The ballot initiative that would clear the way for $150 million in infrastructure improvements relating to a new NFL stadium in Industry passed overwhelmingly on Tuesday.
The votes in favor outnumbered the opposing votes by a 60-to-1 margin.
Of the 84 registered voters in Industry, California, 61 showed up.  And 60 voted in favor of the measure, while one opposed it.
The plan is expected to be certified at a Thursday meeting of the Industry city council.  Thereafter, Ed Roski and his company, Majestic Realty, might begin making overtures to potential tenants.
The teams that could be targeted for a move include the Bills, the Jaguars, the Raiders, the Chargers, the Vikings, the Saints, the Rams, and the 49ers.
We also think that the Lions could be in play, if the Fords decide to finally cash out and move on.


  1. If the city of Detroit or state of Michigan spent 1 penny towards Ford field, they shouldn’t be allowed to leave until every cent is paid back times ten.

  2. vikings, jags, saints, and niners aren’t going anywhere. for the second two, too much history, and the first two their owners just don’t seem like they want to. bills if they move anywhere it will be to toronto, chargers have no fans, but there really is no point to moving 20 miles. which leaves just the rams, and raiders.

  3. A “City” with 84 Registered Voters?
    I thought that was more like a “Town”.
    Good Luck anyway……….

  4. Neither are the 49ers. It may have been possible if John York and his Wife were still in charge, since they don’t give a sh@t about the team and don’t even live in the same state as their team, but Jed York ain’t letting this team go anywhere.

  5. My money is on the Jaguars heading 3000 miles west on I-10, Los Angeles Jaguars or LA Jags, has a nice ring to it.

  6. I’ll be the first to say it – Pete Carroll to coach the team.
    There, got that out of the way pretty quickly.

  7. Could you please get the fat belly ads into a less predominate spot? I can only ignore so much, christ.

  8. Well with the election over and the dead zone before the Superbowl I guess it is time for the annual ” The Jags are moving ” story that gets replayed at least 26 times a year every year since 1996. No matter how many times Wayne Weaver says the team is not for sale, The sports hacks just will not let it go. I guess it is the old tried and true method of journalism: Throw everything up against the wall until SOMETHING sticks ! The people of Jacksonville are sick of this, The team is sick of it because it does not help them sell season tickets when you have unnamed and very biased sports hacks writing this crap 26 times a year putting doubt in the fan base’s minds about the future of their team. Until Wayne Weaver says out of his own mouth that the team is for sale I wish sports hacks would just stop with all the lies and as Joe Friday said ” Give us just the facts “.

  9. Do you mean City of Industry? I don’t know what the official name is, but I didn’t even know what you were talking about. Everybody out here calls it City of Industry.

  10. Also, they’ve already started plans to renovate Candlestick because they don’t expect to move in to the new stadium until 2013-2014ish. Why would they renovate the stick if they were planning on moving to LA.

  11. Why do the Vikings keep getting mentioned for relocation? It will never happen. The Niners? That makes no sense. How do these rumors get started? Is it based on solid information or is it purely speculative? Has anyone with authority from either organization declared their teams eligible for relocation? I’ve been reading this same stuff for about 10 years now and have yet to gather one solid piece of information that supports these claims.

  12. i see a afc (jaguars) going to los angeles and a nfc (vikings) going to los angeles in 2012, the new stadium will also be rewarded with superbowl 50 in 2016. it appears to be a done deal, plus the nfl annual owners meeting will be in dana point, california in march. it just a matter of when the annoucement will begin, now that the wheel are in motion for the nfl to return to the city of the angels. it’s about time it took almost 17 years to put los angeles back on the map. i think it will be good for the nfl to make this move, maybe pete carroll will coach a real nfl team instead of the one he is coaching now.

  13. Vikes will follow the Lakers… California is a destiny for mud ducks’ franchises! Who knows?? They might just start winning something other than the NFC N… (maybe not…)

  14. How is the schedule gonna work if they add any teams? I know they have to approve the scheduling format again. I know for some reason Roger Godell is gonna mess this whole league up, first it was the pro bowl. now he is gonna add teams and just go with a random schedule again.
    Two teams would have to move. I say its should be oakland to l.a. and call them the L.A. Davis’. Then move Detroit to Chicago, and call them the Chicago Messiahs! for Obama.

