy and carries on through free agency.

  8. It just became a lot more fun to be a Chiefs fan. Great move. I don’t think it will be very long before that team is turned around.

  9. Welcome back coleslaw. It’s nice that mommy finally let you use the computer again!
    Cameras had nothing to do with it and you haters know it. But keep clinging to that excuse if it helps you sleep at night.

  10. Good luck Scott & Josh! When Brady went down the doom and gloomers said we were done.I mean how you possibly expect a high school QB lead your team? Look out NFL naysayers,this is best BEST run organization in the NFL. Hey Mike Tannenbaum, heads or tails as to be the next HC of the NY Jests?? 14-2 or better inm 2009, the foundation is already set, take a look at the IR players last year on our NON PLAYOFF team.Draft #1, 2#2, probably 2 #3’s. Too bad we don’t have Tannenbaum calling the shots instead of Bill Belichick,after all he is such a great talent evaluator,just ask the Jests fans
    AFC East 2009
    New England 14-2
    Buffalo 9-7
    Miami 8-8 sorry Dolphin fans but you are playing a first place schedule.
    NY Jets 4-12, maybe 6-10 if you get lucky.Happy 40th!!

  11. Why is Pioli so well regarded? Two words, TOM BRADY. What did they do before him? Nothing. What did they do without him? Nothing. 11-5, big deal..No playoffs.

  12. First off, Bellicheat didn’t write the copy, someone in the PR department did it for him. Whether it truly relects his sentiments is hard to tell from the outside looking in but I would hardly give Bellicheat props for even affixing his name to that sentimental dribble.
    But let’s give Poli credit where credit is due. He didn’t operate the video camera and hopefully he was disgusted by the whole seedy affair. Unlike Bob Kraft who was actually in a position to do something about it (like banish Bellicheat from the facilities), Poli will want to take some credit for their successes, video-tape aided or not.

  13. Favre2012;
    Instead of ripping in your own words “big game choker Fran Tarkenton”. Maybe you should look in the mirror at Mr. Consistent Choker Brett Favre. LMAO.
    Always good for an interception to kill his team chances for a victory. The Packers won one Super Bowl….In Spite of mr. Choker.

  14. Favre2012 – the Chiefs beat a Vikings team led by Joe Kapp. Not Tarkenton. And it wasn’t Kapp who lost the game. The Chiefs won that Super Bowl with Lenny the Cool connecting with Otis Taylor and Mike Garrett running through the famed Purple People Eaters.

  15. This has not been a good start to 2009 as a Patriots fan.
    I have no doubt Belichick can do wonderful without him or MacDaniels, but losing them both so quickly hurts, since our staff seems to get raided on a yearly basis (Mangini, Crennel, Weiss, Dimitroff, etc).

  16. Nice one, Hoodie.
    Now, KC…get ready to welcome your new head coach from Iowa.
    Waitin’ to hear you honk your horn a year from now…

  17. This is quite interesting. It’ll be REALLY interesting to see
    the effect this has on the his old team’s personnel department.

  18. I have heard that the new GM in New England is none other than talent evaluator extraordinaire…..
    Rick Spielman!!!!!
    WHoooo Hooooo. Lookout Patsies….here comes the 2nd round picks for AJ Feeley, or was it Jay Feely, no matter.
    3rd rounder for Lamar Gordon.

  19. Good for the Chiefs. I was hoping that when Belichick retired that Pioli would take over in running the franchise. Who knows? That could still happen. This is a good challenge for Belichick losing Dimitroff, McDaniels, and now Pioli.

  20. Dang Favre2012, that has to be the first time anyone ever threw Scramblin’ Fran under the bus on this blog.

  21. Great move for the chiefs welcome pioli. Bye bye herm. Don’t be a
    Puss like carl and let’s get a franchise QB.

  22. mike428…..u rock buddy
    nice to see som1 not trying to make a bad joke about the chiefs.
    go chiefs!

  23. But… I dont understand why pioli wants a new coach – HERM PLAYS TO WIN THE GAME!
    Tarkenton was a NY Giant in 1969 (actually 67-71). Joe Kapp was the viking QB in the super bowl against KC.
    Kapp was tough but didnt complete half his passes. The vikes were continually undone in the playoffs and super bowls by teams that had good o lines and could run the damn ball.

