Now that Jim Haslett is out of the picture to become the non-interim coach of the Rams, the leading candidate to get the job is believed to be Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier.
Per Adam Schefter of NFLN, the Rams are expected to announce their decision by Saturday, and the guy currently expected to get the job is Frazier.
Frazier would be the second Vikings defensive coordinator in three seasons to become a head coach.  In 2007, Mike Tomlin left after one season to become the head coach of the Steelers.
And most Vikings fans would prefer either Tomlin or Frazier to the team’s current head coach.


  1. Bob S.
    If Frazier is hired then there is your minority replacement in case Herm gets canned….since your so worried about minority coaches. Thought you might like to know if Brett Favre retires then there will only be 79.9% african-american atheletes in the NFL. Rooney, start a new rule!! God forbid such disparity between black/white coaches yet nobody cries about disparity in black/white athletes.

  2. “most Vikings fans would prefer either Tomlin or Frazier to the team’s current head coach.”
    Yeah, but most Vikings fans aren’t as stupid or rich as Ziggy stardust, and he loves Chilly. The Vikings fans should stop spending money on the team if they want real change to happen. But at least now their season is over and they can get back to ice fishing.

  3. imo certain men are born to be head coaches, mike singletary, jimmy johnson,steve walsh, but men like chilly dork are not, these aforementioned guys have that “it” factor the killer instinct if you will.chillydog will be out of a job, mike mccarthy, wade phillips as well. these guyts are much better suited to coordinate there perspective fields.

  4. Least engaged owner….EVER. He’s probably more disappointed about the Giants losing than the Vikes.

  5. most Vikings fans would prefer either Tomlin or Frazier to the team’s current head coach
    Most Packer, Bear and Lion’s fans prefer Col Klink to stay in MN, hopefully for the next 10 years.

  6. I don’t know. Two defensive coordinators with practically the same defense, and they had the same results. Add in Jared Allen, the pass defense and sack total improved. I honestly don’t know if its Frazier or Tomlin that make the defense as good as it is, as opposed to the defense simply being put together well. You could probably stick any D-coordinator in charge of it, and it’d work out decently.

  7. Rams can use a tough ex defensive back as coach to ignite fire back in this team. They have to go in completely different direction to keep fan base.Now weed out the slackers!

  8. Yeah I definately hope we hire frazier or spags so we can get this ball rollin and get our guys down there in mobile for the sr bowl so we can get the players we need to turn this thing around!

  9. “But at least now their season is over and they can get back to ice fishing.”
    And the Packers’ season was over right around Thanksgiving.
    They should also just consider staying home next season, too, because Green Bay is going to suck out loud in 2009.

  10. Great… Vikes Defense is finally respectable and now the D-Coordinator is gone. I can’t wait till the Childress nightmare is over.

  11. It’s true! Vikings fans hate Childress. The guy is not fit to be a coordinator in this league, let alone a head coach. Tomlin would’ve been a great fit. Frazier would be a step down from Tomlin but still far better than Major Dad.

  12. Losing Frazier won’t hurt the Vikings D
    What is his big achievement with the team? Improving their pass defense from worst in the league to somewhere in the 20s? Not impressive at all, considering the guy was a DB when he played.
    Hopefully if Frazier moves on the Vikes will get a good D coordinator who will abandon their ridiculous pass-D philosophy. Did you see what McNabb did to them in the playoff game? They were getting 10+ yard passes at will.

  13. It’s clear the pending labor unrest helped keep the cryptkeeper in his job. Wilf didn’t want to eat his salary and pay big bucks for a new coach. When you have a out of town owner they lose all feel for the will of the people…. I was told by a top notch player from a AFC aquad that they don’t fear AP and the Vikes because of the vanilla playbook and childress>>>>

  14. Piss and moan. It’s hard to develop consistancy in an organization when the parts that are working leave for what are percieved as greener pastures.
    If in fact Frazier does leave for St.Louis he may find it to be an ambitious task to right that ship. Haslett may not be anyones first choice as a head coach but he’s had some success and he was just shredded last year.

  15. So everyone hates Chilly? Kind of a broad statement I would say. I am not saying that he is the greatest coach ever BUT 6-10, 8-8, 10-6 and division champs. Seems to me that he is at least building a firm base and is improving every year… the records speak for themselves. I think if everyone would stop looking to his first year and look at the fact that yes he has shown improvement. The second half of this year was a million times better than the first half. There are worse coaches out there.

  16. Frazier deserves a shot at a HC position. He’s quickly risen through the NFL coaching ranks and has done a pretty damn good job at whatever capacity wherever he’s been. The man’s just a good coach. I was actually wondering if the Colts would hire him last year or potentially even the Ravens.

  17. It’s refreshing to read a post that supports Childress. He finished strong this year. I think their may be some Childress bashers out there that will be talking an entirely different line next year and in years to come. It seems that the expectation of immediate results have become so commonplace that it retards rational thinking. Wilf and Childress inherited a train wreck of a franchise. Tice was a horse shit HC and Mcombs was arguably one of the top ten worst owners the NFL has ever known. Now we have an owner that is trying to develop a championship caliber franchise and has demonstrated a willingness to do what it takes to achieve that end and all that I read on these sites is a bunch of crap about what a lousy coach he’s hired and how Wilf must have some kind of man love for “chilly” because he’s blind to his inability to lead.
    I for one think that Wilf is a class act and a brilliant business man. Due diligence is a mantra that successful people live by. That being said I am certain that the Wilf clan made the right decision when they hired Childress.You see, the message that is being sent is that they want a winning franchise for years to come. They have been consistent with this message. The sporting world is chock full of franchises that have built a winning club only to fizzle and fade away more quickly than they rose to prominence. It is a silly and naive notion to think that a quality franchise can be built in the 15 minutes that some supporters will allow. Give this a little more time. Viking fans will be rewarded.
    Frazier can leave if he wants to. He will be replaced. Tomlin was replaced and the wheels didn’t fall off. There are good football people out there. I for one scarcely knew that Leslie Frazier existed until he was hired a couple of years ago.

  18. Yah! Chilly should be Coach of the Year! Who cares if the DC’s keep jumping ship? No one can coach up that bunch of slugs in the D backfield.

  19. The Rams are waiting until MLK Day on Monday to announce the hiring. Pair that with the Obama-Mania Day on Tuesday, and it works out to a another step forward for this country.

  20. Childress isn’t a great coach by any stretch. . .but at least he’s not a completely brain-dead moron like Mike McCarthy.
    13-3 to 6-10 takes some real doing, after all.

  21. I’m sure Frazier will be a very nice coach, but I’d rather see an offensive guy in St. Louis. Bring the team back to the Greatest Show on Turf Days. As many people I’ve read today are pointing out, Jason Garrett would be a great choice as the Rams head coach.
    That’s who I think they should get; although I think Frazier would be a decent choice if the Rams’ brass feels there is some taint on Garrett after this season in Dallas. I don’t personally, and think they should snatch him up right now.

  22. I watch all these ppl. bash the Vikings franchise, and yes they have had some moments, in their history, that all of us Vikings fans would just as soon forget. But, throughout their history, they have had several assistant coaches who have went on to a lot of success with HC positions (Dungy, Billicheck, Tomlin). I think that in itself is a testament to the Vikings. SKOL Vikings

  23. “Good luck to Frasier, I just wonder how the last Viking assistant worked for the Rams?”
    The Rams have never hired a Vikings’ assistant as head coach. Scott Linehan was a Dolphins’ assistant when the Rams hired him.

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