The NFL definitely isn’t immune to the harsh consequences of a grim economy, with more proof of that reality materializing in Cleveland this week.
The Browns have laid off 18 employees over the past two days, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.
The team has laid off director of media information Ken Mather, staff writer Steve King, and director of team operations Brendan Rowe, a team source told the newspaper, adding that as many as 40 Browns workers could lose their jobs during this upheaval.
“It was a very challenging day for the Browns organization and it’s important to acknowledge the contributions of those who are currently with the Browns as well as those that are leaving,” Browns President Mike Keenan wrote in an e-mail to the Plain Dealer.  “We are not immune to the current economic climate and in order to ensure that our business operates in an honest, efficient and realistic manner, we were faced with extremely difficult decisions.”
The Browns aren’t the only NFL entity having to make tough personnel decisions. 
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said last month that the league would eliminate about 150 jobs, roughly 14 percent of the league’s work force of nearly 1,100 people, due to the economy.  That included parting ways with employees at league headquarters as well as NFL Films,, and NFL Network.
“These are difficult and painful steps,” Goodell said a memo distributed to NFL personnel.  “But they are necessary in the current economic environment. . . .  I would like to be able to report that we are immune to the troubles around us, but we are not.”
The Washington Redskins recently laid off at least 20 employees, according to the Washington Post.

21 responses to “BROWNS LAY OFF 18 EMPLOYEES

  1. Maybe you could cut your pay by 10% and help your people out, but that will never happen. You need that money to pay for your private jet…….

  2. next on the list to get laid off:
    -shaun smith
    -braylon edwards
    -donte stallworth
    -kellen “k2/im a soldier/i have new nickname every week” winslow
    -ken dorsey
    -bruce gradkowski
    -gary baxter
    -joe jurevicius
    -brady quinn and his rainbow fanclub

  3. So if Crennel wasn’t on the books… these jobs wouldn’t have been lost? Maybe the league should look at non-guarenteed contracts for coaches too..

  4. BS. Complete and utter BS. The NFL is making more money than ever. Lots of companies are using this recession as an excuse to fire people, give pay cuts, and squeeze more out of people by threatening them that they’ll lose their jobs.

  5. Perhaps the millions of dollars they’ll be playing 2 high profile employees no longer with the organization has something to do with it?

  6. I wonder how many employees could be saved if Mangini or Goodell took a pay cut or for that matter. Id like to see a team that actually is losing money. These cuts don’t seem necessary to turn a profit, just necessary to ensure a larger one.

  7. “The team has laid off director of media information Ken Mather,”
    Well, they did send Brady Quinn and Joe Thomas to the podium to handle the media when they announced the Romeo/Savage firings. Ken certainly wasn’t the one dealing with the media there.

  8. whatever, people are getting laid off everywhere. i know, randy lerner’s an idiot…its his fault.
    romeo is really the one to blame here…if he didnt suck so bad then the browns would have had to pay two coaches and two gms at the same time.

  9. You must all carry union cards in your chain wallets
    The teams are businesses and the idea in business is to make more money so if getting rid of a bunch of dead wood makes the owners more money so be it.
    Yes I own a business and hire and layoff as I see fit it is all about the $$$$
    Did any of the over paid players offer to take a paycut of course not.
    If not for the business owners there would be no work
    And yes I am in it for the money not to provide work for a bunch of dead beats.
    And yes I make plenty money and want more more more.

  10. bigblue59
    We all know business is business. Just b/c you own some small mom and pop shop don’t act like you’re smarter than the rest of us.
    It’s presumptuous of you to refer to these employees as dead wood and dead beats. Do you know them or their work ethic?
    I’ll bet you’re one heck of a fine boss. And no, I’m not a union man at all.

  11. I know a couple media people in town who were shocked about Mather. They were surprised Amy Palcic wasn’t let go instead. But from what they say Amy has a special way of taking care of players.

  12. i call B.S…. If the team can afford to overpay *millions* for Mangini & pay two QBs what they do, they can afford to keep a couple of $40k-$60k salaries of employees. i think they are using the recession as an excuse to pad their pockets even more.
    the NFL layoffs were an even bigger joke. The NFL, which has countless sources of revenues with very little real overhead, who makes billions of dollars every year, can’t afford to pay 1,000 employees? i call bull.

  13. Yeah I run, not walk, to my team’s stadium to watch their back office staff do their thing. Players? Coaches? Pfft. Cut their pay, damn straight. It’s not fair! LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!! *sob*

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