  15. Hey, CheersAdams,
    I’d like to see a little more of that “after” chick. Nice smile. Bet her butt’s just fine too.
    C’mon, Florio, your editing (lack thereof) won’t bring hits the way that blondie with a little more skin will.
    Trust me.
    Mr. P

  16. The Jaguars will be moving to the new stadium in the City of Industry. A friend of mine has talked to the developer and its all but a go.

  17. I’m amazed at the ignorance of fans in some cities who say, “no way.” If it can happen to Cleveland, it can happen anywhere. It happened in Houston to a franchise that had been there 36 years. Most of those years were down years but they also were very entrenched in the community, had 2 AFL championships, intense fan-bonding eras with Luv Ya Blue and House of Pain, 10 playoff appearances, including two in the AFC Championship game, (plus a choke job for the ages) – and it still came down to …. THE STADIUM. Yes, it can happen to you.

  18. Add two teams. Get rid of the divisions. Each team plays one game against every other team in the conference, alternating home games every other year. That puts a team in LA and eliminates the problem where an 8-8 San Diego gets into the playoffs while 11-5 Pats are out.

  19. CheersAdam says:
    January 21st, 2009 at 12:50 am
    Could you please get the fat belly ads into a less predominate spot? I can only ignore so much, christ.
    Amen, brother.

  20. For a current NFL team to move, the circumstances have to be right. Think about it, what NFL team possesses the following qualities:
    1. Can’t sell out home games, even during a rare playoff appearance?
    2. Ownership doesn’t live in the city and views the fan base as a bunch of hicks?
    3. The lease on the current stadium is about to expire with no replacement or funding for a new stadium in place?
    4. The current team lacks success so moving wouldn’t be a big deal?
    A: The soon to be LA Vikings.

  21. AJ is almost right when he said: “If it can happen to Cleveland, it can happen anywhere.”
    The lone exception is Green Bay. Being a publicly owned team, the Packers cannot be moved!
    Vikings to LA and will play in the NFC West and the Rams will move to the NFC North.

  22. I say award Al Davis a new franchise in LA and keep the Raiders in Oakland.
    A long suffering Raider fan….

  23. “We also think that the Lions could be in play, if the Fords decide to finally cash out and move on.”…Based on what? A bad season(worst ever)…Someone(Illich a football fan?) in Motown would buy them if the Fords were to “cash out”…

  24. Three franchises have come and gone in LA. What makes them think the third time is the charm? Also, hope Roski has the money on hand to build the stadium…otherwise, good luck securing the financing in the current economic climate.

  25. Lions aren’t moving. Ownership is stable and in mi. Doesn’t matter if ya don’t like wcf.
    Bills to toronto.
    I see vikes, jags, maybe raiders or chargers to LA.
    I would scrap conferences and go to 4 divisions. Add a couple of games per season.
    Big 10 etc they don’t play every team every year. In 8 team divisions, one could play 3 teams twice/yr and 4 once/yr and rotate them.
    10 in division games per year. Play 4 teams from another division each year. Play 2 teams each from the other 2 divs each year.
    Expansion? It can be done. Also not convinced roger would screw it up or has screwed up much.

  26. “too much history”
    Such a cute little sentiment by some…
    Keep deluding yourselves, fellas… take 5min to look at the Cleveland Browns history (10 championship games in 11 years, winning seven) and the unquestioned fan support through 30 subsequent years of crap… and you’ll realize there is no intelligent argument that any team has “too much history” to move.
    As a lifelong Browns fan, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.
    Don’t be naive.

  27. First of all, JimmySmith, the Vikings sold out every home game this year, which was why their difficulty selling out the playoff game was such a bizarre story. And second, “the current team lacks success”…what difference does that make? We can ignore for a moment that this team just won their division, if only to focus you on the fact that this team is going on 50 years in the Twin Cities, and you just assume that everyone here will be willing to just let them go because “the current team lacks success”?
    I agree that the Vikings may be a logical choice to move to L.A., but be sure you’re using the right logic when you come to that conclusion.
    And seriously Florio, these people are right, can’t you sell that ad space to anyone else? People at work are gonna start to think I’m a perv.

  28. If the Vikings fans don’t even care enough to sell out a home playoff game, I doubt they would miss their team when it moves away. Same colors as the Lakers. Seems like a good fit to me.

  29. “Vikings sold out every home game this year”
    Technically yes, but some companies and the local TV station had to chip in when the fan support was waning.
    “the current team lacks success”…what difference does that make?”
    Just makes it easier to move since its not like the team is going to be missed.
    “We can ignore for a moment that this team just won their division”
    As long as Ziggy doesn’t ignore it and keeps Col Klink as the head coach, that’s all we care about. With Klink in charge, its not the Vikings are going to be threat, the guy is a total fool. Case in point, he was convinced that he had a QB for 2008.

