It’s happening.
Control of the Miami Dolphins will pass from Wayne Huizenga to Stephen Ross on Tuesday, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.
As Jackson recently reported, Huizenga has agreed to defer less than one-third of the payments due from Ross, due to the problems Ross was experiencing in obtaining financing. 
Huizenga previously has indicated that he wants to get the deal done before President Obama potentially increases capital-gains taxes.  (For those of you who might not be paying attention, Obama became the U.S. President less than an hour ago.)
Once the deal is done, V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells will have a 30-day window within which to walk away from the remaining three years of his contract, with $12 million in hand and the ability to promptly accept employment with another team.
Surely, it’s not a coincidence that Parcells was at the Senior Bowl on Monday, despite the fact that only attended once during four years as head coach of the Cowboys.
Though Parcells supposedly has told Huizenga that Parcells won’t be leaving, we can’t imagine Parcells not taking full advantage of this opportunity to exert some leverage over the new boss.


  1. Can’t blame Tuna for exercising a contractual right. I don’t think KC is ready for him as a coach….perhaps VP of Personnel reporting to his son-in-law?

  2. Way to stay classy there Wayne… “I’d sell the team, before I pay my fair share.” No wonder sports fans in Miami hate you.

  3. I just got off the phone with Peter King who was told by Chris Mortensen that Jay Glazer says that Bill is staying.

  4. Why wouldn’t he leave? He can get paid $12 mil for doing nothing or he can get paid $12 mil for working the next 3 years… I think I’d choose the former of the two.

  5. He should take the money and run, especially if Ross is having money problems.
    I’m looking forward to the Tuna coaching the Chiefs.

  6. Florio, I realize its a down day for news but this is ridiculous. Can a guy say he’ll stay and you can just leave him alone? This was old news. He’s in Mobile because he’s staying on.
    Ross knows what’s good for him. And Tuna sits well with his stomach.

  7. If Parcells actually walks away from the Dolphins, within five minutes you can expect to see Mike Tannenbaum tossed out on his ass as Woody Johnson gets on his knees and convinces Bill to come back to the Jets.

  8. fookflorio:
    I am willing to bet you don’t even pay your air share, so shut the hell up. Your name should be ILOVEFLORIO since you too must have voted for the chosen one. This is a glorious day, I no longer have to make my mortgage payments or buy gas for my car, Obama RULES!!! You started it Florio. As a business man you should be ashamed of yourself. But wait you are a lawyer so you don’t no what shame is.

  9. Something doesn’t make sense. If the capital gains tax is raised then it will be raised for 2009, the entire year, not just on transactions done after the tax is raised. Tax rates are for the entire year. Why would this affect his decision making? Am I wrong?

  10. so where the hell is the wealth that was supposed to be “redistributed” to guys like me? i thought obama promised that…

  11. At his age, there’s no way he gives up the lifestyle he has right now personally and professionally to get back in the grind of coaching……..even if he would be the highest paid coach in the history of history. He’ll leverage a new deal for more money and an escape clause and maybe bail in a year or two if something better comes along. However, there’s also something else to consider. For all of his proven accomplishments, the man has become a football mercenary. Many owners may not want to bring in a guy who’s going to opt out of a deal for whatever reason because the grass looks greener somewhere else every ten minutes. That’s certainly not the way to build stability in an organization. From Miami’s perspective, they have to hope that Ireland and Sparano are really this good and Parcells leaving won’t be catastrophic because he put the right system and people in place.

  12. Madmax,
    Why so angry? I do pay my “fair share”, but I don’t pay my “air share” whatever that is… I guess you meant “you two” instead of “you too” as well. I think Florio “knows” what shame is. You should “no” what it is by typing like an idiot.
    But I guess liberals suck because they know how to utilize the American ooops I mean English language correctly. Oh yeah, madmax, I’m an active duty NCO, who’s married to a SNCO and between the both of us, we’ve been deployed for over 3 years so I think I more than pay my “fair share” in taxes and service…. So go buy all of your ammo because I don’t want you to waste your time by being a dumbass.

