They’ve got two baseball teams, so why not two football teams?
Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley reiterated on Monday his belief that the city should have not one but two NFL franchises.
We should have a second NFL team in Chicago,” Daley said on Comcast SportsNet, via the Chicago Tribune.  “If San Francisco has two, New York has two, Florida has three teams . . . and when you take Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia, they have three teams there in that region, we could easily support a second pro football team.”
The Cardinals used to share Chicago with the Bears, and the fact that the Cardinals are heading to their first Super Bowl in franchise history likely has dusted off talk of Chicago returning to the days of two NFL franchises.
With no teams in Los Angeles, however, we’ve got a feeling that the league will be far more interested in putting one team there before adding a second team to Chicago.
Besides, the Bears likely aren’t interested in sharing their market.


  1. Greedy bastard.
    Some of us are lucky to have a team. At least that’s what Ralph Wilson keeps telling us.

  2. Well a team looking to relocate wouldn’t goto Chicago, and it would have to be an AFC team and I can’t think of any.
    The NFL can’t expand again because it would make the divisions uneven. They would need to add enough teams at once to make everything even and that’s never gonna happen again..unless another merger happens.

  3. I don’t think it would add any value to the league. Presumably, if all people in Chicago who care about pro football are already Bears fans, the NFL as a whole wouldn’t add any new fans by putting a second team in that market.

  4. Yeah that logic is awesome. Methinks he’s trying to ride the Obama coronation for some PR. What a boob.

  5. Chicago… 228 square miles.
    Florida… 54,252 square miles.
    Hey Dick, go back to the Obama inauguration and leave the football talk to people who know what they’re talking about.

  6. he compared the city of chicago to the entire state of florida? Completely ignored Oakland? what a dipshit

  7. Hey numbnuts Mayor — Florida isn’t a city and Tampa, Miami and Jacksonville couldn’t be much more spread apart. Furthermore L.A. is going to get one before you get two

  8. The White Sox aren’t well supported, and Oakland has revenue problems in both sports because realistically SF isn’t big enough to support two teams. So his examples don’t work so hot. Chicago isn’t as large as LA or NY, and nobody else does the two-team thing very well.
    I don’t see Chicago getting another team.

  9. Does the Chicago Mayor realize how big the media market is from D.C. to New York? If the NFL does expand to 40 teams, another team will definitely go in that market, it’s huge!

  10. Da mayor’s family were Cardinal fans, and despite the new stadium they are no friends of the McCaskeys

  11. It makes sense to have another team in Chicago over Los Angeles. Chicago supports their football teams, Los Angeles does NOT. The Vikings could move to Chicago making the Bears-Viking rivalry that much more intriguing.

  12. Did the Raiders move to San Francisco when I was asleep last night?
    Chicago residents are so loyal to the Bears; it’s hard to imagine that a second team would get a big following. The Cubs and White Sox have been around for 100 years and play in much different neighborhoods. As a result they have their own set of fans that go back generations.
    Also, it would complicate the divisional set-up. Do you put put Chicago teams in the same division or split them like the Jets and Giants?

  13. San Francisco does not have two teams. Please don’t confuse the Raiders with being from San Francisco. Two very different cities with very different residents and fan bases, seperated by a large body of water.
    I would have to agree that LA is much more likely to get a team before Chicago gets a second.

  14. Take the Bengals….we’re sick of the product Mike Brown puts on the field.

  15. I think L.A. would get two, Las Vegas and San Antonio would get one each before Chicago would get a second one.

  16. Daley should be more worried about $6 parking meters, snow removal on neighborhood streets, getting as much federal money as he can from Obama, and convincing the world Chicago can handle a 2016 Olympics. His father, Richard J. Daley, stood there and did nothing when Halas ran the Big Red out of town and into the waiting arms of hungry St. Louis NFL football fans in 1960.

  17. Just like a politician – to get people’s minds off the crappy economy (which they are all responsible for) they talk about wanting another pro sports team at additional costs to the local taxpayers. Yep he is a Democrat.

  18. Hey Mike – here is your opportunity to take the lead on calling for a new round of expansion – adding one team every two years to get to 36 – then realigning to six six team divsions.
    Relatively easy to do….
    1. LA team – a given
    2. Portland, Oregon – can support a team and natural rivalry with Seattle.
    3. Chicago II
    4. San Antonio – Oklahoma City – Salt Lake – and even Las Vegas could be options…
    The beauty of going to six team divisions is that it would make the division titles more difficult and meaningful – each team would have ten games in it’s division – 5 against each other team home and away. Then they would play one of the other 5 divisions on a rotating basis…
    Ten wildcards is a lot – but it keeps the New England thing from reoccurring and makes for a great playoff – 20 teams are left out – the same as we have today…
    We could then expand the playoffs to 16 teams – the six division champs and two top wildcards get home games the first week – and then reseed for week 2. Just think how much fun the first week would be – start with a Friday night game – then four on Saturday [noon, 3:30, 7:00 and 10:00!!!]
    and three more on Sunday…

  19. What Mayor Daley is forgetting is that – L.A. has none. Chicago is out of the question until L.A. gets a team. And comparing Chicago to the Philadelphia-Washington-Baltimore metro area shows that this guy is clearly geographically challanged.

