As linebacker Jonathan Vilma prepares to become a free agent next month, barring a contract extension that would require the Saints to send their first-round pick to the Giants for tight end Jeremy Shockey because the Saints’ second-round pick would go to the Jets, staying out of the backseat of a police cruiser usually is a good idea.
Unfortunately for Vilma, he won’t have that specific feather in his cap.
According to FOX 8 in New Orleans, Vilma has been arrested in Miami for reckless driving and resisting arrest.
The police report states that Vilma was weaving through traffic and nearly hit two pedestrians.  When he was pulled over, Vilma refused to get out of his Range Rover.
When he finally emerged from the car, he refused to put his hands behind his back and struggled with police until he finally was handcuffed.
Vilma was jailed on $6,500 bond.   


  1. Vilma getting arrested, Gruden getting dumped, Carolina Pussycats losing a home playoff game, ATLANTA FALCONS flyin’ high in ’09! 😀

  2. Florio, Were you weaving in and out of traffic and resisting arrest while writing the opening paragraph???

  3. “Vilma was jailed on $6,500 bond”
    Vilma: “what that’s it? Check my ash tray I probably got that laying around in there somewhere. H*ll, I p*ss more money than that.”

  4. Doubt it. If Jonathan Vilma wanted to resist arrest, he could have kicked that cop’s ass and galloped away from the scene at a high rate of speed. Dude is an animal

  5. When ever I am pulled over for weaving in and out of traffic and almost hitting 2 pedestrian, I always make it a point to resist arrest.
    I call that good upbringing and a desire to get ahead in this world.
    Seriously. I think Vilma is a good guy, but once the Jets touch a player, it hurts their entire sense of self worth and they begin believing that they are turds.

  6. I don’t see a problem…they saw a brother in a Range Rover changes lanes and called it reckless driving…DWB…besides those pedestrains should stay the hell off the sidewalk if they don’t want to get hit. It’s just another sign that this country is going to hell in a hand basket…we are moving toward socialism if not out right communism…rich people are being unfaily targeted due to thier wealth…back in the day, if a rich guy ran over a couple of poor bastards the cops would have made sure the Range Rover was OK and the rich guy wasn’t too shaken up over it…the freaking nerve of people these days…

  7. Yea that sucks, I’m not rushing to judgment here. The kid was a standout football player while a Jet. Hope things work out his way.

  8. I know Johnathan and this is NOT something you would expect. I am sure there is more to the story. It doesn’t say where in Miami. There are parts that blacks can’t drive through without harrasment. Cops sometimes try to express too much authority sometimes and Vilma may have been pissed about that. I have found myself in same situation (I’m White) and know how easy one can blow their top at such agressive overreaction. Let’s here from Johnathan Vilma before we execute him. I would love him on my team.
    Believe me, there are Thugs and wannabe Thugs and then there are Johnathan Vilmas that do not have a rebelious bone in their body.

  9. Hate to tell the Falcons lover here that the Falcons will get a real schedule next year and take a step backwards. See 2008 Browns. They are getting there, just not there yet.
    A Elaw6 wouldnt know police brutality if he was getting beat about the head with a nightstick.

  10. lets see, refusing to get out of car and resisting arrest.
    not a rebellious bone in his body? i call bullshit on that.

  11. “As linebacker Jonathan Vilma prepares to become a free agent next month, barring a contract extension that would require the Saints to send their first-round pick to the Giants for tight end Jeremy Shockey because the Saints’ second-round pick would go to the Jets, staying out of the backseat of a police cruiser usually is a good idea”

  12. inmymind:
    Falcon lover sees a 2008 Brown’s squad with a flash in the pan at quarterback (Derek Anderson), a subpar head coach since ousted, and roster of overrated “talent” except some of their O-linemen. The draft and free agency will solve our few problems (D-line & OLB’s). Those Cowboys, Eagles, Redskins, and other NFC South squads are so utterly frightening. How will I ever get any sleep? Look for the FALCON DYNASTY TO TAKE HOLD IN 2009.

  13. SBPS – It wasnt that Anderson has a flash anymore then Ryan is a stud, the Falcons had an easy schedule in a super-subpar division. The more film on Ryan the better real teams will defend against him. White is going to whine for the next 6 months how he should be getting crazy cash and Jonny A will get a hang nail and declare his should be on the PUP for 2009. Oh for more bad news, someone will take a chance on Vick, maybe the Bucs, and Vick will tear up the Falcons.

  14. Saints will re-sign Vilma 2 minutes into free agency. No first round pick will be given up. Saints and Vilma very likely have a wink wink nod nod deal in place. Vilma played on every snap this year with the Saints defense. The middle of the defense was better this year. The major weakness of the Saints defense was due to poor secondary play (safeties and injured CB’s) and injuries/tainted supplements to the defensive ends.
    The Saints want Vilma to stay and he knows the Saints defense gives him the best shot at being a solid player.

  15. inmymind:
    Falcon lover already sassed on the schedule for this upcoming season, no problems, no concerns. All the damn film on Earth won’t enable opponents to plan for a Matty Ice shutdown. He’ll be on par with Peyton Manning, you can’t stop him you can only hope to contain him. Roddy White a more mature player these last 2 years and will get his dirty bird payday, free agency and the draft need to be ironed out first. John “The Predator” Abraham has been a beast these last two seasons and played in the playoff game injured, the whole NY Jets thing was ages ago. Even though he’s near 30 plans are already in place, my sources tell me. Michael Vick will NEVER be reinstated into the NFL, that should be obvious.

  16. inmymind….
    The NFC South was a super sub par division? Really? You mean the Division that sent 2 teams to the Playoffs? So what would you call the AFC West? Or the NFC West? Both teams from the AFC South lost in their first Playoff games…So they are Super sub par too? The NFC West was definitely the weakest division…Yet a team that limped through most of the season is a step away from the SB…This aint College dude, the NFC South is as tough as ANY division….Not one of the teams had a losing record. Last I checked they were not playing division 3 teams.

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