  13. Mad Max: STFU you jackoff. The man hasn’t had the job an hour yet, you couldn’t possibly have a legitimate beef in that time.
    Unless obama starts two wars and presides over two depressions he can’t help but be better than the yankee pretending to be from texas who just got evicted.
    also, if i recall correctly, the candidate with the most votes wins (unless you can invalidate enough votes in florida).
    so obama is the chosen man: he was chosen by the most voters.
    doing things just for the big businessmen and corporations is why more money than would have been needed to fix social security was just spent to bail out the bankers and financiers who were left to their own devices by the deregulation is always good ideologues who pretend to be the republican party. i say those enablers and the thieves they enabled should be ashamed, not florio and certainly not obama.
    so, as i said to begin: STFU.

  14. I hope Parcells stays. What was that saying in the Waterboy?
    “Oh NO, we suck again!!”
    Huizenga is an asshole. What he did with the Marlins and Panthers was a damn shame. I’m so glad that he’s selling the team.
    He is the Bizarro Jerry Jones. Until he hired Parcels, his track record of management decisions has brought down this team.

  15. It’s offically Tuna Watch in Miami. With the sale of the team complete, we can now sit back and watch the drama unfold. Parcell’s certainly is singing, “should I stay or should I go?” while walking around the Senior Bowl. To make matters worse, Jeff Ireland didn’t offer any clarity to the matter when asked by reporters.
    Saying, “”I’d be shocked,” Ireland said. “Obviously, that’d be something we would not like to see happen. Anything can happen in this business. This time of year, it’s certainly a business. I wouldn’t be shocked at anything.””
    I’m not sure, but that sounded like a contradiction. As a life long fan of the Dolphins, I’ll be interested to see how long Ross will let this soap opera remain in the news. Will he be able to massage the Tuna’s ego long enough to maintain the continuity in Miami? Or will we witness another Parcells versus Jason Taylor incident?
    I guess we’ll have to wait and see…
    So as to not commit any law violation, the comment above was from an article in the Miami Herald.

  16. Fook – don’t let the rednecks get to you. Let me guess madmax…Obama is a socialist muslim terrorist? Have fun trying to get through white house security with that big wooden cross, gasoline, and torch. Open your damn eyes this isn’t the 60’s you prick.

  17. fookflorio:
    Sorry my english was so bad, also not getting the f in fair, I could tell you were upset terribly. As far as being an NCO and your wife an SNCO, thats admirable. I don’t happen to beleive that being in the military makes you qualified as paying your fair share. You are a volunteer as was I more than 20 years ago. You are paid for your services, although not well enough. I do know you get alot of things at a better rate than civilians. Like your BAQ, and hazard pay. Wait, I guess I don’t get BAQ, I have to make my mortgage payment from my paycheck without being subsidized. If you live on base then you pay no rent or water or garbage or cable or electric. This is all free thanks to the tax payers. ie. me. So while I say thanks for serving this great country, I caution you to not use the veteran card so quickly. I can see why you like Obama’s ifeads because you already get many perks from the government. In the real world its called socialism. Soon you will be returning to the real world. Good luck on your re-entry. Thanks again to you and your wife for keeping us free enough to be able to have this dialogue.

  18. dawk20db:
    He’s a socialist, you added the muslim terrorist.You must be the bad guy. Thank all veterans for your freedom to be so hatefull.

  19. fookflorio – i am a veteran too, so what? don’t throw around your being a veteran like it gives you a right to be a douche. huizenga selling the team now to avoid paying *greater* capital gains taxes is a very smart move. Huizenga bought the team, what, 16 years ago. you know how much he paid for it versus how much it is worth now? the hit on those taxes is already going to be high; Obama’s planned taxation bill would simply increase that.
    why pay more when you can pay less? it has NOTHING to do with not wanting to pay one’s fair share, and everything to do with being smarter with money. hey, why don’t you just NOT claim a dependent on your taxes this year, that way you pay your fair share of taxes?
    stupid argument.
    this has nothing to do with partisan politics; it is what it is. This isn’t a knock on Obama or Bush. It is just taxation, and a smarter way to avoid an increase in it.

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