Jay Glazer of FOX reports that NFL V.P. of officiating Mike Pereira informed Commissioner Roger Goodell earlier in the season that Pereira is retiring.
Per Glazer, Pereira will spend one more year on the job to assist the transition.
Pereira has held the position since 2001.  Glazer reports that the decision is not the result of the perception and/or reality of increased officiating blunders in 2008. 
Pereira has been extremely visible and accessible, explaining NFL rules and their application via NFL Network and various radio appearances.  Though there have been hints of a hard-core company man in some of his explanations, he has been willing to admit officiating mistakes from time to time. 
It’s easy to complain about the folks who currently hold a high-profile job that naturally attracts scrutiny and criticism, but the NFL in our view will be hard pressed to find someone better than Pereira.
Our only hope is that Pereira’s successor isn’t Ed Hochuli.  Though he’s capable, he’s more long winded than an alligator with gas.

10 responses to “PEREIRA RETIRING

  1. C’mon Mike, there is no need to throw any jabs at Ed Hochuli; he, as we ALL do from time to time, made a mistake. At least he openly admitted his mistake and tried to appologize. The NFL would be hard pressed to find someone with Ed’ level of professionalism and integrity.

  2. This development will affect the Steelers more than anyone.I say this because the guy who is retiring lost a poker game to Rooney years ago and has been paying him back over the years with officiating help.

  3. Perreira’s loyalty to his referee’s and some of their “decisions” is commendable. Which is why I’m glad he’s going. They need someone in there to call them out when they deserve it.

  4. “Our only hope is that Pereira’s successor isn’t Ed Hochuli. Though he’s capable, he’s more long winded than an alligator with gas.”
    Exciting news if your a Denver fan.

  5. pereira couldn’t take the heat, he is baliing outta his job, like how
    the gov’t is bailing out the auto industry, the nfl needs to hire someone
    like jesse jackson to handle it.

  6. Good…we don’t have to listen to Mike make excuses every week as he takes a play out of context, slows it down, and says “at THIS very instant, the official is correct, making the call a correct one…”
    He was available, but he always nitpicked a controversial call, finding the one spot in time where the call made was correct, but you and I know the opposite based on the entire play. Where I liked the idea of the segment he was involved in on NFL network, I never once saw him say…you know what, we blew it completely.

  7. Thank god. Nobody needs this sissy to invent more stupid rules to prevent players from celebrating a touchdown.

  8. as long is there is vegas (betting), the officials will take the bait in sporting events.

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