  20. Florida is a state similar to region that the Bears, Colts, Loins, Packers occupy. Shut up and keep the streets plowed Daley.
    Florio – Dump the diet add on this site, I’m trying to eat lunch.

  21. Someone needs a geography lesson. Florida is a state, Chicago is a city. And San Fran has only 1 team. Or did Al Davis defect to the other bay – “SF Raiders”?

  22. You know, Cleveland would be capable of supporting another team. Whether or not they could find someone to competent enough actually MANAGE that team is another story.

  23. This team would be the equivalent of the L.A. Clippers always playing second fiddle to the clear favorite in the hearts of the citizens. This guy is a moron.

  24. New York Metro: 18.8 mil
    LA Metro: 12.9 mil
    Chicago Metro: 9.5 mil
    Philly Metro: 5.8 mil
    DC Metro: 5.3 mil
    Baltimore Metro: 2.7 mil
    Miami Metro: 5.4 mil
    Tampa Metro: 2.7 mil
    Jacksonville Metro: 1.3 mil

  25. They could take the Vikings provided they can sell tickets better than they do in Mpls, which isn’t that high of a bar to hurdle.
    Oh wait, they probably want a second professional football team so scratch that idea.

  26. “Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, that region has three…”
    I like the way he lumped that together there.
    That covers 4 states including Eastern PA, southern NJ, DE and MD.
    Not to mention the District of Columbia, and you can add Northern VA
    when you think about it to make that 5 states.

  27. Yes the Chicago area has 10 million people living here but the Cardinals left a long time ago because they could not compete with the Bears.
    What makes Hizhoner da King believe that things will be any different now?

  28. C’mon folks – let’s get creative – LA will support a team – maybe two again someday – Las Vegas would be cool – and the NFL could pull it off….
    Since the Packers no longer play any of their games in Milwaukee, a team out north of O’Hare [Northbrook?] would be less than a 90 minute drive from downtown Milwaukee and in a very densely populated Chicago suburb…
    San Antonio/Austin would be a great fourth market.
    And just think of all the new revenue that gets divied up by the current owners….

  29. Didn’t I just bring this up like a week ago. When someone tried to ask for yet another football team in NY.
    Chicago deserves one. It’s called the second city for a reason and is one of the more desireable tourist destinations and continually growing. You don’t understand the logistics of the cities love for its sports teams. The whole city loves the Cubs (cept me) and having another team on the Northside will distract them from the constant losing and give them some hope. If people come to a city to root for a bunch of losers it won’t matter who they bring into Chicago the stadium will be packed on a daily basis.
    Another note the Southside – Northside rivalry is one of the best in sports (in baseball) and you don’t have that in football. There are people who would k*ll over a bad pitch out here (their own neighbor). There are Cubs fans who are scared to come to the southside to hang with the commonfolk. We need that in football your basic blue collar vs white collar rivalry.
    I say tear down Wrigley and build a 1 billion dollar stadium like Dallas and I swear they will come. Not to mention the Olympics Chicago is k*llin this country right now (literally too)! Make it like Baseball/Football stadium (retractable football field baseball underneath or viseversa)
    The people all over the globe will go nuts put the Ivy in the endzone. So they can do the “Ivy Leap”.

  30. @WorldChampionBears2008 – You deserve a negative one rating for declaring that they should simply tear down one of the most famous parks in baseball and then put up a football/baseball abommination.

  31. Things must be getting tight in Chicago. Daley is fishing for another revenue source. The only point he unintentionally makes is that some markets have more teams than then can support.
    Jacksonville is barely hanging on it its franchise. Florida already has one more baseball team than it needs, but since the Rays won the AL they’ll hang on for a few more seasons.
    It remains to be seen how long the Nationals will be able to hang on in DC.
    In the SF Bay area, the Raiders have a bigger fan base than the Niners, but are likely the less (financially) viable team there.
    And, what’s changed in L.A. that makes them capable of supporting an NFL team?

  32. Green Bay’s “metro area” (hard to say that without laughing) has a population of about 300,000. Maybe Chicago’s metro area, with over 9,000,000 can support 30 teams. Hell, just move the whole league there.

  33. I_Hate_Yams says:
    January 20th, 2009 at 11:04 am
    The team could be called the Chicago Corrupt Politicians
    Good one, better yet along those lines, “The Chicago Machine”

  34. I say the Hampton Roads, VA area should get a team if there is a major expansion. They have 1.7 Million residents which is more than Metro Jacksonville has (1.45 Million).
    They could put a stadium in Newport News (Bad Newz) and the team could be called the Pit Bulls and in a perfect world Mike Vick could end his career there, getting hammered on an expansion team.

  35. By Da Mayor’s standard, if Washington/Baltimore/Phillie counts as one market with three teams, Chicago already has three or four: Indianapolis, the Wisconsin Packers, maybe even St Louis.
    Do they even teach geography in the Chicago schools?

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