  24. also, in 69, the afl kind of had the first “wild cards” in the playoffs. they let the 2nd place (7-7 and worse then san diego) houston oilers (east) and chiefs (west) play the opposite division champs in the playoffs before the final afc championship game.
    i bet a lot of the tv pundits who talk about non division champs winning the superbowl dont know this stuff.
    the oilers went to oakland and got throttled. the chiefs went to NY and beat the defending world champion jets 13-3. then the chiefs beat oakland in oakland 17-7 after, i believe, tying and losing to them during the season.
    then they hammered the vikes who squeaked by the rams then hammered the browns (who beat dallas).
    the chiefs were damn good that year.

  25. Keep in mind that Brad Seely is now gone and widely believed to be joining Mangini’s staff in Cleveland. In addition, Dom Capers is leaving his post as secondary coach (which probably isn’t a huge loss as he presided over one of the worst secondaries in the league). The tree has been picked clean by the vultures… I guess the bill for being so good has come due…
    The year that was 2008 for the Patriots was with signified by the loss of quality players, one after another after another. 2009 may be the year of lost front office and coaching personnel…one after another.

  26. Howiehandles68
    You’re an idiot. Without TOM BRADY they went 11-5 which is one game worse than the former NFC number one seed, the Giants. If you think Pioli isnt that well regarded…who is better? I dare you to say Bill Polian.

  27. Feels like the end of an era doesn’t it? Pats losing their braintrust. Dungy retiring. Shanny leaving Denver. New blood in all over the place. Interesting times.

  28. There has been lots of speculation on this site over the last couple of years about how much longer BB will stay on. Does the fact that BB and Kraft allowed Pioli and McDaniels to get away imply that Bill will be coaching in New Engalnd for at least the short term and probably longer?

  29. Why wouldn’t Belicheat endorse and send love to his co-conspirator in spy gate…. I’m amazed how many writers, league officials, fans and players think cheating is great…. The NFL probably never suspended Belicheat because why would cheats exclude a cheat…. It’s obvious they let Refs fix games…. WWF baby has nothing on the showmanship of the dirty NFL….. just ask Vegas how they like those Cardinals? Or maybe if Vegas if too busy counting their mounts of money, ask the Rooney brothers… money is on the Pittsburgh Steelers (how true is their name) the refs will turn the turf into a yellow brick road all the way to the superbowl…..

  30. I’m not at all a Pats* fan, but I calls ’em likes I sees ’em and whether he wrote it himself or not, that was a classy send off by BB (remember, even if he didn’t write it, he at least had to be willing to affix his name to it). I’ll give him props for that much at least. Same for his send off for McDaniels. Methinks he’s learned a thing or two (or at least the Pats* PR Dept has) since Mangini left…..

  31. You think we’re obnoxious arseholes the last 8 years, wait til we go 13-3, and win the S.B. next year.

  32. Scott Pioli is married to Parcells daughter and according to this story he name is “Dallas” Parcells coached the G-men to 2 super bowls with a daughter named Dallas – she must have gotten some major cin her kid days in NY-NJ

  33. The table is set for Kraft to spend $10M a year for Parcells to be his next GM. The league goes uncapped and the Pats become the Yankees of the NFL.

  34. Scott pioli 1st matter is get cameras in the opposing teams locker room so they can cheat….. second he must find a coach that values cheating over fairplay…. 3rd, he must find a guy that he can scapegoat for his lack of intregity, oops he’ll probally use E. Mangini like belicheat did….. they nicknamed him the rat. So now the chiefs hire a known cheater to send a message to fans that cheating is better if the culprit is a member of your franchise…. hey Clark Hunt tell all those parents and fans and kids watching the chiefs how honored you are to hire one of the best cheats in the NFL…. I hope kc loses for 50 years plus for your idiotic choice… once a cheat always a cheat….. hire a cheat means youre a cheat…..

  35. Sorry jaxdolfan the new VP of Player Personnel is Nick Casserio.
    If you know anything about the Pats organization Nick worked directly with Pioli as Director of Player Personnel and before that he was the top Scout for New England. New England has no worries, and by the way Belichick is the GM and always has been.

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