  30. TeflonDon, no worries, JimmySmith posts the same frigging thing on every Vike article Florio writes — the guy’s favorite book must be “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf”. When your team sucks I guess you have to take out your anger somewhere. His posts used to be entertaining, but by now they all pretty much read like this: “Vikings are moving, blah, blah, blah . . . , didn’t sell out the playoff game right away, blah, blah, blah, blah . . . . We won a Super Bowl when I was 6 years old and the Vikes didn’t, blah, blah, blah, blah and blah.” There, I saved you the trouble of ever having to read another of his posts.

  31. >>employer says:
    January 21st, 2009 at 1:21 am
    Why do the Vikings keep getting mentioned for relocation? It will never happen. The Niners? That makes no sense. How do these rumors get started? Is it based on solid information or is it purely speculative? Has anyone with authority from either organization declared their teams eligible for relocation? I’ve been reading this same stuff for about 10 years now and have yet to gather one solid piece of information that supports these claims.<<
    Well, it’s called The Rumor Mill. Any half intelligent person would be able to recognize by the name alone that many of the stories presented wwill be based on speculation, and well, rumors.
    Here’s some speculation for ya:
    The Chargers could move considering the fact that their lease expires on Qualcomm this year I think. Last I heard they were pretty far away from having a new location for a stadium locked up, so that makes them a likely candidate.
    The Vikings could move since, as JimmySmith correctly pointed out, they have had some issues in past years selling tickets without the help from outside influences. Plus they are in desperate need for a new stadium, and neither the City nor the taxpayers really want to have to foot the bill at the moment. And since, according to Vikings fans anyway, the economy is so bad in Minnesota that they needed help via three league extensions selling out their stadium for their only home playoff game in years, it could be decades before the economy has recovered enough for the city and taxpayers to want to put up the money for a new stadium.
    San Francisco makes the list because they too have some kind of issues with their current stadium. I believe they have a new location picked out for a new place, but I don’t remember all the details. They would be near the bottom of the list to move though.
    The Jaguars are probably the most likely for the reasons everyone already mentioned. No real local fan support, issues selling tickets and nationally no one gives a shit. Those factors make them the most likely of teams to move.
    That being said, this is all speculation. Flame away.

  32. The NFL keeps doing franchise moves incorrectly.
    Cleveland Browns become the Baltimore Ravens only to give cleveland the browns again.
    Houston Oilers become the Tennessee Titans only to give Houston the Texans.
    At this point I’d almost be ok with the rams moving because history suggests we’d get a flashy new team in no time.

  33. Current ownership in Minnesota is too commited to building a championship caliber organization for many years. Relocation makes little sense. I agree that anything can happen but when looking at the entire picture it occurs to me that the Vikings remaining in Minnesota is too good for the NFL. Fan support may be tepid at this point but when it comes right down to where the bear shits in the buckwheat Minnesota fans are solid. If you build a winning, respected franchise good things happen. They’ll get their stadium. The Twins are a fine example of what a first class smaller market organization can achieve.I don’t recall when their new stadium opens but I know that it’s happening. Same with the UofM football Gophers.

  34. Fade 2 Black says:
    January 21st, 2009 at 12:22 am
    A “City” with 84 Registered Voters?
    I thought that was more like a “Town”.
    Good Luck anyway……….
    Sounds more like an apartment building, or in the case of Wisconsin – a mobile home park.

  35. Three way deal: The Cowboys go to LA to get more glitz and glamour. Lions move to Dallas to get a little warmer. Detroit gets rid of the stink.

  36. Rams
    Saints (although likely not until they can expand to San Antonio along with a replacement for the LA team)
    in that order or probability. It makes no sense to move the Vikings with their NFC Norris history / rivalries and the great ratings they get in that market. The only reason they are mentioned is because of the stadium, and I don’t know if its a big enough reason for the NFL to want to upset the balance it has in the NFC North.
    The Rams already have rumors of the new owner having LA connections, and their division would actually work better with them in LA. No one really cares about the Jags, especially Floridans. It would take some conference massaging, though… Chargers would be easy to move. No one cares about the Lions in the NFC North, and you could swap them with the Rams in the divisions and no one would care. Plus, Detroit is screwed for the forseeable future, and even though they have a great new stadium, no one will be able to afford attendance there…

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