Ed Roski has been pitching an “if they come, I will build it” plan in Los Angeles for a new stadium that could ultimately house two NFL franchises.
On Tuesday, the 82 (that’s not a typo) registered voters of Industry, California will cast ballots on a bond measure that would authorize $150 million in infrastructure improvements aimed at allowing the stadium to be built.
Ed Roski’s company, Majestic Realty Co., is headquartered in Industry, and he presumably has a high degree of influence over those 82 registered voters. 
Especially since more than half of them already work for him.
Oh, it’s going to happen — 100 percent,” John Semcken, a partner in Majestic, told the Associated Press.
The proposed $800 million stadium will be privately financed, and Roski has targeted eight teams that could move there, including the Raiders, Vikings, and the Bills.
Other possibilities, based on Roski’s past statements and the application of common sense (we borrowed someone else’s), are the Chargers, Jaguars, Saints, Rams, and 49ers.
We also think that, with the current financial climate in Detroit, the name “Los Angeles Lions” has a nice ring to it.  (Except for people in Michigan.)
Prior reports have indicated that Roski would like to own one team and lease the facility to a second franchise.  Semcken said last year a team would be playing in Los Angeles later this year, claiming a handshake deal with the Rose Bowl for games to be played there until the new venue is ready.
Rose Bowl officials called such talks “very preliminary.”
Subsequently, Roski and company pushed back the target date for completing the stadium by a full year, to 2012.
But that’s still plenty of time to get the thing up and running in advance of Super Bowl L.


  1. I think it’s a long shot if he thinks he is going to get his own team AND another team to move into the stadium as well. That’d be a lot of moving and shaking for the NFL and we all know how much they love change.

  2. The money losing vikings don’t have enough juice with the league to move there. The vikings are going to Mexico City or Guadalupe.

  3. If Roski invites the Raiders back to LA I hope he’s better at negotiating a deal than the good folks in Inwindale or Oakland/Alameda county were.

  4. “The money losing vikings don’t have enough juice with the league to move there. The vikings are going to Mexico City or Guadalupe. ”
    The Minnesota Vikings become the Mexican Jumping Beans!

  5. Surfs up Dude! Like, I think Jerry Jones, should, like, you know, sell the Cowboys to a TEXAN and, you know, like, move to LA.
    He’s a wanna be Hollywood cartoon character and would fit right into that scene.

  6. I think talk of the Rams heading to L.A. is a little off, even if they are dreadful at the moment, and starting to risk disenfranchising their core fans even further.
    The league has control over the Los Angeles situation, and a part of me believes they’d be more inclined to move teams that are really in (more) financial trouble, ie. Bills, Jaguars, etc.

  7. if a current team moves to this stadium they should re name the team, ” los angles lions ” , doesnt sound right.la vikings ? a name change would have to happen

  8. The NFL is better off without a team in L.A.
    The fairweather sports fans there can barely support one team, let alone two. The only diehard NFL fans in the area, are Raiders and Rams fans, and that’s the way it will stay.

  9. What an arrogant twit. He thinks that not one, but TWO teams are going to move to LA?
    They already had the Rams, lost them
    Had the Raiders for a time, lost them
    I think its pretty obvious that LA doesn’t want and can’t support an NFL team, as odd as that sounds.

  10. I kinda like the name, LA Vikings. Quick, somebody check to see if Childress can transfer his MENSA membership to a LA chapter.
    This relieve the MN fans from the obligation of actually supporting a team and selling playoff tickets. We will miss their annual ritual of claiming to be Superbowl bound every spring when they sign a FA or two but somehow we will learn to live with it.

  11. 82 voters might support the infrastructure improvements (and the area probably needs it), but a million folks in the surrounding area could not care less if a football team comes to town. Have fun with selling only 82 PSLs.

  12. has anybody checked the stock market lately,not doin’
    too good..eh.
    california is basicaly bankrupt and this guy is after
    public money,i’m sorry,it ain’t gonna fly.
    the world is only prepared for one bernie madoff in a lifetime.

  13. As much as Jimmy, Bob, and other people would like to see the Vikings move, the NFL will not do it. I could see a team like…Jacksonville or the 49ers moving.
    Not only that, but as a reader pointed out, PurpleJeebus, it’s obvious that LA doesn’t have time for a football team. How about a Vegas team?
    You have to look at the reasons why they won’t move some teams and move others.
    Rams? Chiefs right down the road.
    Chargers/49ers/Raiders – One will get moved.
    Vikings/Packers/Bears/Lions – Division is one of the best in football. They won’t break them up. The Lions will gain fans at the stadium after the crisis and now that Millen is gone. The Packers/Bears obviously will not move. The Vikings will not move because of their ties to Dakotas and Iowa. Speaking of that…Has Wilf thought about asking Dakotas/Iowa for some funds?
    Jags because they are the worst Florida team.

  14. I’ve been saying for two years now that Jacksonville makes the most sense. Put them in the NFC West and move the Rams to the AFC South.

  15. The Pioneer Press says the Vikings would probably be 3rd in line behind the Chargers & Raiders. I think the Raiders would be the best fit for the Los Angeles area. You would not need realignment, the Raiders (and 49ers) would have a market to themselves & I think the Raiders would be the only team to get good support in Los Angeles. Any other team, the novelty would wear off after 1 season. Sellouts year 1, empty seats year 2. Los Angeles is not a good sports town, the only sport where they deserve 2 teams is baseball as both the Dodgers & Angels draw well. They do love the Lakers but they do not need the Clippers. I also think move either the Kings or Ducks, maybe even both because they don’t support them. LA is not worthy of 2 NFL teams, maybe not even worthy of 1. In my opinion, it’s the Raiders or nobody.

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